• Maynard1_thumb
    Brother Maynard Dwarf/M/Stkr/Zen Archer Monk
    "I'm afraid there will be a certain amount of violence forthcoming"
    Description:A bald, beardless dwarf. Not aesthetically pleasing to look at. Brother Maynard favors simple dress - plain robes, often.
    Background:As a small child, Maynard was taken in by the Order of the Perfect Sphere. Maynard gravitated toward the teachings of Abadar, and the marvels of civilization.
  • Old_human_wizard_thumb
    Fizby Human?/M/Stkr/Wizard/1
    "Did i do that."
  • Warelephantciv_thumb
    Kroog Human/M/Stkr/Druid/1
  • Old_anime_man._thumb
    Barnabas Half-elf/M/Summoner
    "Get off my lawn!"
    Description:A thin wiry old fellow favoring practical garb and a walking stick. His eternally dour expression seems at odds with the mischievous twinkle in his eye.
    Background:Barnabas was always a man ill-suited to his surroundings. Quick witted and gregarious but physically unremarkable, he spent the balance of his life scratching out a meager living in Rostland, unable to put either quality to much use. He grew up, married, raised a family, saw his children grow ...

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