When the heroes of Emerald City fail to protect their citizens, when hope seems lost, fear not for justice strikes...

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When did I start worrying over Agent Starkey? I mean, it's always been his job to keep us in line. And I understand why some in the SOC want o keep us on a short leash... but hte idea that they'll never let us get anywhere at all is kind of galling....

But it's not even that I worry about what we might get instead of him, as that I worry about what they'll do to him. Weird.

And now I am worried about what they're going to do to Loki. I never ended up in one of the really BAD places, but after what we saw with Reiedra, and some of the things DD has let drop... Where will they put her, and for how long? I mean, stealing some apples can't be worth a long stretch in a dark hole. Not really.... right?

But the madness never stops... now we have a kidnapping. By a dolphin. A dolphin has kidnapped someone.

Life is interesting....

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Between revenge and justice
The line is very thin. All the little gods and djinni know I can understand the drive to avenge the percieved wrongs and slights of the world, but.... when you stand back and look, there are issues of scale, right? I mean, who calls a vengeance demon to settle the score for petty grievances? Apparantly, a lot of peopole would if they knew how.

Remnamt and I seem to be in some sort of truce with each other (whcih menas that helping the fallen angel seems to have balanced my scale . Just have to be careful going forward) but that doesn't get my teammmates off the hook at all.

At least for this go-around, we found the source of the problem. Man, that kid could lecture. Full-on Bales' complete with frothing at the mouth. But he's contained and with luck, his victims will all bounce back. It's hard getting slapped in the face with all your darkest deeds and thoughts and the guilt you suppress over them all at once.... but I hope that it wil help them become better and more empathetic in the future. I might have to see what kind of program can be set up to help them....

Atonement. Seems to be the theme lately.
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Time Hop
It was only about six blocks to the Taylor residence, so after a few more questions of Leon and gathering a few more potential pieces of evidence, we set off.

The Taylor’s home looked like - well, like a teenage scientist lived there, and wasn't afraid of minor setbacks like scorching the driveway, or melting the siding. Regardless, this was the place, so I set off across the overgrown lawn.

About halfway to the front door, everything changed. My link to DD cut off, and there was a weird tingling sensation. I stood, blinking for a moment in the sudden bright sunlight. The lawn was now immaculately groomed, and in front of me was a neat house, with well-tended rose buses and a clean gravel driveway. When I looked down, I realized that instead of the costume Ive become used to, I was wearing a dress, flats, and gloves, all still in the same toes as my usual garb. A golden veil shimmered an inch or so from my eyes, and I could feel that I was now wearing a mask.

Golden Gloves stumbled behind me, almost knocking me to the ground. He was wearing a workman’s jumpsuit, work boots, and a domino mask. On the lapel sparkled an insignia of two boxing gloves, and the back read “Golden Gloves Gym”.

A man, with pipe in hand, stepped out of the house and called “Well, if it isn't the city’s protector, Halcyon, and her negro sidekick.” I could sense Golden Gloves stiffen beside me, so I decided to play along and continue the conversation before he could start anything. When I explained our errand to have a word with “young Larry”, we - well, I - was invited into the home to find the scamp in the basement.

I did have to talk him into allowing Golden Gloves into the house, insisting that I had to have my trusty sidekick with me. (Apparently the man was willing to accept that he would be useful fighting Martians and Nazis (that’s pretty dope, actually, that we fight Nazis and Martians..) but didn't think it would be appropriate to have my friend in his home.)

Eventually, however, we were both shown to the steps leading down to the basement. On the steps, everyone else joined us, but they had apparently come via other routes as well, and the mind link was still gone. DD and Zephyr looked like hippies (DD even had flowers painted on her nails, and a crown of plastic daisies.). Kay looked completely normal, but was followed by a Remnant who, somehow, looked even more pissed off than usual. But he didn't seem to be making a move at any of us, so hopefully he’s as pissed about this situation as we all are.

The basement, clearly this kid’s lab, held a large metal table with whatever mechanism was causing all of this - some floating discs, disturbances in the clear air. Larry, the center of everything, was a grubby young man. About 15, and wearing filthy jeans and a now-grayish t-shirt, and more impressively, some sort of device on his arm, clearly the controls for the whole thing.

He commanded Remnant to attack us, we (well the rest of the group, really) managed to stop both Remnant and Larry. I got a good chunk of data off the kid’s computer, but it was, of course, waaaaaaay too massive to just copy. I did write down some of the key notes about the construction of and theory behind the device, figuring it would be handy to have.

The SOC came, and we all gave our reports. Given Kay’s report about what Starkey had said, I was hesitant to trust them as completely as we had been. I decided not to reveal that I had had some time with the computer, even though it felt a little weird not to be open with them. Since we had tried to go completely straight, I had been up front with all of it, but now - now that felt a little foolish. I hid the notes I had taken, and kept my mouth shut about it.

Finally, we were allowed to go. I was looking forward to going home and giving Zephyr the notes, and then trying to get a little sleep...
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In Other News
"The recent string of strange events in Century City, strange even for Century City in this reporter's opinion, seems to have been solved. A young woman who has been identified as "Loki" engaged in some sort of prank war against the citizens of our fair city and our heroes: the team known as TASK.

"Task was on hand to apprehend her tonight in Century Park, though the memorial for our namesake hero was destroyed in the conflict. This is just one more crime to lay at the feet of this prankster/supervillain.

::insert of and unflatteringly disheveled Loki shrieking at the camera incoherently::

"More on this story as it developes..."
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When you least expect it...
Remnant will pop up. We had fought him at the park, where he left a lot of traumatized and guilt-ridden children in his wake, and I went back to my ritual space to see if I could concoct a ritual to send him away and break his contact to the current ... controller? Partner? Host? Whatever. But of course, he showed up at the base before
I was ready for him. And he got to Starkey. I don't know if Starkey wuill ever be the same. He was pretty well shattered.

I hate to think about hwat he might have dredged up in my own soul and conscience if he'd gotten to try it. As it was, driving him away was not easy.

And then there was Starkey's confession. His orders, his placement here, all to keep us from ever reachuing any level of trust again. Maybe we've earned a degree of distrust, sure, but the idea that we'd never be able to shake it off, no matter what we do... that people were actively trying to make sure we didn't get the jobs or credit we might eventually earn... frustrating.
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