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44th Session Summary
20th of Tarsakh - Midnight

Xzar dreams of an advanced human civilization whose skin color was a very pale blue. He sees the humans constructing enormous circular monuments made of an alien metal through which slaves are being brought forth. A slave race which bears a striking resemblance to Wyatt.

Another vision centered around a largely flat land dominated by a single mountain upon which rested a great ziggurat.

As Xzar's vision entered the central meeting chambers he noticed several beings gathered. A disembodied voice spoke, "I am the guardian of Realmspace. The place in which your people have been taken. They have been praying for you but you are unable to hear their prayers. Realmspace has been sealed off by others but you can travel there in the prime. If you wish to build a ship to enter Realmspace here are the coordinates." Xzar notices a familiar figure. It is the being Enki. He volunteers to build a ship. "I sense a presence among us," The voice says as all of the figures turn towards Xzar and his vision fades.

Xzar finds himself floating in the air high above a city of the blue hued humans.

Far below gemstone golems are engaged in combat against beings of enormous size and power. High above the burning metropolis a human wizard of light blue skin flying upon a copper dragon. The wizard is battling two other men, both incredibly large humans standing 25 feet tall. One had golden hair and whose legs were wrapped in vortices of wind the other appeared to be of Mulan ethnicity, with four arms and leonine facial features riding a phoenix. Spells of unimaginable power were unleashed. The Dragon and wizard are instantly turned to ash. The land far below burns with a purple flame. The two enormous men summon forth spirits. The spirits are the Skiraxits, angels of retribution.

Xzar's final vision is in an an underground tunnel, a small group of the blue hued humans are gathered together and begin to speak. It is revealed that their once might civilization of millions has fallen. Only four others remain. Those few are: Hilather, Yaravindar, Devayam, Thayd, and the speaker - lord Ilphemon.

21st of Tarsakh

Xzar is awoken for his watch when Church and Roslyn return. The next morning the fellowship of the semicircle travels in the wagon as Roslyn steers their wagon west.

Towards the middle of the day the group encounters the ruins that were passed by the previous day but none remember them. Xzar requests that Roslyn stop so that he may investigate. While studying the ancient ruins he finds an ancient magical artifact which he places in the wagon. Church calls upon Quorlinn to detect magic and his senses are overwhelmed by the presence of magic deep in the ground. He then returns to the wagon, takes the artifact, and moves it on top of the wagon. Nix notices a hill in the distance and after examining it, finds that his memory of the ruins has been erased. Xzar spends more time searching and uncovered human bones. He leaves a message for Yaphyll about the ruins and then the group then continues on.

The object is identified as the Crius Ring and when attached to an object, slowly makes the object weightless. Church proceeds to strap the ring to himself and perform various antics as the group travels. Roslyn has been leaving the wagon to venture out every night.

24th of Tarsakh

Xzar is contacted by Yaphyll with some good news. She has retrieved Sevrin and is able to teleport him to the rest of the group. During his long stay as a captive in Thay, Sevrin's memories were erased. His last memory is of the Battle of Gauros.

3rd of Mirtul

During the course of the next tenday, Roslyn reveals to the group that she is being guided by an elvish woman named Thorn who can transform in to a wolf. Roslyn spends several nights speaking to her. On the 3rd of Mirtul, Thorn reveals that Roslyn must continue on alone while the others wait for the next five days. Church and Nix attempt to follow Roslyn but come to a large one-hundred foot deep ravine with a swiftly flowing river. Church paints a bridge to cross the ravine and crawls across to the other side. Nix recalls his earlier death during the battle of Gauros and after examining the unstable bridge, decides not to cross it. Church returns back across and they carry they bridge back to their camp.

5th of Mirtul

Thorn and Roslyn arrive at the foot of the Akraust Neth and begin their entrance in to the cavern. They come to a cavern with a pool of water beyond which Roslyn must travel alone. Roslyn is able to successfully pass the test of the oracle who tells Roslyn that she is about to enter in to a dangerous place. Roslyn studies the menhir circle in the bloodglade and is transported to an alien environment. A dark land with large earthen pillars that stretch up in to a cloud of red haze. Roslyn climbs one of the pillars and finds a host of flying creatures which she promptly calls to for help. The winged elves fly down and restrain Roslyn, eventually imprisoning her in a cage where there are other elves. She learns from these elves that they were part of the expedition with Elara but that Elara has betrayed them and no longer cares about the mission to rescue Labelas Enoreth. Instead, Elara now wishes to bring back the old deities of the Yuirwood, including her patron, Relkath.

