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It all comes together
This will be a long report. There is a lot to tell you and a lot that makes sense now.Some of this I didn't report earlier. Partly out of loyalty and respect for my friends. Partly due to not really understanding the context. Here goes.

It all started when I met an Avatar. Yes, AN Avatar. Zenna had been pronounced as the Avatar. But she showed the ability to bend two elements. It was strange. I didn't know what to make of it. But after traveling with her for a while, I have come to understand that when Korra battled Vaatu at Republic city all those long years ago, Raava, the spirit of the Avatar was fragmented. Now there is two, possibly more Avatars out there.

But the same is true for Vaatu. There are currently pieces of him scattered about. Unfortunately people have found them. We have run into two people who had some of Vaatu's power. Luckily we managed to defeat them. We also may have a way to rid the world of these pieces, but it's risky. They need to be contained in vessels tied to the Power and then brought to Vaatu's prison in the spirit world.

Which brings us to the Cult of the Black Lotus. The found one or more copies of the fabled, vile Book of the Black Lotus. They are using it, along with the avatars of Vaatu (or so I believe) to bring about 10,00 years of darkness and chaos. They are behind the scenes and directing events. They are even directly opposing efforts that we believe will stop Vaatu.

Which in turn brings us to Project Yuae. I know I was told to not pursue it, but, well, it found me. Project Yuae is an attempt by the Earth Nation, and possibly other to reach the Moon. The have what is called a Rocket Ship which they are building and supplying for the journey. We believe it important so that the true Avatar of Light can be there to stop a great catastrophe. This is important.

And now we come to where it all comes together. Vaatu, in order to regain his power, must upset the balance of the worlds. The elements are relatively in balance at this time, but the avatars of Vaatu and the Cult of the Black Lotus work to destroy that. In order to reach their final goal, they must corrupt an Avatar of Raava and use that power to bring about this disruption.

You see, Sozen's Comet will be returning in Three Month's time. The problem with this is that it will be returning with a bang: right into the Moon. The Avatar of Light will need to reach the Avatar state to redirect the comet and prevent this catastrophe. The thing is, based on what we've seen and heard of Zenna, we don't trust him to be the Avatar of light. We are concerned that he is too aggressive and selfish. That he simply craves the power of the Avatar for fame and glory. We are concerned that he is already being corrupted by Vaatu's agents, possibly an actual avatar of Vaatu. Please try to confirm this. Keep an eye out for any agents of Varrick Corp. They seem to be tied into this somehow.

I will continue to keep an eye on the Avatar I am traveling with. If I see any indication that she is being corrupted by Vaatu, I will seek immediate assistance.
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Southern Air Temple: Kyoshi Island Part 4 - Overthrowing Riko
Well, it's done. After provoking her and showing the people how much of a tyrant she was, we managed to get some of their support behind Ecta, the challenger to the leadership of the Kyoshi Warriors. She seems like a much better choice and appears to have a good sense about her. Once we find and return the elders, the village should be able to return to normal. We plan on departing soon. I am a little uncertain about a trip to the Spirit world. If you don't hear from me soon, you'll know I am most likely lost there.

One last very important thing. It seems as if Varrick Corp is somehow involved with a new power group. Kyokka had some sort of power over shadows. It wasn't just tricks of light or sleight of hand. As I said earlier, he had used his shadow to control Riko. And when she and Ecta fought, Riko called on the shadows herself. Kyokka seemed to be feeding her power. They need to be stopped. They are looking for things. Specific things that might hold more power for them. They were going to head to the Northern Air Temple next. Air Temple Island in Republic City is being warned of this. But, they may need help. I don't know of any specific weakness or weapon to use against them, but if I come across information, I'll pass it along as soon as possible.
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Southern Air Temple - Kyoshi Island pt 3 - Uncle Ren to the Rescue
Well, maybe not directly, but Uncle Ren provided me with enough help even without being there. He helped me foster a sense of sympathy with the townsfolk and when push came to shove, he was the inspiration for my visit to the island. And ultimately my excuse for breaking in. I managed to convince them that I had nothing to do with the disappearance of the sword and that I broke in to find a souvenir. That Kyokka is dangerous. After I had escaped, I saw him do something to Riko. She gave in to his suggestion to kill Zorren. His shadow .... I need to avoid that...
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Southern Air Temple: Kyoshi Island
Ren has disappeared. No really disappeared. Not just wandered off. Not kidnapped. Disappeared. Most likely Riko, the new leader of both the Kyoshi Warriors and Kyoshi Island is behind it. Or at the very least, the Varrick Corp representative that was in the area, Kyokka. I don't know what he's up to, but I'm trying to find out. He was digging for something. He maneuvered Riko into power and likely used her to get permission to dig around. We think he may have gotten her the fans that Kyoshi used. They seem to give her extra Bending abilities, far and above her normal talents. They are tied to Kyoshi more strongly now. From what I understand of my friends have learned, Kyoshi's Avatar Spirit may actually be broken from the cycle and tied so strongly to the fans that any earth bender can use then to tap into her power. Possibly any bender, but the fans themselves are tied to earthbending, so that may not be the case. I'll update when I know more, but keep an eye out for any more Avatar linked items and keep them safe.
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Southern Air Temple - pt 1
I am not sure when anyone will get this, so I don't know how much of it will be relevant. We sailed to the Southern Air Temple for a visit before going off to the Desert. When we go there we found that a fleet of ships was laying devastated in the waters around the island. The designs didn't appear immediately familiar to anyone other than they were fast ships and not heavy warships. We landed without major incident and made our way up the temple path. We found clothing and weapons indicating that Earth Nation benders and warriors had been assaulting the island. Curiously we found no bodies.

When we got to the top, we found a survivor, unconscious. We made him comfortable and keep an eye on him while we explored further. We explored the first tower and found some papers indicating that Varrick Corp had a representative here looking to buy the Mineral Rights of the Island. He was gone though, no sign of him. We also found a meditation and observation room. It is dedicated to the Avatar.

We went down stairs and the survivor woke up. We ask him to explain what happened. Apparently the Kyoshi Warriors, including Earthbenders came to the Island and attacked, looking for something. One of them is a very powerful bender, she ripped one of the Temple Towers in half. No one knows why they attacked or what they were looking for. We still don't know where anyone else is.

One of my group suggested that someone is setting up the Kyoshi warriors for the attack. Leaving behind a lone survivor would tend to support that idea. Someone had to live to tell the tale. I think the rest of the Temple inhabitants may be conscripted into mining. If a faction of the Earth Nation is involved, the ones involved with Project Yuae, then they are going to need people to mine the iron for whatever ti is they are doing. I think the Varrick Corp representative was looking for the same thing the attackers were and he got here first. Maybe I'll get the chance to ask him. Hopefully not as a conscripted miner.....
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Aug 23 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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