This Follows the adventures of the crew of the Alabak's Gold, a Mon Calamari freighter capable of both deep space and deep ocean travel.

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Strike Force Shantipole 3 Months ABY
Just after the Battle of Yavin, the crew of Alabak’s Gold was called by General Syndulla and Mon Mothma for a very important mission. As one of the pioneers for the B-Wing Starfighter Program, General Syndulla sent Commander Ackbar to the Roche Asteroid field to expedite the production of the B-Wing. The Verpine as a species were great engineers, and it was hoped that they would help in innovation and production. The verpine agreed, and the Shantipole Research station was established in the Roche Asteroid field. Mon Mothma ordered the Alabak’s Gold to deliver a coded disk to Commander Ackbar, and escort he and the two prototype B-Wings to the Rebel Rendezvous point in the Pothor System.

Upon reaching the Roche System, they were attacked by three TIE fighters. The fighters were dispatched quickly with no survivors, even though the last TIE tried to escape. The Alabak’s Gold followed a homing beacon to the Command Asteroid. When they docked and disembarked they were not greeted kindly as, Salin Glek, the Chief Aid to Ackbar reprimanded them for jeopardizing security and demanded they hand over the coded message to him. The crew refused, despite the blasters leveled at them, and the tension was only broken by Lieutenant Pollack, who demand Glek stand down. With tension relieved, the lieutenant escorted the crew to the Command Center to meet Ackbar. There they received a much more friendly introduction. They turned the holodisk over to the Commander, and the following message was viewed:

"The Alliance fleet is assembling in the Pothor system. Proceed there immediately with your design team and your two prototype B-wings. Upon arrival you will assume the rank of Admiral. You first duty is to organize a mass production system for the new B-wing.”
Mon Mothma continues, "To the agents who delivered the disk: Thank you for your service; the Alliance owes you a great debt. I must now ask you to perform another service for us. You must safeguard Commander Ackbar, escorting him and his project to the rendezvous point; the location codes are embedded at the end of this holo-disk. Do not take this duty lightly: our agents suspect that there is an Imperial informer on the commander's staff.
"To Commander Ackbar: Allow these agents to bring you, your team, and the prototypes to the rendezvous point. Trust them as I do. I apologize for the heavy-handed precautions, but we could not risk interception of this message. The new starfighter is too crucial to the survival of the Alliance. Proceed to the rendezvous point with all speed, and may the Force be with you."
Hyperspace jump coordinates replace Mon Mothma's image, then the holo-disk shuts off.

Upon completion of this message, all personnel were summoned and responded. The only person that did not respond was Salin Glek. It was soon discovered that the Alabak’s Gold was missing out of the hanger and Salin Glek was nowhere to be found. Shortly after the Empire attacked. Evacuation of the Verpine and the Commander was necessary, but first Ackbar needed to retrieve and wipe the information about the B-Wing two seat prototype. The crew held off Stormtroopers long enough for Commander Ackbar to retrieve the data, and they launched out of the asteroid command base with a life boat, sadly leaving all hope of retrieving Alabak’s Gold behind.

