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A New Crafting Ally
I managed to repair a clockwork servant of the temple. She goes by the name Aoinse. She is quite knowledgeable of the temple layout and has agreed to help us.

Her first request was for us to re-establish power to the temple. This we did, but we also unleashed a trio of lightning elementals. It was all we could do to escape with our lives. We returned, healed and rested, to find them gone. For good, I hope!

Having cleared the dry parts of the temple, it is time to turn our attention to the submerged section.
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Temple of Amaznen
The Wisps directed us to the lair of the stalkers - an ancient Azlanti temple of Amaznen. Such a marvelous place. If only our business here were of a more archaeological nature.

Battle after battle, we fight the stalkers in the courtyard and in the temple itself. Their numbers seem without end.

Among them, we found four captured colonists - no doubt ensorcelled. We were able to free three of them and have left them in the care of the Wyrwoods.
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Scouring Zanas-Tahn
Everywhere we look, we find no stalkers.

At a set of Azlanti teleportation standing stones, we endured a vicious attack by Hounds of Tindalos.

But not all the creatures here are out for our blood. We did make peace with a cabal of wooden constructs - Wyrwoods - and established trade with them. They quite fancy ioun stones.

We also had peaceful negotiations with a garden of Will o'Wisps. Good thing, too, as I was running low on Magic Missiles.
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To the Island of Zanas-Tahn
We intercepted signals from the faceless stalkers on the distant shores of one of the neighboring islands - Zanas-Tahn. Someone by the name of Karnax awaits our arrival. We set sail to finish the stalkers and rescue our settlers.

Sadly, we find no stalkers on our arrival. Karnax turned out to be a mimic - a table, to be precise.

We must track the stalkers down with only a week to do so. Ramona fears she can only keep the colony in check that long.
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Entry #13
Hey journal just a short note here as I don’t really have much to tell.

We continued exploring the temple while the metal girl worked on the metal guy ( trying to repair him I guess ).

As we explored we came across a group of the ugly guys whose we killed after a short while We were attacked by several groups of the ones Delmar called Skum however we were able to defeat them. One group was hidden in a secret room of course Bryn missed it lol

Hmm I keep asking Abadar to talk to the metal girl just not sure if he did or if he ever eill. Of course I will keep trying. I have also asked him to help me find my sister hopefully she is safe.

Hopefully we can get back soon and I can get the new armor made.

Now o. To important matters I sure hope my new shirt is ready it should match this new robe spectacularly, really can’t wait to get it

Well that is enough rambling for now.

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