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Welcome Home
"Hey, everyone, I'm back!" Tombak called out as he opened the door.

"Whajjabringme?" Invar demanded before anyone else could respond.

"I was in Scrapwall," he answered. "Everything there is junk. What would I even bring?"

"So you just forgot about me while you were there?"


As Invar hurled herself into a chair to pout, Ormolu walked in from the kitchen. "Tombak! Welcome home!"

"Hey, Ma," Tombak answered. As he hugged her, he fished around in one of his apron pockets and withdrew an empty goo tube with a few broken transistors and scraps of wire melted to it to make it resemble a rat. This he handed to Tumbaga as she followed their mother out of the kitchen.

"So, how'd everything go?" asked Terne, entering through the back door with Kovar and Glucydur trailing behind him.

"Pretty good," Tombak said, fishing around in another pocket. This time he pulled out a bunch of metal nuts, rods, and sheets welded together in the shape of a humanoid reading a book and sitting on what might have been a throne. This he handed to Kovar. "When we got there, a gang called the Lords of Rust were pretty much running the place, but we took care of them." At this point, Invar was glaring daggers at him, so he started digging in another pocket. "Now power is pretty much split between Bricktooth's gang, the Red Raiders, and a gang called the Steel Hawks." Finally, he pulled out a collection of sheet metal scraps welded into the shape of a bird of prey and handed it to Invar.

"Why would you leave gangs in charge?" Kovar asked.

"There's nobody else to BE in charge," Tombak answered. "But it's okay, Sevroth's pretty classy, and Redtooth's unreasonably nice for a gang leader. Anyway, turns out Scrapwall had its own technological ruin under it, and inside was a giant robot that the Lords of Rust were worshipping as a god. That's who sent Meyanda here to send the Torch's power to them so they could dig something up. We blew up their receiver, so that wouldn't be happening even if we hadn't cleaned out their base."

"Goodness," Ormolu said. "Did you find out what they wanted?"

"Not really, but it sounded like Hellion-- that's what the robot called itself-- had some kind of a problem with Silvermount. We might have to go check that out later. We brought a couple friends home, though. There's Mr. Baine's friend Dinvaya. You'd like her, Glucy; she's staying at the Temple. There's also Kerid, who turned on the Lords of Rust and helped us smash Hellion after we sprung him out of their dungeon. I'll introduce him around later, see if he wants a job anywhere around town. So, what've y'all been up too?" By this point, he'd unhooked his whip from his belt and, once he finished talking, flicked the end into the kitchen where it wrapped around a piece of fruit sitting on the counter. Another flick of the wrist pulled the fruit over to him, where he caught it in his other hand.

"Tombak! What did I tell you?" Ormolu demanded.

"'No whips in the house,'" Tombak answered contritely.

"It's basically been business as usual around here," Glucydur interjected. "With the Torch oprational again, I've had a brisk business making and repairing tools for all the craftspersons resuming work and the twins' apprenticeships are back on track. Mom's been putting in her customary shifts at the inn, which is also seeing its usual traffic. Pop has been spending most of his time keeping the house in order and simply spending time with the rest of us."

"Sounds good," Tombak mumbled through a mouthful of fruit. "Foreman hasn't put you back on the schedule yet, Pa?"

"Actually," Terne said, "I'm not sure I want to go back to work on the Black Hill."

Tombak nearly choked. After sputtering for a moment and swallowing hard, he asked the most articulate questions he could think of. "What? But... You're one of the best smiths in town! Just... Why?"

"It's... I've already died up there once, son." He glanced at each of his children in turn. "I just... don't feel safe up there."

Tombak digested that for a moment. Then he sighed. "Alright, Pop. Maybe you can help Glucydur tweak his new furnace, or pick up some of the iron and steel work that gets ignored so much around here. Until you feel safe again."
Session: Iron Gods 33 - Friday, Feb 24 2017 from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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Leading someone to the light while others are in the dark
Thedian was happy to be back in Torch as it signaled that the latest leg of their journey was at an end, though he was at the same time truly sad as it concreted the fact that his friend Bricktooth was gone from the party. He had stayed in Scrapwall to be with his family and with the groups departure and return to Torch there would be no last minute change of heart. Thedian could not be selfish though and knew that the Teeth, Thedian's name for Bricktooth and his clan though he had long ago figured out that Tooth was not a family name, needed Bricktooth more and that they would have to continue without him. Thedian didn't talk much to anyone on their initial return as other's had better relationships with the key members of Torch, as well as he was not keen on talking to Khonnir after he had heard that he used to be a member of the Technic League.