The lifeboat was rescued by Jurfel the leader of the Verpine Hive. After introductions were made, the Verpine leader told how the Empire demanded the surrender of all the Verpine. Furthermore, the Empire was causing a blockade of the entire system to contain the Verpine non-combat fleet and destroy them if they do not comply. Commander Ackbar ordered the PC’s to go to the main research asteroid, and get the only armed ship, his freighter. It was a long shot, but this ship might be able to cover several vessels past the Imperial Nebulon-B Frigate so that they might be able to escape into open space before the full blockade fleet arrives. He also ordered they destroy the base and destroy any information about the B-Wings. The crew figured this mission would be their last.
They used weaponless Verpine Hoppers to make it to Shantipole, destroying a probe droid and evading a TIE Patrol along the way. They Found a hidden tunnel that lead into the Verpine tunnels. Unknown to them, a small exogorth inhabited the tunnels. When they encountered it, Roanark dispatched it quickly. They followed the Verpine tunnels to the main level and worked their way quietly into the medbay. There they were attacked by a full squad of Stormtroopers. Dorinae and Sigurd dispatched several with their Lightsabers, and Lork and Dio were both mortally wounded. Shaeeah used the medpacs of the medbay to work a seeming miracle to save Lork in an hour. Another hour she repaired Dio. The security of the base was increased.
Eventually moving through the base they met another squad which Roanark dispatched with a Thermal Detonator. They made it to the main generator, and set the explosives they were given. They set the timer for 35 minutes. The explosives would destroy the base, then whether or not they made it off. They came upon a hall with four guards and discovered it was a detention area. The Imperials were keeping 7 Verpine and Lieutenant Pollack there. The four guards went down easily, and the crew rescued the Verpine. They told Pollack of their mission and the Verpine helped by bringing them through secret tunnels to the Hangar #1 Sublevel, below where the attack freighter was docked. The last part of their mission was nearly coming to a close.
The reached the sub-hangar and found Salin Glek and 4 techs loading the last prototype B-Wing on the lift. Salin saw them and the techs opened fire. The techs were terrible shots, and Salin seemed to be more concerned about his hide than firing back. Lork and Borchacca killed two techs, as Dorinae and Roanark ran up to them. Dorinae had a lightsaber at his throat before he could alert anyone through the coms. Salin Glek was not forth coming with information even though Dorinae was enhancing her questioning with the Force. The techs talked though, and alerted the crew that Alabak’s Gold was docked at an air lock, and they gave full accounting of the hangar above.
They made a new escape plan: Roanark, Dorinae, Shaeeah, and Dio would take the prisoners and the rescued Verpine to Alabak’s gold. Lork and Sigurd would board the B-Wing and blast out. They did just that. Lork hit the switch for the life and jumped in the cockpit. When the lift brought them to the top hangar they started the engine. The imperials shot at them but to no avail. After 10 seconds the engine was ready and Sigurd shot and destroyed the 4 docked tie fighters, the imperial cargo shuttle with the other B-Wing, and the Lambda Class Shuttle that was in the hangar. After making short work of the imperials in the hangar Lork launched outside to fly to Alabak’s Gold.
The others did not have as easy a time. They encountered two squads, but they were extraordinarily lucky as Roanark’s good aim with Thermal Detonators dispatched them. They were able to board Alabak’s Gold with the 7 Verpine, Lieutenant Pollack, and Salin Glek. Lork in his B-Wing made sure the coast was clear and Alabak’s Gold launced.

They proceeded to the Nebulon-B. The frigate was destroying Verpine ships, but Lork and the Alabak’s Gold disabled the thrusters shortly after a wind of fighters was dispatched. Once the verpine fleet made it to open space they formally joined the Rebel Alliance and launched into Hyperspace. Commander Ackbar’s Verpine ship, Alabak’s Gold and the B-Wing all launched into Hyperspace to the threatening speech of Commander Bane Nothos disparaging their victory.
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Mission log
Trouble Brewing
Rebel Breakout: joined alliance, delivered Y-wings
Perlemian Haul:unsanctioned mission which greatly increased their reputation. Delivered Heavy Bulk Freighter and a cargo bay of Bacta.

The crew was awarded Alabak's Gold and 10,000 credits.

Tattooine Manhunt: Adar Tallon, republic naval tactical officer recovered from Tatooine. Acquired Mandalorian Armor.

Strike Force Shantipole:
Recovered Bwing prototype, saved Bwing research, captured rebel traitor, promoted to Admiral Ackbars honor guard:
Dorinae: Commander
Sifurd Jori, Lork Gward, Roanark: Major
Borchacca, Shaeeeah: Captain
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Rebel Breakout 0 BBY just before battle of Yavin
Dorinae and Laurk planned to join the Rebel Alliance. It was severla months after arriving on Sleheyron when Dorinae got the message to meet, an Agent Tyree on a small planet called Bothan's Planet. The others were not keen on joining the alliance, satisfied with making credits, in Hutt Space. This caused tension among the group, but not so much as to destroy the bonds they had already forged.

Sigurd Jori was not keen on travelling into Imperial space due to his history, but the other members did not object to at least escorting them to the planet.

Jori was at a crossroads. He shadowed this group on Fornos because he sensed the potential in both Laurk and Dorinae, and hoped maybe he could somehow redeem himself with the Force if he trained them with just the little bit he knew. This was a strong draw for Sigurd Jori. He followed where the Force lead him, and this time he felt the Force was pulling him with Lork and Dorinae.

They flew to Bothan's Planet on a different ship, leaving everything behind with R4-W9 in the ship on Sleheyron to avoid any imperial entanglements at checkpoints. Upon reaching the mine they found only an astromech droid and some backpacks. A holomessage alerted them that Tyree's cover was blown by the ISB, and he was leading the Imperials away from the mine.The droid had the coordinates to the Rebel Base, so it was vital he did not get captured by the Imperials. Deo connected with the Astromech and downloaded all of the information: Mine schematics, base location, shuttle location, and information on Tyree. They then destroyed the droid and took the supplies that Tyree left behind.

