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On to the Stag Lord
Desnus 5th – We met up again with Kroog, and discussed our plans. We sold some items to Oleg, and ordered some goods and supplies. I had a discussion with Jhod about his dream again, and also talked to Kesten about the man he was looking for. We were going to load up some feed and head out again when Annie suggested we rest. While I was loathe to rest while there was still so much work to do, the others seemed to also want to rest.

Desnus 6th -10th – Having naught else to do, I spent most of my time in meditation and taking Leeroy out for walks. Leeroy languished in the attention, at times getting silly and rambunctious. The other set about at their tasks, readying themselves for the ride to where we expected to find the lost temple.

Desnus 11th – Barnabas apparently got called away again on some errand. So we rode out – Fizby, Kroog, Annie, and myself. We made our way to the forested area where the temple was hidden. Using the explorer's map, it was a simple matter to find the lost temple.

The “temple” was a cave in the side of a cliff with broken stairs leading to it. There was a pool of water in front of the stairs that seemed to be thick with algae. Annie moved forward to go drink out of the pool, and as she did so, we could hear something stir from inside the cave.

Kroog sent his leopards forward to attack. As I moved up, I could see what appeared to be a grizzly bear. The leopards seemed to tear into the bear with great zeal, and made short work of it. As the bear died, it let out a sigh, and appeared to change into an old man before it withered to ashes. Obviously there was a story there that we would perhaps never know. I made a note to ask Jhod about it, maybe he would have some insight.

After the bear died, the pool cleared up, and the surrounding foliage seemed to become more colorful. Perhaps a sign that the temple was free to be used again. We explored the inside of the cave, but it appeared to be barren.

Desnus 12th and 13th – We rode south, getting near the edge of our charter. Most of the forest was empty, but we did chance upon a thylacine that was trapped in a pit. As Kroog neared the edge of the pit, the edge gave way, nearly trapping Kroog as well. Fortunately, Kroog was able to jump back.

As the thylacine was just a forest animal, and posed little threat to us, nobody in the group wanted to just kill it. We discussed various means for helping the animal get out of the pit. We eventually settled on felling a tree, and leaning it into the pit so the thylacine could climb out. We then moved away, so as to let the animal come out and go about its business.

Desnus 14th – we rode east, into the Kamelands. In the hilly terrain we came across a small valley that contained a great thicket. Upon closer inspection, the thicket contained fang berries! Looking closer, the bushes also seemed infested with spiders. Fizby used his frost magic to destroy the spiders, while not harming the berries. Kroog then deftly navigated the undergrowth, avoiding the thorns, and gathering the fang berries. We decided to camp out, and head back to Oleg's the next day.

Desnus 15th and 16th – we rode for most of the day, heading first to drop off the fang berries at Bokken's hut. With our reward, we ordered a potion of invisibility. It seemed like a useful item to have on hand. We then rode to Oleg's, arriving in the evening. We spoke to Jhod, and made arrangements to take him to the recovered temple. As Jhod had no horse of his own, I lent him Leeroy, which he promised to care for until I returned.

Desnus 17th –
We rode from Oleg's to the lost shrine of Erastil. Jhod was very pleased, and started preparing the temple for use. I gave Jhod Leeroy's toys, and made sure to instruct the priest on how to look after my horse.

Desnus 18th – We rode to the ruin where we encountered the boggard. Kroog used his magic to make the boggard speak common.

We learned that the boggard's name was Garum, and that he had been cast out of his tribe for attempting to usurp his chieftain. The others seemed to feel that Garum would be a decent ally. I had my doubts, but without actually witnessing any wrongdoing, I did not feel comfortable slaying him. However, if I hear rumors of this boggard harassing or murdering citizens, I would return to kill him personally. One important item of note from our conversation was that the boggard claimed the bandits had some sort of base somewhere near the Tuskwater.

Desnus 19th – We rode until nearly dusk, out of the Narlmarches, to the shores of the Tuskwater. Eventually we came to a hill upon which an old fortress was built. Observing the fort from afar, we noticed there were some guard towers along the palisade wall. There was one main road that lead up to the front gate. After a time, we noticed that the guards seemed focused on the main road, and generally unconcerned about the other directions.

As it was getting dark, Kroog and I decided to scout closer to the fort, using our darkvision. As we rounded the exterior of the fort, moving to within one hundred feet of the wall, suddenly zombies burst from the ground, and attacked! While I seemed to have no difficulty peppering the zombies with arrows, the zombies were quite resilient, and seemed to take several shots before they stopped attacking. Kroog, in the meantime, seemed to be confounded by zombies. After we destroyed the first four, another group rose up out of the ground. We decided to beat a hasty retreat back to where the others were camped out.

We discussed strategy, and Fizby told us that he could use his magic to create a bank of fog that we could hide in as we advanced up the main road. So inside the fog we crept up all the way to the fron gate. There, Kroog used his magic to make the gate fall off its hinges.

When the bandits came forth to investigate, we attacked. The first wave seemed to pose little challenge. As we pushed into the fort, one bandit declared that he would no longer follow the Stag Lord, and turned on his fellows. Shortly after that, the Stag Lord himself appeared. His helm looking like the skull of a stag. He held a composite bow, which he seemed to use to good effect, nearly eviscerating Annie with one shot.

Perhaps the Stag Lord was overconfident, for whatever reason, he ran forward to get mobbed by Kroog's leopards, and died very swiftly afterward. Upon the Stag Lord's death, an owlbear burst from its cage, intending to eat the leopards, but the leopards held their own, and soon the owlbear was defeated as well.