"I would not have helped save him had I known." Thedian thought to himself as he eyed the man during the groups conversation with him. "I do not trust him wholly."

As the day turned into night Thedian went through all the things he knew he'd have to take care of before their journey led them away from Torch again and also before another member of their party left them. Sumov would not be continuing on with them and Thedian had need of information that one of Sumov's contacts could provide to him. Thedian made sure to catch Sumov when he was alone not wanting the rest of the group to think his focus was not on their main mission.

"Friend Sumov I need you to check with your family and provide me information on Sanvill Trett. He was sent to meet with one of your kin to be placed with a caravan so that he could stop his association with the Technic League. He was also to provide me with information on my missing mother."(awaiting other part of conversation from Sumov.
Thedian spoke quicker than he normally did hoping the speed of his words would effect the speed of the return of information.

Trusting in Sumov's abilities to get him his required information it was time for Thedian to once again take care of something without the group, including Sumov, knowing about it. He pulled the hood of his cloak over his head and kept to the shadows and avoided the main streets. Without his armor on Thedian was able to show the elven grace and stealth he possessed making sure to not catch anyones eye before he made it to the temple of Brigh. He nodded a greeting to Joram Kite the cleric of Brigh not saying a word as the old priest knew why Thedian was here. He continued down a hallway until he came to a closed door where he breathed in deeply and tried to clear his head.

Thedian did not like being secretive, nor doing anything that gave him a feeling of being underhanded but this was something he had to do. He remembered the dream he had the night that he had branded Sanvill Trett, the one where Desna had spoken to him. "Now go. There are those that praise false idols and I need for you to show them the power of a true deity." That is what she had said to him. Thedian was about to show someone the love Desna could give.

He opened the door and a half smile crossed his face as he saw her. "You're a sight for sore eyes. How are you doing this night Lady Meyonda?" He bowed out of respect and to overt his eyes to not get lost in hers. Thedian knew there was something about her the first time he had meet her. Even though she had been his enemy he could not help but see parts of his mother in her. The strong will, but an underlying softness, the religious fervor though for the wrong god, and her unique though stunning beauty. He took an empty seat by the door and meet her eyes again awaiting to see how this meeting would play out.

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Story time!
Sumov, when questioned about the trip to Scrapwall and back and the events that happened there (at least, by pretty much anyone except Khonnir), would be happy to go off into an exciting story ( d20 + 9 => [16] = 25 Perform: Oratory) if presented with a young in someone with a childish appreciation for storytelling, not just young by his standards. Topics would be chosen based on what he thinks the audience would enjoy, and might include a fight with a manticore, or what the arena fights looked like, or how friendly and delightful Bricktooth's family was (especially the littlest ones, such marvelous listeners).

However, details about what was found there, what the party actually did (other than fight a manticore), WHY the party fought a manticore...would all be missing, and as inconspicuously missing as his storytelling skill could make them. If pressed on such details, he would simply shake his head and say:

Regrettably, I'm not going to be able to work with them anymore; and since they're still following up on some things, I haven't asked them yet for permission to immortalize our exploits in prose. Perhaps you should talk to one of the others, for now.

A successful sense motive against Sumov's bluff of d20 + 5 => [3] = 8 may reveal that his primary motive for not being forthcoming is actually based on economics more than on courtesy to the party. Or as much one as the other, if the party has specifically discussed being relatively close-mouthed. Sumov thinks there is more value in a trade relationship with Scrapwall than a lot of people give it credit for, and he doesn't want to hint at that opinion too much as long as his family hasn't established one yet.
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 9 => [16] = 25
d20 + 5 => [3] = 8
Session: Iron Gods 33 - Friday, Feb 24 2017 from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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What? Who, me?
Kerid, due to a combination of his general demeanor and the circumstances under which he joined the group, does not tend to volunteer any information about what went on in Scrapwall, and if someone tries to ply him for it, there are only a few things they might get out of him.

