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    Seamus Toxophilite Wood Elf/M/Fighter/1
    "I need a snickers"
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    Dray'co Feros Aasimar/M/Stkr/Sorcerer/1
    Background:Dray’cos mother, Cerefree, was half celestial who abandoned him shortly after birth. Father, Flavin, was human with a red draconic bloodline who raised him in a caring household. As an only child, living in isolation in the hills outside of Daggerford, Dray’Co didn’t have a lot of interaction wi...

Retired Characters

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    Balvenie Doublewood (Retired) Mountain Dwarf/M/Ldr/Rogue/1
    "Go fuck yourself"
    Background:An orc's disembodied head hit the ground with a thud and rolled across the ornate stone floor. "Here..." grumbled the Dwarf, covered in dried blood. "Thank you Balvenie. The master of coin is expecting you. Now be off!" stated Queen Dagnabbet, adorned in jewel-encrusted armor. The grizzled ...

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