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I see you in my dreams and feel you in my heart
Thedian was quick to collapse in his makeshift bed after the long and hard fought day. Though most of the gashes and cuts had been magically sealed and healed his body still protested being awake and ached its disapproval. He could not yet find sleep though as the days events rushed through his mind. Though not a follower of Serenrae he still believed in redemption and that the Song of Spheres gave creatures the opportunity to act in accordance of good will though it be contrary to their nature. Today he learned though that nature should be trusted more than any notions of spontaneous altruism. Thedian forced himself into a sitting position on his bedroll and grabbed his sheath belt from the floor taking off his two pistols that were holstered in a makeshift fashion where his kukris once were. He held then in each hand as he again placed the belt back on the floor and couldn't help but think about how natural they had started to feel in his hands. It was not unheard of in his childhood to be around such technological items, as his father had owned and operated a technological tinkers shop but Thedian had never really been interested in it much. He had been more drawn to his mothers words and the light of Desna, surely the Starsongs powers outweighed any that technology held. A smile crossed Thedians face as he thought about how effective in battle he had been with the new pistols. Also how his new abilities would lead he and his companions to defeating the current threat of robot Gods and the Technic League and therefore lead to the rescue of his mother. Maybe the power and glory of Desna and the abilities of technology did not have to be mutually exclusive.

His muscles ached too much to continue sitting as he was and he quickly reattached the pistols to his belt and fell back on to his bedroll. " When this is all over I think I might have to bid farewell to the road for awhile and concentrate on Desnas other domains." Thedian groaned to himself. Almost as soon as the words slipped from his lips Thedian found the rest that he was looking for so desperately. Gone were the thoughts of the battle where both Prajet and himself had nearly fallen. In fact gone were all of his worries as he fell into a deep slumber with the feeling of being surrounded by warm serenity. Suddenly his eyes were open though he did not feel awake. "Thedian come outside." a voice soft but powerful called. Thedian checked his surroundings trying to determine if he was still in a dream but then realized this must be another calling from his Goddess. He quickly jumped to his feet, no longer feeling the ache or tiredness in his muscles and ran to the door opening it and feeling the cool night air on his face. His eyes widened as he looked in front of him and saw the Night Monarch, the herald of his Goddess. Longdreamer had come to Thedian with a new mission and to assist with the current mission at hand. Thedian looked on in wonder as he and the herald spoke knowing that his Goddess must hold him or at least he and his companions at a high regard to send her herald to him. Longdreamer told him that the Dreamwood must be restored to the glory of Desna and that they would run into more Androffi? Androffans? who needed to be helped with their travels. Thedian pledged that he would do all he could within his power to do the Great Dreamers will. Again Thedian was in another dream state as he stood. Visions of places like the ruins that they had explored came to him. These places were different though as they were bright and clean. The metal walls shined and lights flashed. Thedian saw beings that looked like the four armed being who begged for death. Then there were visions of war and battle. Bright projectiles of light all different colors flew through the air. Looking down Thedian could see that he had his pistols in hand and began to instinctively fire into the black nothingness in front of him. All went black again and there he stood, opening his eyes quick enough to see Longdreamer raising into the air saying his goodbyes.He would be able to call on the Night Monarch again if he needed him so it was not as much a goodbye as it was a goodbye for now. Thedian walked back into the passage and to his slipshod sleeping area. Tomorrow was another day and he had renewed purpose to make it to the Choking Tower.
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The Art of Making and Not Making Assumptions

I am a learned man. I am not being prideful, my brain is just gifted to be able to recall and store lots of knowledge. And I study. So I know a lot of things. But of a lot of what I know is book learning, not experience. The difference is like using a recipe to cook something that is more of an art. When I was a young boy my mom cooked this dish called chahou kheer, which is a purple rice porridge. It is quite tasty and very spicy. However, as you might suspect purple rice only grows in my homeland of Vudrani and while my family traveled quite a bit. And when you aren’t in Vudra, purple rice is hard to come by. But chahou kheer is my father’s favorite. So my mom improvised. Book knowledge would have toward mom that she couldn’t make chahou kheer. Experience of a lifetime of cooking gave my mom the skills and abilities to make chahou kheer out of pretty much anything.

