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36th Session Summary
23rd of Hammer
Xzar sends Montaron back to the gnomes to check on them while the rest of the group rests at the ogre's cave. After three hours pass, Church Bell regains consciousness. Xaehyd, Nix, and Sevrin are sent to the camp to retrieve mounts which they plan on using to transport the bodies of Roslyn and Wyatt.

24th of Hammer
The group returns to the caravan to find the goblin Grimlick along with half of Church's nuts missing. The group continues onwards towards the town of Two Stars.

27th of Hammer
Arriving for a brief stop in Two Stars, Sevrin and Nix exchange their gold coins for platinum while Xzar and Xaehyd investigate the local temple for healing. The find a temple to Shandakul, The Rider of the Winds, patron deity of caravanners, explorers, and miners. Unfortunately, they are not receiving spells during the Time of Troubles. The group does manage to overhear a conversation from the returning mercenary company "The Riders of the West Wind," about the travels to Sossal. They are reluctant to reveal more but Xzar convinced to reveal that they encountered winged elves in Sossal, a country directly to the north of Two Stars. The group decides to purchase their own wagon when there isn't enough room in the current wagons for the gnome's trade goods.

29th of Hammer
At midday the caravan comes to a complete stop at a frozen lake. The gnomes retrieve long wooden sleds which they have stored for the journey and attach them to the bottom of their wagon. Xaehyd and Xzar use the gnomes extra set of sleds to attach to the group's wagon with little difficulty and everyone sets out, moving very slowly across the ice towards the county of Rashemen.

That night, while Sevrin and Xzar are on watch, a magical silence and darkness falls over the campsite. In the ensuing confusion, Kikuko is kidnapped by the White Wolf and abducted aboard his flying vessel. Xaehyd attempts to attack the kidnappers with his crossbow but in the darkness doesn't realize that he is targeting Kikuko. He shoots her with two bolts as she is pulled aboard and the ship flies off.

30th of Hammer
The journey across the ice continues. As the sun sets upon this day, the land of Rashemen can be seen over the horizon. The group decides to continue on and arrives at the gates of the city of Mulsantir late in the night. Allowed in by the guards, the group is paid by the gnomes for their services and sleeps in their wagon until morning.
Session: Chapter 5: The Road to Rashemen IV - Sunday, Aug 19 2018 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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35th Session Summary
21st of Hammer

In the town of Tammar the group goes shopping at the market. Tammar's market however is a wholesale market designed for bulk purchases. A jewelery stall caches the eyes of Sevrin and Nix which quickly turns in to larceny and trouble with the guards. Upon their return they find their mysterious passenger, Kikuko Yoki, entangled in a confrontation with the White Wolf. The group manages to restrain Kikuko as the White Wolf escapes in a floating ship on one of the town's landing pads near the market.

The town guards along with the private guards of the jewelery merchant chase after Sevrin, Nix, Church, and Pickle who flee the town. The gnomes and their caravan are also forced to out of town after suspicions arise with their involvement.

As the caravan departs Tammar, the others sneak back on board and they continue towards Two-Stars.

23rd of Hammer

In the evening of the following day, the caravan comes upon the scene of another caravan which appears to have been recently attacked. At the site are three sets of tracks. One set of humanoid tracks leads off in to a nearby corpse of trees. Another set of larger tracks leads east across the grasslands. A third set of tracks, left by caravan wagon lead off the side of the road.

At this point the group decides to split up in to three separate groups. Jarna and Roslyn investigate the human tracks towards the trees. Wyatt, Nix, and Church investigate the larger set of tracks. Xzar, Xaehyd, and Sevrin stay on site and continue to investigate the attacked caravan.

Jarna and Roslyn spot a 17 year old human woman hiding high up in one of the trees. They manage to convince her to come down and she introduces herself as Aeysha Villani. She explains that her family was owns the caravan and they were taken prisoner by three giants. Her family members are Villanis, Garvantos, and Davrioz. Jarna and Roslyn return to the caravan after half of an hour.

Meanwhile Wyatt, Nix and Chruch continue to follow the large footprints as the sun sets and it begins to grow dark. After an hour of walking they come upon a cave entrance from which they can hear a couple of voices talking about cooking one of the humans. Wyatt blesses the three of them and prepares for combat as he attempts to sneak closer to get a good look. Nix decides to go and find the others but Wyatt says that there is no time. Wyatt attempts to sneak around to the cave entrance where he is spotted by a pair of ogres and combat commences. Church attempts to rescue the prisoners while Wyatt is engaged by the Ogres. Wyatt does a substantial amount of damage to the ogres before he is knocked unconscious. Church is also overcome by the ferocity of the ogres and also knocked unconscious. Both bodies are placed in the ogre's holding pen. Church manages to stabilize but Wyatt does not and he bleeds to death.

