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A World Behind Me
Really, it was a relatively normal day in Ravens Bluff. Adventurers frequented the caverns below the city, robbing riches from the depths as they search for the lost city of the dwarves. I admit to heeding the call of the treasures and braved the depths alone for a time. But I found something more than riches in those caverns.

All the time I spent below ground, I believed that I was still on Abeir-Toril, my world. What, sometimes cruel, games the gods play on us to let us achieve our destinies.

A section of one of the tunnel walls fell away, revealing a new tunnel, previously unexplored. Thrilled with the prospect of searching an area not already plundered, I charged ahead, scimitar in one hand, torch in the other.

The first thing I noticed that told me something odd was going on was the scratch marks on the floor and walls of the tunnels and caverns. The second was an odd tapping noise I heard from beyond. So, naturally, being more curious than could be considered healthy, I followed the sound. What I found both surprised and awed me. A large Dragon Egg stood at the center of a small cave.

My first thought was of how valuable they were, my second thought was what if it's mother came back. Then the egg started rocking back and forth. Baby dragons don't eat five foot tall, half-Elven rogues, do they? Then it cracked. Maybe it would roast me alive and spare me some pain. A snout popped out and tried to eat at the egg. I could see the dragon's head. The rocking changed, almost seemed to be a panicked kind of motion. I realized it was stuck. Surely if I saved it, it wouldn't eat me...

Using the pummel of my scimitar, I ran up and bashed at the shell, then ran back. The small - who am I kidding, this thing was as big as I was tall! - dragon popped out and began eating the egg and the gold at the bottom with earnest. I groaned. It was eating gold! Why the shiny stuff?!

As if he just noticed I was there he paused and looked at me. I put my blade away, a symbol of peace in most places I had been. To my great surprise he slid the remaining gold to me. Then he curled up at my feet! What odd behavior.

A fleeting thought came that maybe he thought I was his mother, or maybe he was just thankful for my help in extricating him. After some time, I figured he couldn't be out on his own, even a very young gold dragon could be prey for bigger things and he needed food. I couldn't leave him there, but I also couldn't call him "dragon."

In the end, he etched a couple pictures into the stone floor and me being my goofy self got it wrong for a full minute before I figured out he was called StormFire. We made our way out of the cave and into the light of a world not Abeir-Toril... It was just the two of us in a wholly unknown place.

And so we set out to see the world, StormFire and I.
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It's been quiet for way too long. I don't hear the whispers anymore, and things are starting to get a bit tight in my dark place. Suddenly I have the urge to stretch, Yes I want out of this tiny place. I am destined for much bigger things that this tiny tiny place. So I stretch, and I stretch, and the little place I'm in starts to crack. I start to tap at the place to hopefully break out of my confinement. The small space finally cracks enough to get my nose out, and I let out a roar of victory.

My belly started to grumble, so i started munching on the egg and it was filling. This also started opening to hole so i could get out of my confinement and see the bigger world. The hole wasn't opening fast enough so I started to stretch, and I started to get stuck, but then I smelled something different so I quit moving, maybe it didn't see me. I sense the thing coming closer, I need to be out of here now, so I started pushing. I feel a strong hit on the outside of my prison, and it cracks sending me rushing forward.

My rescuer just stands there, with it's claw facing down while I inspect it. I deem this, what did my Draca call them, it looks like what my Draca called an elf, non hostile. I start to move towards my egg because I'm still hungry, and the elf puts her claw away. I watch the elf as I eat my shell, then I get to my gold block, and I begin eating that as well to nourish my scales.

Deciding that the elf deserved a reward for helping him escape his prison he leaves some of the gold and slides it over to her. Remembering demihumans covet gold the same way dragons do. Deciding he likes this humanoid he curls up around her feet. The elf starting wondering what she would do with me now, so I let her know I wanted to leave. Then she started asking about my name, so I drew her a picture of a storm and a fire, after some coaching she finally got my name.

We then head out of the cave that i was hatched in, with nothing, but an elf named Sylvia.
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