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Back to Cam
We are approaching the city of Cam, and noticing quite a lot of disruption in the normal routine.

Fireday, 12th Trocken, 1197 md
Beska manages to connect with Eddie finally, and she asks him what’s going on in the city. At that time, we’re also approaching the city on the road. We get into a bottleneck caused by the security checkpoint at the gate. It sounds like there’s a nighttime curfew in place in the city.
At some point before we get to the gate, we notice that Taranee has disappeared.
When we get into the city, we are rejoined by Sima. We are informed that the city council decided to impose a sunset curfew about a week ago. There have been incursions into the city by bugbears of late. We ask who to talk to if we’d like to volunteer to help, and the guard directs us to the city tower.
The staging area for caravans is completely empty, but the marketplace is still open. We head to our rental house to recombobulate, except for Drox, who is going directly to the city tower.
Drox gets information on the Bugbear mission from the city watch captain Lakoor.
Sima fills us in on what she’s been up to.

After doing some inventory management and buying and selling, we decide to check out the noises that have been going on in the attic of our rental home. We find a bunch of stirges nesting up there, so we decide to go ahead and clear them out.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Jul 16 2017 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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suddenly, a wraith!
After dinner, we spend the night at the inn.
Towards morning, Taranee is ambushed by a shade in her room. We manage to subdue the shade with some difficulty, but we do finish it. Afterwards we discuss with Taranee exactly why a wraith would choose to target her, but we find no insights into the issue.
In the morning we head back towards Cam. As we get towards the city, we see noticeable traffic heading away from the city, and hear rumors that there has been trouble inside the city, including imposition of a nightly curfew. While we’re getting closer to the city, we see wyverns patrolling significantly farther out from the city than they normally patrol.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Jul 09 2017 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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cleanup at the morgue
We’re still in a haunted mausoleum, fighting ghosts.
Gefilte finishes his consecrate to keep the wraiths out, and we start to search the room for loot and clues. We flip through the book on the table, and see that it’s been written by multiple people, telling the tale of evil things that the Carpath brothers have done to people over the years. Beska looks under the rug and finds a trap door.
Under the trap door is a 5x5 vertical shaft, with iron bars set into one side for a ladder. We explore and find a room at the bottom. We find some loot there. Drox decides to put on the helmet we find there, and nothing obviously happens to him.
We decide to spend the night here.

Thunderday, 11th Trocken, 1197 md
We talk about warning the local priest at Dawndale, the nearby town. We go back to Dawndale, where it is market day. Gefilte goes to chat up the village priest and appraise him of our encounter. He does mention that one of the local town magistrates had been having a meeting with a group of adventurers over some matter. Drox goes into the Parsley Dragon, the local inn. Some of us have a breakfast there.
We decide to find that magistrate. His name is Goefry Grayte. He tells us that it’s already taken care of; Arkane tells him to let us know when they fail.
We retire to the inn to pass the day and the night.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Jun 25 2017 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Leaving Thorpeness.
We’re still in Thorpeness. We do some shopping and character maintenance.

We decide to check out the obelisk south of Thorpe before heading back to Cam. We make it down the road without incident, and we turn east onto a game trail to get to the obelisk. We finally arrive at the obelisk and see words on it. The writing consists of arcane spells, which Beska and Jeff take special interest in. Beska copies down the writing. As Taranee reads the spell on one side, it triggers the spell, Feast.
As we investigate the obelisk, we hear a cracking sound. A black tear opens up in the ground, and two spider demons pop out.

After we deal with the spider demons, Taranee somehow turns invisible. We talk about bunking down for the night right here. We do.

Fireday, 5th Trocken, 1197 md
In the morning, Taranee’s invisiblity wears off, and Beska goes back to resume investigating the obelisk. All four sides of the obelisk are now blank.
We head back to the road. We find the road and head towards Cam for several days, passing several villages.

Towerday, 9th Trocken, 1197 md
Towards the evening we notice that we’re approaching a town. The sun has already set, and all of a sudden we hear growling and someone calling for help. We instinctively move to help.
Ahead of us on the road we see a person prone on the road, surrounded by a pack of wolves, worrying at him. We rush forward and engage the wolves.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Jun 04 2017 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Trip Advisor: A Thorpeness getaway
The group had a whirlwind 3 days in picturesque Thorpeness. This quaint town features a jewelry store, a luxury salon (Beska's looking bedazzling with her new bob haircut), an inn, an armory and even a brewery. IPAs were flowing as Drox and Taranee gambled the night away. Kelmar enjoyed the sights as he soared above the city.

Jeff studied in his room. Arkane prayed. [Legal advises us not to mention Gefilte's activities.]

At the exclusive stable the group purchased horses and a cart in preparation for their trip to meet with Sima and Eddie and their next adventure.

Friendly folks, great shopping and reasonable prices. Highly recommended!
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