I turned to the bandit that changed allegiance and proceeded to question him...
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The Hunt Continues
Gozreh 13th – When we got up that morning Kroog left to go back to Oleg's. Annie Khan returned from whatever errand had kept her away. We saddled up, and ventured west through the Narlmarches, exploring the forest. The fey creatures that were hounding us in tow. Noting that Barnabas' offer of liquor seemed to help him, Annie decided to also offer the fey a bottle. After that, the fey seemed to focus their attentions on Fizby... Otherwise, a fairly uneventful day.

Gozreh 14th – We continued west, eventually coming upon the Skunk River. We followed the Skunk to its end, and saw a large pool. In the pool were three giant frogs. As they are somewhat dangerous, we decided to clear them out. It was a simple matter, the frogs were not much of a challenge, except that they were apparently the pets of a group of nixies, who ambushed us while we were disposing of the frogs. I got hit with a crossbow bolt, but shrugged it off. We were able to defeat the nixies.

Gozreh 15th to 16th - Riding westward, we left the Narmarches, eventually getting to what I rekoned was the edge of our charter, and then explored south, reentering the Narlmarches, and exploring there too.

Gozreh 17th and 18th – As we were getting low on horse feed, we decided to head back to Oleg's. We rode hard, eventually getting to Oleg's by nightfall on the 18th.

Gozreh 19th – We took some time to trade with Oleg, sell our booty, hand over Kressel's body to Kesten and collect our reward. Kesten told us about a bandit he was offering a reward for, a Falgrim Sneeg. Falgrim was a Varisian man, ex-mercenary, and Kesten wanted him alive (preferably). We ordered some goods from Oleg, and he expressed interest in getting the head piece of a tatzlwyrm for his mantle. At the mention of this, and old hunter named Vekkel with a missing leg piped up and offered a reward for the head of an awful boar known around these parts as Tuskgutter.

Gozreh 20th – As we got ready to leave that morning, Svetlana seemed a little sad. I was concerned that she might not be up to looking after Leeroy for me, but she assured me that wasn't the case. I resolved to bring her back something nice as a thank you gesture. She seemed to be treating Leeroy well, and I was grateful for that. Armed with our arsenal of new tasks, we set out Oleg's, rounding the east side of the Narlmarches through the plains and hills, eventually coming to the banks of the Thorn.

Gozreh 21st to 22nd – We explored the hills around the Thorn, and came to a bridge. The bridge appeared to be quite weathered, so we inspected it. We discovered that the bridge was not very sturdy, and would definitely collapse if we rode over it with our horses. We had to ride to the north, almost back to the bandit camp where we fought Kressel, to ford the river. Then back down again to explore the other side of the river.

Gozreh 23rd – Heading west again, we rode back into the Narlmarches. Near midday we came upon what appeared to be a lair of sorts – a fallen tree making a lean-to, with several bones and detritus scattered about. After a bit of investigation, we surmised that this was probably the lair of the infamous Tuskgutter. So we laid an ambush. I set up bear traps at the entrance, while Annie and Fizby waited inside the lair. Barnabas, Tarkus, and I took up positions out side the lair, hiding in the bushes.

The Tuskgutter was a ferocious beast! Almost as big as a horse, the creature nearly felled Annie's horse with one blow. We hit the beast with everything we had, and it even stepped in one of the bear traps, but it took a huge amount of punishment before the beast went down. We were lucky not to have any casualties.

However, we were victorious, and decided to camp at Tuskgetter's lair. It was reasonable to assume that we would be safe, as other animals would avoid the area.

Gozreh 24th – We finished exploring and mapping the region around Tuskgutter's lair.

Gozreh 25th and 26th - Having spent a couple of extra days fording the river and waiting for Tuskgutter, we decided to head back to Oleg's. We spoke to Vekkel, and he gave us a longbow and six magical arrows.

Gozreh 27th to 29th – We rode south westerly from Oleg's, cutting through the Narlmarches, to get back to Tuskgutter's lair, then head west.

Gozreh 30th – We managed to meet up with the Skunk River again. As we explored, we came upon an ancient Taldan ruin. I dismounted and approached warily. I discovered that a boggard and his pet slurk were hiding in the ruins. While we were discussing what to do about him, the boggard must have heard us. He emerged from the ruin, and called out “TRUCE!” in broken common tongue. While my instinct told me that boggards are awful cannibals, and I wanted to kill him, my morals felt that killing someone asking for a truce was despicable. We attempted to communicate, but the boggard only knew a couple of words of common, and none of our party could speak boggard.

We decided to leave the boggard alone for the time being, perhaps when I returned to Oleg's I could get more information on this boggard.

Desnus 1st - Journeying westward, continuing to explore the Narlmarches. Eventually we came upon a great statue of Erastil. The statue had the head of a stag, and I wondered if there was any connection between the Stag Lord and Erastil. Perhaps the Stag Lord was a fallen hunter or something? We searched around the statue, and cleared away some of the brush around the base. I noted that the statue faced east, but that was about all we learned of it. I would mention it to Jhod next time we were at Oleg's. We set up camp near the statue, and it seemed that we were not molested at all – either by the fey or wandering animals. Perhaps that was significant.

That evening, I had a dream, that I gave Svetlana a minty herb that we'd found in our journeys. It made her breath so fresh, that flowers grew on her tongue. Svetlana lolled her tongue out, and Leeroy peed on the flowers. I started awake... What kind of portent was this?

Desnus 2nd – heading southwest, we came upon a fen/marshy area. We could hear the buzzing of insects and smell the fetid smell of swamp gas. Eventually we came upon what I initially thought was the body of a horse. So as not to spook Malinois, I dismounted and approached on foot. Fizby also dismounted and came forth to examine the corpse. We discovered that the horse was in fact a dead unicorn, its horn removed. Immediately, I felt my bile rise, I have heard of poachers who hunt unicorns just to take their horns, complete assholes as far as I am concerned. Apparently in Tian they believe unicorn horns can help old men get aroused. A complete waste... Further examining the corpse, we noted that the eyes were milked over, suggesting the unicorn was blind. Also, it appeared to be well preserved – the insects and the like were not consuming it. There were no outward signs of injury, and Fizby said the unicorn had a necromantic aura to it. Perhaps slain by some sort of death magic.

