You have decided to join a guild. Maybe because you are indebted to them for some reason, or because you have no place else to turn.

The guild you decide upon is called SilverMoon Heirs. Founded by Misrall Armanek couple hundred years ago. The guild is well known in the surrounding area, but doesn't hold the best reputation. If you are from the area, or have knowledge history, please ask me for more details.

The current leader of Dead Heroes is a female named Ozeere Jakond.

Dead Heroes' guild hall is located in the city of Drakeer. Near the center of the continent. It is located in Korishar, the central most Kingdom. It is also referred to as the heartland because most traded goods flow through some portion of Korishar.
You all would know that there was a calamity of some sort involving the then known "Silver Moon" guild. If you don't have the aforementioned knowledge, then all you know is that there was some sort of shake up that ended with the guild renamed to SilverMoon Heirs.

The world of Tensoya has been in relatively peaceful and prosperous times for about the last century or so. The last major conflict was when King Amire Dodra united many smaller nations into the now massive kingdom of Korishar.

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High Council
We made it back to the guild hall in one piece. Theo explained to the guild leader the results of the mission and showed her the necromancer’s tattoo. It was the first time I had seen it: a fractured circle of glass. Her eyes widened and she tells us that she must assemble the guild’s High Council. She mentioned something about a calamity that happened a century ago and the one that started it had the same symbol that’s on the tattoo. Apparently, the leader was her older brother and she banished him to the shadow plane. What? How old is she? She said that happened over 100 years ago!

She invited us to attend the High Council meeting. Theo, Kyra and I decide to go. I’m glad I went. It was quite interesting. They spoke of abnormalities from all across the land and eventually concluded that the source of these disturbances is originating in the west, in a city called Gildek. Spoke of rifts to shadow planes but I wasn’t following most of that. It was beyond my expertise. They said the name Tycius many times throughout the meeting.

After the meeting was adjourned, we went to lunch to discuss what we had heard during the meeting. That name they mentioned multiple times during the meeting belongs to the guild leader’s older brother. So Tycius is the one she banished to the shadow plane. It’s becoming clearer now. I guess we will have to go to Gildek and clean up her mess. That’s fine by me.
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Never Again
We entered the cave and fought skeletons and a disgusting monster composed of rotting body parts. Jerdan did not last long in the fight and Kyra dragged him out of harm’s way whilst I slew the creature. Theo, during the battle, found a way farther into the cave and interrupted the necromancer’s ritual. By the time I met back up with them, they had killed the necromancer. What a sight that was: Jerdan holding the old man and Theo stabbing him. His last words were “You’ll never stop us!” before he died. It was a lead at least. I just wish they had interrogated him before sinking a blade into his chest. There was nothing left to do in the cave so I told them I was heading back into town.

A little later on, Theo suggested that we celebrate at the tavern. I agreed but decided not to drink too much. Theo and Kyra were acting strangely. They were trying to talk to me and it was awkward. They haven’t ever been that chatty with me before. I was suspicious, of course. They wanted something. I never figured out what it was though. Anyway, Rar kept pushing the party to try his kind of ale. It was good but strong. Later in the evening, a very handsome man sat across from me. He had black hair and blue eyes. We talked for a while but he eventually left. I thought it was going well but I may not be remembering the conversation properly. Oh well, his loss.

Not long after he left, I was feeling the effects of Rar’s ale. I didn’t realise but I had downed two pints of that stuff. weird. Colours were popping and I remember just feeling good. I don’t know what was in the ale, but I’ve never experienced that kind of intoxication before. Kyra and I talked for a bit and she suggested that I arm wrestle Rar. I did and only won the last round, which is impressive considering my state at the time. It was getting late and the effects of the ale were worsening so I decided to head back to the hotel. I fell to the ground. I couldn’t walk properly. I was far more intoxicated than I realised.

