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Journey of Amir Ren - Cripes thats a big smoldering spider
We are on our way, finally finished with Xoud's tower and off to the Scar of the Spider. Upon arrival we found a massive, truely gigantic, broken robot with an unstable power source to rival that of the generator on the Aurora beneath Torch. We've stabilized it, effectively creating a new torch in this remote place. We'll have to think hard about what to do with this new torch... We certainly can't just leave it here, active and working like a giant homing beacon and waiting for others to discover.

I think we should work with Torch's leaders to capitalize on this. We could construct a structure to contain the source of the new torch while making it safe to work with and expand the capacity of town... Depending on how much this thing weighs perhaps we can somehow transport it back to torch to use it as a permanent second torch without distracting from torch's current role and reducing it's prosperity. I certainly wouldn't want to profit at the expense of my town's well-being by creating competition, but I bet we can increase demand to keep up with increased supply and help our town prosper and grow! Oh this is certainly exciting... but I know there are also risks involved which would need to be weighed carefully...

1, Is this stable enough to disconnect the power source and move it?
2, How long do we think this power source will last, fueling a makeshift torch?
3, If we cannot safely disconnect the power source, can we move the entire creature?
4, if we cannot move it or the power source, will it be feasible for Torch to control this and utilize it for the betterment of Torch?
5, If we need to conceal the flame from this to avoid drawing unwanted attention to it from the Technic league or others who would want to harness it for evil reasons or even just to compete with torch... could we do so?
6, if it came down to it, could we deactivate the flame safely?
7, if it blows up, what would all the impacts be? would it be radioactive? Would the radiation pour into the nearby river and then downstream causing tremendous harm or would it be isolated?

Oh I can come up with so many more questions, but I'll need to discuss with my colleagues so we can inspect this robot thoroughly.

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On the Nature of Power
The past few days have been busy. I have been working with Zoud's spellbooks, understanding them, and then copying what I can into my spellbooks. let me just say that Lusius, the resident fisherman here in Torch, is tired of me asking for red hook worms (I need them for an ink component when I am dealing with transmutation spells, which it seems, most of Zoud's spellbooks seem to have in them. Additionally I have been coordinating with Hadris, Palberd, and Sumov; swapping spells and information and helping Sumov with crafting.

But the few days were good for organizing all the things that I have learned in the past few weeks. If there is one thing that repetive labor is good for is organizing my thoughts without worrying about screwing up a spell.

So Furkus Zoud was once a member of the Technic League. At least before he quit or was driven out, depending on who you ask. In any case, his level of power was respectable. And his sense of entitlement was also immense. And I think that is what is sticking with me the most.

Why do the rich and powerful think that they are entitled? They aren't any better than the average person, at least in my eyes. Perhaps they are a bit luckier, or smarter, or excel in whatever has elevated them to the position that they are in; but they aren't "better." (I should say here that this really crystallized in my head after reading "On Government" by Darl Jubannich and "Imperial Betrayal" by Hosetter. My government tutor back in Vudra would be proud.)

Anyhow, is it right that just because I can cast fireball, I can tell other what to do? I don't think so. I can offer my advice and wisdom (What little I have. I am wise enough to know that I am not all that wise). But if that person or persons doesn't want to listen to me or follow my advice, what business is it of mine to force my ideas upon him.

Others, even some of my friends, would probably disagree with me. Then again they might not. Hard to say given the disparate backgrounds we all have. We all do seem to dislike, even hate, slavery.

But regardless, there are those out there that think that "might makes right" and convincing them otherwise is the hard part. At least until you have to use violence. That is going to be the hard part about the Technic League. The more I deal with the Technic League and see what they do, the more I think that the Technic League needs to be taken down and destroyed. I know the Black Sovereign Kevoth-Kul is not going to be in favor of taking the Technic League down, so going against the Technic League is basically attempting to overthrow the government of Numeria. And that is something that will be hard and difficult to do. But maybe it is something to work towards....

Wonder what my companions would say if I asked them if they wanted to overthrow the Black Sovereign?

So on the morrow we head to the Scar of the Spider. Apparently it is called that because of the huge spider-like robots that roam the valley. Should be "interesting" in the Tian sense of the phrase....
Session: Iron Gods Game - Friday, Jan 26 2018 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM
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Tags: Journal , Prajit
I can understand curiosity. That's easy to wrap one's head around. After all, if humans weren't curious about things we would probably still be in caves hiding from orcs. So using all these technological gee-gaws to explore under the water makes sense, even if it seems as if the exploration is just as dangerous as the technology used to explore. And of course, I am seeing things from my point of view, using technology that is starting to fail. Perhaps back in its prime, the technological wonders that we are discovering could have changed the world. But now, as the bits and parts start to fail and turn on its users, I can't help but wonder why don't we just did a big hole, dump all the tech into it, and then cover it up never to be found or used.

Of course, people aren't like that. As thinking (or not so thinking) animals; humans, dwarves, elves, and all the rest are cursed with curiosity. And I do mean cursed. If one didn't wonder if the cheese was tasty, one would never get his fingers caught in the mousetrap.