As a child, growing up in the monastery, I had read about unicorns and marveled at them. I had always hoped to meet one, but not like this... I considered taking the corpse back with us, but it was far too heavy. Instead, we buried as best we could.

Desnus 3rd – We were at the edge of our charter, so we turned back eastward. We met up with the Skunk again, and rode along the banks, eventually coming to a shallow part with several sank banks. Upon one of the banks, we saw what looked like a serpentine dragon-like beast. It was very aggressive and attacked immediately. It was a tatzlwyrm! It was joined by another one.

The tatzlwyrms were ferocious, but we prevailed without much problem. We were able to collect both of their heads, so Oleg could choose which one he liked better.

More important than the tatzlwyrms, though, we searched through their lair and discovered the dead body of an explorer. He had some treasures, among which was a jade carving of a nude female elven monk. This might be the perfect gift for Svetlana! The explorer also had a map, which showed the location of the temple Jhod was looking for. We had passed it by, but now we could probably find it.

Desnus 4th – Getting low on feed again, we had to head back to Oleg's.
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Forcing the Issue
Gozreh 2nd – Annie took her leave, and rode back to Oleg's. We continued to explore the forest, occasionally being harassed by fey creatures. That evening, as we set up camp, we were approached by Tim the Skunk Hunter. I conversed with Tim at length, trying to get some information. I asked him about the bear traps we found, and Tim explained that there was a trapper named Breeg Orlavanch who had a reputation for a foul temper. This Breeg was a nasty fellow, but not a bandit. Still, we would be wary of him. Tim also told us of a cult dedicated to an obscure entity known as Gyrona. They were said to be near the northern shores of the Tuskwater, far to the south. I noted these items, and let him rest. The next day, just after my watch, Tim slipped away. We immediately searched through our belongings, but it appeared that nothing was missing. I guess in these lawless lands it is better to be safe than sorry.

Gozreh 3rd – heading south east through the Narlmarches, we came upon what we presume were the homes of the fey that were dogging us. The fey, if they were present, did not reveal themselves to us. The party discussed what to do, and we decided to try and appease the fey. Kroog made them a doll of sticks, and I left them my prized Axebeak soled boots and a note offering to be friends. We left everything else the way it was as a sign of good faith, and left. Alas, it appeared that we failed to appease the fey, for they continued to hound us with their tricks.

Gozreh 4th – We rode westward, making our way through dense forests. Eventually, we came upon an elaborate dead fall. It looked like a trapper set it up, and then accidentally triggered it. It looked like the trapper's legs were pinned, and he starved to death. Searching through his things, we found that his axe was monogrammed with the letters B.O., so we assumed it was Breeg Orlavanch. We decided to take his body back to Oleg's at some point. We wrapped him up as best we could in blankets, and put him on our pack horse. That evening, as we looked for a place to set up camp, we came across three boars. It seemed like a good opportunity to eat something besides goodberries and trail rations, so we killed the boars.

Gozreh 5th – Continuing westward, the Narlmarches gave way to plains again. I had thought that after leaving the forest the fey would leave us alone, but I was wrong. I overheard one of them say something about being upset about finding a pair of stinky old boots in their house... Ingrates...

Gozreh 6th and 7th – As we were getting close to the edge of our charter, and running low on horse feed, we decided to head back towards Oleg's. We rode hard along the plains, circling around the Narlmarches, hoping to avoid the fey. We camped for the night. That evening we saw some glowing lights in the dark. We decided to keep our distance. The next day we rode all the way back, to the familiar confines of Oleg's Trading Post.

Gozreh 9th and 10th - I took care to get Jhod to bury the trapper. As nobody seemed to like him, it was a somber affair. We then set about trading with Oleg. Some of our goods came in, fresh horses and the like. Oleg mentioned that our next shipment would be arriving soon, so we decided to stay an extra day. That gave most people a chance to do their various tasks – Kroog working with his snow leopards, Barnabas hunting rats with his eidelon, Fizby crafting his humors and scrolls. After I finished trading and going over our account with Oleg, I talked to Svetlana, and started teaching her how to look after Leeroy while I was gone. Eventually I would get Leeroy war trained, but for now he would stay safe at Oleg's. I would ride one of our new war trained horses, a mare named Mallinois. (Wee-hee!!!) I also got a new bow, very finely crafted. The heft was proper, hopefully it would serve me well. I decided to leave my old bow in my saddlebag as a back up.

Gozreh 11th – We left Oleg's and went south, into the Narlmarches, down to the Thorn River. Not long after we began exploring, we came upon what appeared to be a bandit camp. Our party dismounted, and tried to approach quietly. However, the bandit's sentry spotted us, and raised the alarm. It was of little avail. After Kroog cast his Entangle spell, we were able to isolate and pick off the bandits one and two at a time. The trees and foliage seemed to affect the bandits much more than I. The bandit's leader, the notorious Lady Kressle that Oleg told us about, was barely able to stumble out of the grasping roots before Kroog cut her down. With their leader gone, the remaining bandits fled. Unfortunately, two of them got away.

After searching the camp, we found several supplies and few treasures. There was a case with several bottles of green liquor. Barnabas offered one to the fey to see if he could appease them. However, if they weren't impressed with Axebeak soled shoes, I doubt they would care about liquor. It remains to be seen if his efforts were successful.

We decided to move away from the bandit camp, and set up our own camp up river. I decided to take Lady Kressle's body back with us, it would definitely be worth hanging from Oleg's palisade! So far we seem to be winning the war against the bandits, but the Stag Lord is still out there...
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We're coming d***s out for Drath Redvar!
Pharast 19th – As we saddled our horses and prepared to ride, we saw a rider approaching. It was Barnabas, he managed to find us. We told him of our travels, and caught him up to speed on our situation. When we asked him where he had been, he seemed somewhat evasive. For the moment, I felt no need to press him.

