"By decree of King Krail II, all lands east of Frostharrow, from the Gray Marshes in the south to the Granite Halls in the north, and as far east as the Broken Coast are to be reclaimed and purged of bandits, brigands and any fell creatures of The Blight. Any person who can carve out a portion of this land for him or herself and hold it against the forces of chaos and predation for a period of one year shall be granted possession of that land, for him or herself and any future heirs, in perpetuity, with appropriate title bestowed by the will of the king, with all rights and responsibilities attached thereto."

Fliers went up in every city and town in the kingdom as messengers fanned out from the City of Glass to take the will of the king to all of his subjects. Every person with a spirit for adventure, from the lowest gutter rat to the most valiant of landless knights, made preparations for a journey to the heretofore sleepy village of Frostharrow.

The sudden influx caused an immediate boom, and soon a second, third and finally fourth inn were opened, the latter a hastily-built longhouse of rough-hewn logs, with a rustic flair and a distinct scent of fresh pitch permeating it. Moneychangers, money lenders, and all manner of merchants descended upon the town, keen to separate the adventurous from their loot in as expeditious a manner as possible. Sutlers and other suppliers of gear needed for those intent upon trekking into the wild set up shop, and soon the town held far more people that it was ever intended to hold. Shops, houses and the like started to be set up outside of the town, hugging the walls but outside of their meager protection.

The first batches of these adventurous souls returned from their forays with tales of hard fighting against all manner of creatures, some simple robbers out to make what living they could on the fringes of society, some mindless animals, touched by The Blight and infected with the chaotic and destructive nature it brought to the world. Few had made enough of a dent in things as to claim any land for themselves, and those that did quickly lost it, forced to fall back to Frostharrow for a resupply and to gather more men.

Lord Aberdeen, envoy of King Krail II, has taken up residence in Frostharrow now, there to settle disputes, and to manage all claims to land and title.

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