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If it's the first time, I guess it would just be a union?
So two main thoughts for today. First, traveling is about as interesting as I always figured it would be, but visiting other places at the end of the traveling part is more interesting than I expected. Torch is quite a fascinating place. Especially the torch part.

I knew they worked with special metals in Torch, but I don't think it had ever really occurred to me you could not only just walk into a store and BUY it, but even get stuff custom-made. The folks I've decided to gang up with now that I'm not in the Lords anymore decided to cut me a full share of...I guess everything since the last time they divvied spoils, which is a lot more generous than I expected...I guess it's because they're expecting me to take over for the elf guy, because he's retiring to start a business that he already had, or something. I'm not sure I followed that part completely. But anyhow, between that and my savings, I was able to get a breastplate that's actually lighter than my chain shirt was - it's the same material as my right gauntlet - and a gandasa custom-made out of adamantine. I had to describe the blade I wanted, and then we looked up what it was called, because I only knew about it from that one fellow back in Scrapwall. Name started with a V, I think. Not sure.

Second, I have more family now. Get this: the half-orc in the gang I joined up with is apparently my half-brother. We didn't realize it until his pa - our pa, I guess - was explaining to us some stuff that happened with him a ways back and he mentioned ma.

His wife is pretty cool about it, and seems to want me to think of the lot of them as family. I'm okay with that, I guess. I should get to know them, then. Anyhow, this half-brother (Tombak, I mean; I barely know him yet, let alone the rest of them) seems like way less of a waste of air than Zeke was, so hopefully I can keep him alive. And the rest of the gang, of course. Sumov, the elf, told me that was the job I need to do to earn the share of their stuff that I got instead of him. I think he has a weird sense of humor.

We're going to be leaving to go visit more new places. I thought maybe I'd start keeping a journal again to help me keep straight which places I visited were neat for why...maybe I'll pull pages out every so often and mail them to Ma and the twins.
Session: Iron Gods 34 - Friday, Mar 24 2017 from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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Dreaming: Machines
It was a dream. I knew it was a dream. But I was still trapped, unable to even flee into the dream-night.

The dream started normally, you know the usual. I was sitting in a tavern, my friends were around me and we were enjoying the nutty flavor of the ale, the sound of the people around us washed over us, comforting us in the pleasant susurrus of comradery. That was when the dream started to turn to a nightmare. In the distance I heard a click, but no one else heard it. Then there was another, and then another, and then it became a tick-tock. Rhythmic, unceasing, under laying everything that was happening. No one, other than me noticed it though. Then the walls started to change—the wood of the alehouse changing into a grey dull metal, the carvings on the shelves became clockwork mechanisms, the pictures which once showed pleasant country sides and ships sailing into a harbor, were gears rotating and clacking as they moved together. I looked over at the bartended and noticed that his arms were grey, shiny, almost silver. They had lost the fluidity of a man’s movement and swung into a position, locked, then swung again on a different axis. It was unsettling. Then I noticed that the rest of the patrons had turned into robots! Even Thadian and the rest of my companions! Their steel skulls rotated on steel springs until their lifeless mechanical gazes had locked on me. Their mechanical eyes glowed with red, green, and all the other colors of the rainbow. Amir’s mouth opened, and a steel tentacle snaked out, clutching mandibles on the end clacking, snapping at the air. The tentacle moved in the air, snakelike. Amir’s bright wmerald eyes lased out piercing my soul and his robotic tongue arched out towards my face.

That was when I woke up. I have no idea what it means. I guess with the trouble of us searching for a spy in Iadenveigh, my mind worked its paranoria on my group. But that begs the question that none of us in the group have really asked, “Could there be a Technic League spy in our group? That would be really bad.