Instead, we rode on to Mikmik's tribal home. It appeared to be an abandoned mine. We spoke with the sentry, who was scared at first, but when he saw Mikmik, he became friendlier. So we went forth, in to see the chief. Drath spoke with the chief, and we gave the kobolds their sacred fetish back. The chief promptly took the ivory statue and smashed it on the ground! He declared that the curse was broken, and their shaman no longer had any sway. The other kobolds, emboldened by their chief's display, followed behind. Our group figured we'd better follow and see what was going on.

I pressed my way passed as many kobolds as I could to get to the front. I arrived just in time to see the chief confront the shaman, who was oddly purple hued. The other kobolds were all gray. The purple shaman threatened the chief, and the chief responded by trying to club the shaman. While there was much chatter going on around me, I distinctly heard the shaman say in Common, “You stupid kobolds! You ruined everything!” The shaman then cast some sort of hex on the chief, and the chief ran away, terrified. The other kobolds also began to flee. While the rest of our group pushed forward through the crush of kobolds, I loosed a couple of arrows at the shaman. The first one struck him, prompting the shaman to duck behind his bubbling cauldron, narrowly avoiding my second shot. The rest of the group closed in on the shaman, who seemed determined to sell his life dearly. We harried him with magic, and Kroog's cougar closed in on him. Eventually, I was able to draw a bead on him, and I killed him.

We searched the shaman's chambers, and found some interesting items as well as a journal. One of the items we found was Svetlana's wedding ring! I was expecting that the bandits would have it. There was also some elven boots. While I was loathe to give up my axebeak-tracked boots, the elven boots would be much better in the long run.

We went back to the chief and he explained to us that the purple shaman would hex the tribe and force them to do his bidding. The Sootscales were very relieved to no longer be under the shaman's control. After a brief consensus, we decided to offer the Sootscales an alliance. Kroog in particular seemed to be very interested in cultivating friendships. We explained to the kobolds that if they would take up mining, they could trade the silver to us. Whether or not they understood was uncertain. Hopefully they wouldn't ambush any caravans seeking to trade.

We left the mine, and made camp. That evening, during my watch, I thought I heard Barnabas mutter something about “Tarkus yaoi” in his sleep. I have never heard the term before, but perhaps someday I'd discover its meaning.

Pharast 20th – We rode hard through some hilly country. I seemed to be very distracted that day, and unable to concentrate. That area seemed unremarkable.

Pharast 21st – We entered the Narlmarches forest, and explored. Eventually we came upon a group of kobolds gorging themselves on moon radishes. Apparently the radishes had a euphoric effect. When I was at the monastery, I'd heard rumors that moon radishes were also good for fertility. Some of the monks refered to them as “wood fruit”, a play on words as they “give you wood” as well as being “a fruit of the woodlands”. We spoke with the kobolds, again Kroog seemed to want to help them out. Drath told them that the Sootscales had deposed the evil shaman, and they should return to their tribe. After the kobolds left, we gathered a sack of moon radishes to take with us.

Pharast 22nd - We rode back to Oleg's, reaching the trading post by noon, and set about liquidating our treasure and ordering supplies. We gave Oleg Svetlana's ring, and I asked him about the moon radishes. He said that moon radish soup was his favorite meal, and asked us to give them to his wife. All in all we ended up with over 1000gp worth of credit. We asked Oleg to order in some new weapons and some magical supplies for us.

Pharast 23rd – We spent the day at Oleg's, resting and performing various tasks. I took Leeroy out and threw the ball for him several times. Others did various tasks and worked on their kit. I saw Barnabas come out of one of the cellars with several rat corpses. Kroog managed to find another cougar to train.

Pharast 24th
– The party saddled up, and we rode north west along the Greenbelt. We covered several miles of plains, most of it unremarkable. This area would probably make good farm land one day.

That evening, during the first watch, Drath woke us up. I listened, and heard the howling of wolves. They were closing in. I got up, and readied my bow. Drath went to help the horses. The wolves proved to be easy to deal with. They scared away quite easily. I considered pursuit, but they were too fast and I could not see far enough in the dark to follow them for long.

Pharast 25th – We continued westward, riding across more plains. Eventually we came to what appeared to be a thicket near a hillside. The group dismounted and approached. As we neared, I noticed there were berries in the thicket. Perhaps they were something useful. When we were about thirty feet from the bush, it started moving!

A great mass of vegetation rose, and charged toward us. Fizby cried, “Shambling mound!” And blasted it with some magic before moving back. The creature narrowly missed Barnabas, who would have certainly been crushed. I shot a couple of arrows into it, not certain if the creature even noticed. Kroog tried to get his cats to withdraw, but they charged forward instead. The creature walloped one of the cougars, dropping it in its tracks. The other tried bite the creature, but the shambling mound did not seem to notice. Barnabas commanded his eidolon (Tarkus?) to charge forward. Again, the mound swatted at the incoming beast, hitting it so hard, it blinked out of existence. Barnabas summoned an eagle to cover his retreat, and scurried away. Drath readied his shield, backing away. We realized afterward that the mound preferred elven flesh, which is why it went after Barnabas, and also why it turned its attention to Drath. The creature loped forward, ignoring the animals vainly trying to claw at it, and swatted at Drath. It connected, and Drath screamed out, “OH MY GOD, WHY?!?!!” It then proceeded to wrap its tendrils around Drath, squeezing him. I watched in horror as Drath's eyes bugged out, nearly bursting from his head. His body went limp, and he slumped awkwardly in the shambling mound's grasp. I gritted my teeth, took aim, and fired a shot. The arrow sank deep into the creature's body and must have hit something vital. The shambling mound seemed to seize up, and fall over.

