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Entry #9
Well journal its time to write again.

As we travel I still wonder about my sister , what happened to her. Not sure but hopefully I will find her one day.

We continued investigating the island as usual we came across more evil that needed to be removed from our world. At these pillars there was these two ugly dogs. They were very tough and we barely survived. We had to go rest and recover by the wood guys again.

We went and talked to the little balls of light and found out that they did not like the azlanti. We were able to communicate with them ( barely ). They told us where our people are being held.

We need to go rescue them so I can go get my new shirt.

Oh and Dribble wants more berries sighe

Well that is all for now
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Entry #8
Well journal here is another short one.

As usual Dribble says I still owe him berries.

We were searching this Forrest and we were attacked by ghostly creatures

They were tough I could not hurt them not sure why.

We came across some wrecks and living amongst them were these wooden guys they were nice
They thought we were the shapchangers at first but we convinced them that we were not

We traded with them and they let us sleep there.

Their leader was OLD he remembered the azlanti he was alive then.

Well that’s enough for now.
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Entry #7
Well journal Dribble says I need to be less Lazy and keep up with my writing.

So here is just a short one.

Well we finished off the ugly people in town and decided to help the colony again.

I wonder if we will ever get promoted shrug

Oh and the tailer still has not finished my new shirt sighe, I wonder how much longer he needs mother never took that long to make a shirt.

After a lot of hard work we figured out where the ugly people were coming from and decided to go find them.

Dribble and I pulled our boat across to the island they were on.
It was fun and Dribble enjoyed it.

When we arrived we found some ruins and began searching for clues.

While we were searching we came across this thing that attacked it it was a table can you believe that journal we were attacked by a table.

We finally defeated the table.

After killing the table Dribble was upset all he kept saying was yuck yuck you owe me a lot of berries that thing tasted nasty.

Well guess I’ll have to use the stick to make him berries.

Well journal that’s all for now.
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Entry #6
well journal a few things happened since the last time I wrote .

We spent some time looking at this neat broken tower it was tall an Dribble an I climbed to the top of it. We looked out over the water the view was exquisite.

We are not sure what but was used for well at least it looked neat.

We spent some time talking to some odd looking people who lived by it, they let us go check it out and agreed to be friends.

We returned home to check on my new shirt but some of the colonist attacked us turning into these ugly things with long arms. Those long arms almost killed me , my friends were able to save me though.

We then went around town fighting different groups of those thingies. We came across two colonist arguing ( the same two who were arguing over the same house). We convinced them to work together, and we all proceeded to kill more of the them things god they are tough.

We went to look for more people and came across the old pathfinder he was one of them probably one if there leaders. He had some of his minions try to burn down The towns government house. We barely saved it. We killed all of his minions and defeated him but he would not talk.

Now we have the task of finding out where these murderous bastards came from, what happened to the colonist they impersonated? Where did they come from? Did they travel here with us or did they capture and kill people while we were out exploring?

What will happen next it seems we cannot catch a break.

On another note I still wonder where my sister is I pray she is alive and well maybe I will see her again one day.

Oh I need to go see if my new shirt is ready!!!!!!

Well that is enough rambling for now, until later!
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An Inner Threat
Having liberated and securing the cooperation of the native populace, locating valuable natural resources for the colony, and exploring several of the Azlanti sites, I thought our heavy work had come to a tidy close. We had earned some rest and relaxation. Finally, I could settle down to some crafting!

But no, something sinister was afoot in the colony during our forays into the island interior. Faceless stalkers had infiltrated the colony. Had they stowed away on the ship among the other settlers? Have they been on the island the entire time, waiting for more victims with the arrival of each ship?

I do not know the answer, but I am certain of one thing - no colony will survive here as long as they remain. They must be stopped.
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