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August 10
Huricane Hannah

We agree with the Lady of the Rock that we will send her a ship to take her and her household to our island.

We then sleep and shadow walk back to Port Peril. Upon arrival, Adele has a story to tell us, but is interrupted when the First Mate of the Tyranasaurs wants to board our ship, Chambros Egrossa. We allow him to board. This is the first mate of the flag ship of the Pirate Lord we suspect of being a Cheliaxan spy. We accept the gift from the Captain Arronax Endymion and Hector fails to open it until we remind him that he is muted. Then he opens the small box and discovers a small pile of platinum.

We go to his ship. Both he and Chambros and all of his crew are crisply dressed. Captain Endymion wants to assure us that he has nothing to do with Cheliax. He is seeking our aid to remove the source of these dastardly rumors against his honor. He will loan us a squadron of ships should we dash these rumors. There is a small group of Cheliaxan performers who purchased a seaside tavern in Hell Harbor named The Theater of Corruption who are the source of these rumors.

I am 100% certain it is a trap. We cannot get any sort of writ to assure us of safe passage and/or freedom form local law enforcement. 3 performers Gorbeard Trench the tuff, Lady Nightshade the woman of translucent skin and visual effects, and Isowen the Diva (singer).

Adele's story is that Scaggs (who recently left Captain Harrigan) shot Dagon's Jaws. Current in middle that sinks ships and something pulls your compass off course. Thought is that Scaggs shot the Jaws, successfully, to escape Harrigan and then disappeared himself.

Sandra Quinn is off on her personal journey as a priest of Bessmara and will be out of contact for awhile. So we can ask Knuckles Gripe to collect the Lady of the Tidewater Rock. We tell Tessa Fairwind of the task we are doing for Arronax and our method (shadow walk there in the morrow). After that task is done, we will take the ship to Dagon's Teeth.

I purchase a crisp dark brown linen suit and dye my hair a stunning red. I buy and modify a parasol for 24 gp that will hold my wands and my dagger. I need to leave the boarding pike at home.

We shadow walk without event. Jeinko and I head separately to the tavern to information gather and to see the show. It is a good show. I pose as Lady Alexandria the Lady of the Rock with a Tide and inquire about patron opportunities. Isowen is open to a discussion of patronage.

Hector seeks out info in the neighborhood of the theater. It seems on the up and up. Flayer swims below the tavern and finds a body. He uses his ring (yea!!!) to discover the guys name was Harcore Spindleleaf. He was a boatswain on a successful ship who was beaten to death and the killer then wallowed in his blood. I engaged a realtor to look at properties and offended the realtor by accidentally implying that he was Cheliaxan.

We go back. There is an invisible spiny devil on the roof. (I have see invisibility.) Jeinko watches from outside. I see the show again with Hector. Flayer searches the rooms during the show using Shadow Walk. The male actor is truly vicious. He mutilates himself during the show and his scabby beard gets worse (Gore beard trench). (Bearded devil???)

So, we have a devil on the roof, a bearded devil in the show and a tiefling (often opressed in Cheliax) in the show. This seems to be a Cheliaxan troupe. I propose to Hector that we leave immediately at the end of the show, return to our hotel and formulate a plan to slay them all, whoops I mean talk to them.

We break to formulate a plan which probably involves greater invisibility, feeblemind, fly and going back to Port Peril to find a fighter.

I can contribute:
Fly spells
Spider climb spells
Mage Armor spells
Greater invisibility and/or invisibility sphere spells
See invisible. (Personal. Do we have any items of spellstoring). Can combine this with glitter dust but spell resistance will apply)

To attack:
Ice Storm
Lightning Bolt
Cone of Cold
Acid Arrow

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Friday June 8

We race to the ship on fire and put it out. We race to the other ship and to the shore and learn nothing we race about and Jeinko sees the nearly undetectable Eel. Gastronome or Hector find the bomb he planted on our ship. Jeinko and I chase him. He goes invisible. I can see him, but cannot get close enough to glitterdust. Jeinko sees his wake in the water. Damn his perception is good. We dive into a cave with him. I finally get to glitterdust the Eel, but I blind Jeinko in the process. Crap.

The Eel is throwing incendiary devices that burn!!! Yikes. He offers to not kill us if we let him go. I say, "done." But Jeinko foolishly forgets he is a pirate and thinks he is a hero. Silly bird. He attacks whilst I submit to live to fight another day.

The Eel was hired by someone, but not to kill us. I ask him who hired him and if we can have the Nymph's shawl back. Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask. He replies, "Norgorberger is blessing me this evening." Then he tells me to leave. I will on my initiative, but I cannot because it is not my turn. Earlier he told me to stand aside. Now I am going to die because he was not specific. Stupid ass alchemist. Then Jeinko throws a dagger at him and misses. Yikes! Death is nigh.

