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Sometimes, we have to make a decision very quickly. no time to think about it, or wonder how it will all turn out. We just do it. So when I realized that I could use the "castle" trick I'd been practicing to escape a grapple to jump into a grapple, and save Daydream from whatever Copper-guy had in mind, I just, well, did it.

And we've been so busy since that I've had very little time to absorb what it means. At first I thought the effect would wear off. But it hasn't. And then, surely, Nakatomi could offer some hope, some solution? No. My magical abilities have been scrubbed at the genetic level, even the illusions, which were my only real talent before solo.

So, wehre does this leave me?

Locked out of the house, where everything I own is. Now it's all in Cousin Dee's possession. I suppose this makes her the new "investment," though, which might be kind of a relief.

But -- no powers. I can still baffle a bad guy with bullfeathers, but that's not going to keep me from going splat inthe next fight.

I suppose I can answer the phone. And make coffee. We need a receptionist, right?

And I'm being courted. Yay. One group, I am pretty sure, is Hell itself, and one is maybe Lucifer? That one actually gave me a time limit... And the third, some sort of Chaos god. No, thanks.

It's depressing. Even after all the work I've -- we've -- done, I'm only being recruited by evil or chaos powers. Only the bad guys want me.

Maybe I can never make up for the bad things I've done. Maybe giving up the power is the only way now. I just know I can't work for any of them. Not if I want to end up on the right side of things.

Worst is the idea that the others will have to move on without me, because there is a new threat on the horizon and all of this isn't going to stop just because Kay Presto isn't part of it anymore.

I already miss being a hero.

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Epic × 2!
So all of this, this, this nonsense, all of it, was so my little sister could be famous. More famous than me.

So my dad could prove that Coraline was his favorite.

So they could thumb their noses at me, pull the stunt in my city, show that they didn't care what I did about it.

My dad, wanting to show me that he's stronger than me, his mere creation. And he's right in some ways - I didn't anticipate that he would have shrunk himself into that piece of equipment, just to get himself into our base. (But I did impress him by holding up that building, even if only for that brief moment.)

He's right, though. I'm not on board with the “family’s plans” anymore. I mostly just see the waste of it, the great risk for a measly reward. I've taken a step back, and seen the larger picture. And frankly, I'm kind of horrified at some of the things my family - that I've done.

Coraline can have her fame. I just want them to stop destroying innocent people's lives.
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Facing the Family
I'll admit, I was really, really hoping that I wouldn't have to fight my family in my new capacity as a cape - it was a bad enough experience when we fought them while we were working for Solo. I wanted so badly to navigate that middle ground between being a good guy and being the daughter of a villain.

It was worse, having to call, and having to keep my father on the line long enough for Kay to track his location. And it was hard, really hard, to hear him say some of the things that he said, both on the phone and even after we caught up with them.

That I've never been as concerned with the family as I should have been, that I was more concerned with being looked at. That I was a disappointment. That I was just a prototype - he'd perfected the design. I was unnecessary now. I thought back to the Dad I adored, and when I heard him saying those things, it felt like I was being stabbed in the heart. And I had to let him keep going, I had to goad him into saying more, anything, so that we could find them.

They didn't miss me. They didn't want to avoid crossing paths. They didn't care that they might have to fight me, that they might have to hurt me. And even if I didn't take a physical hit in the fight, I am hurt. All I want to do is go have a cry somewhere. I love my parents, and I did more to raise my brother than either of my parents did... but they apparently don't care. They see me as a turncoat, and they would be as happy to see me dead as any other cape that got in their way.

And they definitely, actively wanted to hurt DD. I still don't know what it was that she did to them, but they have hated her as long as I've known her - I think from even before that.
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New tricks
I knew the house could take me places -- it had been mentioned before that if I needed/wanted to escape this dimension when HWC came, the house would take me somewhere safe. I didn't think about the ramifications... until last night when I was listening to the storm warnings and thinking about how nice it would be to be somewhere sunny and warms and maybe on the beach... as I was opening the door to have a look at the current state of the weather on my street. I stepped out into a lovely historical neighborhood in bermuda, which made it early afternoon there instead of evening. I spent a lazy afternoon basking in the sun in the yard, napping in the shade of a tree, and had a swim before I went "to work." It was nice.

Of course, here in the "real world," we're about to have a major storm. I keep worrying about Amos and the other homeless folks in the city. I hope some of them will come in before it gets too bad out there. At least the kids...

Of course, assoon as I make plans... there's a job for us. Well, maybe I can still get back and do a magic show for the kids...
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