4e D&D campaign, set in a homebrewed Points of Light world with the default deities and major historical assumptions (e.g. Bael Turath and Arkhosia had a big war, there once was a human empire called Nerath, etc.).

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A Twisted Spire
"Do not meddle in the affairs of gods, for they are terrible, and swift to anger." never have those words held more meaning for me, then as my companions and I explore Ioun's Crystal Spire. We have only just begun our exploration and already we have encountered such terrors as I had never imagined, even in my darkest nightmares. I count it no shame to admit dread at facing such unnatural horrors, and I feel honored to be numbered among such heroes as would willingly face them.

Worst of all the nightmares we have encountered so far, are the corrupted remnants of another band of adventurers, the Stormcrows, who had entered the tower a few days before us. They were successful in their quest to capture the Tear of Ioun, and in their victory, they were destroyed. Once a proud band, known far and wide for their victories over the unnatural creatures that plague our land, now the Stormcrows are a twisted mirror of their former glory. Corrupted and ruined by the very treasure they sought. Already, we have been forced to slay three of their number, and I can only call it a mercy.

Even more troubling is the word that the unnatural creature which was once my brother Throvald, is also at the spire and also seeks the Tear. I tremble at the thought of the horrors he would unleash with such power. Gods grant me the opportunity and skill to destroy him once and for all.

Hope remains, as the Stormcrow Knight Denva, while corrupted, still holds to her humanity. Perhaps if we can succeed where she and her companions failed, her corruption can be removed. I fear it is but a faint hope.

So far, we have overcome all our foes with solid tactics and the blessings of the gods. It is a particular tribute to our companion Martouk, that we were even able to destroy a fearsome beholder in a resounding, if slow, victory. Two spells from him rendered the beholder unable to attack our party, and at the same time destroyed the creature. Never have I heard of a band as small as ours defeating a beholder without even a single casualty.

Bloody, but unbowed, we now search for a secure location within the spire, where we can rest and recoup our powers. Our spirits are high, and we ride the crest of our successes, yet I fear that we are becoming overconfident...
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Ioun be praised!
There are secrets in the Crystal Spire. Terrible dark secrets to be sure if the madness that overwhelmed tis poor teifling is any indication. When she was revived, there was a wile look in her eyes and a madness to her voice.

Teifling Warlock
You will never stop Malachai! We were chosen not you!
Paraphrased. Uncertain about the spelling.

Our battle with her was observed by a group of half-orcs. They confronted us afterwards, although it was obvious that they were not hostile. They are the inhabitants of the region surrounding the Crystal Spire. From them we learned that the teifling was part of another band of adventurers who entered the spire earlier. They were concerned that we would meet the same fate. We gave them our assurances and displayed bravado. They seemed skeptical, but let us pass.

When we arrived at the spire, I was moved by its size and beauty. Neglect and the ravages of time and nature, have taken their toll. Even a waterfall has eroded it's way through on one side. But despite that, this is still a place of formidable power and knowledge!

There was some sort of battlefield before the spire. The bodies of several grimlocks lay about. Before we had a chance to investigate, the bodies rose up and attacked us. Entrails flailing about, grabbing at my companions. To make things worse, these horrible ghouls came out of nowhere with mouths in their stomach tearing at anyone unlucky enough to be distracted by the zombies. We defeated the ghouls and zombies without too much effort, but it does not bode well for what we will find inside the spire.

Five of the eight great stone sentries still stood before its gate. If my memory serves (and it always does), these statues could be brought to life to defend the spire by placing an ioun stone inside it. What I would give to be in possession of such an artifact. Or to obtain the services of such a powerful golem.

Before entering the spire, my companions spotted a nearby cave. Although it doesn't look to be connected to the spire, it would provide cover for an ambush. Indeed, the cave contained several horrible aberrations that took nearly all of us by surprise. My Dimension Door came in handy again, taking me above the creatures to rain death down on them from a safe distance. We have encountered foulspawn like these before: manglers, berserkers, a hulk and a seer. The battle eventually went our way, but not without great effort. I fear we may have to recouperate before going back the the Crystal Spire.
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On to tha Crystal Spire
Thar's a pretty goode library in the Mirti's estate. The boys 'ave been readin thar fill. One 'o them - I ferget which - came across a journal writen by Giaus hisself. (pretty flowery handwritin fer such a bastard). The boys seem ta think he may be aheaded to this place called the Crystal Spire in search 'o a magic tear. (wait, what?) 'N he's gonna use it to let the Chained God out. Ya know - the god so nut-balled that every other god, good 'er bad, joined in ta lock 'im away. ('frickin mud heads fer followers, he 'as...)

So, this tear, ah, thing, is a gift from tha goddess Ioun, and it has some knowlege of, ...things, inside it. I can't say I understand it all, but it seems a goode a lead as any. So we help ourselves to some horses and were off.