Eventually Elara appears along with the winged elf deity Aurilandür and gives Roslyn a choice. She can convert to the worship of the old gods or she can continue her faith in Eldath and remain a prisoner until Eldath comes to free her. Roslyn tells Elara that she needs some time to think it over. Elara tells her that if she decides to follow the old gods, she will be permitted to do as she pleases. After a while, Roslyn decides to abandon Eldath and join Elara. Aurilandür and Elara bind Roslyn in to a divine agreement in her choice and she is freed. Roslyn requests to be sent back to the others and so Elara leads her to the Frostglade circle. Roslyn studies the circle as Elara prepares the ritual and returns Roslyn to the Akharust Neth where Thorn is waiting.

7th of Mirtul

Roslyn and Thorn make their way back to join the others at the wagon.
Session: Chapter 7: The Bloodglade - Sunday, Dec 09 2018 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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43rd Session Summary
The Year of the Serpent 1359 DR
25th of Ches

Ariving in Almorel the group decides to stay at the Golden Bridle while Xzar and Xaehyd make their way in to town in an attempt to communicate with Yaphyll. They are successful and receive word that the real Sevrin is still a prisoner in Thay.

26th of Ches
As the group is making their way out of Almorel Xzar decides to stop in at the temple of Denir to do some research. He uncovers tantlizing clues about the history of the Rauthmari battle mages that once claimed the Endless Wastes as part of their nation. While this is going on Jarna and Church wonder along the docks where they encounter a dwarf named Flint. Jarna returned to the wagon as Church and Flint wander off. Jarna's patience wears thin and she extracts Xzar from the temple. The group eventually finds Church at a local tavern with Flint and both of them are taken inside of the wagon as it departs Almorel.

Month of Tarsakh
Relying on Xaehyd's memory of where he appeared in the Endless Wastes, the group is guided through the frosty grasslands. Roslyn and Church are approached several nights by a lone wolf who seems interested in the wagon. After a triumphant fight against dire boars Church decides to throw some dire boar meat to the wolf. The beautiful, silver-furred wolf approached cautiously and accepted the boar meat before disappearing back in to the night. After traveling north for a tenday the fellowship arrives at the edge of the Endless Wastes bordered by a great ice sea to the north. They decide to turn west in their search for the menhir stones. The group eventually comes upon a white snow-covered hill in the grasslands which they suspect may be the location of the menhir stones. As Roslyn approaches the hill, it shakes off its disguise and a young white dragon appears, ready for its first kill. Through some advantageous spell-casting, the dragon is defeated and harvested. A snow spirit whirls up around Church, angry that people have trespassed upon its land. Recalling their earlier encounter with a nature spirit, Church offers the spirit several claws which seems to appease the creature. Continuing west, they emerge upon a set of ruins which Xaehyd suggests digging up before Roslyn realizes that is the remains of an ancient graveyard. After several more hours of travel, the group stops for the night and discusses following a zig-zag pattern in their search.

20th of Tarsakh
Roslyn and Church are approached again by the wolf and this time they decide to follow it out in the darkness of the night leaving the wagon unguarded. The wolf increases its pace and Church is unable to keep up. Roslyn follows it beyond Church's range of vision in to the night. Some time later, Church sees Roslyn return by herself and they return back to the wagon.

Session: Chapter 7: Almorel and the Endless Wastes - Sunday, Nov 25 2018 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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42nd Session Summary
8th of Ches

The group decides to camp for the night just below the summit of the Thekel Gap. To mitigate the extreme cold, Church paints a marvelous bonfire to keep the party warm while the mounts rest inside a protective shell summoned by Xzar. During the night, the sound of wolves howling in the night proceeds an attack by a wolf spirit swarm. Wyatt calls upon Osiris and the creature is frozen in place while the others prepare their attack. The group then quickly dispatches the creature.

9th of Ches

The final dose is administered to Wyatt and Sevrin as the group travels down the eastern side of the Thekel gap. As the group stops for lunch an imp appears from Yaphyll with an important message; however, Jarna's sword senses the imp's presence and forces her to attack. She slices the imp in half before it has time to deliver its message.