The first starts off more or less like this:

Oh, Scrapwall? Yeah, I guess it's kind of an interesting story. See, around...I think it was about a year ago; I'm not really good with remembering, you know, durations...this one group calling themselves the Lords of Rust started making some power plays, more'n they had before, see, and...huh? Oh, you mean what those guys I came back with were up to? Eh...they got me out of a jam and let me come back with them, but I'd rather not talk about that and what happened before is their busines. You should probably ask one of the others.

On the off chance that someone actually shows interest in the rise to power of the Lords of Rust, then he will give some additional story about that, but mostly from early on, and heavily focused on his fighting in the arena, with frequent attempts to wander off into stories his grandfather told him about the history of his living steel gauntlet...with the disclaimer that he doesn't really know how much of any of those stories might be true. Because he doesn't like talking about being bossed around or disciplined, getting anything out of him about anything particularly tech-related or internal to the Lords of Rust--with the possible exception of a description of the hologram, and even then without his knowing or understanding any information that would identify it as a hologram--would be like pulling teeth from a hen.

The one way someone might manage to get some vague information from him about the heavily generalized fact that Scrapwall or the Lords of Rust had some interesting technological stuff would be a very specific set of circumstances. And the only thing about which he might get more specific would be the chainsaw, which he would only be seen carrying the first day back and which he would be happy to wave around but would refuse to turn on--"It ain't mine, they're jus' letting me carry it for now 'coz I'm big." He wouldn't even want to talk about where it came from, because even though he got his revenge, it involves someone who kicked him around.

The relevant circumstances are as follows:
  • It would have to be the first time, after getting to torch, that someone tried to get information out of him while he was drinking
  • He would actually have to be at least somewhat inebriated
  • He would have to fail to realize they were looking for anything more than a neat story, if, in fact, that were the case

...Because Kerid doesn't do "drunk enough to forget..." he considers it hazardous to his health; and after the first time he realized he'd talked about such things while drunk, even if he didn't suspect at the time or after the fact that someone had been grilling him, he would stop drinking in Torch at all.

To that end, I am including a fortitude save d20 + 11 => [20] = 31 and a sense motive roll d20 + 11 => [5] = 16 . I am mildly amused that they happen to be at the same bonus.
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 11 => [20] = 31
d20 + 11 => [5] = 16
Session: Iron Gods 33 - Friday, Feb 24 2017 from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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Journey of Amir Ren Joining the fight and everything else up until now.
So Journal... I haven't kept up with you over the past few weeks and a lot has happened.

Apparently while I was out of town searching for valuable scrap to tinker with Torch had quite a lot of commotion! When I got home, I heard the stories around town and got the rest of the details from Khonnir himself. First he found tracks near the stinky pond and followed them down into unknown caverns under Torch itself and found a weird little repair robot. He went down with a full team of adventurers and explored these caves, fought with and creamed some skanks* (I think that's what he said they were called) and found an eerie desert with a sky of its own. How is that possible? (I just had to explore it myself, luckily the path was safe now so I could explore a bit on my own and lo-behold there really was a lit up desert under there!) His party met with a lot of dangerous things and everyone's unfortunate demise but his own and he was captured, poked, prodded and stabbed until he nearly lost his mind.

A call for parties to rescue him was put out and and a group assembled and did just that. (he recounted the stories they shared with him about the harrowing rescue and briefly mentioned the other groups that were not successful.)

He told how the torch is actually just heat being vented from a huge reactor under the town and some android was stealing all the power and sending it towards Scrapwall but the adventurer's group put an end to that plan and headed to scrapwall to see what was going on there. He told me that they had left just a couple days before I returned to Torch and with little more said I decided I couldn't miss out on this adventure, gathered my things together and ran off to join them!

It was a pretty long trip so I had to map out my route... I sprung to go in style and took the ferry boat up the river... of course a bunch of bandits decided to try to rob the ferry, but that didn't go over to well for them, but for some reason they were still smiling even after I killed them. Man those were some ugly fellows.(hehehe, thanks for the tools fellas, plus killing you guys got me a free ride!) I decided to stop by Aldernand's keep, but it was dark at the time and there was a creepy ghost flying around so I peaced out of there... I'm not afraid of ghosts, but I'm not stupid enough to go near one by myself! I forged on the rest of the way to scrapwall, assuming that the party that rescued Khonnir and Torch wouldn't be too far ahead of me.