Theo helped me back to the hotel. I don’t remember much after that. I remember Kyra and Theo were in my room for a while. I got to play with that adorable creature Kyra keeps with her. Although, I believe she was jealous that it was getting along with me so well because she picked it up and placed it on her shoulder. They left and I crashed on the bed.

I awoke with the worst hangover I have ever had. I don’t think I will ever drink that ale again. I really don’t remember drinking that much. We left Delimar that morning to return to the guild hall.
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A Liar and a Giant
Theo decided to gather some information on the goings on in Delimar before we departed. I found this idea boring and went on a walk through town. I found a park with a lake and made my way to the water’s edge. I remembered that Theo mentioned he tried to get rid of his but, eventually, it found its way back in his possession. I decided to put this to the test and cast my stone into the lake. I threw it as far as I could and did not return. In a panic of losing it, I dived into the water to retrieve it. It didn’t take too long to find and made my way back to the shore. I was upset with Theo for tricking me like that.

When I got out of the lake, I laid out to dry. A few minutes later, Theo showed up. I told him what I had done and that I was very angry at him. He asked for the stone and I reservedly handed it over. To my horror, he chucked it in the lake! I suppose he saw the flabbergasted look on my face and simply said “just watch” and proceeded to invite me to lunch. I agreed but with the condition that he buys. He agreed and we left the park. As we neared the café, I felt something in my pocket. I reached my hand in and there it was: the Tiger’s Eye had returned. He wasn’t lying after all.

We left the following morning for Delimar and nothing of note happening during the journey. We arrived a week later and whilst at a tavern, overheard the undead were coming from Coromer’s Cave. Theo, at my request, looked over the map and could not locate a cave by that name. After talking to some townspeople, we found out that Coromer’s Cave is part of faery tale based around a real cave called Wilamot’s Cave east of town.

The next morning we travelled to Wilamot’s cave. On the way, a guard stopped us and asked for our aid in defeating a giant. We agreed and followed the guard toward the creature. It was so tall, I couldn’t believe it at first. After a seemingly long fight, we had defeated it. We hacked it down to size. The odd thing about it was the iron shackles around its wrists and ankles with broken chains. It seemed like someone had captured it at some point but it escaped. Why would anyone want to capture one of these creatures alive? After that, we found the mouth of the cave. Hopefully, there won’t be any giants lying in wait in that dark cave.

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The Oracle King
We fought an unusual horde of undead before making it to the city. I say unusual because they were wielding weapons and shields and wore armour. While they didn’t put up too much of a fight, the final creature caught Kyra and Rar off-guard. It exploded whilst in close proximity to the two of them. They are okay but it was quite a surprise. Fortunately, we did not meet any other bands of undead on the road to the city.

I was taken aback by the city upon our approach. I expected a small settlement but this city is a stronghold. The walls that form the perimeter stand about 25 feet tall. To the west of the city’s centre, there is a building with a gleaming brass dome. We made our way through the iron gates without resistance and found lodging. On the way, I noticed many of the buildings doors are not made of wood but of iron. I wonder why that is? Anyway, Kyra, Theo and I check in to the Awesome Tulip. It’s just as nice as the last inn we stayed in. We met back up with Rar and Jerdan to go to the palace to have an audience with King Wy.

The palace was extravagant with marble floors, tapestries on the walls, the works. They led us down massive hallways to the throne room. King Wy and his queen are both Elves. After formalities and a few choice words from Jerdan, the king tells us to return later to discuss matters in private. I took this time to shop for clothes with Kyra and Theo. I must admit, it was entertaining spending the day with Kyra and Theo. We bought nice clothes and went to a theatre to watch a play. Although I enjoyed our little outing, I felt like the third wheel, so to speak.

After the play, we rendezvoused with Rar and Jerdan. Whilst the three of us enjoyed the play, they had sold a large amount of loot we had accrued during our journey. Apparently, it was quite profitable. By then, it was time to meet with the king to discuss the undead encounter we had on our way here. He said that there has been an increasing number of reports of such sightings of late. He pointed to a location on the map where he believes they are coming from, in the Durâs Mountains, the town of Delimar. He went on to ask us if we had heard of the legend of the Five Heroes. He actually believes that we are the fabled Five. I think he may be a little crazy.

