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We’re still in the hallway. We try screaming for Sima, but all that happens is that our newly sensitized ears get hurt from the noise.

We go up the hallway to the northwest, and Arkane bashes down the door at the end. We find a round room with a number of corridors coming off at odd angles. Steam comes from the corridor to the northwest. While we explore the room, Arkane gets a sense that there is evil to the north. We approach that corridor and a wraith appears around the corner. We start fighting and more wraiths show up, including some from a corridor to the east.
The wraiths are very annoying with their energy drain, and the fight drags on. We manage to take down most of the wraiths, while the rest retreat into the walls.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Feb 18 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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More shenanigans
We’re still exploring the tomb, and discussing the best way to explore this dark pit.
Blackmore somehow vanishes while trying to explore, and we have some really inane arguments trying to figure out what we’re doing next.
[OOC] we also suffered from internet connection issues.
While the arguing is going on, Gefilte sends the Love Snake down to reconnoiter. He felt a wrenching sensation, and when the snake reconnects, it is in a cave with light. He senses another humanoid in there, likely Blackmore. Beska decides to send Eddie down, since she can see directly through his eyes. She confirms what we already saw. The cave is apparently lit by an opening to sunlight. Eddie checks it out and sees that it is a ledge partway up the mountain. We all decide to go down after them so we’re all in the same pickle. We all teleport in, and we realize that this is the entrance to the complex.
Beska looks over the book we’d found earlier. She used Knock to open it, and finds that it is a spell book, though all the pages seem blank.
We decide to go back in and see what else we can find before heading back in failure. We move through where we had gone before. In the trippy room, Sima and Kelmar examine the statue more closely. As they look the statue over, they start to hear a human female’s voice in their ears. We continue to the room with the golem, and try to search it a little more thoroughly.
We pass by the statues holding hands above, and Sima tinkers with the fingers of the statues after we pass by. After getting a jolt from a pinky, she continues on. All of a sudden, she seems to disappear, and the rest of us find our sense of hearing get very acute, much more sensitive than normal. At the same time, a secret door at the end of the corridor pops open.
Arkane leads the way through the secret door, and finds some steps down to another door. This is a very stout metal door. He tries the handle, and the whole area turns into a bog, into which he immediately starts sinking. We manage to get him out then carefully study the area. Kelmar found a small switch on the wall. He tries toggling it and it opens the far door. We explore through the door and find a elliptical room, lined with circular columns rising to the ceiling. In the center of the room is a large crypt with inscriptions in three languages—common, high elven, and another unknown language. It reads, “Anadi – Mage of Sages and Sage of Mages – At Rest While Her spirit Roams – A Curse on He Who Disturbs Her Rest”.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Feb 11 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Are We gaming tomorrow
Are we having a session tomorrow? Superbowl Sunday
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further into the tomb
We’re still in the first level of the tomb. We’re approaching a double set of stairs going down. We go down and find a couple of metal statues making an arch over the central part of the corridor. On the way down, Drox finds a pit trap the hard way. We get over it and past the statues and head south. Sima finds and picks a locked door.

Down this corridor we find some large urns (brass, copper, iron, clay, smoked glass) covered with magical runes. We check them out and grab some of the contents
We head further south to another room and find an indoor pond, with plants surrounding it.

We go to the west and explore the rooms there. We open a door and suddenly the area is flooded with a green light. Somehow Drox and Jeff get reduced to ash there.

We go back to the pond and explore. We find a rubble-filled room with an exit to the east
We explore beyond that and find some hallways and, behind a secret door, a larger room with a stairwell headed down.
We test going down the hole in this room.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Jan 28 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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the stoner puts up a tough fight
Outside the stairwell a magical wall is found.

Kelmar finds a loose series of stones. He, Arkane and Drox takes a few hours to dig out a way around the magical wall.

Behind is a room with statue of a half-elven woman looking up to the sky. Illustrations on the wall detect as magic. In this room nausea overtakes Jeff and Kelmar. They wretch with pain from dry heaves. Everyone in the room hears the faint whisper of a female voice.

"This is the adobe of Anadi. Lest you seek her audience, leave now. Lest you seek her wisdom, flee. Lest you seek to share her fate, turn back. Beyond these doors lie the seeds of your madness, and you will disappear from the face of the living world."

Covering up their eyes helps dissipate the effect of the illustrations.

Sima opens the north door and we go down the hall and a few flights of stairs to an alcove. She, Drox and Kelmar see a stone statue of a man with a hawk head and as they approach, the statue moves forward. Arkane does not sense evil in the statue.

After the mages find nothing that will work against the golem, Beska uses polymorph self potion to take the form of a gorilla. After a long combat wherein many potions of healing were used, Kelmar takes down the stone golem.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Jan 14 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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