A series of investigative adventures starting in Sharn run in EM6 on the UCT Campus.

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2010-02-10 - At the Tain Foundry
In the morning after Goldar's history lecture, they travelled down to The Cogs and into the district of Blackbones. Directions to the Tain Foundry were clear and it was hard to miss once they drew close.

The liquid courage Kat had consumed from the night before to overcome her fear of the lifts for the journey, was now disagreeing with her as they reached the warm industrial heart of Sharn.

Enveloped in the orange glow of molton metal, and the sharp smell of burning ore, the main gate pierced the soot-covered walls of the Tain Foundry. Several beefy and surly looking guards - humans, dwarves and a bugbear - lazed around the gate. Through the gate the party could see workers toiling in the heat and foul air. Zachar noted that most of them were warforged and that several of those would soon be sent to the Cannith compound for repairs that could have been prevented with simple routine maintenance.

When Drake faltered in greeting the guards, Goldar stepped forward, cleared his throat and asked to see Molric. The guards made a few comments amoungst themselves about more "fresh meat" but showed the party through to the Slag Pit, the company drinking hole.

While the others found a table, Kat went and bought herself some "hair of dog" to try and ease her queasy tummy. while they waited for Molric to be brought to them, the party watched the multi-racial foundry workers drink their wages back into the ir'Tain coffers after a long day earning those same wages. The general feeling in the room was one of dislike and oppression. It was obvious that the workers didn't care much for their supervisor and that the kruthiks attacks had to be stopped soon before a full on strike brought the foundry to a close.

After a short wait, they noticed a plainly dressed dwarf walking into the room. By the way the workers shifted uncomfortably at his arrival, this was obviously Foreman Molric Torranol. A willowy hobgoblin with long braided hair wearing simple white robes spotted them in the crowded room and steered the sour clean shaven dwarf over to their table.

Molric barked a few unpleasant remarks at the warforged seated at the next table with some other workers, about them taking up space drinking people could use and how they should go back to work like the machines they were, before addressing the party. Clearly he didn't care for the warforged.

"So you are the next batch of glory seekers, who think they can solve my kruthik problem," he grunted looking each of them over with a disapproving snarl.

"What the Foreman means," Olaakki quickly interceded, " is that we are glad that you have come to our aid in this sticky issue. The foundry workers and my loyal flock would be most grateful for your assistance. This is why we have offered a reward for anyone who can successfully eliminate the threat."

Molric shifted uncomfortably at the mention of the reward but Olaakki glared him into maintaining silence. The party negotiated a fee and upon accepting the job, Olaakki gave them a rough map showing a warren of tunnels through long unused goblin ruins. The map indicated several entry points into the kruthik warren but Olaakki suggested the tunnel in The Depths where the last attack had come from.

[Minor Quest: Eliminate the Kruthik Threat ]
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2010-02-10 - Start of the Bug Hunt
After the long weekend as part of the Mourning Day Remembrances, Golder and Drake returned to classes at Morgave University. Expecting his history course to now be cancelled due to the untimely death of Professor Glydd Nephret, Golder was pleasantly surprised to see that it would continue. Even more so when the replacement lecturer, Professor Gydd Nephret, was the attractive half-elven granddaughter of the previous Professor, and while she was perhaps a bit to young for her position, she had extensive knowledge of ancient artefacts and the cultures that created them.

Goldar's mischievous illusions lent themselves more to making the class appear fuller than it was, than to the flashes and bangs that had so annoyed her predecessor. He was reluctant to share her with anyone that he didn't have to and was often lagging behind after class to offer her help.

At the end of the first week, she asked for students interested in extra credit to stay behind after class. Knowing Drake's marks needed ever boost they could get, Goldar dragged him down to the front almost before the class was properly dismissed. The extra credit assignment proved to be an off campus investigation for the biology department. They were required to assist with bring the kruthik threat in The Cogs under control but also to see if there was any truth to the rumour of 'flying kruthiks' that had been reportedly sighted. They were to bring back kruthik corpses and eggs for examination at the University.

