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Coo-coo, catchoo! I am me and you are you! But none of us is the Walrus. Yet!
What is it that make an individual an individual?

Seems like a pretty obvious question. With an equally obvious answer. But in a world where there is magic and technologfy that seems to break the rules of the world, it isn't one that can be easily answered. Take my friend Amir...

Apparently he has been chosen, or touched, by Gozreh, the god/goddess of the sea, the sky, weather, and nature. He is a pretty standoffish type of god (not that I have ever met him), content to let his worshippers do what they think they should in his name. And Amir is a rogue, a fighter, not a spell caster or priest of any type. So why did Gozreh pick Amir? Good question. One I think Amir is struggling to answer himself.

It started with the exploration of these cavern that were overgrown with disease, fungus, slimes, and other particularly nasty stuff. Early in the exploration we encountered Mi-Go. Now, mi-go are plant-like creatures from beyond the Dark Tapestry, servitors of the Great Old Ones and things that have no care at all except for their own arcane, occult, and unknowable goals. As Calbron Nine-Finger Kewladottir (a Ulfen explorer) once put it:

"pinkish, fungoid, crustacean-like creatures with a 'convoluted ellipsoid' composed of pyramided, layered, fleshy rings and covered in antennae where a head should normally be. They are about the size of a normal human, or dwarf, about 5 feet long, and their crustacean-like bodies bear numerous sets of paired appendages unlike anything a normal Golarian would have. They also possess a pair of membranous bat-like wings which are used to fly through the 'ether' of outer space but do not function well in the terrestrial sphere.

"The mi-go are fundamentally alien with respect to our way life; more like fungi in terms of their biology, although their outward appearance is much like that of a crustacean. Reports that I have been unable to verify insist that they are capable of going into a solid hibernation until softened and reheated by some source of heat."

Totally alien. And hostile to our intrusion into the fungus caves. In fact, early on I was attacked and grapples and with their multiple legs/arms/appendages, they were able to operate on me surgically. This was so horrific, and their odd intrusion into me caused my brain to just shut down, keeping me from accessing the higher portions of my thoughts and magical ability until I was magically cured. Kerid was also attacked and "operated" on but they actually started to remove pieces of his liver and other organs causing his health to precipitously drop.

due to Gozreh's touch, Amir is now an adamantine clawed beastial humanoid of small size. He used to be a human with two adamantine short swords!

So my question is, is he still Amir?

In my opinion, Yes. He is. Just as I am the image of this long ago captain of the Divinity, Prajit Waseem, I am still the arcanist Prajit Waseem. I just am more...

Well, I have gone on to long about things that I am still ordering in my thoughts. Tomorrow we continue exploring the valley. The Dominion of the Black is out there, and I though that horrific as the mi-go are/were, the Dominion is going to be worse.
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Journey of Amir Ren - Touched by Gozreh
The last few days have been extremely eventful for me. A Chaos beast managed to blind me, but Gozreh came to me in a vision during prayer and offered me a deal in order to return my sight. The deal, my sight would be returned in exchange for doing 2 favors.
1. I should slay an unusual Bug creature, which turns out are called Mi-Gos and allow the natural order to return to the region it was corrupting.
2. I should investigate a colossal rotting carcass that is polluting the valley to the west and do whatever it takes to cleanse the area.

Well luck would have it that the Mi-Go is in the same caves that we were already exploring and clearing out. Unfortunately I fell victim to its confusion spell and made a babbling fool out of myself until...
until I had another strange vision during my confusion, well when my senses returned, I had apparently wrecked carnage upon the Mi-go and bit its head off! Gozreh had intervened again and given me the means to achieve victory against our target. As a side effect, the hat that I love as well as my swords are all gone, they have become internalized... My swords are now retractable claws of Adamantine, and my hat's effect I can control now without wearing the hat at all... with some new limitations on the races I can shift into.

I think I'll start offering a little prayer to Gozreh each morning to pay respects for these blessings.

Out of Character change summary.
Amir has gained the shape-shifter subtype
His Greater hat of disguise as well as his 2x +1 Adamantine shortswords are gone.
He can still use Alter-Self at will as a standard action, but can only change into more beastial humanoid forms, plus gnomes for some reason. The effect no longer expires and he can no longer return to human form. He no longer has the option of gaining +2 strength by becoming a medium sized creature or +2 dexterity by becoming a small sized creature, instead regardless of the creature he becomes, he always gains +2 dexterity.

His claws are treated as being +1 adamantine short swords for dmg purposes but are now Piercing/Slashing. The claws do not prevent holding/fighting using other weapons, but the claws can only be used while the hand is free. The claws are retractable/hidable and deploying them is a move action, retracting them a swift action.

Lastly, Amir now has a symbol of Gozreh on his person that he can manifest at will, doing so will make a glowing leaf with water droplet appear at a location of his choosing on his person and it will glow with the light of a torch.
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Who am I?
Who am I?

Such a question is one of the very first questions people ask themselves. And usually, by the time they have reached the age where they leave the nest, they have answered it. I had. I am a Vudrani male, in my mid 20s. I believe in freedom, the arcane arts, allowing others to live the way they want, as long as they don't keep others from living the way they want, and to treat others the way I want to be treated. I still am those things.

Then a robot trapoped in the past recognized me and called me by name. And affixed the honorific "Captain."

