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First day
So many strange creatures transformed here. Plants attacking us in the fields. Octopus claiming a mans mind on land. Creatures with exceptionally long arms stealing wine. This place is filled with dangers I have never seen before.

What is the purpose of this image from long ago? How long have the pathfinders been aware of Azlanti technology?

I am glad we had the strength to eliminate the vermin of the settlement. I hope that is the last we see of those Ankheg's. It was a relief to finally see that smoke house burn to the ground. Rebuilding a smoke house is a lot easier than replacing a life.

The Grindylow were a dangerous foe. I hope that we routed all of them out of those caves. Their leader claims she never saw the fate of the settlement. It is hard to believe a hundred people disappeared over night without evidence of such a drastic action.

We seem to find more corpses of settlers than answers to their whereabouts.
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Entry 4 - the Grindylow Cave
The Captain informs us of a nearby Grindylow lair. Having already clashed with a few of their scouts, a concentrated band of them pose a serious threat to the new colony.

We set out to the partially submerged caves. Those swimming lessons are paying dividends! Even Dexter is diving in and outpacing me, too!

Several of the treacherous beasts are encountered and dealt with. We are successful in capturing their leader, a far bigger Grindylow gal. She refuses to speak common. We will bring her back to the ship. Perhaps Bryn can interrogate her in Aquan.
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Entry 3 - Rendezvous with the Ship
Having scoured the colony and gathering up what we could, we overland to regroup with our shipmates.

Crossing a stream, we come upon the body of one of the colonists under the possession of an aberration. Surely they must have run afoul of something, or someone, sinister.

Sadly, as we are Specialists trained in our specific fields, we lack some of the more basic outdoorsman skills. Who has time to study nature and geography when there is money to be made?

Nonetheless, we persevere in the right general direction... more or less...

By hook and crook, we made it! We debrief the Captain. We attempt to sail back to the colony, but the ship is unaturally slowed. The cause - speed suckers attached to the ship's hull. We quickly dispatch with them and are at full sail once more.
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Entry 2 - Our Arrival
Land ho at last, but none to greet us. The colony is deserted.

Captain asks for volunteers to investigate and our stout band steps forward.

Thorough search turns up no living colonists - only a single ghost - who shares his tale of betrayal and murder with us.

Looks to have have been a schism in the colony. Did one side kill the other and flee? But where are the bodies? the graves? Has one side taken the rest captive somehere?

And what of the ancient Azlanti items here? Did the colonist unearth some fell power? Are they under another's control?

More questions than answers, I'm afraid.

On the practical side, the forge and crafting tools look serviceable. I should have that up and running in no time.

Precious few other supplies are salvageable: crops untended, the food storehouse infested with vermin and half the wine supply drunk by a crazed choker.
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Entry 1 - the Voyage
After a few days at sea, I find myself bonding with a few of the fellow travelers:

Alafdal: sailor, by trade. Poor fellow looks to have taken a gaff to the face, or went to bed with his scythe, but that does not deter him in his duties. Brave, if not foolhardy.

Eiraden: pious fellow, very protective and concerned for our wellbeing, though I haven't seen him actually heal any of the injured. Must be of the "ounce of prevention is a worth a pound of cure" mindset.

Dibble (and his companion, Dribble): gnomish wild child, perhaps a bit too trustworthy. A few jokes have been at his expense, but he takes it in stride. And that creature he tends to - I believe it is a Mokele-mbembe, although I did not know them to be able to climb.

Bryn: gillman lad, natural swimmer. He has been providing me with swimming and Azlanti lessons. In return, I have regaled him with some of my best forge stories. He seems so appreciative and eager to hear them!

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