Hector and Gastrognome have not yet disabled the bomb they found on our ship. We desperately need a thief. Sigh. I leave the cave. Only 11 hitpoints, down 5 points of constitution and no healing! I know when to say, "uncle."

The Eel ignores Jeinko, packs up his lab and leaves. The bomb goes off on our ship and the crew puts out the fire.
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Friday 24th of May
We put triceratops meat into Rum. Adele casts detect poison and finds some. Adele then continues to mix more thinks to look for poison. Flayer assists her.

Then we head out following tracks that we think might belong to the Nymph. We find her - Serafina - and her 3 water elementals. There is fascination, poison, and blindness. She is working for the "little man" who has her shawl. She has to do what he says while he has her shawl. It looks like running water. Her job is to keep us away while he does sabotage.

I make the party invisible (except Flayer). Flayer teleports back to the fort to try to thwart the little man.

I succumb to charm and drop the invisibiltiy. Sharky and Jeinko are blinded. Hanna casts fly on Jeinko. Hector leaves. Jeinko flys up and Sharky retreats. Hannah dies. Hannah is blind and down 4 constitution points and beat up.

Through a team effort, Jeinko and Hector manage to touch her for a breath of life and Hannah is no longer dead. The combat continues with all of us taking turns being poisoned and/or blinded and Hector uses healing surges well and usefully.

At last, enough of us can see to fly off leaving the Nymph behind. As we start to fly ogf KABOOOOOMMMMMM. There is an explosion on the Blood Moon. The Nymph announces that her work here is done, we should get her shawl and be friends.

I think Jeinko is really really low on con. Apparently this little man called Eel is out to get Avimar and/or cause bad blood between him and us so that we fail in our quest.

And this is where we leave our intrepid pirates.
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Friday the 13th of April
And so the party begins. Avimar challenges our ability to defend our fort. He criticizes the lack of fortifications. I explain that we will fortify following the party. We certainly have no intention of fortifying before the party where our defense is open to scrutiny and analysis.

He scoffs at me and offers a rowboat for us to destroy, haste, water gyeser, lightning bolt and Flayer's cool spells and fire elemental form destroy the rowboat handily. DUH!

Then there is nap time. After which Lady Bloodmourn requests a bit of dueling. She is marvelous!!! Somehow, Sharky manages to get 3 touches without being disarmed. He is our hero!!! Jeinko also gives it a try and while he performs admirably, the Lady wins.

Then a dancing Blue Footed Booby appears and gives Sharky his prize. It is a cane sword. The wielder can use the weapon finesse feet with the sword cane even though it isn't a light weapon. Wielder gets +5 on perception and once per day can see through the skulls eyes. Such an awesome spy device!!!

Her dress is awesome. It is very fancy and then rips off to leave her in her dueling clothes. I must meet her tailor!

And then the rats show up. Are these were-rats of the Captain whose rum and ship we procured or are these druid rats that we shouldn't kill?

Adele, Jeinko and Roque notice that there is a rat problem. I remain oblivious sharing fashion thoughts and rum with Lady Bloodmourn. She notices that something is up long before I do. She is indeed a lady. Somehow our ice sculpture is a casualty of the battle. They defeat the rats before our guests are alerted. Go Team!!!

Mase asks us a ton of questions about currents and seafaring. We do ok, so he gives us a conch shell that is large, intricately carved and worth at least 300 gp. It is a horn of tritons that will calm water within a 1 mile radius, dismiss a water elemental or summon sharks or dismiss a water creature. Like a Platypus. any tritons in the area will hear the sounding and may or may not come. Do not blow it more than once a day.

Finally, we move on into the main meal which makes all of us but Hector sick. Our guests, except for Avimar are okay. Hector is our only hope. Sharky has a potion of neutralize poison. He doesn't notice that Avimar is sick though he tries. Adele purifies food and drink until the cows come home and our guests start to feel better. I am green, I barf, but I make the most of it. Yuck poo.

Avimar is cured and so then drinks heavily. I puke some more. Triceritops is much yummier on the way down than the way up. Avimar gets lude and wants recompense from the tart Odessa, our ice sculpture lady. We intervene. I cast greater invisibility on Odessa and suggest that she slips out. Adele talks him down and then he barfs and then we all barf. We feel too bad to do mud wrestling in the barf. What a good use for prestidigitation! Or perhaps, Fire shield to burn off the barf.

Avimar recovers and heads off towards his room. I remain poisoned. I think I might die. The party breaks up. I give gold pieces to anyone who will help clean up and help clean me up. Recall I do have an 18 charisma.