[Minor Quest: Educational Experience.]

Zachar continued his work at the Canith compound and during one of the meal times, he over heard a fellow artificer complaining about the condition of the warforged being sent for repairs from the Tain Foundry. On listening further, he discovered that the Tain foundry supervisor Molric Torranol was pushing the warforged harder than normal due to the other workers refusing to work until the kruthik attacks were brought to a stop. After enquiring what was being done about the threat, Zachar was informed that Molric was offering a reward to any who would brave the hive and kill off the vicious kruthiks. Zachar knew this was something he and his companions could assist with and thanked the fellow for the information.

[Plot hook: House Work]

In the evening, Zachar caught up with Golder and Drake in the Rusty Tankard, a pub near the Adventurers' Guild, where they found Kat. Despite her inebriated state, she was clearly excited about the notice she had found on the notice board and removed to show her friends.

It had the ir'Tain family crest on it, which she had remembered from when they had guarded Darik ir'Tain during the Mourning Day events. It asked simply for persons to present themselves at the Tain Foundry if they considered themselves brave enough to enter the kruthik hive and rid the foundry of the threat. It mentioned the possibility of a monetary reward but was clearly playing more towards the adventurers' want of glory. Zachar confirmed that there was a reward based on what he had heard at the compound but he did not know how much it was.

[Minor Quest: Adventurers' Guild ]

While they stayed and enjoyed a few pints, Goldar examined the other notices on the board. One posted by the Sharn Inquisitve drew his attention. The Editor was looking for a brave adventurer's account of the kruthik hive, the threat they posed and how they were exterminated. There was an offer of payment for any usable article supplied.

[Minor Quest: Breaking News .]

Taking both notices with them, they resolved to visit the Tain Foundry the next day. It would have been morning if Goldar hadn't insisted that he could not possibly miss his history lecture with Professor Gydd Nephret and the others all ribbed him about his crush on the young professor.

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2010-02-10 Em6 to Sharn - Next adventure
The varsity term has started. The players are back. The DM is still running around with little spare time or sleep but that's not new! *grins*

Tonight we start again and continue the adventure. The previous story arc was a modified version of the adventure in the back of the Eberron Campaign Guide. This adventure will see the party working through The Seekers of the Ashen Crown.

The adventure has been modified to handle the smaller party of just 4 characters and in some places I will swap out monsters to accommodate the classes chosen. Tonight we should reach the first combat, that is 3 encounters in to the module, but we play social and slower than our US buddies so we might not. It is ALL GOOD [tm]!

I am excited about starting the game again and the feedback from my players says that they are too.
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2009-10-07 Interrupted Observance
The gathering took place atop one of the higher towers with a still fountain in the middle of the lower level. A balcony over looks the fountain with more guests of honor seated there watching the proceedings below. The memorial service was subdued and full of weighty speeches until Bren ir'Gaddin regaled the group with the daring tale of his rescue on the Day of Mourning. Just as he was telling how the mists had curled around the base of the tower when the door beneath the balcon slammed open and a sickly grey mist wafted out. Someone screamed from the balcony, "Has the mourning come to the City of Towers?"

Kat and Drake were already standing near Darik ir'Tain, with closer to the fountain so as not to have to look down the tower. Her fear of heights now even swayed by the solid tower beneath her feat. Zachar and Goldar were placed through the rest of the crowd. Zachar had a memory flash as the creature stepped through the door surrounded by the swirling mists. He remembered the mourning but not any creature like this. He remembered the fighting but only undead monsters like the animated Karrnath forces.

[DM Note: I down played the concealment bonuses of the Mist Aura due to the party not being combat monkeys and already battling to hit the Mourning Haunt.]