He said that the legend speaks of five heroes that raise up to defeat a great evil. Apparently, this happened thousands of years ago when a band of five warriors stopped dragons. He told us that he is an oracle and asks for one of us to step forth. Well, I couldn’t resist but to volunteer. He placed his hand upon my head and said: “Vanadessë Talmíer, born of storms, I present you with a Tiger’s Eye.” He took his hand off my head and I took a step back and studied the stone he placed in my hand. I hadn’t seen anything like it before. It has a silky lustre with bands of brown and golden hues that shift in the flickering torchlight. He did the same with Kyra, Theo, Rar and Jerdan but I wasn’t paying much attention to that. I was too fixated on the stone. Eventually, the room went silent and that was enough to break my concentration to look up. The king began speaking again. He said that if we are the fabled Five from the legend, these stones will be soul-bound to us and we will discover more about these stones in time. Well, that’s all mysterious and everything but I feel like he knows more than he told us about this legend and these stones. He seemed quite exhausted after that and retired for the evening.

We left just in time for me to stop by the smithy to purchase a replacement greatsword. I chose one that had been expertly crafted by a master blacksmith. I could feel the difference as soon as I held it. I can’t wait to wield this in battle. We discussed whether or not to investigate this undead issue the king told us about. Theo was against such a quest, Rar was undecided and Kyra and I were all for it. That only left Jerdan. I glared at him and he chose to go to the mountains. With the majority vote to venture to Delimar, we decided to head out soon. Back to the Awesome Tulip for some sleep.
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Special Delivery
We stopped in a town for the night and just as I was about to fall asleep, a bell rang loudly outside. I quickly dressed and exited my room. Theo and Kyra were in the hall and we went out to investigate. Goblins were heading for us. We quickly killed them and then an orc showed up! He wasn’t much of a fighter. After that, we went back to our rooms. I was covered in goblin and orc blood. I bathed and climbed back into bed.

About a week after leaving that town, we made camp in the forest. A mysterious girl approached us and warned us of scary creatures that are in the forest and invites us to stay at her village where it is safe. I was willing to take this girl up on her offer but Theo, big surprise, wasn’t having any of it and refused the invitation. He argued it might be a trap. He may have been right but who cares? We could take them. That night, my shift was about to start and Jerdan said an old lady showed up and pleaded that we go to the village and he said she gave him a bracelet. Luckily for me, he didn’t want the bracelet so I took it. He and Theo didn’t trust the old lady or the bracelet. They need to lighten up. Sheesh.

During my shift with Theo (yay), I heard a loud scream in the distance. I went off in that direction to investigate. I thought I saw movement a few feet in front of me but before I stepped forward, something attacked me from behind and fled. When I got back to camp, it was covered in vines. I saw a creature running towards me. I think it was the same one that attacked me earlier. To my surprise, it ran past me and ripped a hole in the brand new tent. I followed after it and together, we killed it. I thought that was the end of it but I was wrong. Four tentacles sprang from the earth and we eventually defeated them as well. It was a fun night.

In the morning, we continued our journey and I saw Varya, the girl we met the day prior. I jumped out of the cart to speak with her. She wanted to give a basket to Kyra. I told her I would deliver it for her since we are on a tight schedule. I turned around and realised that they didn’t notice I had jumped out of the cart. I ran to catch up and saw Jerdan was on the road as well. I jumped off of his back but I didn’t quite make it to the cart. I tumbled and jostled whatever was in the basket. They stopped and I handed over the basket to Kyra. She opened it to find a red racoon looking creature. It was adorable but I feel kind of guilty. If I had known there was a live creature in the basket I would have been more careful with it. Hopefully, it’ll be fine.

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