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Spelunking the crypt
Wineday, 6th Erstfhroe, 1197 md
We leave town to go around and get to the sewer cistern. There is a locked gate in the way, but Sima unlocks it without difficulty. We follow the map and eventually find the hidden door.

We do notice that it appears the door has been opened recently. We open the door and explore the tunnels beyond. We do see footprints on the ground which appear to be very recent.
There is a chamber to the north, in which we find a large pile of trash. Drox pokes around in it a little and rouses a giant centipede. We start fighting it and some more centipedes are roused by the commotion. The fight took longer than we expected, but we prevailed. We continue exploring through the tunnels. We come upon a flight of stairs leading downwards.

At the bottom of the staircase we see a man. He is working on a lock on an iron gate, trying to get it open. Beyond the gate is a darkened room. He tells us that he is on a quest to help a partner of his. He identifies himself as Tamil, and his partner as Walsten. Sima picks the lock on the gate. We ask Tamil more about what he’s down here for, and he says that he is not a grave robber; he is not here for an item. His partner, Walsten, died and was brought back to life, and he believes Walsten’s ghost now haunts these halls. He carries a dagger which he believes will destroy the being Walsten has become. We ask how Walsten’s spirit could get down here, and he believes that a group of necromancers periodically comes down here to maintain the crypt; he was told that Walsten’s corpse was brought down here to be a guard for the crypt.
Tamil goes into the crypt before us. As soon as he pulls the gate open, we notice a set of braziers, one in each corner of the room, light up to illuminate the whole room. The large shadow we had seen inside is revealed to be a large statue of two serpents intertwined. One of them points towards a door to the north, the other to the south, and a gate is set into the opposite wall, with a dark hallway beyond.
Tamil takes a few steps in, looks at the statue, then looks around the room. We follow Tamil in. Arkane does sense evil from Tamil, and the whole crypt area radiates a low level of evil. We notice that there are two keyholes to the sides of the gate—to the right in a copper panel, and to the left within a silver panel. Beska notices that the two snakes have blood around their mouths, and she points this out to the rest of us.
Sima checks the southern door, first for traps, then a way to open it. After some conversation, we decide to take the gems on the snake statue. Before we get to that, Jeff, who is inspecting the walls, has a gray ooze drop on him. We fight it and take it down quickly.
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Employed to find an amulet.
Moonday, 4th Erstfhroe, 1197 md
It is a brisk autumn evening at the Laughing Hippocampus. We have been in Cam about a month now. Business is slow because of the rain outside.
After a while Kelmar notices that Miliana, one of the serving wenches, has been eyeing up our table. After a few minutes she goes back to the kitchen then grabs her cloak and steps out into the night. We remember that this is the same woman who had led Kelmar to the house of a suspicious person after he had asked questions about a sailor with a mysterious background. Kelmar flies to the building she had visited before, but does not see her approach. He finally tracks her to a different house. This one is next to a shrine to the Loa, a religion from the dark continent to the south.

Miliana emerges accompanied by the same strange gentleman, then they both head back in the direction of the Hippocampus; Kelmar flies ahead to warn us. We do ask the innkeep if he knows of any information, but he does not volunteer anything. At that time, Miliana comes into the inn with another person in tow, both dripping wet. Miliana gets dressed down by her supervisor, and her companion comes over to our table. He pulls his hood down as he approaches, revealing that he is an older gentleman, and he greets us, introducing himself as Draxis. Our waitress, Kitty, approaches in response to Gefilte’s beckoning and takes Draxis’ order.
Draxis’ full name is Kal Draxis. He’s spent his life studying dark arts, necromancy. He has since stopped, however, because of his dalliance with the dark arts, his soul has come to the attention of dark beings. He tells us of an amulet, the Kardak’s Seal, that could protect him. Kardak was a necromancer who created this seal. When his body was interred in a secret crypt, the amulet was hidden with him. The secret crypt was hidden in the sewers underneath the city. He asks us if we are interested in retrieving this. He offers us 2,000 gold pieces as well as a potion which can revive a person from a fatal blow.

We make arrangements to meet Kal at the tavern in two days, and he will have the up front payment of 500 gold pieces and the potion.

As we’re getting ready to leave, a sharp dressed man enters the tavern. When he enters, the barkeep loudly and enthusiastically greets the man as “Guy”.

Towerday, 5th Erstfhroe, 1197 md

We each talk to our contacts to find out more information about our new employer. Beska and Jeff talk to the proprietor at the sorcerers’ supply store. She knows about his background in the dark arts but believes he has reformed and now practices more moral magic. She is not, however, familiar with Kardak’s Seal. She is vaguely familiar with Kardak’s name, he was a necromancer during Winter Dark, before the wars.
Gefilte visits the temple. He finds a priest, Gaza, with whom he has become familiar, and asks what he knows of Kal Draxis. Gaza has not heard of Draxis. He does know about Kardak, a scourge in this area before the Evil One was banished from this region. He doesn’t think we have any records on where Kardak’s home here in Cam had been.
We rendezvous and compare notes at the end of the day. When going home, we also notice that the moon is currently waxing.