10th of Ches
Wyatt and Sevrin begin their day of deep sleep. The group arrives at Citadel Rashemar and are welcomed inside. It is during this time when they are being watched over by Sevrin and Pickle that Sevrin attacks Wyatt, smothering him with a blanket while Pickle is distracted by Church's nuts. Sevrin calls out that Wyatt has stopped breathing and Church springs in to action, attempting to cast revivify with some of his uncut diamonds. He is successful and Wyatt's breathing is restored in his sleep. Everyone assumes that it was the dream creature that attacked Wyatt. They decide that it would be best to stay at the citadel until Wyatt and Sevrin are awoken so that they can be looked after on a continuous basis. The group enjoys an evening's meal at the citadel and are provided rooms for the night.

11th of Ches
The group awakens and takes turns eating breakfast while they watch over their friends. Jarna is challenged to a wrestling competition by one of the Rashemen warriors whom she quickly realizes has enhanced strength due to a large girdle around his waist. She enlists the help of her friends in her attempt to steal the item. Xzar and Sevrin are left behind to watch over Xaehyd and Wyatt. During the course of their attempt, Nix is turned in to a frog, Church is knocked unconscious and doused in oil and the attempt to steal the girdle is lost. Meanwhile, sensing his opportunity, Sevrin backstabs Xzar in the room. Severely wounded, Xzar says "Sevrin is that you?" To which he does not get a response and proceeds to retaliate unleashing four rays of fire. Sevrin attacks twice, slicing Xzar across his chest and ribs as Xzar falls to the ground, bleeding out. At that exact moment, Roslyn and Pickle return to the room. Roslyn revives Xzar with a potion while Pickle rushes in and distracts Sevrin with a bite. Xzar notices from the bite that Sevrin isn't bleeding and realizes that this is a simulacrum. Using another spell, he immolates the imposter, reducing him to snow.

Eventually Xaehyd and Wyatt awaken. Xzar is healed but a lingering injury from the backstab persists. The group discusses their options and decides to continue on along the Golden Way. Along the road they find a long destroyed wagon and attempt to salvage as much wood as possible.

16th of Ches
The group hears a thunderous approach of horses from behind and as they turn to look a small, armored wagon being pulled by miniature horses begins to overtake them. Church starts a discussion with the driver and the two wagons pull over. Four gnomes emerge from the wagon: Brimald, Gura, Brokkina, and Stromo. They explain that they are headed south through Mulhorand on a quest for their deity Gaerdal Ironhand to return him back to his home plane. After speaking briefly with the gnomes, the groups continue on their way. Stopping to camp for the night, a dim light can be seen in the distance high atop a column of rock that rises out of the mostly flat terrain.

17th of Ches
The group passes through the mostly abandoned settlement of Beacon Cairn where they stop briefly at the general store.

20th of Ches
The group arrives at the Riverview Span, an old stone bridge that crosses the Clearflow River and marks the boundary of Rashemen. A helpful sign in Rashemi states that the group is now leaving the county of Rashemen. They continue over the bridge and through the town of Drubiev.

22nd of Ches
During the night watch a pair of jackals are heard but the animals do not approach close enough to the campfire for a good look at them.

23rd of Ches
Again, at night, the presence of the jackals in the distance observed.

24th of Ches
While camping, Jarna is approached by a pair of humans in ragged clothing asking for a place to camp. The humans explain that they hae been lost in the wilderness. Jarna tells them not to come any closer and that is when the Jackalweres transform and attack. Obviously outmatched, the Jackalweres quickly attempt to escape in to the night. One is killed but the other manages to get away.

25th of Ches
In the evening, the group notices the ever growing signs of increased civilization, as they approach Almorel. The last settlement along the Golden Way.
Session: Chapter 7: Trouble on the Golden Way - Sunday, Nov 11 2018 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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41st Session Summary
4th of Ches

Realizing the threat that the nightmare creature possesses, Wyatt and Xaehyd resolve to stay awake. Unable to sleep for the past two days both of them continue to suffer from sleep deprivation. A Gur caravan traveling in the opposite direction stops in front of their wagon and brings the group to a halt. Church and Xzar enter in to a lavishly decorated wagon. Xzar asks a couple of questions and leaves to prepare a ritual for detecting magic while Church stays in the wagon and has his fortune told. Xzar returns, purchases two bottles of Nodozze Elixir and has his fortune told as well. Jarna has her Battle Axe sharpened. Nix, hearing about the caravan decides to have his fortune told as well. After their business is completed they bid the Gurs goodbye and continue on their way. After learning of the threat, Xzar speculates that the group may be vulnerable to this nightmare creature while they remain in Rashemen. Connected to both the Feywild and the Plane of Shadow, the veil between worlds in Rashmen may be weak enough to allow this creature to enter their dreams.

