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finally at the tower
Wineday, 26th Falkhyn, 1197 md
We wake up and continue on our way. We journey for a while, then see a small, ruined tower where “The Tower” was supposed to be. We keep an eye out for anything suspicious as we approach.
As we get closer, the tower seems to become more impressive, leading us to conclude that the initial appearance was an illusion. The tower rises four stories into the air, barely breaking the treetops in the forest. The only entrance that we see is a stone door at the top of a ramp.
Before we enter, Kelmar flies up to the top of the tower. He sees a telescope there, of fine craftmanship, but nothing else. He flies back down to rejoin the party. Beska sends Eddie the raven up to an upper tower to check out the interior. He sees an alchemy laboratory with all sorts of accouterments. It looks to be in active use, but not at the moment. He flies up to another window and sees a library full of books. In the library is a small red imp scribbling with a quill.
Taranee checks the door to see if it is openable, but doesn’t see a way to open it. We ask Drox to open it for us. It doesn’t look like that will work, so we discuss our options. Beska tries sending Eddie through to see if he can reconnoitre. He scouts the arrow slits in the front; they open into a room that has not been used in some years. At each arrow slit is a weapon rack with a crossbow, cocked and ready. The door to the room is closed.
Taranee and Kelmar decide to climb and fly, respectively, up to the alchemy lab. They do so, and enter the lab from the window. There is a cauldron in the lab full of a viscous grey liquid, looking very much like stone. They exit the lab to a hallway, then follow the hallway to a parlour. Nothing of interest is in the parlor, so they exit to a stairwell going down. They go down the stairs and find a large hall with three doors to the south. It is fairly ornately decorated with a table on a rug. The table has decanters, a tobacco jar, and pipes. There are wizardry-themed tapestries on the wall, and candles floating around the room at about seven feet. They do not hear or see anyone in it initially. As they enter, they see a fireplace against the north wall. They sneak in and start testing the doors.
They open the first door and see a room with glowing arcane runes in the floor. The runes lead to a statue against the far wall. Also in the room are two murder slits oriented towards a central passageway. They check the far door next. They find a very similar room, murder holes towards a central passageway, but the walls are lined with racks of weaponry and there is a smell of mold lingering in the air with a layer of dust on the floor.
They decide they want to bring the party up into the alchemy lab on the second floor. They lower a rope and start getting us up. When Drox ascends, someone tips over the cauldron, releasing a grey ooze which starts attacking us. We take care of the ooze and get everyone else up the rope. Then we decide to take on the imp in the library. We rush in the door and take him by surprise. We take care of the imp very quickly and check out the library. We look through the library and see what we can loot.
Drox checks out the room with the arrow slits. When he enters, the crossbows immediately spring from the weapon rack, hover in the air, and attack us. We fight briefly, then just leave the room, closing the door behind us.
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Off to see the wizard...but, trolls!
We fast forward to arriving in Thorpeness. We are in the inn, and Beska realizes that the Black Pearl is suddenly missing. She identifies a woman in her mid to late 20s in the inn who she thinks has the Black Pearl, and approaches her. Once Beska explains the dangers of the gem, Taranee obligingly hands it back. Taranee Nailo now introduces herself and we discuss the idea of her joining our party. She is an elven thief.
We sorted out rooms for the night before heading over to the local tavern to play games and drink or other things.

Towerday, 25th Falkhyn, 1197 md
Taranee heads to the smithy for a crossbow, and manages to talk the smith, Tomara Shieldcrest, down in price a bit. Gefilte visits the local shrine to Athria to pay his respects and stock up on healing potions. We did notice that there were a significant number of burly men at the tavern; apparently a retired adventurer is building a keep in the area.

We leave Thorpeness to visit the wizard. We camp for the night about halfway to the tower. During the night we are ambushed by some trolls. We take two down, and the third runs away after taking significant damage. We burn the two trolls we incapacitated, and bunk back down for the night.
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Cleaning up old business
Now that everyone is back to civilization, Gustavus decides that it is time for him to complete his mission from god and return to his temple with the holy axe he retrieved. He sincerely thanks all members of the party, even the elves, for the help and the new experiences he has gained before joining a caravan heading towards his home.

Sima also informs us that she will be pursuing other professional opportunities.

We take some time doing spell research and bookkeeping while in Cam. We do find a house for rent; the going rate is 14 gold per week.

We decide to go back and clean up the wizard’s tower.

Towerday, 18th Falkhyn, 1197 md
We hitch a ride with a caravan that’s headed to Aylesford. We leave the caravan at Thorpeness, as that is closer to the tower.

