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Think of the Children

The novices, on the cusp of adulthood, gather in the Fountain Square of the Township of Ormkirk in the Dawn Vale, and prepare to set out on a quest to obtain magical waters from the Shrine of Umborvh Oakheart, a former High Druid.

The town gates were torn asunder by Arcane forces (Sildin) and a small child waited, just beyond the range of the benevolent magic of Ormkirk's Grove. Ivan, a mountain dwarf of the Watch, pushed beyond his distress and brought the child down, only to be repulsed by unseen forces.

As Sildin and Baegryn reached out with their mystical insight, their psyches were overwhelmed, knocking Baegryn unconscious and causing Sildin to stumble back. Ivan discovered the cause of this was the tumbling hand of Watch Captain Yoesebh, his blade now a thorn of hope sporting from the skull of the creature.
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