So I digress here a bit. We are exploring a recently uncovered metal cigar the size of a building. The metal cylinder was cocked up at an angle, and obviously been abandoned. So we decided to explore it and see what we can find, if anything.

The main thing that we found, at least the main thing to me, is a system that orients the floor to whoever is standing on it. So even if the floor is angled up and away, flick the switch and the floor is suddenly level and everything else is at an odds.

Down is supposed to be down. Not here though. There are lots of uses for this technology, maybe we can use it. More exploration is needed.

So we also ran into some oozes that are smart enough to use technology -- these oozes had force shields. I am not sure if the shields were part of them, or something they had acquired, but there were able to use the shields for defense. I was able to use a new spell -- a very nifty spell -- against them. That was a plus.

And we continue to explore....
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A Disarmingly Charming Reunion
Day 1:
Dear Journal,
I love my new arm! It’s so shiny and new, although sometimes I think adf1ksaeaw3 it wkerae56egs has a rdstye5atgxcfht5eys mind of its sey5xfgxej5yz6x4trhe5ryt5sr
STOP THAT! S6rthyxfgjxnh ersz6z4gth xtdze5uhxtdtgxd rfgzesgdhrzrtr
I said, S- aerytaze5y uHzgdfhtjuif ykdxrs756esu45ezjs6w 4batwz4eht xzar4r iUnjygvyfb
Aarrrrghh! srgw4YZRG ERHYZ26YEDHG sergst6809rhszbrf rSRTG5e6SER8fyuVGSE SRTGZRARHY54

Day 2:
Dear Journal,
Today, my arm and I worked on coordinated movement for social interactions. We practiced high-fives, handshakes, and hand signals. The healers report that Tombak’s wrist was a clean break and should heal quickly. They are still working on restoring function to Kerid’s fingers, however. Also, I need to remember to find an appropriate peace offering for Amir; I still don’t know how my arm learned the gesture for “Your mother f***s goats.”

Day 3:
Dear Journal,
If my arm is going to help me, it should learn how to operate in combat. So today, I took it to some training grounds. Unfortunately, I did not anticipate the… disinterest with which it would take to combat training. First, we tried weapons. After breaking nearly all of the wooden training weapons (which reminds me, I’ll need to ask Dad to cover the bill for replacing 12 wooden stakes, 4 long spears, 6 wooden practice swords, and 2 quarterstaffs), I tried a dagger. I’m so glad that Kerid was able to disarm me before I stabbed myself a fourth time. After getting patched up, I decided to try my hand at ranged weapons. Now I REALLY need to find an impressive peace offering for Amir. But in my defense, I was unconscious from the concussion I got from getting beaten with the longbow. I had planned on also practicing hand-to-hand combat, but after my arm managed to pin me four times in a row, I decided it was already a master and took the rest of the day off.

Day 4:
Dear Journal,
I realized my mistake yesterday. I’m a scientist, not a soldier. Of course the arm was unhappy at the training grounds; it wants to do lab work! I’ll use it for some alchemy tomorrow.

Day 5:
Dear Journal,
The arm does not like acid.
/Evil grin

Day 7:
Dear Journal,
As I write from my recovery bed about this most beautiful and magnanimous arm, I am FORCED to recall all the ways it “helped” me on the previous day. Thank Brigh the arm slapped the bomb down to the ground so it exploded at my feet instead of in my hand if I had held it for another 6 seconds. I am SO grateful that it turned me around so that my back was exposed to fire instead of my vulnerable front which my arm further protected by placing itself directly over my chest where no radiative heat could warm it. Why, what would have happened to me if this sagacious and wonderful arm had not DUMPED EVERY ELIXIR I MADE TODAY on the ground before I risked poisoning myself? Not healing here in my room, I tell you. DEFINITELY NOT. Even though my arm had to take the stern approach and literally BEAT some sense into me, I can only think that its prudence in exposing me to the PAIN of all my alchemical creations will strengthen my resolve to become a proficient technologist as quickly as possible...
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Epic × 2!
Journey of Amir Ren - The last room of the Choking Tower* JK not yet. :(
I'm looking forward to soon getting to construct my first functional Cybernetic upgrade, probably an entire new arm for our new Comrade in Arms Hadris. This will be a culmination of all my training so far and a good test of my skills. Plus I can't wait to see how much more deadly she'll become once she is fully armed.

So, we finally unlocked the Orachalceum lock in the final floor of this depraved menagerie expecting to come face to face with Xoud and sure enough we found him and he put up more of a fight than last time but he still ran away. I was... almost completely useless in the fight while I was trapped behind an impenetrable wall of magical energy. The part of this that makes me the most sad tho is that we discovered that there are more floors to this dreadfully tiring place than we'd expected. Subterranean floors? Really? Ugh I was so eager to put this bastard to rest and be on with our journey. I can only imagine what he might have saved in his underground chambers... Oozes and molds? Legions of undead? I guess we'll find out soon... I really hope we get to cleanse Xoud from this place soon. The thought of returning here time after time without having the leisure time to analyze all his notes and sketches is beginning to depress me.
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