Two years after the Battle of Yavin a rag-tag bunch of heroes sets out to render aid to those who would oppose the Galactic Empire

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I do apologize for not greeting you here in person on lovely Bretta IV, if you're reading this, you likely survived by surprise for you. Which, frankly is a damn shame. Do you realize how difficult it was to sneak that thing onto this planet? Not very.

Anyway, you've recovered my last pet project. That is frustrating, but I'm cutting my losses here. There are many more things for me to work on to end your pathetic rebellion. I will personally stop it in it's tracks, and if you stand in my way, I will destroy you as well. Your blasters are no match for me any longer. When we next meet, you will know the pain you so very much deserve. Maybe I can even take 1 or 2 of you alive and use you as test subjects.

All the Best,

Malau Jocaos, Destroyer of Rebellions.
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A Stunning Defeat

"Friends, you may be wondering about the increased presence here on Jagomir." Commander Qurno says as you enter the briefing room for a mission debrief. I'm afraid I have grave news. The main Rebel base was attack. Many lost their lives so others could escape. The loss was great, but our resolve has strengthened, many who were on the fence of joining our cause are seeing the light. The Empire must be stopped. We must rally to our cause. In approximately one, we will evacuate our base here on Jagomir and rendezvous with the main fleet.

"When you are ready friends, we'll begin your debriefing. I need to know what you've found."
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Aug 09 2015 from 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM
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AND, they won't even charge you for the old one! Yay!

The ship is a YV-929. I believe there is a modification I want to make before giving it to you, so I will post a stat block later.

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The Crash
The Thranta’s Shadow drops out of hyperspace and begins it’s journey to the surface of the moon.

As it begins moving, the view screen flashes translucent purple.

A droid beeps a string of binary in the background. “Yes, yes I know, no be quiet. Let me know when we have a lock.” says the voice.

A slow mournful beep emits, as the ship begins moving, carefully matching the speed of the Thranta, staying well back.

After the ships enter the atmosphere, the droid beeps an affirmative. “Excellent. This will teach them to interfere with me again. Link the torpedos… Fire.”

Two blue streaks fly forward from below the cockpit and contact the engines of the VCX-100 flying toward the surface and explode with a near blinding brilliance. The ship shudders then begins losing altitude fast.

“Scan for life forms.” the voice demands, as the droid beeps 5 affirmative tones. “No matter, they won’t survive the crash. Maintain the cloaking until we reach the base.”
Session: Game Session - Sunday, May 17 2015 from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM
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Offworld Transmission Log

AGENT: Codename Rialla
PLANETARY COORDINATES: 23.9441° N, 44.0852° W
FINDINGS: 4 RZ-a A-wing interceptors, 4 T-65 X-wing starfighters, 4 BTL Y-Wing starfighters, 12 Z-95-AF4 Headhunters (poor repair), 8 T-47 airspeeders (modified), Anti-infantry and anti-vehicle emplacements installed along canyon floor and walls.
RECOMMENDATION: command structure overconfident in the base's obscurity, no internal security breaches suspected. Pilot sill level is inexperienced to intermediate-few veterans. Infantry outlook spread across contiuum of complacency to paranoia. Attack ready to proceed according to plan.

End transmission.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Mar 01 2015 from 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM
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