We immediately rushed forward to help Drath, but it was too late. We made camp, and discussed what to do. We decided to head back to Oleg's, and start a cemetery. I thought about making a toast for Drath, but we had no alcohol. Fizby mentioned he could probably distill some alcohol from horse urine, but the process would take too long. The mood was quite somber that evening.

Pharast 26th – We rode back to Oleg's, with Drath's body draped over the back of his horse. We made it back around noonish. I sought out Jhod Kavken and asked him if he would do the honor of laying Drath to rest. It was a small ceremony – just Jhod, Leeroy and I. The others had various tasks to do. Apparently there had been another outbreak of rats in Oleg's cellar, so Barnabas needed to deal with that. There was also some healing and mending still from the battle with the shambling mound.

I reflected on Drath, and his contributions to our quests. He was certainly very expressive, and capable of negotiating well. I wonder if that will affect our future dealings with the Sootscales. He was also very brave. He seemed to be very willing to stand in front and shield his comrades. Maybe one day we will build a monument to him.

While I was away, the others found a new companion to join us. Her name was Annie Khan. The group seemed almost unnaturally comfortable with her. They had even gone to the length of giving her most of Drath's old gear! Normally I would have been against this, but out in the Stolen Lands people were a commodity, adventuring types even more so. I would have to keep an eye on her, though.

Pharast 27th and 28th – We rode along the green belt, exploring past where we encountered the shambling mound, and heading west. Eventually we reached the edge of our charter, and had to veer south.

Pharast 29th – Heading south east, we rode some more across the Greenbelt. The plains were mostly barren, except for we found something concealed among the brush. It turned out to be an old cairn. Fizby declared it was a Numerian tomb, from and ancient group known as the Tiger Lords. We decided to dig up the cairn, and found some interesting stuff. There was a ring that looked like a frog swallowing an eel.

Pharast 30th – Headed east, toward the Narlmarches. Mostly plains, nothing really remarkable.

Pharast 31st and Gozreh 1st – Riding through the forest, I noticed a bear trap just in the nick of time to stop Leeroy from stepping in it. I dismounted and looked at the trap. It was very carefully concealed, and in a very dangerous spot. I mentioned it to Kroog, who also dismounted. We began to search the area, and found other traps. We decided to disarm them so other travelers would not get hurt. It was a painstaking process, and took us the better part of two days.

During that time, we became victims of some sort of fey creatures. They stole items and put them in hard to reach places, they tied shoelaces together, spoiled Annie's milk. Many times I heard them, and went to investigate, but they always confounded me. After a time, they finally left us alone. I'm not sure, I think Leeroy may have accidentally swallowed one.
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Killing in the name of (Leeroy)!
As we had ridden all day, our group decided to camp a comfortable distance from Davik's crossing. Just as we were about to set up, Baranabas got called away by some magical summons. We had no time to act, he just rode off! I thought about going after him, but for some reason felt compelled to let him go.

So we set up camp, fed the horses, and ate some goodberries. I threw the ball for Leeroy a few times, until it got too dark for him to see, then went to bed.

Later that evening as I slept, I had a disturbing dream. I was piggy-back riding on Drath Redvar, when he stumbled and pitched me off! I heard a sickening snap, and realized that Drath must have stepped into a pothole or something. I realized, sullenly, that he would not be able to continue on. With a heavy heart, I notched an arrow, and shot him through the head... But he didn't die! He screamed, and started thrashing, so I quickly notched and fired another arrow, then another, and finally I was able to put poor Drath to rest. I was appalled by the bizarre course of events, and started awake. I looked over, and noticed that Drath was ok, sleeping peacefully for the first time since the battle of the crossing. I was beginning to wonder if perhaps Davik had double crossed us, and cursed the rest of us!

Pharast 15th – everyone seemed alright, but there was a general uneasiness, perhaps others had disturbing thoughts and visions the night before as well. If they had, nobody seemed willing to talk about it.

So we rode west for several hours, into some hills. Eventually, we came upon a great old sycamore tree. Its branches were barren, its bark was black. The tree seemed mostly dead. We decided to dismount, and investigate the tree further. Among the root I espied what looked like a cave covered by roots and moss. Kroog and I peered down into the depths, and I saw what looked like a piece of metal flit through the air. I looked over at my companions, and realized I was the only one suited to climbing down the hole. The others were either wearing too much armor to climb easily, or physically inept, or perhaps both.

So I slung my bow, and climbed down, using various protruding roots as handholds. When I got to the bottom, I was confronted by two loathsome-looking blue creatures I would later discover were mites. One of the mites shrieked at me in its odd language. It seemed like a savage beast, and was obviously aggressive, so I grabbed my bow, and loosed an arrow into it, skewing it instantly. The other ran away, down a passage. My fellows made haste, climbing down as well as they could, trying not to fall.

I went after the fleeing mite, down a cramped passage. It lead me to a chamber with a bunch of heaps of offal the mites were using to breed centipedes. With my fellows right behind me, I made my way into the den. My comrades and I killed some giant centipedes while the mite continued to flee. It was at that time, I noticed hundreds of little centipedes swarming toward me. I tried kicking at them, and brushing them away, but there were too many! After getting bit a number of times, I retreated.

I moved past Drath, who valiantly decided to cover our retreat. The centipedes swarmed all over him, biting and poisoning him. Drath collapsed with a moan, succumbing to hundreds of tiny bites. Kroog tried to douse the swarm with oil, but was having difficulty. Fizby's magic seemed to scorch away swaths of the centipedes, but more kept coming. I used two alchemist's fires, but could not throw them very effectively hunched over in the small tunnel. The flaming oil kept splashing Drath's unconscious form, which twitched violently. Was the portent in my dream coming to pass? Finally, we were able to burn enough of the swarm to disperse it...