Session: Iron Gods 34 - Friday, Mar 24 2017 from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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Resolutions and Conclusions

Khonnir Baine had asked me for my impressions of Scrapwall, the technological things underneath it, and what it all meant. I honestly had no idea how to respond. I have already my technological discoveries down (see the Appendix at the end of this missive), so this will be more emotional and intellectual insights and discoveries.
So… Hellion. A technological being. Claimed to be a god. Was he? I don’t think so, after all we were able to defeat him and ruin his and the Lords of Rust’s plans. I can’t imagine Shalyn or Asmodeus being defeated or frustrated that easily. Not that fighting Hellion was easy! In any case, I think Hellion might have been some sort of person untold centuries ago, but whose mind and heart were placed in a mechanical conveyance when his body failed – sort of a robotic lich. In this case, Hellion’s body was a shiny steel spider with guns and lasers mounted on it. And the crab claws! Those pinchers nearly killed Sumov, cutting into his sides and breaking many of his ribs.
There was some sort of digging machine beyond Hellion: a massive wheel of metal buckets lined with sharp edges was embedded, partially buried, in the wall. The latticework of metal girders connected to the wheel. The whole of the device comprised a long mechanical arm ending in a metal wheel far larger than any mill's waterwheel. It wasn’t fully function, disable is some subtle way. But I can imagine how useful such a device would be for Golarion. Of course, there was only that one, so I imagine wars would be fought over it, even assuming the Technic League got their hands on it.
We also encountered a modified piece of equipment. It was the size of a bastard sword or a two-handed sword, but has sharp teeth that spun on where the edge of the “sword’s” blade would have been. It was being used as a melee weapon by a priestess of Hellion, an orc woman named “Kulgara.” That was a scary fight too, but nowhere like fighting Hellion.

As I remember our adventure through Scrapwall, I am sure I will remember other technological wonders and horrors. As I do so I will add to this list, but for now I need to go. There is a dinner party at Tombak’s I need to get to.
Session: Iron Gods 32 - Friday, Feb 10 2017 from 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM
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Welcome Home
"Hey, everyone, I'm back!" Tombak called out as he opened the door.

"Whajjabringme?" Invar demanded before anyone else could respond.

"I was in Scrapwall," he answered. "Everything there is junk. What would I even bring?"

"So you just forgot about me while you were there?"


As Invar hurled herself into a chair to pout, Ormolu walked in from the kitchen. "Tombak! Welcome home!"

"Hey, Ma," Tombak answered. As he hugged her, he fished around in one of his apron pockets and withdrew an empty goo tube with a few broken transistors and scraps of wire melted to it to make it resemble a rat. This he handed to Tumbaga as she followed their mother out of the kitchen.

"So, how'd everything go?" asked Terne, entering through the back door with Kovar and Glucydur trailing behind him.

"Pretty good," Tombak said, fishing around in another pocket. This time he pulled out a bunch of metal nuts, rods, and sheets welded together in the shape of a humanoid reading a book and sitting on what might have been a throne. This he handed to Kovar. "When we got there, a gang called the Lords of Rust were pretty much running the place, but we took care of them." At this point, Invar was glaring daggers at him, so he started digging in another pocket. "Now power is pretty much split between Bricktooth's gang, the Red Raiders, and a gang called the Steel Hawks." Finally, he pulled out a collection of sheet metal scraps welded into the shape of a bird of prey and handed it to Invar.

"Why would you leave gangs in charge?" Kovar asked.

"There's nobody else to BE in charge," Tombak answered. "But it's okay, Sevroth's pretty classy, and Redtooth's unreasonably nice for a gang leader. Anyway, turns out Scrapwall had its own technological ruin under it, and inside was a giant robot that the Lords of Rust were worshipping as a god. That's who sent Meyanda here to send the Torch's power to them so they could dig something up. We blew up their receiver, so that wouldn't be happening even if we hadn't cleaned out their base."

"Goodness," Ormolu said. "Did you find out what they wanted?"

"Not really, but it sounded like Hellion-- that's what the robot called itself-- had some kind of a problem with Silvermount. We might have to go check that out later. We brought a couple friends home, though. There's Mr. Baine's friend Dinvaya. You'd like her, Glucy; she's staying at the Temple. There's also Kerid, who turned on the Lords of Rust and helped us smash Hellion after we sprung him out of their dungeon. I'll introduce him around later, see if he wants a job anywhere around town. So, what've y'all been up too?" By this point, he'd unhooked his whip from his belt and, once he finished talking, flicked the end into the kitchen where it wrapped around a piece of fruit sitting on the counter. Another flick of the wrist pulled the fruit over to him, where he caught it in his other hand.