The party readied their actions to attack the monster as it stepped through the door and revealled itself. Zachar attacked with Magic Weapon on his crossbow, hitting the creature solidly. Kat stepped up to the creature and attacked it with Thorn Strike, drawing a little blood. Drake cast Explosive Pyre engulfing it in flames. The creature lashed out with Haunting Fog catching Kat who was standing right next to it and one bystander on the edge of the fog. The bystander died. Goldar cast Horrid Whispers on it wounding and slowing it before trying another attack with Shadowy Bolt which unfortunately went wild not hitting the monster, which he then identified as a Mourning Haunt from the books he had read on monsters related to The Mourning.

Zachar took another shot at the Mourning Haunt with Magic Weapon on his crossbow and hit. Kat saved against the Mourning Haunt's Mist Aura and shifted to her cat form before attacking and missing with Thorn Strike. Drake Dragon Breathed (FIRE) at the Mourning Haunt and then cast Burning Spray on it. Both Attacks hit solidly. The Mourning Haunt used Haunting Fog again, this time catching Drake and Zachar who had moved up as well as Kat who was still standing next to it, although only affecting Drake. It then attacked Drake with Gnashing Jaws getting 2 firm bites in before he managed to evade the sharp teeth. The Mourning Haunt then fell prone as it failed to save against the ongoing effect from Goldar's Horrid Whispers. Goldar then attacked with Phantom Bolt, hitting the prone Mourning Haunt.

Zachar attempted to Spike Wire the prone Mourning Haunt but missed. Kat went down on the ape in a Wild Blood Fenzy doing much damage but missed on her second attack. Drake attacked with his Chromatic Orb, doing damage besides missing as the psychic wave rippled out. He also unfrotunately missed his save against the Mist Aura. The Mourning Haunt was now bloodied and the mist faded around it. Kat missed her opportunity attack as it stood up. It went into a Whirling Frenzy catching Kat and Drake but missing Zachar. Goldar successfully attacked with an Illusionary Ambush happering the Mourning Haunt's next attack.

Zachar used an infusion on Drake to heal him before trying to attack the Mourning Haunt with Static shock. His attack missed. Kat launched her Relentless Panther Attack hitting the Mourning Haunt squarely and doing much damage. The Mourning Haunt reacted with Reactive Swipe catching Kat as she ended her attack. Drake second winded but failed his save before attempting a Blazing Starfall that missed its target. The Mourning Haunt attacked Zachar with Gnashing Jaws connecting with him. Goldar attacked with another Illusionary Ambush again limiting the Mourning Haunt's attack by dealing more psychic damage. The Bystanders now made a run for safety as the party had lured the Mourning Haunt away from the door and the stairs to the tower.

Zachar shifted one square away from the Mourning Haunt and attempted but failed to Static Shock the Mourning Haunt. Kat attacked with a Thorn Strike, drawing more blood from the Mourning Haunt. Drake tried a burning Spray but missed. The Mourning Haunt went into another Whirlwind Frenzy catching Goldar who took damage and went invisible. Kat and Zachar were missed by the attack. It went into another Whirlwind Frenzy but still missed Kat and Zachar with its second attack. Goldar cast Grasping Shadows slowing the Mourning Haunt and doing damage. More bystanders escaped down the tower steps.
Drake made the comment, "Golder is creepy. He learnt all the groping spells."

Zachar attack with Magic Weapon on his crossbow but missed. Kat tried to Thorn Strike but also missed. Drake managed to land a Burning Spray doing a fair bit of damage but still did not save against the last of the Mist Aura affect. The enraged Mourning Haunt attacked Kat with Gashing Jaws tearing at her and ultimately dropping her to the ground unconcious before moving towards Goldar. Goldar attacked with a Phantom Blot but missed the slowly advancing Mourning Haunt.

Zachar used an infusion on Kat to revive her before bandaging her wounds. He let fly with a Magic Weapon crossbow bolt but it went wide of its mark. Kat stood up and charged the Mourning Haunt, knocking it backwards and winding it. Drake landed a Burning Spray squarely on the Mourning Haunt, narrowly missing Kat, and the big white ape creature dropped in a burning pile of fur before dissolving into mist.

