The journey has just begun...

The Old Empires are at war. The newly crowned boy pharoah of Mulhorand, Horustep III, has mounted an unexpected invasion, conquering the whole of southern Unther. However, despite this glorious victory, his poorly equipped forces are spread dangerously thin. The dwarven kindgom of Ostohar pledges support from the west and joins the conflict against the ailing Untheric nation.

With growing desperation, Untheric Emperor Gilgeam hires waves of mercenaries to scour the lands for ancient artifacts that might save him from utter destruction. One of his key agents, the Zhentarim, have launched an expedition into the Black Ash Plain in an attempt to recover the fabled Cyrilia, an ancient alien being said to have the power to "neutralize armies."

To the west, Tchazzar's temples throughout Chessenta are suddenly alive with fanaticism and are aggressively recruiting new followers. The priests proclaim that the once magnificent "Red Dragon" has reawakened and is summoning faithful acolytes to his side at the Great Temple in Cimbar to reinstate his military glory.

And, in the midst of all this, the diabolical Demon Lord Malebranche the Death Bringer has been freed from the Shadowhold. Already, the peaceful hamlet of Willow Glen is overrun by his devil spawn. The days grow ever shorter and the land will soon succumb to the Long Night.

Only a ragtag band of misfits-turned-heroes knows the secret to defeating the evil threat and doing so will test their resolve.

Deep in the lost city of Xak Tsaroth lies an unconfirmed promise of salvation in the form of the legendary Heart of Dragonkind. Will this myth prove fact? Can the stone be used to defeat Malebranche? Can it be used to unify the Old Empires once and for all?

Four great powers clash for control of the greatest empires ever to grace the surface of Toril. The Gods themselves watch with anticipation as the campaign of Unification unfolds!

"I knew it!"

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Have we eaten yet?
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Internet fixed
...At about 8:30 last night - so it was out just long enough to screw up our schedule.

Anyway, should be on for next week!

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Random Thoughts
I stand waiting for Dinsdale to possibly release another creature from the mysterious orb thinking about how we got here. First I get a missive sending me to Willow's Glen and starting an adventure into the depths of Zeligar's Fortress and the finding of vast treasures. Of course these treasures were taken by an ambitious leprechaun which led to the splitting of our party as losing all those riches sent some of our party over the edge.

Returning to Willow's Glen, Dinsdale and I replenished our ranks only to discover a great evil beneath the town that was accidentally released, devastating the place. We acquired another quest to find some heart stone or such but ended up in some goblin stronghold thus having to destroy the foul beasts. Rescuing some fellows we headed to the great dwarven city of Ostahar where a rash of attempts on my life started.

Saving many a dwarf folk, we became dwarf friends and were sent on another mission to find some artifact. Fighting our way through some ash giants who beat me to a pulp, we eventually convinced them to let us into the ruins of the Tower of Inverness to where we find ourselves now.

It only been a month since this long journey started but I feel like have aged 3 years!!
Session: Game Session #32 - Friday, Jan 19 2018 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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Undead already.
Letting the red wizard take the lead seems like the optimal strategy as judging by the looks I am getting it would be trouble if I spoke out of turn. Hope we leave soon as time is of the essence!
Session: Game Session #31 - Friday, Jan 12 2018 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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Someone Shot Me!!
I can't help but wonder who would want me dead. It must be someone associated with that baby snatcher wizard. One of the few people we have left alive when swords have been crossed. But why me? I'm the strong silent type. Oriseus does all the blabbering!! Or even Dinsdale with the twitchy fingers. I can see me over the dragonborn, Nobody knows who he is as he such an anachronism. I don't even know what an anachronism is!!

All I know is I must be ever more vigilant. It appears the choices we have made are attracting some unwanted attention. These times are truly perilous!!
Session: Game Session #29 - Thursday, Dec 21 2017 from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
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