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Two paths - a report in Republic City
There is an increase in the anti-bender activity. My sources say there was an underground fighting club led by a woman who knew chi blocking. She was referred to as "The Big Boss". This is something that intrigues me because I don't understand the sentiments of the movement. There are bad benders and good benders just like normal people. The recent Avatars, from what I have heard were not bad at all. This bears some investigating.
Also I have a lead on what might be The Book of the Black Lotus. It is the inspiration and instruction manual for the cultists we encountered at the college. I have a location of the Wan Shi Tang library in the great Desert. It will be a long trip and my companions might help make it easier to get there. So, I think that is the best use of my time.
I would suggest looking into the anti-bender activity further.
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