"Tombak! What did I tell you?" Ormolu demanded.

"'No whips in the house,'" Tombak answered contritely.

"It's basically been business as usual around here," Glucydur interjected. "With the Torch oprational again, I've had a brisk business making and repairing tools for all the craftspersons resuming work and the twins' apprenticeships are back on track. Mom's been putting in her customary shifts at the inn, which is also seeing its usual traffic. Pop has been spending most of his time keeping the house in order and simply spending time with the rest of us."

"Sounds good," Tombak mumbled through a mouthful of fruit. "Foreman hasn't put you back on the schedule yet, Pa?"

"Actually," Terne said, "I'm not sure I want to go back to work on the Black Hill."

Tombak nearly choked. After sputtering for a moment and swallowing hard, he asked the most articulate questions he could think of. "What? But... You're one of the best smiths in town! Just... Why?"

"It's... I've already died up there once, son." He glanced at each of his children in turn. "I just... don't feel safe up there."

Tombak digested that for a moment. Then he sighed. "Alright, Pop. Maybe you can help Glucydur tweak his new furnace, or pick up some of the iron and steel work that gets ignored so much around here. Until you feel safe again."
Session: Iron Gods 33 - Friday, Feb 24 2017 from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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Leading someone to the light while others are in the dark
Thedian was happy to be back in Torch as it signaled that the latest leg of their journey was at an end, though he was at the same time truly sad as it concreted the fact that his friend Bricktooth was gone from the party. He had stayed in Scrapwall to be with his family and with the groups departure and return to Torch there would be no last minute change of heart. Thedian could not be selfish though and knew that the Teeth, Thedian's name for Bricktooth and his clan though he had long ago figured out that Tooth was not a family name, needed Bricktooth more and that they would have to continue without him. Thedian didn't talk much to anyone on their initial return as other's had better relationships with the key members of Torch, as well as he was not keen on talking to Khonnir after he had heard that he used to be a member of the Technic League.

"I would not have helped save him had I known." Thedian thought to himself as he eyed the man during the groups conversation with him. "I do not trust him wholly."

As the day turned into night Thedian went through all the things he knew he'd have to take care of before their journey led them away from Torch again and also before another member of their party left them. Sumov would not be continuing on with them and Thedian had need of information that one of Sumov's contacts could provide to him. Thedian made sure to catch Sumov when he was alone not wanting the rest of the group to think his focus was not on their main mission.

"Friend Sumov I need you to check with your family and provide me information on Sanvill Trett. He was sent to meet with one of your kin to be placed with a caravan so that he could stop his association with the Technic League. He was also to provide me with information on my missing mother."(awaiting other part of conversation from Sumov.
Thedian spoke quicker than he normally did hoping the speed of his words would effect the speed of the return of information.

Trusting in Sumov's abilities to get him his required information it was time for Thedian to once again take care of something without the group, including Sumov, knowing about it. He pulled the hood of his cloak over his head and kept to the shadows and avoided the main streets. Without his armor on Thedian was able to show the elven grace and stealth he possessed making sure to not catch anyones eye before he made it to the temple of Brigh. He nodded a greeting to Joram Kite the cleric of Brigh not saying a word as the old priest knew why Thedian was here. He continued down a hallway until he came to a closed door where he breathed in deeply and tried to clear his head.

Thedian did not like being secretive, nor doing anything that gave him a feeling of being underhanded but this was something he had to do. He remembered the dream he had the night that he had branded Sanvill Trett, the one where Desna had spoken to him. "Now go. There are those that praise false idols and I need for you to show them the power of a true deity." That is what she had said to him. Thedian was about to show someone the love Desna could give.

He opened the door and a half smile crossed his face as he saw her. "You're a sight for sore eyes. How are you doing this night Lady Meyonda?" He bowed out of respect and to overt his eyes to not get lost in hers. Thedian knew there was something about her the first time he had meet her. Even though she had been his enemy he could not help but see parts of his mother in her. The strong will, but an underlying softness, the religious fervor though for the wrong god, and her unique though stunning beauty. He took an empty seat by the door and meet her eyes again awaiting to see how this meeting would play out.

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