What does this have to do with me?

Remember book learning? Well I read this book long ago called “The Hill Giant’s Pledge” by Grigora Voiculet. In it the humanoid race of hill giants and their various abilities, legends, and myths, were described. So, my book knowledge was that hill giants were evil and sadistic bullies. But my experience told me that generalizations are almost always false in some way.

And thus when we encountered a bunch of hill giants licking their wounds after fighting some Technic League goons, I thought we could ally with the giants, fight the Technic League, and everyone (except the TG) would win.

So, I made an assumption: it wasn’t Technic League goons the giants had been defeated by. It was some really serious robots with really dangerous abilities. Luckily, I was able to cast electrified fireballs that really hurt the Warden robots. Then they hit me with really powerful sonic beams. And that was all I remember.

Apparently, they nearly killed me. Thadian was able to bring me back from the brink.

I am so remembering to memorize resist energy next time I study spells.

And I am remembering never to make assumptions and never to not make assumptions. That last sentence only makes sense if you read what I wrote, which I did. Anyhow…
Session: Iron Gods 35 - Friday, Jul 07 2017 from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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Journey of Amir Ren - Boulder Assault... or Holy, Giant Butterfly!
When we last saw our adventurers they were just setting foot into the mysterious sleepwood err Smokewood as they call it now. If you recall they had an unfortunate start to their prior trip and got set off-course and met with a bit of a radioactive scenario... Well this time they made it to the woods only to come across a distracted camp of hill giants and like any wise adventurers they killed them without hesitation... wait no... they attempted to negotiate with them? Well that certainly didn't go well for anyone, particularly the hill giants who were summarily dispatched after their inevitable betrayal. But hey they did get to dispatch some very powerful robots that were guarding... nothing.

As the adventurers rested, Thedian had visions of sugar plums dancing in his head and awoke with a grand idea to befriend a massive intergalactic traveling butterfly... what could possibly go wrong this time? Perhaps we'll find out on the next segment: Roll and catch punches... or The Giant Paperweight!

(Written in the spirit of Rocky and Bullwinkle)
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Journey of Amir Ren - Androids?
What goes into making an Android other than just the ingredients? Do they have a soul? Do they fear death? Can consciousness and memories be stored in technology and implanted into an android in order to achieve eternal life? Can you program an android to do your bidding or do they think for themselves and do what they want? Do androids eat/sleep? If I cut off a part of an android can I use it as a cybernetic on my own body? Or... If a human brain (gentle repose) were used when creating a new android would they regain life?

The captured android from the beginning of our journey wouldn't answer any of my questions, nor did I have much time to examine her before I had to rush to Scrapwall to join in on the fun, but in this place I might just be able to find the answer to some of these questions soon! These machines must hold the answers! Will I be able to fix the machines so that more intelligent/less deformed androids can be produced? I certainly hope so!

Perhaps we can construct a troop of androids to assist us in combating the Technic League! I do have concerns tho... I'm not a fan of slavery of living creatures but robots and constructs are fine... where do we draw the line?

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Not prose, but things we should know
Prajit has claimed the following items:
  • 3 ion tape spools
  • zipstick
  • lesser rod of extend
  • magus spell book
  • necromancer spell book
  • wand of lightning bolt (10 charges)
  • timeworn brown nanite hypnogun (5 charges)
  • masterwork thieves tools
And he placed the following back into the kitty:

  1. thieves tools

As soon as Prajit copies the spells he wants out of the spellbooks, we can sell the spellbooks. The necromancer's spellbook can be sold immediately in fact.

Any objections?
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