Lucrecio, truly one of the most impressive sites in all of Gaia. Its massive cityscape home to the greatest minds in the world. The pragmatic and unbiased approach that the Prince ruled with had led to a culture that accepted all people. The unknown was not something to be feared, but something to be sought after.

However, the brightest lights cast the darkest shadows, and some of the most brilliant minds have the bleakest pass-times...

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The Three of Wands
A slow breath. Gideon slowly reached out for the brass doorknob, turning to make sure his companions were ready. The two hooded forms behind him nodded, and with a jolt of motion he swung the door inward.

Complete darkness framed by two long walls awaited them on the other side. Instinctively Gideon began to crouch low as he walked forward, his hand finding reassurance in the leather grip of his blade.

The hallway was not long, with only two doors on either side before it began to bend. No time was wasted on those first doors though. They could all feel the presence they were looking for further down, past the bend.

As they rounded the corner a red light illuminated the scene. However, rather than warding off the darkness, the light seemed to meld with it, granting vision of the grisly sight before them, but also lengthening the shadows that danced along the walls.

"Shit." Gideon ignored Ned's voice, carefully dredging forward- the soles of his boots immediately becoming wet and sticky. Just as before, the floor had been washed in blood, and strange white chalk runes covered the ceiling and walls. None of that concerned Gideon however as he walked towards the greatest cause of horror.

A man in his small clothes, bound to a metal stake in the center of the room. Due to the short length of the stake, the man was currently kneeling, head sagging downward. Slowly Gideon closed the distance between him and the form, each step feeling like an eternity, white-knuckle grip on his sword.

With his left hand he reached out, gently grabbing the back of the man's head, and slowly pulled it upward. His arm froze. Tear streaks covered the mans face, however they were far more red than they ought to be, and nailed to his forehead was a card just like the last two.

"The Three of Wands..." Gideon let the head sag back down, and stood in silence.


Gideon whirled around. Sophie had pulled back the door that had been left wide open, revealing a message clearly written for them in the same sticky substance covering the floor.

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