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Getting along like a dwarf on fire

Sumov stops playing with his new familiar and looks toward the door, frowning at the tone. "Yes?"

"There are some dwarves here to see you, sir...well, or maybe Elsen? Or Palberd? They said the orc sent them, I think." the clerk calls out.

Sumov starts to get to his feet. "Very well...and why do you sound so concerned about it?" he asks, as he moves toward the door.

"Well, they're on fire, sir..."

Sumov stops for a moment, staring up at the ceiling, and then continues walking to the front of the shop. "Those would be azer, then," he informs the clerk as he walks past him in the short hallway. He walks out to the front counter. "Good morning, gentlemen. Welcome to Alfiers Emporium of Torch. What can we do for you today?"

One of the flaming dwarves greets the elf cheerfully. "How do you do, sir! Goodness, you seem quite tall for a halfling. Ah, yes, anyhow...some gentlemen sent us your way saying you might be looking to do business with some smiths, and might have access to that flame on top of the hill we've been told about."

A smile spreads slowly across Sumov's face. "Ah! Very good. Yes, we will have to discuss this in some depth. I will need to introduce you to my partner, Elsen, and her husband Palberd. Elsen is busy with her little ones at the moment, and Palberd is working on an enchantment; they should both be available in an hour or so. I can go ahead and explain a few details, myself. We are not actually on the schedule for access to the flame yet, because we haven't really hired any smiths...we've been contracting that work to the admittedly many of them already available. Our family is primarily involved in trade, you see, all across the continent, and some enchanting and spellcasting for hire...we don't have all that strong a standing in direct craftsmanship.

Now, we do have paperwork ready, however, and I expect we should be able to get that taken care of quickly if we come to a mutual agreement. Or if not, I'm sure we can probably point you in the direction of the right people to speak to about getting you set up with another establishment, although of course I hope you will see your way to doing business with us. For that, though, we will need Elsen and Palberd. For now, have you had a chance to look around Torch yet? I could take you on a short tour; we can go put in an order on the way out and pick up lunch on the way back, if you like. That will give you time to get to know my partners a bit before we get too deep into negotiations."

The azer looks surprised (and a bit overwhelmed by Sumov's idea of "a few details," but as usual, his delivery is smooth and congenial and puts the listener more or less at ease). "That...why, yes, actually, that sounds splendid. Especially if we can get a nice close look at the flame itself. But you seem remarkably certain that you're going to want to do business with us, for having barely even discussed why we were here yet!"

"But of course! You already said you were smiths. I'm somewhat familiar with your reputations as a people, and the gentlemen who sent you along I trust implicitly." Sumov glosses cheerfully over the fact that he knows very well that said gentlemen might have sent these people to talk to him only knowing they were smiths, not necessarily knowing them to be exceptional at it. No point introducing negativity this early in the discussion, after all. "Still, we can talk about that more when my partners are available; I'm afraid I can't get into too many details until then. Will you step this way, please? A right turn on the street first, if you would; we'll get that lunch ordered first, so they have plenty of time to have it ready for us when we finish your tour."

The door closes behind Sumov and the azers.

A moment later it opens again and Sumove pokes his head around it, looking for his clerk. "Ah, there you are. Sorry, didn't mean to rush out quite so precipitously. You have the inventory list and the custom order forms...good. If anyone comes in to inquire about a current order, Palberd is on schedule as of yesterday evening and doesn't need me today; everything should be as listed in the ledger. We won't be starting any new orders before Toilday; anyone who takes issue with that, and anyone with a custom order you can't write up with what's on the form, please invite to come back tomorrow afternoon, no earlier, when Palberd and I will be available to discuss it. We will be closing up this afternoon after I get back, so you'll have half a day off; that will be with pay, but I do need you to handle the counter until I get back with lunch. If Palberd finished up before we return and offers to relieve you, tell him he can't, because I need him rested, and that is why your afternoon off is with pay. Got it? Splendid. Oh, and I'll make sure we get some of those rolls you like." And with that, Sumov is off again.

d20 + 11 => [20] = 31 Knowledge: Planes
d20 + 13 => [7] = 20 Diplomacy
d20 + 9 => [7] = 16 Perform: Oratory
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 11 => [20] = 31
d20 + 13 => [7] = 20
d20 + 9 => [7] = 16
Session: Iron Gods 40 - Friday, Sep 08 2017 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM
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The Technic League
So I have been thinking about the Technic League lately. After what Petara Axel did to me, I have a general dislike for the organization. But I do have to admit, after encountering just a few of the dangers inherent to this technology, it might be wise to have an umbrella organization to protect those without magic or the resources to protect themselves. I mean, androids, are they sentient or really good mimics of humans? Do they have souls? That is a question for the sages and clerics, not me. But if the inevitables can be considered a race, why not androids?