As the mist dissapated, Bren ir'Gaddin who had been organising the fleeing bystanders, gasped and remarked that it form a Prophecy Mark he had seen in the tower when he was captive 4 years previously.
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2009-09-25 Day of Mourning Anniversary
This was an extended session due to the next day being a public holiday.

All four adventurers awoke the next morning to find a letter next to their beds summoning them to meet the High Chancellor of Morgave University at the ninth bell. It was a bit of a rush to get there and Goldar was a bit late but they were all ushered quickly through. No refreshments were offered and the councellor addressed them harshly, demanding to know what they had found out so far.

He went on to question Goldar extensively about what had happened to Professor Nephret and how he died. Goldar was required to draw maps of where they went and spent most of the rest of the day working with investigators trying to work out what happened. Late in the day, he went with a group if wizards and inquisitives down to where the meet had takn place. The courtyard was now spotless - even the crate was gone. Goldar began to doubt whether he would be believed but the wizards did still trust him.

The next few days past with much of the same droll stuff happening. Nothing eventful. Just more investigation and classes.

The morning of the Mourning Anniversary event dawned and Sharn settled into an expectant hush. Drake and Goldar were kept busy at Morgave University assisting with the set up for the evening's speech. Kat joined them at lunchtime and managed to drag Drake of to go and collect Darik ir'Tain for their bodygaurd duty. Returning to the University just in time for the start of the speeches, they met up with Zarchar and Goldar and made their way through to the nobel section of the gathering.

The High Councellor opened the proceedings and then introduced another of the history professors who began to ramble on about the last days of The Last War and the Day of Mourning. He acknowledged several visiting dignitaries, including Bren ir'Gaddin who was seated near the front of the VIP section. While none of the other's noticed much in the crowd's standard movement during the long boring speech, Kat saw a man working his way through the crowd in the direction of Bren ir'Gaddin. She tracked him through the crowd always just a few feet behind him and was about to catch up to him when the fireworks display that was meant to signal the end of the speeches went off prematurely, surprising the unfortunate professor who was only half way through his prepared notes. The crowd though were thankful for the early ending of the dry history lesson. Kat was thoroughly distracted and lost her quary in the movement of the crowd as they now dispersed to the various other memorials and celebrations happening in the city.

She rejoined the others and they left the University square. Darik ir'Tain has organised a skycoach to transport them to Bren ir'Gaddin's memorial gathering and they boarded, arranging themselves so as to best protecting him or themselves in the case of Kat who was highly uncomfortable with this mode of flying transport.

As they made their way through the streets of Sharn they passed under a bridge. None of them had spotted the trio of halfling thieves that had been watching fro the bridge and who now leapt onto the skycoach. "Your valuables now if you please," the biggest one demanded, waving his dagger menacingly.

Kat reacted first, hitting the halfling thief leader solidly in the face with her claws. Zarchar Lightening Striked the halfling thief balanced on the back of the skycoach and Goldar's Mage Hand pushed the same halfling thief out of the skycoach and onto the pathway below. Drake unleashed fire on the last underling halfling thief setting him alight.

Kat slashed at the halfling thief leader again. He reacted by swiping at her with his dagger but missed. The underling halfling thief stabbed at Drake, connecting depsite being on fire. Zarchar Lightening Striked the halfling thief leader before Goldar killed him with a Bolt of Light. Drake flamed the underling halfling thief again, killing him.

Kat then pushed the dead bodies out of the skycoach while Goldar attempted to Bolt of Light the halfling thief that had been pushed out of the skycoach at the start of the encounter and was now trying to run away. He unfortunately missed him though. They then continued to Bren ir'Gaddin's gathering where the nervous skycoach pilot gratefully dropped them off and then headed to the closest affordable pub.
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