As they were loading their packs with supplies they heard Stormtroopers approach. The entire group, whether they wanted to join the alliance or not, was now wanted by the Empire. The crew followed Dio into the tunnels, and they could hear the voices of Stormtroopers close behind them.

A turn in the tunnel lead to a Mynock's nest and the creatures flew at them, attempting to reach Dio and the blasters. Dio blasted one with his installed heavy blaster, while Roanark and Borchacca killed another. The last mynock tried to flee but Sigurd Jori made short work of him with another blaster.

They finally reach the main tunnel, but as Borchacca enters the tunnel he is only narrowly missed by a blaster bolt from a medium cannon. The Stormtroopers set up a checkpoint with a medium repeating blaster. They were out of range of the small blasters Tyree left behind, and a charge would be suicide, so they retreated back into the tunnel to find another way.

Plenty of loose equiptment was found throughout these side tunnels and working very quickly, Shaeeah was able to cobble together some more powerful blasters with a better range, using two of the ones Tyree left as a base. As she was hastily cobbling them together one of the PA speakers crackled to life, with a heartless voice emanating from them:

"Attention, REBELS! This is Imperial Officer Mar Barezz. I hold Imperial Warrants charging you with treason. Give yourselves up now and the law of the Empire will go easy on you. Resist and we will hunt you down like womprats."

Roanark had Dio access the PA system so he could reply. He told Mar he was a bounty hunter looking for Tyree. Mar said if he turned himself in, he would investigate, and if all was found sound he would be set free. That was not an option, and Dorinaw even offered to sacrifice herself by turning just herself in so her friends could escape. None of the options were agreed on by the party, so Roanark accessed the PA system again, and said he cannot surrender to pathetic pinheads. That pretty much sealed their fate with the Imperials.

The Stormtroopers enter the secondary tunnels and slow their pursuit because of the possible ambush places. The crew doubles back on their position and follows Dio towards their shuttle. Mesa 291 is very old, so cave-ins were a risk they should have spotted. In a tunnel just beyond a caved-in elevator, plasteel and durasteel started to rain on their heads as the tunnel's ceiling began to fall. Everyone jinked and dodged well except for Borchacca who yelped out howls of annoyance. Behind them, the tunnel was blocked. It appeared they were safe from the pursuing Stormtroopers.

Or so they thought. Just as they reached the bend, they heard "REBELS! BLAST EM!" and a fire fight ensued. It was too difficult for Borchacca or Roanark to close the distance, so they shot the improvised blasters Shaeeah made. Roanark and Borchacca sustained mild injuries and the three Stormtroopers were shot down. During the firefight Barezz announced over the PA again, though this time the news was dire. He claimed to have found and destroyed the shuttle Agent Tyree left for them. Things were getting very bad!

After the firefight they swung further into the subtunnels because the medium blaster cannon was keeping them from the main tunnel. A blast from below was heard and the tunnels shook, but still they ran, until a giant blast door blocked their path. Deo opened the blast door with little problem, but as they did the influx of oxygen caused something in the ceiling to erupt in flame. The heat was intense, but it was cool enough to crawl below the flames. Sigurd Jori ran to the next tunnel, as an alternate route but a fresh cave in blocked that as well. Fantastic, they seemed to be in a death trap, all to join the Rebel Alliance.

With Stormtroopers rapidly moving down the corridor the only choice was to move through the flaming corridor. They get on their bellies and crawl, all of them hardy enough to handle the heat. The blast door at the other end was sealed as well, and it took all Shaeeah could to rig it to open. The party passed through to safety just as the Stormtroopers reached the flaming corridor. They did not pursue.

Again over the PA the ISB officer threatens the crew by claiming he will close all blast doors and watch the mine collapse upon them. Shaeeah taps into the PA and tells him to try!

They continue running out of the flaming hallway and turn a bend for about 100 meters when they come to a giant gaping hole about 20 meters wide. Deo makes it clear they have to descend. There are plenty of loose cables hanging, and each grabs one that does not appear to be live. Dorinae grabs onto Deo and Deo thrusts down the pit, descending to the next level. The first one to get down was Sigurd Jori and at that moment, even while the others were about to begin their climb, Barezz and Stormtroopers make it down the corridor and attack. Roanark, Lork, Shaeeah, and Borchacca hold them off. Borchacca and Roanark actually charge the unit killing two stormtroopers in the process with their vibro weapons. It was not easy for the stormtroopers to mob the two because Shaeeah and Lork were doing a good job of laying down cover fire, killing a stormtrooper in the process. Borchacca killed an oncoming trooper with his axe, and Roanark killed another with a surprise thrust. The Stormtroopers began to back off, causing only minor wounds too Roanark and Borchacca. Borchacca thrust forward knocking down a stormtrooper and grabbing Barezz. The Stormtroopers relaxed their attack, and when Borchacca got to the pit, in a rage he slammed the ISB officer down the pit. Lork, Shaeeah, Roanark, and Borchacca descended to meet their friends.

