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Session #1 Journal
Hired in Cassomir (costal Taldor) by Silas Gribb (middle age human) and we’re contracted to protect his caravan on the way to Belhaim (in the Verudian Forest). Payment of 100g per person upon successful delivery. There’s not a lot of trouble expected but Silas would rather be safe than sorry. The expected time to arrive is about 1 week. There’s no additional personages besides the four guards (us) and the caravan driver. We’ll generally be following the river through the forest.

The week goes by without major incident. We arrive in Belhaim and apparently the sheriff is waiting for us at the river crossing. Apparently Silas is in some trouble and has been smuggling and the sheriff has the proof necessary to arrest him. This of course means we’re not getting paid. Talia Orem, proprietor of the Wise Piper Inn may have some work for us to make up for the lack of funds from Gribb. Thankfully the Inn is immediately across the bridge.

We meet with Talia who recognizes that we’re obviously not from the town. She offers free room and board for a few days but the wizard and warpriest offer to pay. The two freeloaders take the free offer. There’s no particular work to be had at the moment but she expects that something will come up.

Midway through our meal we hear a loud thunderous noise outside. The noise seems to be from a landside though the wizards seems oblivious. The noise came from the NE and there’s a huge plume of dust rising from that direction. Some random person runs up to the group and states that the Witch Tower has fallen. It has previously been part of an old castle that had mostly fallen already. This was just the last piece to do so. As there may have been people trapped inside of the ruins we decided to investigate even though Jennalore had to convince the human to come along.

We get to the tower and there are two of the guards are wandering around looking somewhat clueless. There doesn’t seem to be a way into the structure and since the wizard seems to talk non-stop… for an hour plus. When the wizard finally shuts up we finally learn that there’s another wizard in town, Hunclay, had wanted the tower gone for some time. Apparently it was interfering with his ability to observe the sky. While we’re walking back toward the Inn an upper class lady approaches us asking us if we came with the caravan earlier that day. She introduces herself as Lady Origena Devy, the Baronness of Belhaim. Since the sherriff is off returning Silas to Cassomir she would like us to determine how the tower fell. She offers us a total of 500g to come to the bottom of this though she certainly believes that the town wizard was to blame. Since the two deputies are less than helpful she requires our help. Apparently she didn’t want it to fall as it was the last remaining remnant of the Castle of Lady Tulim, a famous dragon hunter. We agree to investigate.

There was a section on the rear of the building where there seemed to be a ramp that would allow us to access the second floor. There was a bit of a problem getting up the building but we, with the brawler being the only one that got up the slope easily. There’s a timber across the trap door on the second the floor and beyond that a ladder. The brawler goes down first with the stone with Light cast upon it. We head back to the first floor. On that floor we find another trap door, this one iron, that leads down. We also find a couple of green scaled kobold corpses that are reasonably fresh. Perhaps the wizard of the town is working with the kobolds to drop the tower?

The lower floor has buckling walls and five beds, very old, no used by the kobolds we saw above as well as a closed iron maiden in an alcove. We also find a pair of giant centipedes. We take care of them with only minor damage. The brawler investigates the iron maiden and we find that it’s not rusted, but bloodied and the iron maiden is in good condition. When the brawler opens it a humanoid skeleton falls from it. There’s a rusty metal key the rogue finds when searching the skeleton. In the area that the centipedes came from we find a pair of mithril daggers.

We go through the only door in the room on to the next area. We find a lot of jail cells, all opened, with solid doors with holes for viewing and for sliding food into the cell. As we check the west wing we see a dome shaped stone runner along the ceiling. The brawler pokes at it a bit and it sounds hollow. The brawler breaks the stone runner open and we find a thick chain that must run in this hollow. The wizard points out the fact that the previous owner was a dragon hunter that this chain may have been used to bind a dragon.

Continuing through the western side we found a “secret area” where the entrance itself had been damaged enough to be easy to spot. The chain doesn’t go into the secret area but we find more jail cells, this time with doors that are closed. The rusty key we found earlier opened these jail cells. In them we just find a lot of skeletons. We find another door, similar to the jail doors, in the center of the area. This one has a slot in which we see a pale face who proclaims that they were poachers of the the Good Baron Sarvo’s land. They want food and drink and are begging stating it’s the Good Baron’s will. A closer inspection shows that they are somewhat transparent. After the brawler tosses in his waterskin the individual disappears and no longer answers any question. We opened the door and found the waterskin in the middle of the floor untouched. We figure out that the ghost will return unless we take proper care of the corpses that remain. The warpriest puts it forward that we should do so and so it was done.