Arriving at the ramshackle gates of Thasunta "City of Warriors" the group is stopped and asked to pay a five gold piece (per person) entrance fee. This fee covers the cost of a mandatory helmet and shield as well as providing for the upkeep of the lodges. The group makes their way in to the city and heads towards the city's famous Warrior Colosseum where they proceed to watch a sporting event between two lodges. The action is fierce. Roslyn and Church decide to partake in more of the famous Rashemen jhuild. Roslyn chugs down a particularly potent mug and within a couple of minutes is passed out on her seat. Meanwhile Church is able to down the drink and as a wave of intoxication hits him, he finds himself being challenged to a wrestling match. Heavily outmatched, he is soon wrestled to the floor before Jarna intervenes. Church, still feeling the effects of the firewine hefts up the much larger Roslyn across his shoulder and carries her back to their wagon. After the event is over, the group makes their way to the Owlbear lodge for the night where Jarna and her guests are according rooms free of charge.

5th of Ches

Breakfast is severed by small transparent spirits to each of their rooms. As Jarna emerges from her room a crowd has started to gather outside. She startles them with her presence and they give her enough space to move freely. The group quickly departs from Thasunta and on their way out picks up a few items including 2 barrels of jhuild. The first dose of Nodozze is administered to Xaehyd and Wyatt.

6th of Ches

Dose two of five is administered in the morning. That evening the group arrives in the city of Shevel. The largest city in Rashemen, Shevel is a cosmopolitan mix of cultures, more accepting of outsiders than other Rashemen locations, this city reflects its location along the Golden Way. The fellowship stops only long enough to rest before leaving the civilized lands of Rashmen behind them.

7th of Ches

Dose three is administered in the morning. The cold snow-capped Sunrise mountains on the right and the Urling mountains on the left loom large upon the horizon as the Golden Way climbs up the Thekel Gap. As the fellowship continues their ascent they notice a door far below, built in to the mountainside. Xzar sends Montaron down to investigate and discovers writing which identifies the door as an entrance to Darzalstaukh, the City of Dark Dreams. Continuing up the Golden Way they pass the Shevel Shovelers who are starting to clear the road in order to re-open the Golden Way for the summer. In the evening the group comes to a halt as the road is blocked by a thick wall of uncleared snow some ten feet high. After discussing how to proceed, enlarge is cast upon Jarna and a giant shovel is created allowing her to shape the snow in to a ramp. Church calls forth a spiritual weapon in the shape of a shovel and attacks the snow with it. Once the snow ramp is finished Roslyn guides the horses up the ramp but the horses slip nearly plummeting off the side of the ramp down a deep ravine. She manages to coax them up the rest of the way. The group makes camp for the night and manages to avoid encounters with a nearby wolf pack.

8th of Ches

Dose four is administered. After having received message from Sevrin that he has taken shelter in a mining camp, the fellowship of the semicircle continues along their route. Unable to see the road buried under the snow they rely upon Montaron to guide them up to the summit of the Thekel Gap. A little past noon they reach the summit and the mining community of Tethkel. The Rashemen miners are at first happy to see travelers thinking the road has been cleared but later find out that the Shevel Shovelers are still thirty miles away. The group is reunited with Sevrin and begin their slow descent down the eastern side of the Thekel Gap.

Session: Chapter 6: A Nightmare Returns - Sunday, Oct 28 2018 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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40th Session Summary
25th of Alturiak

After a late night of enjoying the victory celebration the group chooses their rooms in the lodge. Wyatt is the first to bed and secures the Eagle room just as Church walks towards it. Nix takes the Pine room. Roslyn takes the Ash room.

