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A poem
Dear Diary,

Here is a poem I wrote:

I heard about you
You heard about me?
Haha, yeah, pathetic
Cause I lost a fight
Back at ya, kobold
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Dear Diary,

I survived an extremely harsh surprise kobold attack on the way to Winterhaven to look for our former mentor! We were in peril, but none of my party members died (even though some of us came really close). My snake, Poisonstrike, wasn't killed either, but he got a trivial injury from one of them stubborn mulish kobolds. One kobold kept slinging stupid ceramic balls at us. I almost got burnt to cinders because of that particular kobold! Luckily I killed the kobold with my longsword before it could even kill me! Then there was this green stuff where the kobold once stood. We are all lucky (including Poisonstrike) that none of us got killed in battle!
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