Over 100 years after the events of Mass Effect 3

After the human known as The Shepard defeated the Reapers in 2186, the Mass Relays, the very core of intergalactic society, were destroyed. Many were left stranded in foreign star systems far from home. The galaxy became a much lonelier place.

The data The Shepard gathered on Mass Effect fields revolutionized the science, allowing many discoveries, but no system had the amount of Eezo required to rebuild the Mass Relays.

The various governments, companies, and manufacturers fell apart as the Mass Relays were destroyed. This lead to forced innovation for new types of technologies and weapons that were more versatile. Thanks to The Shepard's efforts uncovering the secrets of the ancient Leviathan technology, the systems lucky enough to have Eezo reserves were able to fully make use of the available data, and began to rebuild.

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