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    Colpa Pesai Twi'lek/M/Slicer
    "I can resist anything but temptation. And pain, of course. Pain is bad. Temptation, though, that's not always bad."
    Description:Colpa is a slender Twi'lek with bright green skin striped with darker green. He has four lekku, marking him as related to infamous Senator Orn Free Taa. He typically dresses in flowing robes of purple or maroon and gold. His lekku are usually decorated with purple leather wrappings and are oft...
    Background:Born Colpa Sai Taa, the son of Senator Orn Free Taa, my early years were filled with luxury and free from want. That ended abruptly when I was captured by pirates and then enslaved when my father refused to ransom me. Eventually I was discovered and freed by General Cham Syndulla, but was force...
    Details:Careers: Pirate (0), Con Artist (1), Hacker (3), Mechanic (1) Boons:Very Agile, Siver Tounge, Friends in High Places (Twi'lek resistance, Specters), Savant Flaws: Braggart, Distinctive Appearance (double set of lekku), Weak Willed

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