Wineday, 6th Erstfhroe, 1197 md

We get ready to meet with Draxis again. We meet with him and he gives us his deposit and the potion. When we ask him where we’ll be going, he pulls a small bit of paper out of a pouch. The paper has a rough, hand-drawn map of the sewers, showing the river and nearby cistern and a tunnel that apparently leads to the crypt. He has not verified the authenticity of the map, but believes it is genuine. At the junction where the tunnel to the crypt is, the map indicates that it is accessed through a secret door. We ask if the crypt is actively being visited by anyone, and he says that he does not know. We have further conversation with him to find more details about his intentions with the amulet. We discuss the moralities of uncovering this crypt some, and we’ll continue at that point.
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Closing the book on the literary tower
We’re still fighting the mage and his creatures. We finally manage to take them all down and Gefilte does a healing circle. We open up the door to the south in this room to find another large room, bare except for a circular table with a quill, hourglass, book, and a pair of scissors. Gefilte gets a feeling that this arrangement is for some demonic magic. Jeff and Beska go over and review the scene. Beska thinks the book is an identical copy of the book that brought us here. She thinks it is the way out.

Before messing with anything, we scout out the next room. This is the sorcerer’s personal chambers. Among other things, we retrieve a journal, which describes how to use the book on the table to portal to our world. Before we leave, we do rummage through the magic room to see if anything useful is there.

We portal back to Cam, in the temple. After delivering the journal to the watch as proof of the plot we foiled, we retire to our house for levelling tasks and inventory management.
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We came to rescue prisoners and kick ass, and we're all out of prisoners
We are about to charge into the torture chamber to defeat the Ogre. We defeat it surprisingly fast, and go on to search the room.
Past the torture chamber is another set of stairs. We ascend them and find another hellhound. On the lower level, Sima opens another door in the hallway and finds an ogre-sized desk and chair, with what look like three prison doors along the wall. In the first cell, locked, is a bed with a human male asleep on the bed. The second cell holds a human female. Gefilte checks the table to see if he sees any keys. On top of the table is a plate with the remains of a whole chicken, and a greasy keyring is next to the plate. In the third cell is a beefier human male. Gefilte unlocks this door after grabbing the keys. Kelmar enters to shake the man awake.
Gefilte walks over to the second door and tries another key, but that fails. Kelmar shakes the bigger man in the third cell awake, cautiously. He wakes. Sima picks the lock on the first cell to release the human male there. In the meantime, the hellhound upstairs awakes and charges Drox. Gefilte unlocks the last door and heads for the door to help Drox upstairs. We all do the same, and eventually the hellhound goes down.

Gefilte goes back down to talk to the captives. They were all transported here from Cam. Gefilte gives them a rundown of the situation and asks if any of them want to help out. The burly guy says he’s willing, if we have a weapon he can use.
We open the back door in the room with the hellhound and find a number of sorcerers standing around a summoning circle with a giant caterpillar and a large ‘child like’ creature as backup muscle. Combat ensues. We soon discover that most of the sorcerers are duplicates of one master sorcerer, as they disappear as soon as we hit them. We finally take down all the duplicates so we can concentrate on the master sorcerer, but we suffer losses along the way. We’re still fighting when we break for the night.
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Climbing the tower
We do some more cleanup, then Sima checks one of the doors off the main hallway we have not yet opened. That ends up being the kitchen, which is clear of enemies. Drox opens the last remaining door which opens to a hallway, which takes a turn and ends in a staircase going up.

When we ascend the stairs, we discover that the air is hotter and stuffier than that downstairs, and we also smell the distinct odor of brimstone on the second level. When we turn the corner, we come upon a large room with 3 hellhounds. Combat ensues. We defeat the hellhounds and survey the room before moving forward.

Sima checks the one door on this level, which is locked, and we see that there is another staircase going up. Sima unlocks the door and Drox leads us through. It appears to be an armory, with a full plate of armor in one corner, three shields on the wall—one with a green skull, one with a fireball, and one with a lightning bolt--and weapons arrayed. The armor is larger than human size. There is one door in the armory, which Sima begins to lockpick. As soon as she starts, some weapons rise off the table and the shields rise off the wall to attack us. We manage to take them down, then Sima looks back to the door.

We open the door and see three chests in the room. Sima checks them for traps. We go through them all and loot them. Gefilte then uses his blessed healer ability to top off everyone’s health before we check upstairs.

Sima goes up the stairs slowly, looking for traps on the way. As she nears the top, she hears a sound like a whip cracking and a human voice pleading for mercy. She peeks around the wall at the edge and sees a torture chamber. At the far side of the room is a human in a pillory with an ogre standing in front of him, holding a whip.

The love snake used 3 heals.
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