Huge blast doors faced them and Deo sliced the computer to open them. They opened into a giant cavern, and in the distance two AT-ATs couold be seen walking towards the cavern, still out of range, but with Stormtroopers making their climb down and AT-ATs approaching they had to move. Tiree was in this cavern but he was hunched over a computer with smoke rising from his flight suit; worst the shuttle they were going to escape with was wreckage. Things were very dire.

Tiree was not dead, but he would be soon. Shaeeah gave him some Stimpacs and he began to awaken. Things were not all lost, as Lork let out one of the loudest yells of joy he ever made. In the off the main cavern off to the side, were Y-Wing fighters under campflauge nets. Four of them. Enough to get them and Tiree out.

Lork immediately entered the cockpit, Dorinae soon after joining him. The others were entering the other Y wings when the troopers finally made it down. They took shots but missed everyone. Sigurd offered to take Tiree, he claimed he could probably keep him alive.

With Roanark and Borchacca, Lork and Dorinae, Sigurd and Tiree, and Shaeeah and Deo, the Y wings took off after the AT-ATs. They made shots, but only strafed the walkers. The Y-wings went into space and Deo programmed them through slaving to jump to the rendezvous.
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Trouble Brewing 1BBY
The crew of Alabak's Gold did not start out together. Sigurd Jori made his home on Formos Station for quite sometime. Shaeeah, Dorinae, and Laurk ended up on Formos after fleeing Bespin. Roanark Garth and Borchacca flew there after they both received bacta treatments for their battle at the cortosis mines.

Roanark was never here before, and he figured this would be a good place to lay low for awhile. Borchacca and he were walking towards the Rii Jenks cantina when they notice out of a warehouse some smugglers emerge from a secret holographic door. The smugglers were handed credits and were about to take off in speeders. Seemed just more business on Formos.

The crew actually came together within the tap room at Rii Jenks Cantina. For some reason they hit it off. Roanark, Lork, and Dorinae, noticed the presence of a mysterious older man, that seemed to be shadowing them. They were on the alert, and all made sure to make serious note of him.

They went their separate ways but met up again the next night in the same cantina. They became increasingly concerned because that old watcher was there again seemingly keeping a watch on them.

The climate of the cantina was tough, which was made obvious when a young Rodian entered the bar. She was the ideal of Rodian beauty, and two humans and a weequay interrupted her path to the bar. The entire cantina,including the musician silenced themselves as all eyes fixed on the discomfort of the poor woman and the bravado of the smugglers. Duchess Dorinae was having none of this and began to talk them down. She used an inherent part of her power from deep down to intensify her influence and stop the ruffians from harassing her. She could feel the power coursing through her and the 3 thugs ceased their banter leaving the Rodian alone.

After sometime, they decided to leave the cantina. Upon exit they heard a harsh rattling and buzzing, with a modulated voice it seemed calling out "Hello! Bzzzt! Help! Bzzzt! I need Help!." The crew cautiously entered the alley. The voice and bussing was coming from behind a trash compactor.

The victim was a Verpine model Protocol Droid. Deo tried to repair it while it was in a panick relaying information to find and help its friend R4-W9. Ultimately the repair failed. The droid mentioned his friend was dragged off by smugglers and fitted with a restraining bolt. He suspected the gang was from a smuggling boss, an Aqualish named Bandin Dobah, and it was likely the astromech was taken for its extensive knowledge on the Kessel Run. The crew asked around the area, but people just claimed that fighting always happens.

Roanark out of the corner of his eye, caught what he thought was someone watching them go about their interrogation. Indeed it was! A toydarian madeeye contact and began to flee. Though he had a head start, Shaeeah headed him off, and Borchacca grabbed him. Dorinae began to ask him questions, again calling upon her inner resolve, she tried to confuse the Toydarian in order to get information out of him. For some reason she could not get the Toydarian to talk. Borchacca took care of the rest. At the threat of ripping his wings off, the wookiee found out the Toydarian was working for a Daro Blunt and hired him to watch the cantina for anyone suspicious. The toydarian lead them to Duro's hideout.

