This is the first era of the third Rudian empire and these are dark times. Etharia is a kingdom struggling under the weight of the empire of Rudia. The kingdom is ruled by ancient and noble houses, but in these times of war the people of Etharia must turn to the common folk to save them from the evils of the world.

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I am glad I did not sell my dagger to that fellow on the road! I was able to fetch quite the price at Riverend when I arrived! Now with gold in my pocket I plan to head where-ever the road takes me with a fancy new hat upon my head!(I simply couldn't resist it sitting in the shop window!)
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Adventures with my new friends
Dear Lumia,
My new adventures are great! I found new friends recently! A mage that dual wands enemies, a paladin semi obsessed with his sword, and a mercenary selling wood!! I even had a menage with the mage... Awkward, yes, but I did play my harp the entire time, so it's cool. Oh and the best thing ever happened Lumia! I healed a little girl's face! And played some super annoying music to some goblins. I even got to talk to their leader, though the mage blew him to bits, sad really I thought we were really starting to connect too. BUT since he lobbed some artillery at us I didn't feel like trying to heal him. Except for that, I've been playing music and sharing the love with ALL the ladies I come across.
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Epic × 2!
The hero within
Journal, today, I am changed. I witnessed an atrocity. A young girl, no more than thirteen, defaced by a goblins teeth. her eyes, gone, choking on her own blood. Geraldo managed to heal her, and for that I am thankful. I chased the disgusting creature from the house and slaughtered it. one by one I cut down the goblin horde, with the help of my companions. I felt something change inside of me, I don't just want my name to echo though eternity. I want to be a hero. im going to save these innocent people from the evil that haunts this world.
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Session 3: 12/3/14, "Fire in the Fog"
The players started at the town of Brance. They quickly sent out to the north to seek out the goblins that plagued the lands. They entered the town of Riverend in the lands of house Roth. Geraldo wasted no time in finding a willing party to spend his evening with while the rest of the party head into town to sell their Birch and mule. With the goblins destroying the land recently prices were good, and Oibalos sold it for a good price. Then they headed into the heart of Riverend. The high-end district. They found a shop called "Diana's Delicacies" where they planned to sell their gemstone necklace they acquired from the gargoyle.

The shop owner Diana appeared from the back with her now lover Geraldo not far behind. Oibalos starting negotiating quickly, and within a few moments a deal was struck. Diana gave Oibalos 7000g in exchange for the necklace and two days with Barnabus and Geraldo.

While the three mingled the rest of the party: Levi and Oibalos set about town finding shops to spend their newfound gold. The mercenary Oibalos found a shop named "Shields Never Yield" with armor and weapons from his homeland. He bought a armor used in his fighting style, Dova Dem Ri. He also found himself a Cold Iron lockbox, bought from Ifud owner of "Locks and Keys". Ifud told him of the grand history of the box, and Oibalos grimly promised to take care of it. Meanwhile Levi O'Brian found a shop named "Cornered in Flame". Run by Tibius. He purchased himself a new set of armor for a good price.

After the bard and the wand-slinger finished with Diana the party headed north in search of Goblins to kill! The party arrived at the marshes just to the south of the Darkwood. Where they happened upon the small farming village Cinia covered in fog. Suddenly goblins attacked from the fog! Geraldo and Levi scared a goblin who was eating the face off a 13 year old girl. Levi gave chase while Geraldo stayed behind to heal her. Outside Barnabus and Oibalos started to fight with a few goblins and their leader a goblin fire-chucker.

Levi dispatched two and went to join the other two in combat. The goblin firechucker started to eat the flesh of an elf's face he was wearing as a mask. Barnabus ran into the fog but Oibalos only fought harder. The goblin then threw bolts of fire at the party. Oibalos was hit hard in his arm, and fell to the ground. Barnabus was hit but not as bad. Geraldo came and healed Oibalos quickly then he and Levi made quick work of the goblin. Afterwards they heard goblins singing towards the east, in the Bog of Burzum. They rested the night in Cinia telling tales of their pasts.

In the morning they left for the bog. It was a maze of ruined stonework intermixed with newer goblin construction. When they entered, chief Jestike started to taunt them from the fog. Geraldo managed to convince him to show himself. When he did he appeared with a firebomb! But right before he threw it Barnabus shot a bolt of flame at it with deadly accuracy. The chief exploded and his goblins ran. The heroes destroyed much of the ruins and looted the gold and artifact the goblins had gathered in their pillaging.

They traveled with the girl, and gave her to her uncle who lived in Dewich. Then headed south once again. At night along the road Barnabus was on watch. The trees and flowers swayed in a hypnotic pattern, and he fell asleep...

The heroes awoke in a mysterious cave, wondering what would happen next?
Session: Game Session 3 - Wednesday, Dec 03 2014 from 1:15 AM to 4:45 AM
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Bones in the night
Tonight, the keen eyes of my most trusted ally, Barnabus, spotted the weirdest fucking thing! Bones! Bones that move and fight! they were attacking us in the night and it was thanks to Barnabus's great skill that I could see well enough to fight. The man set an entire tree ablaze with only a swish of his wrists! He blasted a few with balls of flame, while me and Shamsher Obliterated the rest! I made the ground quake and crack with the strength of a thousand men! The Skeleton pussies had no chance! Ahhhhh, they are only the first to fall to my might! With Barnabus at my back, there is nothing that can overcome us!
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