Saintsday, 23 Falkhyn, 1197 md
As we approach Thorpeness, we see a tower on a hill, and we think that might be a nice place to spend the night. As we get closer, we see that the tower is actually on an outcropping of rock, connected to the hill by a narrow stone bridge. As we cross the bridge and approach the front door, we see that it is mostly closed; it is partially open. Inside is a fairly large room with doors on each side and a large shield hanging on the wall 10 feet above the floor on the opposite wall. There is a timber frame roof about 60 feet above our heads that is in disrepair, with a number of holes. A number of pigeons fly out upon our arrival. It has obviously been looted of much of anything useful.
After we check it for traps, Drox ‘unlocks’ the eastern door. We find a small room with some sparse furnishings. We search the room for anything lootable and find some minor items, including a cryptically encoded letter in a map case. It seems to indicate a secret door associated with the W on the compass rose. Drox steps on the arrow pointing to the W on the rose and a door opens up on the north wall under the shield. On the far side is a spiral staircase.
We check out the west door before looking behind the secret door. There is a spiral staircase going up. We go up the staircase and onto the tower roof. Aside from a large hole in the roof, there is little of note.
We descend the staircase behind the hidden door. We find a lower level with windows that overlook the roadway outside. When we enter the room, we find that three creatures (darkmantles) had dropped down and followed us down the staircase. Combat ensues. We kill two of them and the other flies off.

We review the downstairs room quickly; it looks like personal quarters with a fireplace and some furniture, looking like a knight’s possessions. There is armor and some weapons here, too. The knight himself appears to be here as well, though his body has been reduced to a skeleton in drooping clothing.

Open plot points: in the underground roads, there is a dungeon said to be created by a mad mage
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Getting back into the sunlight
We’re still in the traders’ cavern. We are told that the dwarves are the people to talk to for the quickest route to the surface. We walk for a while on the path next to the river. Eventually the path turns away from the river to the north and we see ahead of us a structure built over the river. Gustavus thinks the structure and architecture around us looks dwarven-made.

We turn the corner and come to a great door with 10 dwarves on guard duty before it. Gustavus approaches them and greets them formally. He asks if their city has a way to get to the surface. They say that they do, indeed, have a way to communicate with the surface. Gustavus then asks if there is someone we can talk to to get to the surface. One of them mentions getting a message to D’wall. As the door opens to let the messenger through, we see an entry chamber inside the doors.

While we wait, we do hear one of the dwarves talking about what’s going on at ‘the festival’. We ask about that, and they clarify that it’s the Feast of Dain, a 20-day interval when they are forbidden to trade with others. After about 20 minutes, the messenger comes back with someone more senior. He introduces himself as Dwali Greybeard. We describe our need to get to the surface, and Gustavus also tells him about the evil altar in the dungeon in hopes that they can send someone to cleanse it.

Dwali says that they normally charge a toll for passage through their territory, and we ask him about it. They need to assess our inventory, as the toll is a percentage of goods transported. We pay the toll and they take us through their fastness. In one room we see some dwarves who have different garb, possibly from another clan. They take us to a spiral staircase leading upwards, and we go up. Gustavus reckons it goes up about 300 feet.

At the top of the staircase we see another cavern and a group of dwarven guards on watch. The cavern leads to an opening in a hillside—we are finally on the surface. We are a couple days walk from Aylesford. We walk there without incident.

We took care of some bookkeeping in Aylesford. Some of us levelled up, but we’ll need to take care of skills training in Cam. We fast forward to past our training in Cam.

Towerday, 18th Falkhyn, 1197 md

Open plot points: in the underground roads, there is a dungeon said to be created by a mad mage; hallow evil altar in dungeon to de-evil it or direct someone to it (directed the dwarves to it so they can deal with it).
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Tunnel Cleanup and back to the trading post
We are still in the room of the shrine to the evil, sexy, four-armed goddess. We do some more surveying, looking for hidden doors, but find nothing.

We get out of the ogre lair and climb back up to the evil caves. We travel down an unexplored tunnel branch and find a cavern with a shallow hole in the floor—about 6-8 feet deep. It is covered by a large grate made of wooden poles. Arkane and Kelmar scout around the room and find some writing on the wall. The writing is in Dwarven, and says “The green dragon is not a dragon.”

Sima peeks around the corner up ahead and sees an altar. Kelmar comes up and sees a lot of evil emanating from the altar; he thinks it may be the source of the evil permeating the caves. On the wall across from the altar is writing on the wall in Common: “Seven, six, one, nine.”

Before trying to mess with the altar, we decide to do an overnight rest. We retire to one of the dead-end tunnels to do so.

Fireday, 7th Feast of the Unmaking, 1197 md
We go back to the cavern with the altar. As we get positioned around the altar, we see a tapestry down a side tunnel; it is faded and torn, but it appears to have profane images on it. Next to the tapestry we see some words scrawled in chalk, “The Company of the Ivory Scimitar looted this place.” Gustavus examines the altar to see what would need to be done to un-evil it. He’s not capable of it; we’ll have to pass the word on to a higher level cleric.

We explore one of the other side tunnels we haven’t gotten to yet. As Drox is leading us, he triggers a swinging axe trap, but it misses him. He then notices something gleaming on the floor. It’s a piece of jewelry that he picks up.

We explore another side passage and find an overturned statue; it looks like someone deliberately toppled it over. We also see goblin runes on the wall in this room, “door, left, right, left”. Further down that corridor is a tunnel that seems to lead out of this tunnel system. [OOC: off the map]

We leave this tunnel system and make our way back to the Noja trading post. Some of our party are craving a return to the surface. When we get there, a Noja caravan is just arriving, entering their warehouse/quarters in the south wall. Near the base of the statue are the Noja we talked to earlier.

Open plot points: in the underground roads, there is a dungeon said to be created by a mad mage; hallow evil altar in dungeon to de-evil it or direct someone to it.
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