We get to tha town near the Spire. W'er expectin ta find some pilgrims hanging about there. Twas a place of importance to tha followers of Ioun. Appearently the Crystal Spire is all locked up tight fer years 'n years, and we'll 'ave to figure a way o breakin in. Maybe we 'kin get some clues, or what have ya, from the locals.

When we get to tha town tho, thar was a big commotion. People were running and screaming. I think we're in tha right place.

Turns out there were Grells tearing up the town. Big brains with beaks and tenticles. Frickin disgusin. Not even good meats. Twas quite a disturbing battle, but we put them down. They really mess with yer head, them Grells. My brain-pan hurt for quite a bit after. I'm sorry to say some o the towns folk didn't make it (but none 'o them were accidentally kilt by us, thank the stone).

A cleric lookin' lass came ta speak with us after the battle. Her name was Dierdra 'n she asked us 'fer help. Tha' happins a lot after we rush in 'n kill monsters. I guess we look like professionals. hmph. 'N I guess we are now. I always wanted ta be a cook - funny whar life takes ya...

She thinks the trouble are not endin' with the dead Grells. She thinks someone is tryin' to get in the tower - or maybe already has. We tell 'er we think we know who, 'n are here ta stop 'im. Turns out, she has a way to let us in... But she has ta lock us in. nice. I guess that's settled then. Kinda dissapointed we didna have ta buy a few drinks in the Inn ta find what we were lookin for... Ah well. We'll go inna morning, and I 'kin still find myself an ale tonight. Hope it wasn'a the bartender that got kilt.

The next morning we headed off ta tha spire. Thar was an ambush on tha way. I was a leetle surprised, but I shouldna been. Quite a battle, with some beefy fellas, and this crazy teifling lass with a face full 'o scars. She was a mud-head fer sure.

Caladath did a new trick. Twas disturbing, but - I think I like it. I felt - strong... 'an I hit like a fireball. The other's gave me some funny looks - wait - did I have a tail?...
ah well, I jes go with it. I's walkin' death fer a bit, 'n that was right fun.

The damn crazy cleric blinded me tho, right when I was gonna split 'er open. I heard the others surround her, and lot's of magiks going off. Then, it got real quite. Dammit. I missed the end of tha battle. When I could see again, the teifling cleric was on the ground. Looks like she's still breathin' though. Kinda surprised at that, but I suppose it's a goode idea to see if she'll talk 'for we kill 'er.

We are going to kill 'er, right? She's bat shit crazy - the kind o crazy that there's no comin back from...

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What this place needs is a foodgerator
We still dinna know where Gaius went, but he lef his house behind. An seein' how he's not using it, and we went ta all the trouble of cleanin out the undead, we figured we just settle in fer a spell.

Wha I really think this place needs is a foodgerator. The kitchen is a good size, 'n the dining hall will do nicely, but it needs a good place to put the rare meats (wink wink). Iffin ya want the meats to really last, what ya need is a good freeze! But Martouk is bein' a bit of an arse about the whole thing. Alla I was askin fer was one good freezin spell. I'll get some dwarf-kin to make a good stone cave, so if we keep the door shut, it'll stay frozen fer a good long time... but nooooo... pointy ears is too good for a "domestic magiks". bah. Let 'is highness make 'is own supper. He's not gettin' my cookin!

At least some o tha locals gave me a hand with cleanin out the kitchen. Skittish things tho. Took 'em all day ta get up tha nerve to tell us that their town was in touble. (These folks give me a bit o the creeps - all bowin in scraping. No self-respect I tell ya.)

We go check it out 'cuz - well, we're jes like that.
And o'COURSE the town is bein over run by zombies... son of a... bleedin... (We ever gonna hunt something livin?!?! Haven't had a decent steak in dogs age...)

By the stone there were a lot o' them. Turns out Gaius visited town 'fore he left, and set up a trap. We ended up barracadin' ourselfs in the Pelor temple while zomblie EVERYTHIN tried ta get in. Twas the only building in town with walls worth a darn. The irony didna escape us.

Twas wonna them magik books at the center o the trouble. The spell boys waved their arms 'n such but could'na undo wha was done. In the end we jest hacked it up. In my experince, that's usually the solution with evil 'n such.

With tha over, Now the gang is talkin of havin Fair or somthin. Sounds like a bit o fun, but I dinna know if these folks would jes hide at the first song. Mebbe with some ale- Did'na I hear tell they make good ale in these parts? Thars the sparkle! A beer tent'll fix a smile on thar faces.

Heh. I think they're callin it Kravaxsaar day... Now there's a feller I'd like to see get a good drunk on. Betcha he belches fire. (oh, 'n Someone made mention of Dwarf tossin. If they try they'll learn isna tha throw they'll regret, it's what'll happen when I land...)

After tha, I wouldna mind iffin we go find us that last Mirti... I know he's not stayin idle while we eat.

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RE: Caledath's Journal
Now that I think of it Martouk vaguely resembles my feysworn Mistress. I wonder if we might be related?

You take that BACK!!
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