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To Kelliath Thornbud, Darnith Woods, Vallen of the Fallen

The last time we spoke you told me that you knew I was prepared to stand in my own two feet. Acknowledging how proud you were with me was one of the happiest time in my life. You gave me you approval and I believed I was ready. I long longed for the chance to travel past the edge for our woods, the opportunity to meet those the strange creatures on travelers tales, use your training to serve Feldon and protect the balance of life. And I was ready. Since then I witness incredible things and endeavors amazing feats. I clubbed a shark for dinner, I fought spiders and horseflies as big as me and met cave scorpions, deadly creatures. I stood against magical creatures like displacement beast or flail snails or long forgotten dinosaurs. I was blessed by the visit of a fey and we are fighting a concerning battle against filthy orcs, that threat this settlement that needs to thrive if we want to stay away from the dangers of the metropolis hordes of the abyss. And I was ready. You prepared me well.
But I lacked preparation in my heart. I miss you so much. I not alone here, do not strum your heart. I'm in a good community filled with fair and wholesome folk. I found good companions that are supportive and that, over time, saved me several times and deserve, as you taught me, my friendship. I even made a nature companion that have grow in strength and we both drunk the water of the blessing. But still I miss our conversations into the night. The way you explain the stars, the trees, and the flight of the owls. I miss our stinky stews. God know none of us were made to cook but still we laugh and prepared our stomach for the terrible food we dare each other to eat.
I miss you terrible. Wish you were by my side.
Your beloved daughter, Milly
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