But I have drifted from my point. We have encountered sentient clouds of technological machines, devices that apparently store the memories and personality of an individual (not actually encountered, but we have heard of, and are tracking one now), and the results of misuse of technological magic. So many horrible things can happen, for example, me! But wonders do appear rarely. Again, me!

That being said, the Technic League as a concept is something I can understand. And apparently back in the day according to Khonnir, the Technic League did have the benefit of society as a whole as one of its precepts. But with the rise of Ozmyn Zaidow in 4690 (less than 30 years ago!) the Technic League became something else entirely. Now where they ruled by logic and impartiabity, they rule by fear, assassination, and threat.

Which led eventually to the experiments that Petara did on me. Yes, she removed my sorcerous powers, at the cost of my body and my charisma. However, my intelligence rocketed up and gave me the ability to understand magic rather than just feel it. And in the long run, I can’t really complain about what she did to me. But the price…. I do miss my family and wonder if I will ever see them again.

I have found a new family in my companions. I have found that they will back me when necessary and in turn I will back them come high water or fire. And I have a feeling, in the next couple of months we are going to have to rely on us even more than we have already done. After all, with the Technic League in power, it is hard to know who to trust or what to trust.
Session: Iron Gods 38 - Friday, Aug 11 2017 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM
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Journey of Amir Ren Die Devil Bird!
Onward we travel further into the Choking Tower only to encounter a pair of monstrosity devil birds, well... from hell at least. I thought I'd make short work of these oversized chickens... but some stumbles left me in a precarious position between the two of them and I got pecked almost to death. When I awoke they were dead. This is why we travel as a group!

If I thought the birds were monstrosities... what we found within the different rooms on the floor below were far worse. A gaseous ooze, I'll just call it a moving death cloud, and my mind is foggy (Pun not intended)as to what the other creature was... I should really take my notes when my memory is more fresh.

I've got to wonder, what were these birds eating for the past years after all their caretakers were deceased? What else may have survived?
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Into the Choking Tower Again
So we returned to the Choking Tower. I was ready for anything incorporeal. ready to throw a ectoplasmic spell at the first sign of Furkas Xoud.

Once again, we start exploring quickly making out way up to the second floor. Upon first glance this level was full of small bedrooms and studies; apprentice quarters. As we prepared to quickly explore and move one, the level attacked.

Yes, the level. The whole place was wired to be a deathtrap. The corridor around the center, where all the doors to the rooms were located, was rigged to blast flame down on any who were there. A one time trap is perfectly fine, but the inhabitants of this place were not typical. Gear Ghosts we found out after the fact. Undead that were killed by the traps that we were encountering, and undead that now controlled those traps. A gear ghost can automatically reset the traps and then trigger them. That continually triggering fire trap had be casting protection from elements against fire.

After that it was a simple (or not so simple) task to track the ghost down, find them, and kill them. Of course, killing gear ghosts is also problematic. Much like regular ghosts, they regenerate unless their bones/metal/gears are blessed on hallowed ground and the traps are disable and disassembled. A pain. But a pain for later.

The last room we looked into on this level was an oddity. Once a storage area for the apprentices, it now had what looked like a nanite cocoon. Basically the cocoon was a swarm of under-powered nanites that had banded together to conserve power. We removed it from the wall and after examining it, I decided to keep it in a belt pouch (who knows what would happen if we put it in an extra-dimensional space).

We will find out if it is a good idea sometime later in the future I fear.
Session: Iron Gods 37 - Friday, Jul 28 2017 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM
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Journey of Amir Ren Weird little ghost
Not a lot has happened since I wrote last. We reentered the smoking tower and progressed up to a new floor which was filled lit strange little ghosts, Gearghosts they were called. For the first time I actually felt like the safest place to be is on top of these little bastards. Altho they didn't harm me at all, my companions got burned repeatedly by their evil little trap resetting/springing. We mustn't waste time completing the exploration of this tower or we might have to deal with these annoying buggers again. If we do need to spend more than a few more days clearing this tower, then caution should be employed when revisiting this floor in case they have returned to un-life. I suggest that our less dextrous companions steer clear of any old or reactivated trap locations until we've re-explored previously cleared areas of the tower.

Oh I almost forgot, Konnir gave us a letter detailing a timeline of events related to the technic league as best he recalls. I am so glad that he is being so transparent about his former ties to the league and is helping us however he can. What can we learn from this timeline? I'm not sure just yet, aside from the fact that the technic league seems to have always had corrupt ambitions.
Session: Iron Gods 37 - Friday, Jul 28 2017 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM
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