The crew let the Toydarian go once they reached the hideout. They busted in, and announced they were looking for a droid. Daro, called them idiots and claimed they had no idea who they were dealing with. Roanark risked it all and attacked. The gang was no match for the crew, but at one point Laurk got cornered. It was that moment, the old drunk that the crew suspected was shadowing them (but could never find) appeared seemingly out of nowhere...WIELDING A BLUE LIGHTSABER! He took down the thug on Laurk just as Roanark brought down Daro with a severed arm from his vibro sword. They left Daro out in the town as an example.

The 'old drunk' introduced himself as Sigurd Jori, and he was following them because he sensed strong force use in some of the crew members. Everyone was skeptical, but the lightsaber he wielded tended to give him some credibility. Warily, the crew let him tag along.

They searched the safehouse and found R4-W9. They found the files on the Kessel run, and R4 told them he knew where Dobah's hideout was. They brought R4 back with them to decide their next move.

After further investigations with the Devonian Snoo and finding out there is a bounty for Bandin Dobah, the crew decides to fly to Dobah;s hideout.

They all board Shaeeah's ship and take off. R4-W9 provided the coordinates for Bandin Dobah's base, and they dropped out of hyperspace after a short trip. Orbiting the asteroid, was a sentry droid. The code "PASS" from Daro's computer was broadcast and the sentry droid let them through. They entered the asteroid through holes burrowed by long gone exogorths and flew through it until they reached the first ship. Shaeeah and Laurk were arguing the entire time, because though the Twi lek had some natural ability it was clear that Laurk was the skilled pilot. After several bumps and getting covered in exogorth mucous, Shaeeah finally conceded to let Laurk do the piloting after she botched the docking maneuver with the first ship, much to the relief of the other crew members. They searched the ship and found only some helium grenades, glow sticks, and some security binders. They retrieved the material and returned to the ship, this time with Laurk on the stick.

They continued on through the network of tubes. A particularly large cavern was infested with Mynocks which happily latched to the outside of the ship; they will have to be resolved later.

Bandin Dobah's ship was unprepared for them thanks to the pass code and Laurk was able to dock with the ship. The crew disembarked ready for battle.

Three of Dobah's men came to greet them, as if to help with cargo, and when Dobah's men saw them the crew immediately attacked. The battle did not last long though Laurk did get injured. They captured Dobah, and everyone else was killed during the battle.

The ZTIE at the asteroid's entrance was ready for them when they exited. It shot at them, but Dorinae immediately radioed in to let the pilot know they had his boss in their cargo hold. The pilot stood down and offered 500 credits for the crew to take him along. They agreed and brought him back to Formos station.

Rather than send Dobah to the Imperials, they chose to collect the bounty on him from Thakkba the Hutt on Sleheyron. Though the bounty was considerably less than the Imperials were offering, Thakkba offered to buy the confiscated glitterstim spice from them for a hefty amount. Thakkba was thrilled with them, and asked them to stay on Sleheyron for awhile.

The crew agreed to stick together. They realized as a team, they might be nearly unbeatable.

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Background Adventures: Sigurd Jori, Failed Jedi
Sigurd Jori was a promising young Padawan. There was one problem he suffered from through his training. He liked drink too much. The dark side kept calling, and calling, and Sigurd would fight it, not giving into the fear and the anger. His master and one of his fellow students TurloK Maclyon noticed his decline and tried to aid him.

The call of the Dark Side of the Force was too much for Sigurd and in 33 BBY he left the order. Too his credit, Sigurd Jori never turned dark. Turlok who had advanced to the rank of Jedi Knight that year, begged for him to stay and work through his problems, but poor Sigurd Jori worried the drink and the Dark Side of the
Force would take him.

Upon leaving the order he became a fringer trading in illicit goods in Hutt space. He rarely ever used the force, though he still remained connected to it, even keeping his own lightsaber as a keepsake. When he did use the force it was usually to enhance a deal, and this would increase the call to the Dark Side, driving him further into his vices.

Many Many years later, he found himself in the Formos spaceport. He became a person of low fame, often hiring himself out as a guide, or as an Astrogator for starships short on crew.

Sometime during the year of 1 BBY he hired on as a guide for a Bounty Hunter in red and a Wookiee friend. When they met up with a Twi Lek girl and a human Male and Female Sigurd felt a connection he had not felt in years. He could sense the strength of the Force in the young man and the spirited woman. When the groups merged he decided to do more than act as a guide, and actively drew his old lightsaber in a fight to help the group, inspired by the two young people.

After collecting the bounty on Bandin Dobah's head, Sigurd revealed that he was once trained by the Jedi, and wanted to help Lork and Dorinae hone their talents. His lightsaber lent him credibility, and he dug down deep in his feelings to summon up old lessons from Yoda, and his old master.

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