War looms upon frost-dusted foothills and plains of the Sword Coast North. As the vernal equinox lifts the frigid air from the land, the fierce warriors of the Kulkor Zhul, "the children of the dragon," gather beneath the dreaded Red Hand banner, ready to sweep forth from the Wyrmsmoke Mountains and conquer the peoples below. Are you brave enough to heed the call for aid, and face an onslaught of fire and steel the likes of which the world has not seen since ages past?

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We decide to scout out the sunken city. I turn Grigor invisible and he goes to investigate. He comes back with a giant black dragon chasing after him. Fortunately for us, the dragon doesn't see anyone except Grigor and he runs off to the North to hide. Eventually the dragon returns to the city.

We devise a plan to storm the main tower. However, we wait too long and the hobgoblins notice the sabotage (and the missing scouts that Grigor killed last time). The hobgoblins start to put more gunpowder on the bridge. We deicde to scrap the plan and go for the bridge to try and save it.

(At this point it is key to note that the bridge is integral to the survival of Neverwinter. The army marching from Waterdeep needs it in order to pass through the swamplands.)

We set off an alarm once we get to the bridge and the Dragon and Saarvith swoop down on us. Bartimeus, with a crazed evil look in his eye, throws a Thunder Javelin at a gunpoweder barrel and blows up a piece of the bridge.

Grigor and I get killed by the explosion. Bartimeus revivifies me, but since I'm missing both my legs and have various other injuries I can only scream when I come back to life.

Tywin and Bartimeus kill the dragon and Saarvith.

Neverwinter, however, is doomed. The army cannot pass, and so Neverwinter will fall to the goblin army.
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Our plan is to kill Saarvith in Leilon. We know that Saarvith is a talented archer, and that there is a black dragon in these parts.

The smoke from the flames of the outpost likely indicate our presence to those holed up in Leilon.

We decide to head south to Leilon. It will take about a day to get there.

A while down the road, Tywin starts walking into the swamp. We restrain him, and we see a light and sweet singing off in the direction of the swamp. Tywin escapes the restraint and starts running into the swamp. Bartimeus and Grigor run after him and find three graceful looking humanoids. I dispel the magic on Tywin and we attack the repulsive harpies. As we engage, a giant tentacle monster emerges from the surrounding depths!

We dispatch the tentacle monster and the harpies. Grigor got dragged down to the bottom of the swamp and found some chainmail and a bag. He came back up the surface and put his hand in the bag and suddenly disappears. I know that this must be a cursed bag of holding (a bag of devouring), and that if a bag of holding is placed within another a portal to the astral plane will open. Bartimeus casts dispel magic on the bag, and Grigor reappears, but in the process shreds both bags in the process.

In the remains we find an Ion Stone (Ion is an old forgotten god of knowledge).

We make it to the outskirts of Leilon. The city is mostly ruins in the middle of a big lake. Around the outsides of the lake are tiny little huts, and Grigor sees lizard-folk milling about. He disguises himself as a lizard person and tries to communicate. However, only I know draconic, so I have to tell Grigor what to say, ending in many hilarious translations. We eventually learn that there is a black dragon with Wyrmlord Saarvith.

I cast a spell to turn Grigor invisible, and Nissa aids him with Pass Without Trace. Grigor then stealthily sabotages the barrels of gunpowder underneath the bridge that connects the High Road over the lake. Some hobgoblins hear something and two of them investigate in a boat. Grigor flips their boat and drowns the two hobgoblins. Our cover is still intact.

Once Grigor returned to our group we decide to camp out for the night, deciding on our tactics to take down Saarvith and the black dragon.
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Our party collapses the entrance to the Spellforge. We then rest and head due west towards the enemy blockade. We take about a day to reach the Mere of Dead Men. The High Road passes through the city of Leilon, which was overtaken by the growing swamps. The blockade is set up in the ruins of Leilon.

We see a crude barrier of logs blocking the road. We surmise that in order to clear the High Road we need to destroy both of the blockades and remove the Red Hand presence within the ruins of Leilon. The city is also under the control of a Red-Hand general by the name of Saarvith.

We sneak up to the blockade. We turn invisible and scout out the blackade. I unleash a huge fireball on the tower and flames start to spread. We engage the hobgoblins in the blockade!

We clear out the hobgoblins and trolls, and a hobgoblin guard surrenders to us. We ask him where Saarvith is, and he responds that Saarvith set up camp down the road. Bartimeus and Grigor squeeze the life out of the soldier.
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VARIS enters the fray once again.

During my time in Waterdeep I communed with the gods too many times. As such, I suffered an injury to my mental health, as well as to some of the speech and memory centers of my head. This renders my speech to more "normal" vocabulary. I also spent extra time learning healing spells to maintain my mental health.

I heard about the attack on Neverwinter and decided to head north to help with the cause. My first thought was to head to Phandalin to possibly reconvene with old friends. Upon arrival I found the town under a goblin regiment occupation. I found a resistence cell of townsfolk and decided to help them with saving their town.

On my journey I noticed a big Red Hand blockade along the High Road from Waterdeep to Neverwinter. I was able to slip by unseen, but this blockade must be destroyed for Neverwinter to receive reinforcements.

I know that there is a second-in-command hobogblin named Krusk. About half of the remaining goblins are rallying with Krusk in the south of town. Bartimeus lures the remaining goblin horde into the town center where the rest of us prepare a trap. I cast cone of cold, Nissa zaps them with lightning, and Bartimeus throws an Alchemists' Fire. They all die a quick death.

We save the rest of the people in the tavern. A young orphan boy of six years named Aiden Windseeker comes and hugs my leg, and I tassle his hair with my mage hand. He seems to have grown attached to me.

The silent little *girl* came along with Syldar. We had a funeral pyre ceremony for Perrin, and the little girl walked up to the fire and whispered "Erin."

We later decide to head for the spellforge. As we get there, we see some shaded figures running away from us. I cast fly and run with Grigor to catch up to them. We manage to ensare them, and they turn out to be bugbears. We kill two, and the third drinks an invisibility potion. We cast dispell magic, and Tywin launches an arrow from a thousand meters off. The bugbear dies.

We head back inside and make use of the spellforge.

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Burning Blaze
1) Eliminate Kardswann
2) Prevent Red Hand from locating Wave-Echo Cave
3) Free Gundren + Townsfolk

Estimated ~100 troops. So we need to be sneaky/indirect in our methods.

We make the two-day trek to Phandalin. About half a day's ride we find three sets of bloody footprints. These might belong to refugees.

We come upon a campfire; I go ahead and scout. As I get close I discover they're all dead, and hobgoblins spring a trap on me. They knock me down and bound me, but Tywin kills enough of them and I can break free. I get grabbed again by a bugbear. I get knocked out but eventually all of the hobgoblins and bugbear are slain.

We rest. Bartimeus leaves the area after a big fight with Nissa, and the rest of us press on without him.

We arrive near Phandalin. Grigor sneaks in disguised as a hobgoblin. He eventually gets thrown into their arena, and is pitted against Bartimeus. They persuade Kardswann to fight them, and together they kill Kardswann (with Nissa's lightning). But other hobgoblins start to charge once they kill Kardswann.

Inn gets set on fire, and I rush to it to free as many prisoners as possible. I freed the upstairs prisoners, and on the way out I had the option of saving myself or a little kid. I threw the kid out the window to save him, but in doing so I was trapped in the burning blaze. Thus I have met my end.
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