The journey has just begun...

The diabolical Demon Lord Malebranche the Death Bringer has been freed from the Shadowhold. Already, the peaceful hamlet of Willow Glen is overrun by his devil spawn. The days grow ever shorter and the land will soon succumb to the Long Night.

Only a ragtag band of misfits-turned-heroes knows the secret to defeating the evil threat and doing so will test their resolve.

Deep in the lost city of Xak Tsaroth lies an unconfirmed promise of salvation in the form of the legendary Heart of Dragonkind. Will this myth prove fact? Can the stone be used to defeat Malebranche? The Gods themselves watch with anticipation as the campaign of Unification unfolds!

Gods I wish there was better ventilation down here.

Yoohoo! Oriseus!

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I need more time to prepare!
I had hoped to have gotten further with my planning for this week's session.

I'm going to have to postpone until next week. Sorry gang!

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A new path
Clanggedin bless me. He was surely watching over me as I was roaming out of the city boundary's. On my mission to get quenching oil for my newest craft, the head of my rune pike. Running into dead kin was chilling and quite a shock not knowing the dangers around. But, the timely return of some adventures including Sir Thorak. I traveled back home. But not till we hunted down an slayed the ones that killd me kin. Even if my part was small in the battle it was good to strike back at the enemies of me Clan

Drathgar Apprentice Rune smith of Clan Silvermace
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Red wizard of failure
I tend not to prefer ambushes, but in this case it was quite effective in neutralizing the group of slavers, the interrogation went rather smooth as well, though the execution left a bad taste in my mouth as he was defenseless and we could have traded him to Ostihar for passage into the city, I'm not sure why I did not speak up when I had the chance, I guess some part of me wanted him dead. maybe I enjoy killing too much as I have become rather proficient in it these past few weeks, whatever the case may be I should atone with Helm this evening.
Session: Game Session #25 - Thursday, May 18 2017 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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Epic × 2!
Tunnels..... AGAIN...
After decimating the giant beings and apparently foiling a plot to attack a human settlement elsewhere (If my superior still existed I may have gotten a medal), we rest in yet ANOTHER underground tunnel of stifling air, black mold, and the dank smell of the local half-orc.

I didn't much like giving those undead wretches anything but it seemed best to get past them with as little strife as possible, with just coming out of a battle of gigantic proportions it seemed unwise to challenge the spectral doormen.

Twas good to squish some goblins, blow off a little steam.
Session: Game Session #24 - Thursday, May 11 2017 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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Epic × 2!
I don't remember becoming so adept at setting creatures alight, being that of a frosty-metallic disposition that breathes the cold air I seem to have an ease to casting much in the way of fire, seems Helm still provides after all these years, I must be doing something right.

It also seems I'm the only one who keeps a journal in this camp, makes me question the education of the civilizations in this day and age.
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