The journey has just begun...

The diabolical Demon Lord Malebranche the Death Bringer has been freed from the Shadowhold. Already, the peaceful hamlet of Willow Glen is overrun by his devil spawn. The days grow ever shorter and the land will soon succumb to the Long Night.

Only a ragtag band of misfits-turned-heroes knows the secret to defeating the evil threat and doing so will test their resolve.

Deep in the lost city of Xak Tsaroth lies an unconfirmed promise of salvation in the form of the legendary Heart of Dragonkind. Will this myth prove fact? Can the stone be used to defeat Malebranche? The Gods themselves watch with anticipation as the campaign of Unification unfolds!

uh oh.

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Arrakes leveled!
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It's been good to exercise.
Nothing like toasting goblins (Who seem to have survived as a species these past 3000 years) to warm up the old muscle memory, I was a little surprised I could still remember the casting signs and words of magic considering it had been so long but the stasis has preserved everything it seems, Helm watch over us all.
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Epic × 2!
Thursday, September 17, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 11:30 a.m.
Exhausted, you reach the narrow eastward corridor. The short hallway ends abruptly at a crudely fashioned iron bar gondola suspended at the near edge of a 40' by 50' room. The floor of the room is missing. Instead, the glassy surface of opaque black water sits 15 feet below. Across the hallway is another corridor leading further east. There are short-ceilinged passageways out on the north and south walls as well. All exits are at your current height above the water. The gondola is the only way forward.

You have never seen so many goblins and their clever use of tricks and traps is more than unnerving. You survey your companions. For the first time since your arrival to this cave, you detect shadows of doubt creasing their faces.

Are we winning this battle, or are we just being drawn deeper into their trap? To our doom?
Session: Game Session #14 - Friday, Jan 27 2017 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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Thursday, September 17, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 8:30 a.m.
Thorak brings up the rear as the last of the party darts up a short flight of stairs. The beating of goblin war drums echoes from all directions. The roughly cut stone walls, ceiling and floor are lit by a single point of faintly blue light emanating from the tip of Arrakes's spear. Harsh shadows flit all around you as the party struggles to regain its composure. You find yourself near a four-way intersection. The air is stuffy and humid, carrying the stink of body odor and waste. At your feet lie the bloodied and battered corpses of two filthy goblins. Brother Dareus wipes muck off his hand and turns to look at his companions.

Maybe this little adventure will be more dangerous than you had expected.
Session: Game Session #13 - Friday, Jan 20 2017 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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Wednesday, September 16, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 6:00 p.m.
How strange to have found this ancient temple here. It's exquisite craftsmanship so starkly contrasts with the crude goblin tunnels you stepped out of; the gleaming white stonework around you is perfectly set and polished. In the center of the room rests an ornate fountain full of now black, brackish water. Standing in the water is a white stone statue of an alien humanoid with slender features and hands of three almost elegant-looking fingers. Its angular face appears to be female (though you can't be entirely sure) and her gaze is piercing. The figure wears robes emblazoned with intricate patterns. In one three-fingered hand, she holds an engraved metal scroll case.

Dinsdale bends down to look at the small body of a desiccated humanoid. "Goblin" is all he says, but as he does so, strange winged creatures dive from the ceiling in a concerted attack. The creatures resemble bats with elongated snouts. There seem to be dozens of them!
Session: Game Session #12 - Friday, Nov 11 2016 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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