The group awakens the next morning to the smells and sounds of breakfast being served, omelets with spicy sausage and heavily smoky sjorl cheese. While eating breakfast the group discusses their next course of action. Weather they should go and search for Sevrin or continue on towards the Endless Wastes. It is decided to continue on based upon Mellomir's vision that Sevrin will be rejoining the group soon. Several announcements are made in Rashemi which Jarna translates.

One of the announcements is in regards to some mischievous fey and the group is cautioned to stay indoors until a suitable offering can be made. The other announcement directs the reward recipients towards the rooms where they are to meet with the officiants in charge.

Jarna is directed towards a room with Fyldrin before her reward ceremony can commence.

Roslyn is approached by an elderly wychlaran, Othlor Zofia, who tells Roslyn to accompany her to the Ashenwood.

Xzar and Church both decide to accept the reward from the Vremyonni which results in a test of sorcery. Both prove to be equally matched so it is up to the Vremyonni, master Keffrass, who choses Xzar. Church requests a reward and master Keffrass responds by telling Chruch he will look at what is available.

Wyatt decides to go back to his room but is interrupted by an elderly woman who asks for his help with some goats in the barn.

Xaehyd, Nix, and Church relax in the great hall. Another announcement is made (regarding the arrival of berserker children to their first day of lodge camp) but without Jarna to translate none of them understand what is being announced.

Roslyn leaves with the witches on their way to the Ashenwood in order to make an offering to the fay.

Xzar speaks with master Keffrass for a while about current arcane events and when Keffrass learns that the group is searching for ancient elven menhir circles he considers the ancient Ilythiiri arch in the ruins of Shandaular that is his area of expertise. He casts a teleportation spell and both of them are instantly transported on the outskirts of the ruins.

Jarna speaks with Fyldrin who tells her that he is going on a Dajemma to find the true hero of the battle, Sevrin. He asks her to join him but Jarna refuses. He then asks for the helmet which he promises to return after his Dajemma is complete. Jarna refuses this as well but when Fyldrin argues that she will not be granted the sword of Rashemen, she reluctantly agrees.

Xaehyd, Nix, and Church hear a commotion outside of the lodge and Xaehyd looks out one of the windows to see several long sleds filled with children arriving. The children are eventually contained and begin making their way in to the hall. Nix wisely moves towards his room but just as he reaches the door, a blur of movement rushes in to the great hall. It pushes against both Nix and Xaehyd before vanishing. As soon as that happens Xaehyd checks his coin purse and realizes that all of his money has been stolen. He tells Nix who also finds his money stolen. Initially suspecting the children they talk with the councilors until it is determined that several of the children also have missing items.

Jarna, scowling, comes out of the room with Fyldrin and she is told about the recent thefts but isn't in any mood to converse as she retrieves the horned helmet from her room and drags it across the floor to Fyldrin.

Roslyn and the wychlaran arrive at the entrance to the Ashenwood. Roslyn watches as an offering is made but fails to notice the quicklings returning back to the woods. She is told to mark the location of the offering which she takes literally and casts hunter's mark upon the spot. She is then lead deeper in to the woods. Othlor Zofia tells her that she must learn to follow her own path now. The wychlaran turn around and disappear in a cloud of snow.

Xzar and Keffrass find themselves on a small hilltop overlooking the ruins of Shandaular. Keffrass leads Xzar through a recently excavated street, which is flanked on both sides by ward stones which repel undead and fiends. Shadows dance upon the icy ruins of Shandaular as Keffrass guides him towards a shattered arch of smooth black stone. He explains that the city of Shandaular, like most cities was build upon the ruins of something much older. The archway is one of the few remaining artifacts of the Ilythiiri; a race of elves more legend than fact. In the journal of Athumrani, it is said that the people of Shandaular used the arch as a two-way portal to a land far to the south. A land somewhere to the south of Mulhorand in the Shaar. Xzar examines the broken arch and retrieves a fragment. The already frigid air begins to freeze. Keffrass hurriedly guides Xzar back out of the ruins. He repeats the word of power and they are instantly returned back to the small room within Tharfenhal.

After Jarna gives her helmet to Fyldrin, she is taken to the private meeting chamber of Thydrim where she is presented with the legendary sword, Hadryllis. Its scabbard is covered with a devil motif, winged and horned beasts decorate it's length. The pommel of the sword is a masterpiece of art forged from a dark silver metal. As Jarna accepts the sword she hears its voice in her head,"Greetings bearer. I hope you prove more worthy than the last; and together, may be rid this world of the fields which seek dominion over it."