We rushed over to Drath. I fed him a potion, but his injuries were too severe for him to revive. Kroog and I had to carry him back up to the surface, to where we left the horses. We could hear the mites talking to each other as we left...

Kroog was able to meditate, and use his druidic knowledge to heal Drath to the point where he was awake. We could tell something was wrong, though. Drath seemed unusually sluggish. He slurred his words, and seemed barley able to move at all. I sighed, realizing that this was what my dream foretold... I took very careful aim, I was about to put a shaft right through his left eyeball, when Kroog asked me what I was doing. After I told him, he explained that Drath was poisoned, and though it would take several days, he would recover.

We were depleted on resources, but the others wanted to press on, even Drath. So we went back into the hole, cautiously, expecting an ambush. On the one side, we discovered a hole. Looking down, I could not see anything, but I could hear mites and other noises. We were worried that the mites would attack us from behind, so we covered up the hole to the left with roots and detritus, went to the right, back to the breeding ground for the centipedes. At the other end was a small tunnel that seemed to descend downward in a spiral.

When we got to the bottom, we could hear more mites. We rushed forth to slay them, and saw that there were six of the foul creatures, and one of them rode a giant tick! Presumably, he must havebeen their chief, as he whined at the others, and they sullenly moved to attack. The cramped tunnels made it difficult to get a clear shot, and most of the time my allies got in the way, however I was able to slay two more of the wretched beasts. I noted that the mites would frequently open their eyes wide, and stare at my comrades. Though I never faced the glare, Kroog told me he felt an impending sense of doom when they looked at him like that. In the end, the giant tick proved to be more of a challenge than the mites, but we were still victorious.

Looking around the chamber, it appeared to be a communal living quarters. Strewn about the place were various bits of junk and a couple of workbenches, some pallets, and makeshift furniture. There was a stew pot with some foul-looking meat in it. Among the debris, we discovered some coins, and what appeared to be an ivory statue of some sort of devil. We gathered the treasure, and went further into the tunnel.

The tunnel opened up into what looked like a fissure, with several tiny hand holds for climbing down. It appeared that there was another tunnel opposite. Kroog descended down into the fissure, but one of the hand holds gave way, and he fell. Fortunately he was not injured, as the commotion and noise attracted the attention of a massive centipede, which erupted from its lair, and charged after Kroog.

Kroog managed to get to his feet, and use his nature magic to cause the roots in the fissure to hinder the beast, and we attacked it as best we could from the ledge. I shot several arrows into it, and finally we were able to slay the beast. We took our time, edging past the massive carcass, and continued onto the other ledge.

We entered another winding, cramped tunnel, which seemed to backtrack toward the entrance. With Kroog and Drath ailing, it was my turn to go first. Drath argued that Fizby should take the lead, and I could understand his logic, but with my training and acute mental awareness I was obviously better able to fend off an ambush. There was a room ahead, and we could hear what appeared to be cries of pain. I strode forward, and saw it was some kind of torture chamber, there were five more mites, and three kobolds hanging from the wall. Two of the kobolds were clearly dead.
Without hesitation, I shot one mite, killing it before they could even react. Fizby charged in, perhaps feeling he needed to prove his bravery, and used his fire magic on a mite. The mites responded by opening their eyes at him, but Fizby remained unflappable. Drath also stumbled forward into the room, along with Kroog's pet, who was not as constrained by the low ceilings. Two of the remaining mites fled, climbing up the shaft in the center of the room. The other got mauled by the cougar.

I went to the shaft, and saw that the mites were having difficulty with the detritus we left to cover the hole on the floor above. A couple of arrows later, I had killed them both. Eventually, the cougar and Drath managed to wear away the last mite.

We freed the kobold captive, though I was tempted to kill him. Kobolds are often cunning evil creatures that gang up on and harass dwarven miners. However, I had read that some tribes have advanced cultures. Perhaps this kobold and I could overcome the stigmas and prejudices that have plagued our peoples for countless millenniums. I remembered one of the Psalms of the Spheres:

Can't we raise our minds and make a start?
Can't we find the minds to lead us,
Closer to the heart?

So I listened. The kobold said his name was Mikmik, and that his tribe were the Sootscales. The mites stole their idol, a winged fearsome kobold warrior. I realized immediately he was talking about the ivory devil statue. I was a little concerned, if the kobolds' patron was a devil, they may prove more difficult to deal with that I initially expected. However, I felt we should at least see if they were in fact friendly, and whether we could negotiate or not. Mikmik promised us we'd be received as heroes, but you never know when caprice will take hold.

So we decided to take Mikmik with us, and returned to the horses. We set up camp, ate some goodberries, and fed the horses. I threw the ball a few times for Leeroy, before making him go to bed. Someone suggested we could get Mikmik to take a watch, but I felt that we shouldn't completely trust him just yet. Besides, he was still wounded from his ordeal, and probably not an effective sentry in his condition anyway.

Pharast 16th – That morning I noted that Mikmik appeared to be feeling a lot better, he was excited to show us his tribe, but unfortunately we opted to ride in a different direction. I noted that morning as we prepared, Drath was still moving rather slowly. He was having a hard time saddling his horse, and thought for certain he was going to accidentally kill himself shaving, but he managed to get by with only a dozen or so cuts... Still, I could not fault him for his bravery thus far.

We rode south east, coming upon the Shrike again. This time we were able to find several crossings, and made sure to stay on the south bank of the river.

Pharast 17th – We continued following the south bank of the Shrike, the river deepened, and we could no longer cross to the north side. We would have to come back to explore along the north bank at a later date.

