Near some 500 years ago, Talnor was ravaged by war when beings from coinciding planes of existence, wrought the world asunder.
These beings, who tore into reality itself, were creatures of unusual shape. Some are still beyond comprehension to this day.
However, stories are told of beings of shadow who simply disappear into mist, others of pure heat and flame that burnt the very ground that they stepped on to a crisp.
Regardless of their form, they moved at incredible speed, covering the land faster than anyone had anticipated.
Humans, Elves, Dwarves and all other races alike were enslaved.
The lucky ones didn't survive.

People had lost hope until one day, when as soon as the beings swept over the land, they were removed from our existence. No one knows how or who, the only thing anybody saw was a large blazing beam colliding with the rip in reality. A shining figure, standing in its wake. After that, they were gone.
The strange thing? It was the fact that everybody in the world saw this happen, whether it was with their own eyes or not.
Of course people went searching for the valiant hero that banished the evil back from where it came. Unfortunately they were never found.

Since that day the lands healed, cities flourished and people continued their lives. However once a year, the people of the land completely stop their normal lives to celebrate the day of triumph and a hero since forgotten.

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