Xaehyd, Nix, and Church come to the conclusion that whatever took their coins is no longer in the area. They reluctantly go outside and being to search. The creature's trail is apparent, small delicate footsteps trail off towards the Ashenwood and they decide to follow.

Meanwhile, Roslyn who is already in the Ashenwood, follows her hunter's mark. She comes across animal tracks but is unable to identify them. She has the distinct feeling that she is being watched but there is no sign of anyone around. The woods sleep in a quiet blanket of snow. Roslyn comes upon a hollowed out log and notices several odd, perfectly flat patches of snow which she avoids. Making quick time she finds the other wychlaran and is led along the northern fringe of the Ashenwood looking for mushrooms. As they leave Roslyn notices several figures in the distance but is too far to make out any specific features.

Xaehyd, Nix, and Church arrive just as Roslyn is leaving. They continue following the tracks in to the woods. Church leads them over the snow and a pit trap. His presence alone is not enough to set off the trap but as soon as Xaehyd and Nix step on to it, the snow beneath their feet gives way. Xahhyd uses his training from the Xiang temple to instinctively jump at the last second and makes it to safety while Nix is not as fortunate, his foot is caught up in a rope and he finds himself hanging upside down. While Church and Xaehyd attempt to extricate Nix, the quicklings rush off deeper in to the woods. Eventually Nix is freed without injury. They continue to follow the tracks for a while but eventually give up and start to return to the lodge.

Jarna is led outside of the lodge where a penned hellhound awaits. Huhrong Thydrim explains that this will be her opportunity to test out the sword. She is mounted atop a Rashemarr pony and the hell hound is released. Jarna charges, a little too eager and misses her target, a second swing however cripples the hound as it attempts to flee and Jarna feels the power of the sword as she slays the beast.

Roslyn, Olthor Zofia, and Hathran Nythra complete their task of picking mushrooms. Zofia, clearly unimpressed by Roslyn's progress tells her she still has much to learn. Roslyn is given her promised reward, a quiver of Khelliara, as they make their way back to the hunting lodge.

Upon the wychlaran's return there is a knock on Keffrass' door. It is time for the ceremony but there isn't any time to explain the ceremony to Xzar. He is lead in to the main hall where several totems lay upon a table. Xzar picks the wolf totem. He is asked to remove his shirt. He is approached by one of the wychlaran with a sharp knife and the symbol of a wolf is carved in to his chest. A magical prayer is uttered causing the skin to seal itself, leaving a wolf scar as Xzar is presented with a white wampum belt.

Upon the return of Xaehyd, Nix, and Church. Keffrass presents to Church one pot of Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments that the Vremyonni usually keep on hand for maintenance.

The group decides that it is now time to leave the lodge and return back along the trail to Mulsantir. They start their travel in the evening. After traveling for two days they meet-up with envoys from the estate of Lord Thorbinn who are bringing the group's wagon north.

1st of Ches

The group arrives at the town of Mulsantir in the morning and as they make their way through town Jarna notices several fliers that have been posted. There is a play tonight at the Veil Theater called "The Heros of Gauros." The flier contains a well drawn sketch of a muscular male berserker and a scantily clad female. The cast lists Fyldrin, Jarna, and Nythra as the heroes, Zulkir Nevron as the enemy, and Sevrin as the sidekick. The group stops only briefly to resupply and drop off several raw diamonds to be cut. Fyldrin takes his leave from the group as he makes his way towards the Sloop, a seedy inn near the docks.

That night, Wyatt has a nightmare. He is awoken by the dream and feels exhausted.

2nd of Ches

The wagon continues unimpeded down the Golden Way. Roslyn takes the opportunity to teach Nix several more elvish phrases. They stop for the night and again Wyatt is unable to sleep, his dreams haunted by his past. Xaehyd has a nightmare. It is one that he's had before. His parents farm is burning and invaders threaten him on all sides.

3rd of Ches

The group passes a side road with a sign indicating that the village Tinnir is nearby. Deciding not to stop in Tinnir, the wagon continues on for the rest of the day. This time, Xaehyd sees the creature that confronted the party while they were in the Tower of Dreams. Xaehyd struggles to wake himself up and finally does so.
Session: Chapter 6: Farewell to Rashemen - Sunday, Oct 14 2018 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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