Pharast 18th – Again, we followed the south bank. Mikmik seemed to enjoy riding with us on our pack horse, and made no complaints. The fact that he seemed to trust us so much was heartening to me. Hopefully the rest of his tribe would be open to us as well. Eventually, we came again to Davik's Crossing. We made camp again. Looking over our pack horse, I noted that we would probably have to head back and get some more feed soon.
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Our Second Foray
Journal entry for 9th of Pharast:

We gathered our belongings and made to the east. After a few hours we came across the tree that was depicted in the note we found off the dead bandit in the spider's cave. As per the drawing, we dug at the roots, mostly with our hands. Barnabas summoned a dire rat, and Kroog commanded his new pet, a cougar, to help dig. Fortunately, there were no other dwarves there to admonish me for not having the appropriate tools.

Eventually, we found the hidden treasure. There was a well made dagger with a steel scabbard, and a silver ring, and a bag of coins. We took everything, then made camp for the night. The others grumble about eating trail rations, but I find the austerity of my previous monastic life makes me well suited to being out on the trail. Drath in particular seems to spend a great deal of time primping in the morning, arranging his coif just so...

Journal entry for 10th of Pharast:

We galloped hard across the plains all day. We passed by barren wilderness, these lands could be cleared and farmed.

Journal entry for 11th of Pharast:

Making sure not to range too far from Oleg's, we headed southwest, into the hills. After a time we came to a river, the Shrike, and headed along the bank. Another hour or so, we came to what looked like an abandoned ferry crossing. The ferryman's hovel was empty, there was what looked to be wreckage of the ferry in the river, and a guide rope between to jetties. There was a silver bell on our side, on a pole at the end of the jetty. I was not expecting much, but I decided to ring the bell.

To my surprise, an undead horror arose from the wreck in the water! It walked on top of the water by some horrific magical means. I immediately lead the horses away, lest they get spooked again, and flee.

Drath spoke with the creature, who called for vengeance against the “Stag Lord”. I surmise that the Stag Lord is the leader of the bandits we seek. Drath convinced the creature that we would help, but then showed the creature one of the stag medallions we found, which enraged the ferryman, and it attacked! It lunged forward with a wicked looking spear, nearly impaling Drath! Its visage was fearsome, and it had a most foul odor. Fortunately I was far enough away that I could not smell its stench! The others in my party were not as fortunate.

We fought the creature, but it was quite powerful, I shot it with a couple of arrows but to no avail. Perhaps out of panic, Drath used his magic to call forth a mist, and retreat. I could not see what happened next, but the creature bawled out, “You will be joining me soon!” Then dove beneath the water.

We took the opportunity to beat a hasty retreat. Later that evening, while we were camping, Drath showed signs of some sort of malady. He awoke from nightmares, and appeared quite drained. He was obviously ailing. One of the others suggested that the ferryman had cursed him. We decided at that point to make haste back to Oleg's to see if we could find some remedy for Drath's affliction.

Journal entry for 12th of Pharast:

As soon as we finished breakfast, we loaded up and made haste back to Oleg's. We rode the most direct route, trying not to stop for anything. However, we still had to stop every so often to let Barnabas make water...

Perhaps in our haste, we allowed ourselves to be a little lax. About two hours out from Oleg's, we got ambushed quite badly by a group of bandits. They let loose a hail of arrows, wounding Kroog, Drath, and myself. I was barley able to stay in the saddle, and I saw Drath slump over. Fortunately he did not fall out of his saddle. Kroog seemed able to shrug off his wound and reared forward to attack. I made Leeroy wheel about and moved away from the archers, as I reached for a potion. Fizby and Barnanas moved up and used their magics to harass the enemies.

The bandits had difficulty dealing with the magical onslaught, though they did manage to fell Kroog's cougar. As they fled, I was able to pick off one from about 300 feet or so... After the fight, we tended to the fallen, and collected the gear from the bandits. Fizby pointed out that there was a bounty for killing six bandits. Unfortunately, we only killed five, but Kroog decided to collect their ears anyway. I noted that the bandits all had very good composite bows. I tested a few, and decided to keep one to use instead of my longbow.

We managed to reach Oleg's just after dusk.

Journal entry for 13th of Pharast:

I spent most of the day trading with Oleg, and arranging for supplies. The others wanted to get combat trained horses, which would take a while. In the meantime, I arranged for other supplies and sold our extra gear and loot that we collected. When I showed Oleg the silver ring, he asked me to keep an eye out for Svetlana's wedding ring. Apparently one of the bandits had taken it. I told him that I would certainly bring it back if I came across it.

While I was busy with Oleg, the others talked to Jhod, to see if he could do anything about Drath's affliction. After some discussion, there was a consensus that we would return to the ferryman's crossing, and ask the ferryman to remove the curse.

Journal entry for 14th of Pharast:

We rode hard most of the day, taking the most direct route back to the river crossing. Fortunately we were not ambushed this time, and made it back without incident.

When we got there, we summoned the ferryman with the bell again. Drath entreated the ferryman to remove the curse, and vowed that we would kill the Stag Lord, and bring his body back and dump it in the Shrike. The ferryman, whose name in life was Davek Nettles, agreed to drop his curse for the time being.
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The Journey Begins
As winter drew to a close, the time came when I was summoned to Lord Surtova's hall to be presented with the charter to explore the Stolen Lands.

To send me off, the Brothers gathered to wish me well. A few appeared to be quite excited for me, I was moved. Father Horace bade me to take Leeroy with me, which gladdened me greatly. Leeroy was my favorite horse, and I knew he would serve me well. As I left, I vowed that I would represent The Order well! There were many calls of "yeah, whatever" as I urged Leeroy onwards, it was a spectacular moment.