The Baron Sarvo was the last full Baron that ruled the town and lived in 4,500 AR, many many years ago. A full search of the room, the rogue finds a door. There’s a metallic contraption at the end of a narrow hallway with a lever that connects to he chain we saw earlier. In front of the lever is a roiling cloud of gas that occasionally sparks lightning. The ball does hit the wizard once who seems to resist the electrical part of the damage. We lure it out to the doorway and the brawler and warpriest double team it, killing it.

The rogue is able to pull the lever and the mechanism still works and draws the chain into it. We’re not quite sure what it just did but it has to be important right? There’s one more door in the area but it only leads into a collapsed hallway. We head down to the other door, the only remaining on in the area and are able to open that door into a torture chamber. There is a plaque with a crowing rooster over crossed spears with the inscription “Confessions cleanse the soul, pain clarifies the mind“. After the brawler makes a Will save he enters the room to find a talking Raven. After the raven tells us about some treasure if we shed our blood in that room by sitting in a torture chair… the brawler punches the raven and hits it very hard, which then starts combat. The wizard pokes it once with a magic missile then the brawler pounds it again and it turns into a bloody spray. The brawler then looks around after kicking the transformed imp around the room and finds another secret door.

We go through the corridors that open up through that room and we see that chain trough follows along. It opens up into an area with a green sludge, 5-foot deep, and there’s a 7” ledge around the edge of the area. The rogue goes first, hammering pitons into the wall and building a rope railing to help those who are less agile. Everyone goes through without a problem except for the Warpriest who almost falls into the green goo. Thankfully the Halfling is able to catch the warpriest and pull her back up in time. It happens again, but this time the Halfling misses and the warpriest falls into the green goo. After some additional assistance from both the rogue and the brawler the warpriest is able to scramble back to the ledge taking a bit of damage.

The end of the hallway ends in a door with a barred window. That opens up to another 10’ room. The door is locked and the key we found earlier didn’t open it though it seems like it should. The rogue checks the door for traps, finds none, and pops the lock. When the brawler enters the room, a voice booms asking us to shut the previous door before proceeding with the passphrase. The iron door leading to the next room lacks a keyhole. The wizards searches his memory and from the history of this place pulls the password to the room “The Good Baron Salvo wills it.” Out of his arse and the door opens.

That opens up into another room where there is a level to open the door where we came from. There is a corridor that leads away from this room. There is a clockwork creature that appears to be guarding a key floating nearby. When we enter the room the clockwork item comes to life and asks to be presented the crest for passage. We assumed that it wants the crossed rooster over the crossed spears and the wizards attempts to draw it though the clockwork enters a defensive stance. The wizards finishes the drawing but that ends up not being what the clockwork wants. The party ends up fighting the clockwork and the rogue almost goes down with the warpriest failing to heal him on the first attempt. After the combat is finished by the rogue landing a critical the warpriest is able to heal him using his blessing power.

We proceed down the corridor to another door, where the initial key we found works in that door. We enter another room where there’s an iron cage filled with seven iron chests. There’s also a dead body but it seems to standing instead of the more common prone position. The ghoul manages to hit the warpriest for a good shot but she remains standing. After the party downs the ghoul we notice that the cage has two slots near the door, like keyholes, but for non-standard keys. The rogue and brawler push their mithral daggers into the floor plate and when they turn them the doors open. The brawler manages to get all the chests out of the cage the rogue takes his time and pops open all the chests. They contain coins of all sort and some gems.

The passage to the next area has a pair of stone and wood barricades. The brawler jumps over the first one and triggers a trap but the builders obviously had no concept of aim as it missed the brawler completely. The rest of the party is able to get through the barricade. The next area is a large cavern with a large pile of rubble. The ceiling height is low at only 5 feet. There are a couple of kobold corpses with shovels. There’s also an older human corpse, well dressed, crushed and half buried by the rubble. His corpse has a couple of keys on a keyring. One looks like a house key and one is a brass key. In the time the party investigated the area we were visited by a group of kobolds. We were able to force the kobolds to parley and get some information from her. First off, their leader is Roaghaz, arranged for the toppling of the tower, indeed hired by the wizard. Their lair resides in the quarry that the townsfolk had recently abandoned but which is currently flooded. We’re able to get her to draw a crude map to the lair and show us a way back to the surface which does exit near the quarry.

We lock up the money and the body in the cage with the silver and copper and decide to check out the wizard’s house before we finish trying to bring up the loot. The Baroness and two deputies are outside the house when we get there. We explain to the Baroness the situation with the wizard being dead and she does provide us with our reward. She would like us to take care of the kobolds at this point as well because even though they haven’t been an issue to this point this event makes then reconsider that stance. She offers us a dozen amethysts each valued at 100 gp each.
Session: Game Session - Friday, Jan 01 2016 from 6:15 PM to 9:15 PM
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