"Welcome to the Inn of the Welcome Wench, my friends! Ostler Gundigoot's the name and this is my place. Come, and seat yerself next to the warm hearth with a mug of cold ale and a plate of hot mutton. Listen to tales of daring and adventures from wandering bards and mystics, for all who pass through Hommlet, stay for a spell in my tavern. You may hear of tales of Iuz the Old; or perhaps stories of riches found in the Tomb of Horrors from those who lie about surviving its treacherous depths. Perhaps you will learn of a hidden temple or haunted tower which you can plunder and become legends in your own right, like the famous Mordenkainen and his Circle of Eight, or the infamous warrior Robilar. The world is ripe for adventure and it all begins someplace, so come on in and begin your epic!"

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