When I arrived at Lord Surtova's hall, I was introduced to my four new companions. There were two arcane/scholarly types. One, Barnabas, was an aged half elf that was accompanied by a strange fur-covered feline beast. The other, Fizby, was an aged human that had a staff and seemed absentminded. There was another half elf with a mercurial smile, wearing a chain shirt and carrying a heavy shield who called himself Drath. And finally, a rough-looking half-orc named Kroog accompanied by some sort of spine covered lizard. A motley assortment of companions, but each contributes according to their talents.

We were shown into the main hall, and the Lord presented us each with our own copy of the charter. It was official, we were agents with lawful authority. We were to bring order to the Stolen Lands.

So we set off to the south, eventually arriving at Oleg's Trading Post on the 28th of Calistril.

Oleg's Trading Post was an abandoned fort that was reclaimed by a gruff trader, Oleg, and his wife Svetlana. There was a palisade around the outside that seemed solid enough, with towers upon which rested catapults. The catapults were in disrepair, though. Inside was a guest house, a tavern, and a stable.

After we introduced ourselves, Oleg seemed to get much friendlier. He told us that he and his wife were frequent victims of bandits, and that they were expecting us a long time ago. I assured him that we came immediately upon receiving our charter.

I told them that it was our duty to stop banditry in the area, and that we would certainly help him with their problem. After some discussion, we learned that the bandits were lead by a woman with twin axes. Originally there were at least fifteen of them, but as they became more bold, they started sending fewer bandits. Oleg was expecting perhaps a handful with pack horses to collect their tribute.

So we devised a plan to ambush them the next morning when they arrived. There were five of them, clad in leather armor. Their leader wore a hooded cloak and wore an amulet of a stag's head. They came in, and began to load their horses. Our ambush was so effective, we had the bandits on the run almost instantly. The leader was an easy target, and once he fell, the others routed. One nearly got away, but I felled him at distance of 120 feet or so.

Oleg was quite grateful, and offered us free lodgings for as long as we wished. We traded some of the bandit's gear and horses for some supplies so we could begin our explorations the next day. In the process of bartering with him, Oleg revealed that if we needed potions that we should seek out the hermit Bokken who lived to the east.

We set off to the east on the second of Pharast, in the general direction of Bokken's hut. After a days ride, we managed to find the place. Bokken seemed to be quite mad. I am not certain it would be wise to buy potions from him. He told us that if we brought him fang berries, he would give us a discount on his wares.

We stayed the night at Bokken's, then made a circuit the next day that took us across several miles of plains back toward Oleg's. Along the way, we discovered a boar's nest, much to the chagrin of Barnabas' pet, who was badly gored by it. We slew the boar, and Kroog smoked several pounds of the boar's meat. It was a nice change from the trail rations we had been eating. We rested, then continued on the next day.

Upon returning to Oleg's, we discovered that a mercenary named Kesten Garess had arrived while we were gone. Apparently Kesten's group were the ones sent to protect the trading post. We also found a cleric of Erastil named Jhod was also staying at the trading post.

Although I had little success interacting with Jhod, my fellows discovered that he was seeking a lost shrine of Erastil, and would be very grateful if we helped him find it.

The next day, we set of again to explore more of the plains southwest of Oleg's.

After a couple of days, we were riding along, when we were ambushed by a trapdoor spider. The creature popped out of the ground, and bit Kroog's horse. There was a great deal of chaos as the horses panicked. I jumped off of Leeroy, and commanded him to stay. However, Leeroy took off into the forest against my wishes. Cursing under my breath, I turned to face the spider. We were able to make very short work of the spider. Much shorter than the hours it took to get our horses back... Before I went to look for my horse, I searched the spider's lair. Inside I found the body of a bandit. Searching the body, I discovered what appeared to be some sort of drawing, perhaps a crude treasure map of some sort.

I put the map in my pocket, and went to go give Leeroy a scolding...
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Meeting the Levetons
28 of Calistril

Having been tasked with exploring the Greenbelt by Lord Aoleski Surtova our adventurers prepare for a long trek through the wilderness.

They arrive at Oleg's Trading post in the late afternoon on the 28th of calistril where they are warmly greeted by Svetlana, Oleg's wife. She tells them of the trouble they have been having with bandits lately and begs for their aid, offering free room and board for as long as they wish if only they can help get rid of the bandits.

1st of Pharast

Having spent the night preparing for the bandits arrival the adventurers easily overcome the bandits, not even giving them a chance to strike back. Having struck a massive blow in the bandits morale they won't be likely to return anytime soon.

2nd of Pharast- 8th of Pharast

Our heroes begin to explore the greenbelt.
Olegs Trading post has finally gotten the help he requested months ago in the form of Kesten Garess and his three men, who are here to defend against bandits. Another man by the name of Jhod Kavken has also arrived and set up camp. He claims to be a priest of Erastil, and applauds our adventurers attempt to bring civilization to the untamed lands.
Also there is a crazy old coot named Bokken that sometimes comes to Oleg's.
The PC's killed a poor lonely boar, and also a nice trapdoor spider that was just looking for some food
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Months before the issuing of the charter, Lord Kvok of Rogarvia approached the Order of the Perfect Sphere with a request.

The new expeditionary force would require scholars and learned men to be leaders and bring civilization to the untamed lands of the River Kingdoms. Abbott Horace agreed, seeing an opportunity to expand the influence of the Order, and help shape a new nation.

However, Horace was loath to lose any of his favorite students. There was one that seemed to not fit in very well with the others. A certain Brother Maynard. Maynard was competent and did his tasks diligently. He was exacting, almost never making an error. Yet, for whatever reason, he was not well liked among his peers. Perhaps it was his dwarven nature, he often seemed very serious.

Regardless, Horace felt Maynard would be a good choice for the expedition, and it would help morale at the monastery. So the Abbott announced that evening after dinner that Maynard would be joining the expedition.

Brother Maynard's reaction:

As per his dwarven nature, Maynard toiled, preparing himself for the task at hand.
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