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The Spirit World: Rescuing the Elders Part 2
We managed to rescue the elders and any Kyoshi Island villagers that were taken to the Spirit World. It was weird. Of course it was. We are in the Spirit World. We crossed a bridge and some sort of tentacles reached up and over, almost dragging Kohna over into the water. We managed to avoid anyone getting dragged over, and Mitsuko realized she could simply request clear passage.

Once over the bridge we ended up being separated into different rooms of a house. I ended up in a laundry. Having flashbacks to the orphanage I tried to hide from the people in the room. I snuck around and managed to, with the help of Yoshike. We managed to get out of the laundry and into the kitchen just in time to see the others standing over a defeated Monkey King and holding another.

Dressing Mitsuko up as a queen, we marched into the dining hall and impressed all ?? of the Monkey Kings into submission. We got them to release the Earth Nation citizens and start behaving themselves like true kings, not despots. We took the villagers back to the tea house and sent them through the portal.

Further down the road, we wandered into a swamp. The creatures there were strange, missing their faces. We were unfortunately expecting that. Koh the Face-Stealer. While we were discussing how to handle him, he showed up. We convinced him to retreat by simply annoying him. Loud noises, circular logic, and stoic expressions, that's what it took. As he was slipping away, I managed to steal a face from him. I wonder who's face it is.
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Oct 25 2016 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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