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I like to be, under the sea.
Right, we were underwater, weren't we? Well, looking around, we noticed that the town wasn't swamped, there were more sirens blocking the water off. So, we headed out of the house and began to explore. There was a church with a clock tower on it, near the town square, and we made it to the gate.

Zen was able to get in, but Taylor and I weren't - the place had a ward and alarm of some sort, and I've a feeling trying to get past it would have ended up bad for us - Zen pointed out that it will pick up things above a certain size.

So, back home we go. I'm going to contact the Rosicrucians, and let them know what's going on, then it's off to see Janet, and give her back her glass butterfly, while explaining what we found. I think her help might be needed.
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Under The Sea!
No singing crab though. We were at the portal location, having tracked the place where the creature had escaped. I didn't know what to expect, but decided I'd summon a spirit of the earth and doors to perhaps provide some insight.

The spirit did one better. It opened a way for us to get through. Taylor led the way, and I carried Zen through as well. On the other side... well, it wasn't what I expected.

We were in a house - which is good - but it was one of the houses from the Lost Villages, meaning we were underwater, in the Seaway. That's bad.

What's worse, there's sirens outside, which means we need to be even more careful. Taylor found the butterfly decoy that Janet had crafted, and I'm keeping it. I'd summoned another spirit, this one of air, in case we suddenly find ourselves in water.

I plan on fixing the butterfly, keeping it. I'm not sure why. Maybe as a way to remember Janet isn't my enemy - as much as she's a pain in my butt.

But the 'mermaid' outside. That might be a problem.
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The Old Neighbourhood
Well, struck out at the Babylon with Janet - but that's to be expected. I'm trying to be nice, to bury the hatchet, but I think there's still a lot of bad blood between us.

Anyway, I made it home with Zen, while Taylor decided she was going to pick up someone and have a good time. Nothing wrong with that, but it kind of reminded me it's pretty much my sister and I and that's really the circle of friends I have. Zen's getting there though - she's been a comfort.

Next day, Taylor came in, and I needled her a bit, before we went out to see the location where Janet's trace disappeared. I dowsed out where the creature was last, and we figured that's where it took a portal somewhere else. We're going to need to see where this path leads.
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Into the Babylon
We met Janet at the Babylon, apparently they were expecting us. Janet was in the back and we decided to join her there in the private rooms. The dorm was attacked, twice, and they stole a replica of the Butterfly totem - Janet apparently 'smells of butterfly' to Zen.

I may have misjudged her, I don't know. I mean, butterfly? The totems say something about the bearers, right? I don't know. I have to admit, as always, Janet just messes me up.
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Why did I ever think going to see her was a good idea? Sure, I thought maybe we could work together. To bury the hatchet - at least for a short while, but every time I run into her, she gets me going.

And this time was no different. The cold shoulder, the accusation, the attitude that I wasn't worth her time. Damn it. And I fell for it too - I wanted her to be more than that, but I feared she wasn't, and that's the side I took.

And now we're meeting at the Babylon. I owe her an apology.
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