As evil stirs, the world seeks a return to balance.

Drawn together by the hand of fate, a few mortal men and women unwittingly determine the course of history.

This is their tale.

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Mordecai let Armond handle the bulk of the conversation with the child before them. Mordecai's mind was flying at the speed of light, deductions upon deductions, and assumption upon assumptions. 'When dealing with entities such as these, how does one tell just who is whom? Does it actually matter to me which entity I'm bring back to power so long as I get what I want?..'

Something was stirring deep within Mordecai. The effigy that he always wore around his neck began to feel heavy, forcing Mordecai to steel himself to keep from grunting aloud as he strained to stay upright. 'I don't... Have time to think about this now. As always, I must put the mission of justice first. I won't turn a blind eye to the evidence placed before me as we run into it, but returning mankind to their natural form takes precedence over who my current "master" is.'

And so Mordecai smothered his curiosity, of which was compelling him to speak to Liddoria to learn the other side of the war.
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Mordecai closed the door behind him and walked towards the bed, taking a seat. He felt slightly bad lying to his companions about the time required for the teleportation spell he had in mind. However it wasn't the lying that felt bad, so much as he felt it made him look bad. But what waiting a day for a Duk'zarist? There were personal questions that Mordecai needed to focus on.

Mordecai scratched his chin. His mastery in the Occult told him the perfect candidate out of the Lost Gods for what he had in mind. But how to actually achieve communion with her was foreign to him.

He ran through the philosophies of Meseguis, the Lady of Vengeance. He was already living them all. In fact, truly to a degree that ought to demand her attention. Especially in a world such as this, where so much ill will is easily disguised and goes unpunished.

During the height of Meseguis' followers' power, they would act as pure and unerring instruments of justice and revenge. They would simply visit a sinful creature and force it to relive its mistakes over and over for all eternity. A true and perfect hell.

Mordecai began to twitch from excitement. 'One of the greatest flaws in my current system is that there are those on this world like Queen Liddoria, whom have broken through the next barrier and could potentially break my little "hells" I create for people. However... With Meseguis' power... I could completely destroy one's soul and rest assured that he would find punishment in death, never to rejoin the Flow of Souls.'

Mordecai wiped a cold sweat from his brow. 'This is what I was born for. This is my purpose. While I've done great work for the wronged, The Lament of Darkness could show me how to do it even better.'

Mordecai licked his lips and began to speak. "Meseguis, Lady of Vengeance, and the Lament of Darkness. Long has the ugly head of this world hidden itself beneath masks of porcelain peace. However for over the last decade I have been smashing these masks and finding the monsters that live among us; those whom have committed horrible sins and crimes."

"While I have brought punishment to many victims, the level of hell and anguish I can create is limited due to my mortal coil. My soul thirstens for the abilities to truly make the wicked suffer. Please, make me one of your instruments of old. Let me become your avatar of true justice driven rage."

Mordecai sat there in silence for a moment after his prayer. There was no visitation, no whispering of shadows in his ear, but somehow that made it better.

'What is the revenge I have dedicated my life to? Righting the wrong that is humanity itself. I shall cleanse the festering wound that is the hidden sins of mankind. Meseguis knows of my presence, and as I continue to enact in this perfect act of justice, she will have no choice but to enable me.'
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Beginnings of Ascension
Mordecai was deep in thought as he and Sebastian made their way back to the inn. 'I cannot believe that such level of knowledge was so poorly protected. I was certain that I would be caught. No matter, this safes me time. Had they caught me it wouldn't have stopped me from retaining the information, but I would have lost precious time persuading them to let me go.'

Mordecai had known that such magics had existed for a long time. He had found books detailing the magics that allowed the higher beings to run the world according to their dictates, but he had assumed that texts actually detailing said spells would be lost.

Obtaining actual usable theorems for these spells was a dream come true. A dream thought so unobtainable he had completely pushed it out of his mind. By mastering these... The amount of cleansing that could be done... He would be unstoppable.