Then one of the kitchen proteges admits to maybe being responsible for some of what happened. Not the sickness, but the voracious hunger for Odessa. While he was throwing out scraps. a beautiful women approached him and gave him a ruffied drink for Lord Sorinash. I suggest that he clean up the barf in penance. Flayer comes to hisrescue, but really someone has to clean up the barf.

Adele and Flayer start to ask questions about the woman who shared the bad drink. I continue to retch. The woman has dark hair. She is beautiful and unclothed. Go figure. So was the woman trying to ruin our party, is she a nature creature who is against were-sharks, does she have a personal vendetta vs. Avimar?

The young man seems charmed. Naked, pointy ear nymph. I'd be charmed too. Flayer tries really hard to remove the charm, but this guy is charmed for good. It takes a break enchantment.

Adele determines that we have been poisoned by a two part poison that merges in our systems. My prediction is half is in the rum and half is in the triceratops. Our next session will tell all. In fact, Lindsay says, "a new thing will happen from here."

He is tired and spills the beans that the woman, who Feredir might recognize, would have have been our friend, but we never actually met her.
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RE: March 30
Typhon Mary

Sharky opts to stay on the island and hunt Triceratops as an excellent rare delicacy for us to serve. Rocque and Adele help him. Grastognome is working on recipes.

Flayer and Hector teleport to Port Peril to buy flags and uniforms and hire guards. Also to purchase tents and the items Flayer needs to make his magic item.

Hannah and Jeinko go to Drenchport hoping to hire a band, tattoo artists, charicatures, traveling card/dice dealers, nice gaming tables and a great new outfit for Hannah. We seek an audience with the Master of the Gales or at least his secretary for assistance in making wise hiring decisions. Jeinko also knows/learns that there are Tengu in Drenchport.

We are given an audience with the Master of the Gales who makes sure that we know in addition to throwing a party, we will be subject to challenges around the stronger skill sets of whatever Lords are providing the challenge. If he were to be there, we might have to prove our skill at dealing with a storm on the high seas.

Jeinko brilliantly asks who is attending. (We may need to protect vs. Captain Harrigan and his animosity.) Tempest Cay is sending Lord Mase Darimar from this island will attend. From Shark Island: Avimar Sorrinash. From Motaku Island: Lady Cerise Bloodmourn. Possibility that From Devils Arches: Arronax Endymion and always enjoying a good party, from Bag Island: Jolis Raffles.

Mase Darimar is a Druid who has powers over the wave. His mentor is the Master of the Gales. His father was an aquatic elf who was pressed into service. His ship is the Wave Crest.

We successfully hire a band, tattoo artist (3), caricature artist, a few card/dice dealers and we buy 4 nice gaming tables. And a new waterproof outfit for Hannah - think Diana Riggs from the Avengers! See Box for 2 pictures of her new outfits.

Unfortunately, we just captured a ship with Arronax Endymion rum on it. Probably his ship and his captain got away to tell on us.
We need to hide the ship and the rum! Sigh.

Hector sends a sending to Knuckles Grip on the Thresher to come to the Isle of Empty Eyes and to bring loot. We appear to be somewhat ready for our part. Now we need to study for the tests.

And the first guest is Mase Darimar who parks very effectively. He has come early to tell us the party is on its way. He brings about 5 on land in his entourage. He is aloof, but polite. We give him a tour from the top of the fort and also introduce him to the tree ents.

Ship of Lord of (olo?) He is a were-shark from shark island. His vessel is the Blood Moon. Captain Avimar Sorrinash is a wild brutish fellow. Not civilized or subtle. He brings about 12 on land in his entourage.

We offer drink and song and games of chance and a tattoo. Mase is most interested in the aboleth and the fact that we met one. While Avimar just wants a tattoo of the skull throne.

The next to arrive is "Come What May." We see the noble bearing in Lady Cerise Bloodmourn. She brings 4 or so on land in her entourage. Her ladies maid is one of these. She is not haughty, but has a bit of a dandy's flair in her pirate-lady outfit. Her rapier is of the finest quality. Sharky regals the lady about weapons (his and hers) and his prowess with the blade. Mase is attentive.

Lady Cerise requests the party for tomorrow night. We are agreeable.

As the light begins to fade, The Thresher comes in and we get the triceratops cooking and the guards in uniform and the banners flying.

Anyone who sees Flayer is sure he doesn't want to be around everyone and he wants no one to pay attention to him, but the necklace makes us pay attention. I covet the necklace, but made my save. I think I may ask Hector to cast remove curse.

We all need to pick good rising to the challenge spells for tomorrow!

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