"Since the first days of the Worldwound, Kenabres has answered the call to action demanded by the coming of the fiends. We opened our gates to refugees despite the danger. We tracked down demons hiding in the guise of men and set them alight with righteous flame. Still, the tide of fiends never ceases. They surge pitilessly toward our shining border, that churning throng of creatures clamoring for virtuous blood. Kenabres is the bulwark behind which we throw our weight. The Wardstone is our shield and also our greatest weapon. As long as Kenabres stands, we will keep the demons trapped, and our crusaders shall ride forth and put an end to their foul existence."
- Onevere Worin, City Defender of Kenabres

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Session 1 - Into the Worldwound
After gathering for the festival of Armasse, the party is assaulted by a demon lord and saved from death by the silver dragon Terendelev. Finding themselves trapped underground with three other townsfolk, they found that the descendants of the first crusade may be able to lead them to the surface.
Session: Session 1 - Into the Worldwound - Saturday, Feb 18 2017 from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM
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