However while he was confident that he possessed the mental prowess to accomplish the feat of casting the spell, he could feel something suppress him as he attempted to gather his zeon to cast one.

'A barrier... These magics were not meant for man. As insulting as it is, it appears that I fall under that category as well...'

It was not unheard of for a being to ascend from the role given to them at birth. This was how Queen Liddoria had achieved her "goddess" state. And she was not the first nor last to do so.

Mordecai slowed his pace and rubbed his jawline as he continued to ponder. He could see Sebastian eye him up with suspicious eyes, but he did not care what the boy might be thinking.

'Of the many ways I know from history and my study of the occult there seems to be two options. I either reach synchronicity with a higher being of like mind as I, or I take drastic measures and alter my body myself, without the aid of another.'

Perhaps it was time to chat with their employer. Or start figuring out how many true players there were in this game of the gods.
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The Quest for Purity (Part II)
Mordecai slowly sighed and ended the spell. "Thank you, Miss Jones. Rest easy, you are completely clean of the disease. I apologize for worrying you, but I had to follow procedure."

Mayleen gave him a nervous smile and gave her husband one more look before walking out the room, closing the door behind her. 'Now to business.'

Mordecai turned to Edmund. "Your wife is a stunning woman, Edmund. Pray tell, what is your secret?"

Edmund was caught off guard by the question, but after a moment of tenseness he relaxed and smiled. "Ha! Well, it's not necessary for me to say it, but I don't fancy myself no handsome knight or nothin' like that. What a woman like that saw in a nobody like me I'm not sure. But she actually came onto me, truth be told. I was just as shocked as everyone else."

'A well rehearsed answer. Not too long, not too short. A cute and modest story to parry the casual question while offering no actual details. Mordecai had no time for a fencing match.'

Mordecai smiled. "That's a wonderful story. As I have not yet wed myself, I admire the successful companionship that you have found. So shocking that you two have managed to maintain such a health relationship despite the beginning turmoil."

Edmund's eyes immediately slanted and his face suspicious. "I don't follow you I'm afraid, doctor."

Mordecai face turned to steel. Gone was the doctor. The judge and executioner had arrived. "Tell me. When did you first decide to use her to get rid of him? Was such cowardice always natural to you, or did you only sink to such depths after realizing that this was your only way of fighting him for her love?"

Edmund's voice admitted defeat as it turned violent. "I'm not sure who you are or what the meaning of this visit is, but it's over." Edmund turned towards the door and his face contorted into the shape of yell, but no sound came. Again and again he tried to yell for his lovely wife, but he couldn't utter a sound.

Mordecai allowed himself a smile of satisfaction as the man also found out that he could not pull himself out of bed to open the door himself. Terror began to spread like a cancer throughout the sick man's being.

"Don't concern yourself. You are ill. You need rest. Lots and lots of rest. I have made it so that you can't do anything that would keep you from getting the rest that you need."

Edmund stared blankly at Mordecai, unable to comprehend what was happening to him. He managed a hoarse whisper. "You... What have you done?.."

As an explanation Mordecai simply revealed the vial of blood that he had drawn earlier. A quarter of the liquid was gone, a dark hazy mist filling that section of the vial.

"The first part of your treatment. You are forbidden from crying out for help, leaving this bed, or using your mental powers to achieve either of these things."

A few of the pieces began to fall in place for Edmund. "You know. How? How do you know about my abilities?"

Mordecai smiled again. "A sharp intellect and honed abilities like mine make even the most basic of detective skills enough to read you like a book. I read your sins from your blood, and then your wife's. Mysterious how to the two lines were completely the same. Down to even the emotions and fingerprints. Now I have answered your question, perhaps you will answer mine. How did you have her do it? Poison? Smother him with pillows?"

Edmund sat speechless, hatred radiating from his person.

Mordecai reveled in it. "No. You thought about these options. You knew that they just wouldn't do. People that break free from her majesty's mold like yourself and I, we understand the system better than anyone. You knew that if you had her do anything that obvious she would be discovered and punished. You wouldn't be able to have her."

