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Battlefield Notes 20180831
Battlefield Notes 20180831
Akai Nonamme, Cinderland Cmyth, Luddite, Nicodemus, Pythia, Zubin

We went after the nighthag and her accomplice with focus and determination. We quickly dealt a death blow to the accomplice, but the hag escaped to the ethereal plane again!!!

With Tsukyio's blessing, the hag became overconfident and shifted back in to engage us. We cornered her and in a viscous engagement we finally defeated her.
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Battlefield Notes 20180720
Battlefield Notes 20180720
Akai Nonamme, Cinderland Cmyth, Elissa, Luddite, Nicodemus, Pythia, Zubin

We re-encountered the Nighthag and friends. Since she was flying, Nicodemus cast a pit beneath her making her very challenging to fight. Mostly we fell in the pit and she got away. I must remember to have the clerics test Nicodemus for domination...

Oh yeah, I think Pythia died.
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Battlefield Notes 20180615
Akai Nonamme, Cinderland Cmyth, Luddite, Nicodemus, Pythia, wandering cleric encounter (Zubin)

Luddite investigated the ring we recovered earlier and discovered it is a ring of spell storing with Breath of Life in it (and at least 6 spell levels worth of storage in it)

With renewed vigor, we reentered the 2nd sublevel. Having Luddite with us, we returned to the chime chamber so a skilled bard might learn anything we missed. The Qlippoth is decaying astoundingly fast and is a slimy stinky mass after just one day. Holding his nose, Luddite thoroughly investigated the chamber but in the end came away with, "it is just a massive wind chime, kinda cool."

Nearby, we find a small shrine with a statue of Sarenrae and a beautiful stained glass window. Offering up a quick prayer and statement of purpose, the goddess responded with a vision!!! We learned the elf demon Ardathanatas is redeemable! He was a priest of ? in the abbey a century ago when something changed in him and he killed the abbess. He was driven out at that time. Now he has returned to finish what he started back then. But there remains a spark of hope that he can be redeemed...

Cinderland did some advance scouting while we gave devotions and found a dormitory and laboratory area. In the lab was a pair of new type of Qlippoths. In the other chambers were many were-bears! The Qlippoths are powerful charmers and send Cinderland to battling the bears. They also weaken minds (Wisdom drain) and I quickly found myself making foolish battle decisions (lost 11 wisdom). At least my instincts were good as when Nicodemus fireballed and killed one of the bears, I saved it, and in the end it turned out they are actually good residents of the abbey who had been slave-charmed and were emaciated and in dire need of saving. I shall have to remind the group of this in the future when they start to slide toward violence over diplomacy.

The lab is a full alchemist's lab, although any materials that could spoil have. We did find a large rock that seems it may be more of a geode that in fact may be a Philosopher's Stone! This coming into our hands so shortly after the vision from Sarenrae makes me think it might be employed in the salvation of Ardathanatas!?

Further investigation of the sublevel revealed the nest of one of the Qlippoth we had slain earlier. The chamber has a remarkably realistic bas relief of a portal-gate. We were unable to find any magical element to the image. The room made us very sad. There was another chamber off of this room but I was so sad I cannot remember much of it. There are stairs leading down from this room of sadness, so we took them as the sublevel appears to be fully revealed at this time.

Returning to the 3rd sublevel we were on our guard as the nighthag, efreeti, and water elemental were all still active here when last we left. The chamber at the bottom of the stairs has a couple of exits and a Doomsday door. This one seems off to us, and with some investigation it seems that the powerful magics on the door are somehow askew, and using the Doomsday Key on the door is not likely to be without consequence. So we left it for now as we did not feel weakening ourselves against the door while powerful foes were about was a smart decision (Pythia had cured my brain damage at this point).

Heading down one of the corridors, we quickly encountered two of the giant killer crab Qlippoths! With great luck, Zubin Dismissed one of them! With only one to fight, the challenge went from dire to manageable and we slew the foul thing.

< end of night >
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Battlefield Notes 20180518
Akai Nonamme, Cinderland Cmyth, Elissa, Nicodemus

On the way out, more of the mind shattering Qlippoth Gongorinan attacked! Being aware of their strengths and weaknesses now, we dispatched them with less dire challenges, although the abominations are quite challenging.

We decide to recover some, and then spend energies reducing the demon's support staff. First, we returned to the high priest's chambers and searched more thoroughly for information. We learned the abbey consisted of 21 differing faiths working in conjunction (although perhaps not always complete harmony). The eldest of their order was the Abbey's Voice, or leader.

We also discovered a poem of some sort, but we (rightly) deduced it is actually the formula for correctly employing the Doomsday Key. Insert the key then turn it as follows:
2 Left, 3 Right, 1 Left, 2 Right, 2 Left, 3 Right

Returning to the first sublevel, we were determined to deal with the Skulks once and for all. We did so, although Nicodemus nearly slew us with his fireballs. Perhaps we need to employ a Communal Resist Energy Fire from one of these priests we have rescued, or Zubin the random priest who seems to wander in from time to time.

