Our intrepid heroes began the campaign in the vicinity of Shadowdale. After a foray into a recently uncovered tomb/complex of the lost wizard Rivior. The remaining members are traveling to Ashabenford to meet Colwyn Brawnanvil, friend and compatriot of Elminster, sage of Shadowdale, and his scribe Lhaeo.

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Everyone decided to retire for a much needed rest that evening. They all took an inventory of the lair’s loot (the dwarves paying particular attention). The party felt that Barret had contributed significantly to their liberation of the keep and chose to reward him handsomely. Although he did not want any gold, the party did allow him to keep a two bladed battle axe of giant slaying, a magical throwing axe head (which he had a handle affixed to later in Shadowdale), a set of elven cloak & boots, and (as a special token of thanks) Breed gave him a nice owlbear pelt. The next morning, they broke camp and began travelling through the woods in a south by southwest direction (at Barret’s suggestion) and eventually they reached the road that led them all back to Shadowdale.
Upon arriving at the tavern in Shadowdale, the party met with a man named Lhaeo (a scribe for the great Elminster). Lhaeo had given them the information about the evil keep where Barret met the party. Lhaeo inspected many of the items that the party had retrieved from the keep and informed them that (among other things) they had discovered ancient artifacts of the Wizard Coldaron. Coldaron had done battle with the Zhentarum and killed their constable Trend. That evening, Barret and the dwarves slept in the stable with the horses.
The next morning, Lhaeo escorted the party to the mages tower where they were introduced to Elminster. He told them a tale of the Harpers and local militia teaming up to defeat the Temple of Mollander about 15 years ago. Recently, it has been rumored that cultists may still be active in the temple and that there may be an underground dungeon being controlled by drow.
The Temple of Mollander lays to the south of Hap outside of Ashaban. Elminster instructed the party that they could find their way to Ashabanford by following the Ashaban river. Elminster disappeared and then returned with a dwarf named Colwyn Brawnanvil. Colwyn has a long white beard and bright blue eyes and he can be found at the Ashabanford Brewery. He is to be the party’s contact at Ashaban and he can store their important valuables for them as they adventure. It was also explained that the party could obtain long-term room rentals at the Inn of the Welcome Wench in Ashaban.
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While on patrol one afternoon, Barret encountered an odd band of travelers. He sat near their camp for a bit, eating his dinner and listening to them. Eventually a Female Wood Elf Bladesinger named Loriel approached (played by Dave) followed by a Dwarven Champion named Dualen (played by Gary). After initial introductions, Barret met the remainder of the party: Breed – a Dwarven Crusader (played by Dave), Shaleigh – an Elven Mage (played by Gary), and Abigail – a Human Mage as well as Gideon – a Half-elf Thief (both played by Mike).
As they talked around the fire, Dualen informed Barret of a problem involving Daggerdale being over-run by the Zhentarum (a band of evil Humans of Zhentarum Keep). Then the entire party told Barret about a nearby underground keep that contained evil as well. Barret agreed to accompany them into the keep and rid the area of it’s contained evil.
The party had already partially cleared a good majority of the area (a recently uncovered tomb/complex of the lost wizard Rivior), but a few unexplored areas remained. A large trapped chest was recovered containing 1000 gold pieces, and some very ornate matching rings…4 in total. The party carried the chest outside and hid it near the horses, then returned to the keep.
The party eventually split up…Loriel, Breed, and Dualen climbed a shaft after being attacked by a kobold and found themselves in mortal combat with a dozen ghouls and a female wraith. After several long moments of combat, the trio managed to prevail with only minor injuries.
At the same time, Gideon, Barret, Abigail, and Shaleigh all found themselves in similar combat with a female mummy. It used a rapier and managed to wound both Barret and Gideon with the sword, but never managed to touch anyone. Everyone’s initial reaction to the mummy was absolute fear, but they managed to regain their senses and Shaleigh webbed the creature so that ranged attacks could be used to defeat it at a safe distance. Many magical items were recovered from the creature’s lair. The party (satisfied that the place had been reasonably cleared of its’ evil presence) reunited and made their way back to the horses.
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