"However, love can be a powerful motivator and tool. Let's step into your shoes and see what makes the most sense." Mordecai feigned deep thought for a moment. "Ah! Of course. He must throw away his life of his own accord. Anything else would draw attention. You simply had her tell him that she desired a trophy from a mystical beast as a symbol of his love. You could have had her tell him this during a fiercely amorous moment. A moment when he would be unable to refuse. Well then? Did I hit the mark?" Mordecai smirked and awaited the convict's response.

"Rot in hell, daemon."

Mordecai laughed. "I LOVE how naive you humans are. You wish to speak of heaven and hell? Please. You know nothing of the afterlife. Only those of us whom have delved deep into the study of magic understand it for what it is... The Flow of Souls..."

This information was well over Edmund's head as a psychic, but Mordecai was lost in passion and couldn't be bothered to notice. "Humans have this instinct to create gods and gospels that these gods adhere to. Guidelines on how to achieve a higher level of existence. An eternal paradise. Those who fail to live by these rules means that one is damned and will be tortured for all eternity... Little do they know that the real end result is the same."

The orange light that made up the iris of Mordecai's eyes began to turn a dark red. "When one dies he is simply consumed by the flow. If he found no punishment for his crimes in life, then he never will. If there is no hell to stop these people... Then why doesn't everyone act in accordance with their darkest desires?.."

Mordecai licked his lips. "Because I won't let them. Because I'm here to make sure that the corruption never spreads. If there is no hell on the other side, then I must create one for them here in this life."

Edmund interrupted Mordecai's monologue. "You're mad. There's no way you can get away with this. Just as you said, the system is setup in a way that anyone that directly kills is immediately found and their existence ended."

Mordecai didn't even look up at the man. He simply continued to swill the vial of blood in his hands. "Weren't you paying attention?.. I just said death is a release. When I leave today you're body will be in pristine health." The smiled returned to his face. "But you'll wish that it wasn't."


Mordecai closed the door behind him, a sad expression on his face. The woman in the living room sprinted towards him, the pale expression and worry on her face proving the strength of the loyalty in her heart.

"Doctor... Is he?.. It went silent for so long..."

Mordecai shook his head. "He is not dead, my lady. But I fear there is nothing to be done for him. It seems that the symptoms the others were treating were nothing more than a facade for something far more sinister. It is a incurable disease I have been researching for the last few years, I call it cancer. It is attacking his brain. The pain will be fierce, and memories will be the first thing to go I'm afraid..."

The woman slowly stepped away from him, as if he were some sort of monster or even death itself. She fell back, slumped in a chair. "I don't even know... what..." She broke into unsteady sobbing, completely overcome with grief.

Mordecai walked to the coat rack on the other side of the room and retrieved his coat and hat. Raising his cane to his hat as his gesture of departure, he made his leave of that house. Walking through the dark night streets he pulled a vial of blood out of his coat.

'I release you from all your memories of him, destroying every altered memory and emotion that he planted in your mind over these last few years. Go, live your life. It is not too late for you to recover from this.' As he did so, the blood turned to a dark mist, and he let the vial drop to the cobblestone street. As it hit the ground it completely vanished, liquid and glass both, as if it had never existed.

Mordecai tipped his hat to the few guards he saw out on the streets. They recognized him as a man of healing and gave him no trouble. As he did so, he recounted the terms he had left the late Edmund Jones with.

'The first, that you may not leave this bed nor use any means to acquire help to leave this bed. Second, you are never to access nor manipulate your psychic matrices ever again. Third, you will be racked with a pain so great that your mind will be unable to even comprehend it. You are forbidden from giving into this pain and dying. Lastly... I take from you the face and touch of any person you've ever cared about in your life. You will still have memories of having such joy and happiness, but you will have no memory of when these things occurred nor whom you shared them with. This void, is the true nature of your hell. Natural death shall be your only release.'

The poor man still had a good thirty or forty years in him. It was Mordecai's greatest work yet.
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