Once I arrived at Scrapwall... I could see these greedy eyes looking at me from the front gate... I could tell they wanted to rob me blind, but they were too scared to try. There was at least 6 of them but still they were scared... not of me, but I'm not sure what they were afraid of. They seemed like their will was almost all but broken. They seemed all but too eager to let me in when I mentioned killing several freaky looking smiling bandits on the way to Scrapwall.

It really didn't take long at all before I realized that the newcomers that the 'town' was whispering about that were fighting in the arena that very day were the folks from Torch I was here to find. They had already creamed an entire gang of those weird smiley freaks and blown up a huge tower! I was moments too late in arriving to see their glorious victory in the arena but I caught up just before they went inside!

After a short introduction among the pandemonium riot occurring they'd accepted me into the group. We dispatched a bazaar assortment of orcs, acolytes, an ettin, an orc with a giant 'loud' mechanical blade, and robots! We made an alliance with a devil to help us kill what was rumored to be a metal god... but in the end he was just a program that was inside this really powerful scorpion thingy. The party had this thing called an "inhibitor facit" that happened to plug into a terminal in the compound which seemed to have weakened him considerably. He shot at me repeatedly from the dark with a lazer gun and couldn't seem to hit me to save his life... but it may have been a trick to lure me in closer because as soon as I approached... I can't even figure out what was going on... so much pain all at once and I was unconscious...

When I woke up again with this amazing surge of energy, I looked around for my weapons, looked up at the towering scorpion over me and thought my life couldn't get much worse... but then pew pew psssst... with a couple shots from this odd gun, he sizzled and exploded! (Why didn't we do that from the start? Was this an initiation hazing for the party? What the heck did they revive me with that felt so amazing?!?)

Oh I almost forgot to mention, we took an orc priest from the compound prisoner for some reason, but barely spent any time interrogating him... for some reason the party decided to leave him with these ratfolks that I guess they had made friends with. One of them was quite skilled at making/repairing mechanical things. When I have more time I'd love to return and see if he would teach me some things! The party, being eager to get home to Torch didn't waste much time and so the day after I got to Scrapwall, I'm already headed back to Torch, but at least I didn't miss out on all the fun this time!

Dimvaya (I think that's how she pronounced it)acted suspicious when we were reading the orc priest's prayer book but she seemed to be our friend so I didn't want to be too agressive with her when she was uncomfortable to tell me why. I did ask again while we were traveling back to Torch and she mentioned encountering something she couldn't bring herself to describe when she was near Starfall. Since we might need to goto Starfall at some point, I really wish we could convince her to share what she saw... I have a premonition that we'll be fighting it soon enough...

Oh geez! On the way back to Torch someone mentioned that they had discovered a Technic League agent in town that tried to rob them in their sleep. It's not too surprising to me... those Technic League people are so greedy and evil, I hope we kill them all. But rather than killing this spy, they beat the crap out of him and literally branded his forehead and set him free under the watch of a family member of Sumov's. I could not believe what I was hearing... this sounded like the worst decision ever... They caught a spy trying to steal from them... a spy for the Technic League and not only did they not kill him, they basically tortured him, disfigured him and set him loose? Did they not remember that he is a wizard? I feel sorry for Sumov because I have a feeling his family member is already dead. Man, I hope things at Torch are still safe! If this wizard Technic Agent guy, Sanvil? goes back on the agreement he apparently made with the party and tells the Technic league about what is going on here in Torch and what they have done... I worry that the League itself will seize direct control of the town.

Knowing that there was already one spy caught in town makes me encourage the others to be very cautious about what they tell openly about our journey... we mustn't tell the townfolks anything about the technology we are finding... We can trust Khonnir tho, I hope, he is a founding member of the town council afterall. Let's report to him and tell him everything that has happened, he'll know what to do next!

Personally, I think we should press our friend Dimvaya for more information about what she saw, I think we should pursue the leads about this Cassandalee person that the Orc's Journal mentioned cutting in half and killing... If we can recover the body of someone that Hellion feared so much, perhaps we can revive her and she'll prove valuable to figuring out what to do!

Session: Iron Gods 33 - Friday, Feb 24 2017 from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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