Further along we were jumped by a giant and some more skulks of course. It was fairly brutal fight but we prevailed.

With the skulks dispatched, and our near-death fireball wounds healed, we continued investigating and clearing the first sublevel. We discover a good workshop, a nice view out to the ocean, a freezer room full of corrupted ice golems (yes, actual golems!).

With the first sub-level cleared, and our resources waning, we pushed on to investigate the main stairwell we had previously ignored. It took us down to a large double door that had loud windsong behind it. The source of the song we have heard sing arriving at the abbey!

This is an alter chamber with many differing sized tubes in it that all chime as the wind travels through them! Oh, and a different Qlippoth, a Chernobue! We held nothing back and Tsukyio was with us as we slew the beast before it could wreak havoc.

With some hastily grabbed items in hand, we retreated to the tower of safety to recover and plan our next foray...
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RE: April 26, 2018
DM Elizabeth
Cinderland Cymth - Rogue
Akai Nonamme' - Paladin
Luddite - Bard
Alyssa - Fighter

No cleric, no wizard, no witch Here we go!

Last week, we went into the dungeon area all powered up and loaded to win. We went down a few levels. We were mostly read to see the water elemental. We found an unholy symbol to Mestama. We also found a mostly decimated wine cellar, wherein I acquired 2 bottles of wine.

We found an efreeti who was making a suite of armor. It is lovely and only 1 day before it is finished. We Dismissed the efreeti and are sure that he will be back to finish the armor. the battle was touch and go and really scary. Luddite's sonic damage spell really helped!

The armor is magic and is made from a red metal that is the same as Luddite's shard - horacalcum.

This week - Nonamme wants to leave the armor here to be finished when the efreeti returns, but he wants the efreeti to return to finish the armor so that we can then kill the demon and have the armor. We could take the breast plate and have breast plate armor now. the tools are masterwork and the anvil is really nice, but these are heavy and have to carry. Finished armor will be worth 77,000 gp. We took a breast plate worth 35,000 gp and left the rest to be finished. We killed 3 salamanders who each had a masterwork spear.

We enter a room that contains a nest that smells of decay, barrels of dried fish and 5 soul bottles - 3 with souls and 2 empty. We take the soul bottles with us, but leave the dried fish behind. Alyssa finds long scraggly black hair in the nest.

I go down the corridors to stop, look and listen. During my exploring, I become confused for 8 rounds. Everyone else is okay! But wait, there's more. The have to make a reflex save and they all miss. I am actually good at that one! they are electrified and even may lose items - damn that natural 1. Hey, it is a very confusing she demon. At least, I think she is a demon. Or maybe an angel who resisted my magic missile. Hmmmmm. I wish Noname would tell me what to do. I think the rest of the party is attacking, but is that right or are they confused. Did you see the confetti on my right thigh as it ate the spatula of purity? Oh my.

Wait, it is a furry puppy child, no don't attack it with your eagle. And then I hit myself with my wand to clear my head. It works! The party is fighting a demon like being which I later learn is a night hag. (Later Luddite will claim that he cast dispel magic.) I use an action point, cast fly and charge in. I miss alot and hit once. The rest of my party looks wounded. Then the demon goes invisible and is not hittable. Sigh.

Spells appear to be flying. She becomes visible, I attack, hit, but my rapier bounces off as I do not have flanking and am thwarted by her resistance. Alyssa is blind, and I am negated without a flanker. The demon woman disappears. We search the rooms we just left, but she isn't there, so Alyssa runs down a hallway and discovers the torture chamber and prison cells. (Which Noname notes seems to be required by all chaotic evil beings.) Alyssa finds something in this room that is not our friendly night hag. I charge down the hallway. Later I wonder why. It is big and red and has chest teeth. Alyssa exclaims that she has never killed anything like this before. Of course, it gets four attacks when it attacks Alyssa and things look bad for us. She hasn't dropped... yet.) Alyssa attempts to close the door and fails.

Luddite invisibles me. I fly in and back stab twice for lots of damage. Shit, he notices me now. That is not good. Yep, 90% of my hitpoints in one round and I am stuck in his belly teeth. Alyssa hits once, but it is not enough to drop him. Wait, with me in his belly, he cannot dodge as well. She hits two more times. And it is still up.

Luddite greases me and I manage to slip out of his belly. I am hit again, but my resiliency keeps me on my feet. Then much healing happens - yea.

We find a chest with 4 scrolls (1 neutralize poison, 1 breath of life and 2 lesser restorations) magic studded leather, magic composite longbow, masterwork heavy mace and also 20 arrows.

We find a tortured old man. Cleric of Easteril. He is despondent. It is somehow his fault that the temple has been over run with evil. He buried his family and is despondent. We need to help him escape even if he does not want to escape.

We head out of the dungeon and stop at the top of the steps.

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