And my world suddenly was off-kilter.

Captain Prajit Waseem was the commander of the starship Divinity. And he looked like me.

So who am I? Honestly, was I said above still applies. But who was I? and who am I now? are questions that need to be answered. Is it just an astronomical coincedence (no pun intended)? Or are my memories of my family and the travels we shared in Avistan figments that the Technic League planted in me?

I guess it doesn't matter unless I try to find my family (which I had pretty much given up on since they are probably back in Vudra by now). But I have to find a way to reconicile what I know, what I think I know, and what I discover.

And that is the journey that I have in front of me.

Who am I? I guess I will have to find out.
Session: Iron Gods Game - Friday, Mar 23 2018 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM
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Journey of Amir Ren - Brainstorming how to rescue all the robots
We learned something amazingly interesting and scary today, that Unity was supposed to be a weather monitoring program capable of monitoring and reporting back on weather conditions across multiple planets. That it was transmitted somehow into virtually every computer/robot in range in order to gather data on local weather conditions and report that data back. I wonder how the robots/computers reported data back... Do they have built in transmitters that we are unaware of that allow them to communicate with each other?

When did Unity go rogue exactly? How did it go rogue?

I'm suspecting that a way to stop unity once and for all may rely on one of us learning how to write a computer program of our own and finding a way to transmit it to the infected to overwrite the virus programming with our own programming. Perhaps our new friend, the reclamation robot would be able to write such a program for us now that we've rescued him from the virus. Based on all the writing on the floor/walls, it appears that he knows this mysterious language of programming.

Even if we obtain a working program to combat Unity's infection, we'll need a means to transmit this program... I wonder where we'll find a transmitter powerful enough to spread the anti-virus program. I wonder if the transmitter array in Scrapwall that was knocked down can be recovered. If not, we'll have to find another way to transmit the signal, perhaps we can at least find/create a portable transmitter to rescue infected robots within the near vicinity as we travel.

Perhaps if robots have built in transmitters of their own, our anti-virus program could be transmitted by other already freed robots. If any robot comes equipped with powerful transmitters, I bet the disabled Annihilator Robot we found would!

Oh man, how wonderful would it be if we could rescue all these robots rather than having to fight/destroy such amazing things!

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Discoveries Abound!
Numeria is a country that isolationist, xenophobic, and hostile to any that aren't from here. Even the merchants don't want to deal with you if you aren't from Numeria and you don't have ready cash. In such an environment, much of what you can get accomplished doesn't depend on what you can do but rather, on who you know.

So when we started to explore the Valley of the Spiders, a valley that is isolated and cut off from everything around it, you know that I am saying something about its isolated nature. And it turns out that the valley has good reason to be isolated. Not only is it patrolled by giant robots much like Hellion, but it also inhabited by strange alien plants, a cult of crazed anti-technology zealots, and outsiders who thrive of giving pain. It is not what I would call a vacation spot.

And we have a new member in the group. He calls himself Tnahcrem. He is a member of the striz race. The strix resemble humans in size and build, but are distinguished by their jet black skin, their 12-foot, raven-like wingspan, and their strange facial features. Strix have pointed ears, slitted nostrils, and eyes without pupils which, due to their large size, appear to glow in the half-light of the evening. Their eyes are fixed within their head, so to look around they have to move their entire head making them look either slow and somber or jerky and skittish depending on how fast they move. Strix stand just over six feet tall, but considering their size, are quite light, weighing around 170 pounds. The thing is, I thought they never left their homelands in the far west of Cheliax, but I guess every rule does have its exception. Anyhow, he is a gunslinger and deals an impressive amount of damage with the black powder weapons he uses. I suspect he is seeking more powerful and versatile weapons here in Numeria, but as long as he is willing to help us and keep our confidences, I don't have a problem with that.

We also met Paeytr, a druid that apparently lost his mind in some mishap. He was clearly crazy, talking about the "Great Tangerine" in the sky. Hadris was able to mix up some concoction that healed his mind and restored him, but he seems a bit more lost now than he did before he realized what happened to him. Still he has been a great help and a font of information.

But Paeytr wasn't the most interesting person we have met. We also have met Isuma, a kasathan! And a kasatham that was apparently alive and conscious when the Divinity crashed! The Divinity? Well, that's the name of the starship that crashed during the Rain of Stars thousands of years ago! And that is just one of the many secrets Isuma holds. I am sure she is getting tired of me asking questions, looking for clarifications, and just generally writing down almost everything she says. Luckily she seems just as fascinated by arcane tricks as I am by the knowledge she holds. So we can trade. Though I must say, the information I am getting would make a book that either the technic league would kill and assassinate to keep from coming out, or a book that no one unless on opium would believe. Still I am taking notes.

Isuma also told us of the Dominion of the Black: an organization dedicated to obscure goals but apparently technologically advanced to incorporate biological mechanisms in their hybrid techo-arcane devices. Isuma doesn't think much of them and warns us that they are an antithesis to life as we know it. Still the secrets they much hold. However, if they are half as dangerous as Isuma makes them out to be the Dominion of the Black should be approached with great caution.

Tomorrow Isuma joins us as we continue to explore the Valley of the Spiders looking for Casandralee. A great many discoveries await us as well as great danger.

What else is new, right?
Session: Iron Gods Game - Friday, Feb 09 2018 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM
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