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Recap from last session
20 Apr 4719 - Rescued Milo (NPC) from quicksand. Site documented to prevent further mishaps.

21 Apr 4719 - Alba Divenvaar asked for group to retrieve some alchemical reagents in exchange for half value of items. Encountered an assassin vine at site. Retrieved 600gp worth of reagents (300gp worth of alchemical items offered).

23 Apr 4719 - Anya Sunstrider called upon group to hunt down a couple of boars while she is off training colonists. Group decided to dig a few pits and cover them with branches and bait. Managed to capture and kill 2 boars.

24 Apr 4719 - Came across Leutin Calewick (smithy) and Harcourt Carrolby (wealthy horse guy) arguing over the large residence inside the palisade (A7). Stopped argument and came to a proposal that both agree to.

26 Apr 4719 - A few colonists that were fishing not far from the settlement came running down the beach claiming to be chased by “fish people”. Encountered a few Skum creatures. Found map on one of them that showed a tower-like building with notes in Aboleth script saying “transport prisoners here”. Tried interrogating one. He mentioned an Aboleth named Ochymua. Party decided to head there immediately.

On way to tower, found old site with a couple of construct guardians. They want to teach ways of their god (Acavna) and Azlant. Party agreed to bring students to them. Dibble agreed to come by for about an hour a day to learn. Eiradin recognized god as being a dead god. Apparently these constructs are unaware. Party opted not to tell them. They mentioned a human woman named Eliza who passed by not so long ago and left heading toward the tower. They also gave detailed directions to the tower.
Session: Game Session - Wednesday, May 29 2019 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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Brief recap with dates
10 Apr 4719 - Arrived at Ancorato, explored colony, reunited with ship, returned with colonists to Talmandor's Bounty.

10-17 Apr 4719 - Downtime in settlement. Crafting, settling in.

18 Apr 4719 - found choker caverns.
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Entry 3
We cleaned up our house and started to repair and renovate the place.

I planted a garden so we would have some food.

Me and Bryn also went exploring ( didn find anything worthwhile)

The days have past as Delmar was really busy making stuff.
Dribble likes Delmar

Well I still wonder what happen to my sister. Well journal I intend to find her one day.

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Entry 2
Dribble and I arrived with several others; Alafdal a fighter he is a little odd, Eiraden who is supposed to be a healer ( Have not seen him heal yet), Bryn the gillman, and Delmar the weird Dwarf ( never seen a dwarf as strange as this one always talking of magic ).

We traveled through the town trying to discover what had happened to the colonists. We discovered several clues.

There were several bad creatures who were not fun.

We fought and killed several insects that Delmar called Ankhegs.

We cleared out the beasts from their lair and claimed it for our own.

We cleared the town salvaging what we could.

Afterwards I had to make more berries and this time I gave one to dribble( He was very happy )

Oh and I can't forget about that paper we found that lists the missing colonist.

Well then we decided to travel overland to meet up with our friends on the ship and on the way we came across some poor Piggies (I talked to them I fed them some berries as they were only hungry the poor things)The guys were upset that I fed our berries to them. But we made new friends.

We finally rejoined our friends and reported to the captain.

The captain informed us that the ship could not move. Me Dribble and Bryn went for a swim and found several fishes on the bottom of the boat. Me Driibke and Bryn killed the, and brought them to the cook for dinner. The ship was then Able to move.

The captain told us of a cave where the Gindy things lived so what do we do we go and see what is there. We kill all the Grindys and fight and defeat the chieftain who we take prisoner. I could not talk to her so I let the others handle that. We then decided the caves could be useful and claimed them.

We returned and reported to the captain and leader of colony.

They gave us a house for our reward.

I picked the one with the fields and well ( the one the long armed thing was in and it left the barrel of spirits).

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First day
So many strange creatures transformed here. Plants attacking us in the fields. Octopus claiming a mans mind on land. Creatures with exceptionally long arms stealing wine. This place is filled with dangers I have never seen before.

What is the purpose of this image from long ago? How long have the pathfinders been aware of Azlanti technology?

I am glad we had the strength to eliminate the vermin of the settlement. I hope that is the last we see of those Ankheg's. It was a relief to finally see that smoke house burn to the ground. Rebuilding a smoke house is a lot easier than replacing a life.

The Grindylow were a dangerous foe. I hope that we routed all of them out of those caves. Their leader claims she never saw the fate of the settlement. It is hard to believe a hundred people disappeared over night without evidence of such a drastic action.

We seem to find more corpses of settlers than answers to their whereabouts.
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