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Wrapping up the tomb
We’re still in the middle hallway, trying to see which sarcophaguses didn’t disgorge enemies. The four sarcophaguses closest to the exit do seem to still have bodies in them. The first one is a female with a golden death mask, looking much like the female sorceress we have seen in the murals. Another one is a male whose golden death mask resembles the knight who was slaying a dragon in one of the murals. The next one resembles the black knight who was unseating a white knight in a joust. The last one bears the death mask of Kardek, the necromancer whose tomb this is. Around the neck of Kardek is the medallion we were sent to find. Drox takes the mace from the knight, and Sima takes the medallion.

On our way out, Beska and Sima unlock the keys from the portcullises to shut them. Then wetake those keys with us. We also close the main gate. As we secure the respective doors, we see the braziers inside them go out as they reseal. We return to the sewers to go home.

As we pass through the outer chamber, we hear noises from ahead of us. Kelmar, who is in the lead, motions for us to be still. He hears a low mumbling of some sort. He scouts ahead of us to the next intersection, and hears the sounds clearer from a chamber to the north, one we had not explored. We find a number of bugbears in there. As they leave the chamber, combat ensues. We kill them with little mishap.

We make our way out of the sewer without further ado and return home.

Once we’re out, Gefilte stops by the temple and let them know about this crypt, telling them that we were informed of it by Tamil Tarkin and investigated it to verify his story.

After cleaning up at the bathhouse, some of us go to the tavern to rendevous with Draxis and get the amulet to him. Gefilte stays back at the house.

When they meet Draxis, Draxis produces an orc skull and puts it on the table in front of him, as “part of their reward”. At this point, a man, Hank Blackmore, comes over and asks if that is a skull of a martyring spirit—a skull within which (inside a flask in the skull) is contained the spirit of the former owner. If one uncorks the skull, the spirit comes out and protects the host. Draxis then picks up his drink again and makes a lengthy, rambling toast where he denounces necromancy before vomiting in front of us and reaches to Sima for the medallion. The bag, in addition to our payment, contains three more skulls. Draxis stumbles off with his new medallion.

When Gefilte was returning home from the temple, he cut through an alley as a shortcut and noticed some footprints going down the alley. The footprints seemed to glow with green fire, and it troubles him. The footprints led in the direction of the port, the opposite direction of his heading, so he left it for now.
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A turncoat and the center hall.
Having taken care of the skeletons and the ghoul, we take stock of our situation. At the end of the hallway is a lit brazier and we see more light coming from around the corner. We scout ahead and see another hallway, with another brazier at the end where it turns again. There is also a complex mural on the wall here, depicting the four figures from the main room again, each being attended by an attendent/pupil of their respective styles.
We advance further and see a hallway with more alcoves, one with a door across it. While we walk by the mural, we see a silver key cleverly hanging in the design, positioned as if the sorcerer’s apprentice were holding it. Sima checks out the door in the hallway and hears something moving on the other side. She checks it for traps and alerts us.
As we’re doing this, Tamil, at the end of the hallway, emits a series of whistles. His form changes and he shrinks down into a rodent of unusual size, and is joined by more of the same from the alcove near him. We take out the rats and turn back to the door.
When working on the door, a skeleton’s hand reaches through the door and tries to grab us. Combat ensues. We take care of it quickly.

We go to the end of the hallway and find the hole that the rats came out of. It’s too small for us to comfortably go down. We discuss sending Eddie down, but there are noises coming from the hole.

Back in the atrium, the key we found opens the middle grate. We find a long hallway with alcoves to each side. We find the alcoves hold stone sarcophagi, and there is a large statue at the far end of the hallway. After walking past a couple alcoves, we send Eddie to scout the hallway. Eddie gets a closeup of the statue for us. Drox walks closer to the statue and investigates it. He tries to rotate and pull out the hourglass that the statue is holding. He is not able to, but he is able to turn the hourglass over in the statue’s arms. He does so, and the sand starts flowing down. After a combat round, the sand runs out and we hear the sound of one of the sarcophagus lids moving. As soon as the sand runs out, the hourglass rotates back upright and the sand starts running again. This repeats a number of times, and we see zombies and skeletons step into the hallway, one with each iteration. We take care of all the zombies and skeletons that emerge, and find that the statue has stopped rotating the hourglass. We also realize that four of the turns of the hourglass did not produce undead adversaries. We will next scout around to see what has changed here.
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More undead
We’re still in the crypts, fighting the rat skeletons and leech rats. We finish off the rats and discuss our next moves. We do note that we noticed Tamil regenerating his wounds.

Continuing along, with Drox in front, we find another hallway with more alcoves. The first alcove was walled up, but that has been broken down and it appears to be empty. The dead inhabitants of the succeeding alcoves rise as we pass them. Combat ensues. After a couple rounds of combat, we see a ghoul turn the corner down the hallway and we smell a foul odor waft towards us.

Once we clear out these undead, we advance further. We notice that the walls of this hallway are draped with more murals, similar to the murals from the original room, but depicting a fairly normal life, for important people.
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zombies and rats
We’re back in the entrance chamber. Sima and Drox decide to go back to the statue and grab the gems.
We try pushing a rat into the throat of the snake; the rat emerged with gashes down its sides and blood left in the mouth of the snake, and the door to the south opened.

Kelmar explores down the corridor to the south and runs into some zombies. We start fighting. After we finish the zombies, we notice that the alcoves in this hallway each have coffins in them. Each coffin has a small plaque on them, which apparently notes the people interred. Some of the plaques mention people with the last names of Grimm, who we speculate may have been related. We proceed down the hallway as it curves to the right.

We notice more coffins with names of Grimm. One plaque, belonging to Patek Grimm, is larger, made of gold, and encrusted in jewels. As Drox is walking past down the hallway past the curve, the stone lids on the sarcophagi to each side slide off rapidly, trying to crush Drox between them. He is momentarily stuck between the lids as the inhabitants, swarms of rat skeletons, and swarms of animals who look like rats without skeletons. We begin to fight them.

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Undead ambush!
We’re still in the entrance room to the crypt. When we were looking at the walls, we had noticed that there were murals behind the braziers in the corners. One depicts a battle between humans and undead warriors with the necromancer prominently positioned. Another shows a fighter in full armor fighting a dragon, which was originally gold colored. Another depicts a joust where a black knight had unseated a white knight. The last shows a number of demons surrounding a sorceress, their heads bowed in respect. Pretty much every fixture in this room is magical—the statue, braziers, and grates over the exits.

We get the door to the north open and enter the hallway beyond. We turn a corner in the hallway and see it continue for a distance, with alcoves every so often, and a shadowy figure in the distance. The alcoves seem to contain bodies lying in state. Next to each alcove is a small copper plaque listing name and how they died. Beska sends Eddie ahead to scout out the hallway and he finds that the shadowy figure is a statue with a key on a rope around her neck. The statue stands in a granite basin, which has a number of gems set into the edge. Sima goes up to the statue to get the key, and we hear movement from the alcoves. A horde of skeletons and zombies emerges, and we start fighting. The statue also starts ‘crying’ a whitish liquid from its eyes. During the fight, Sima drew a cup of water from the liquid collecting in the basin. She then proceeded to dump it on Drox, who had been knocked unconscious by a lucky blow from a zombie. It seemed to act as either a healing potion or a refresher, as Drox revived and stood back up.

Once we’re done cleaning up the zombies and skeletons, we go looking for Tamil, who dashed off back towards the entrance during the combat. We don’t find him, but Gefilte casts a healing circle to take care of the wounds we took.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Oct 08 2017 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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