A goblin raid on the day of a great festival is only the beginning of this epic tale.

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Session 3
Ameiko had gone missing! The party was informed by her apprentice, then made their way to the Glassworks, where Ameiko was meant to meet her brother the previous night. They were greeted by a dozen goblins and the knowledge that her father had been killed. Upon further exploration of the building they discovered Ameiko and her brother, capturing her brother, Tsuto, and saving Ameiko. The party returned to the Rusty Dragon with free food and rooms for the rest of their lives. Finally, Foxglove got his opportunity to repay the party for their good deeds and took them out for a hunt in the Tickwood, bringing home a boar to cook and eat for dinner. The group ate dinner among friends, new and old, including Shalelu, who filled them in on the goblin threat. Finally, all went to sleep, hopefully to awaken to better days.
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Session 2
The heroes meet people in town after discovering that there may have been something more sinister in town during the raid. They go hunting and come back with a new cat pet, and a boar for dinner. They become guards and talk about goblins over dinner. Their dinner is interrupted by Kaijitsu family matters.
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Session 1
The trio of heroes helped fend off the goblin threat, rescuing a nobleman in the process.
Session: Session 1 - Thursday, Oct 30 2014 from 8:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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