Twenty minutes pass as the rest of the group make their way through the dark, following the ogre tracks. Along their route they encounter Nix who explains what happened. The find the ogre's cave as the ogres are in the process of eating one of the caravan bodies. The group runs in to battle. Jarna engages with the two ogres and as the group takes on the already wounded ogres Sevrin casts a spell which emits the smell of meat pie. The smell attracts the attention of a third ogre just returning back to the cave. This new ogre charges the group from behind and scores a deadly hit on Roslyn knocking her unconscious.

As the group engages with the third ogre Roslyn continues to loose blood and she stops breathing. Xzar rushes over to try and save her but it is too late. The third ogre falls but so does Roslyn. She has taken her last breath and her body lays on the cold grass.

Jarna attempts to move the large boulder that is blocking the entrance to the ogre's pen but her foot becomes lodged under the bolder. Eventually she is able to move the boulder but her foot has been broken in the process.

The group finds the other two human prisoners along with Church. They also find the ogre's treasure: 12 platinum, 1422 gold, a potion, and a scroll case. Upon the body of the third ogre, Picklecheeks, they find 4 platinum, 50 gold, and two potions.

Session: Chapter 5: The Road to Rashemen III - Sunday, Aug 05 2018 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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34th Session Summary
18th of Hammer

Arriving in the large city of Phsant - Nix and Sevrin decide to visit the local markets. Jarna takes her newly acquired corn and onions there as well to sell. Roslyn and pickle accompany Jarna just to make sure she doesn't get in to any trouble.

The quartet soon find themselves hired as private investigators by Tipret Prenskylvar. She asks them to check on her daughter whom she hasn't seen for the last two days. Tipret has information that her daughter is at the carnival and Tipret wants to ensure that she is safe.
Session: Chapter 5: Eastern Carnivals - Sunday, Jul 22 2018 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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33rd Session Summary
10th of Hammer

Upon departing the city Jarna finds herself approached by a middle aged gnomish man named Cusp Redfoot. He is hiring caravan guards for his gnomish caravan to Mulsantir and asked Jarna if she would be available for hire. He offers 2 gold pieces per day for compensation.

Jarna along with the others agree and they are taken to a 4 wagon caravan. Cusp drives the wagons along with 3 other gnomes: Dreki, Gelden, and Aldo.

Along the way the caravan comes to stop by a tree that has fallen across the road. As the group moves to investigate, they are attacked by a group of goblins. The party rushes forward and gives chase in to the woods while Xaehyd sends Montaron aloft to search the area. Xaehyd's familiar spots a second group of goblins attempting to steal the wagon at the back of the caravan. Moving to intercept, the goblins are dispatched except for one remaining goblin, Grimlick, who is taken prisoner.

14th of Hammer

The caravan arrives in the city of Phent. The gnomes stop at a caravan camp just outside of town. Several members go in to the town to shop while the rest stay behind. At the camp the group becomes entangled in a robbery that took place earlier in the day. A strange gnome attempts to hide a stolen book in one of the wagons but it is discovered and returned to the authorities by a detective named, Lexia Harken.

16th of Hammer

On their way to Inkra, Jarna is approached by an elderly farmer who sells her some vegetables explaining that he would rather not go in to town since sheriff Burniss is in charge. He tells them the history of the town and the plague stone.

The group continues and reaches the town that evening. They are greeted by the sheriff who seems to take a liking towards Sevrin. She invites them to dinner at her home.

While at dinner, Sevrin notices someone breaking in to the town jail across the street. He leaves to investigate and is soon followed by Church who is arrested upon suspicion of the plague. Sevrin, Church, and Roslyn uncover a group of thieves that steals the plague stone. Most of them are captured but one manages to escape. Church is freed the following morning and the caravan departs for Phsant.
Session: Chapter 5: The Road to Rashemen II - Sunday, Jul 08 2018 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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32nd Session Summary
9th of Hammer - The Year of the Serpent 1359 DR

At the Enraged Panda Inn, the group is finally reunited and begins to discuss their next steps when they are approached by a familiar face, Galvin returns with news from his month-long investigation in to the disappearance of Zair. He explains that Galvin had uncovered some information about an upcoming Thayan attack and guides the group through the city of Telflamm and in to a noble villa where someone wishes to speak with them.

A tall robed woman with tangled silvery hair clad in tattered black robes steps forward, "Greetings," she says, turning to the group. "I am glad to have you here. I am the Simbul, ruler of Aglarond." The Simbul motions for the others to sit and offers drinks before continuing. "I will be honest with you. My people and I are stretched far too thin by the Thayans. Something is going on within Thay's borders - some kind of internal conflict, which may have disasterous repercussions for the rest of Faerun. Their conspiracy against us has redoubled in recent weeks and we run from one crisis to another. Were there three of me I would still be too burdened with tasks!"

"Your friend, Zair, had uncovered solid information about a Thayan invasion of Rashemen. Mind you, the Wizards have invaded Rashemen dozens of times and been sent yelping back across the border, their tails between their legs. This time, however, the Thayans have come up with a new scheme, a scheme that may defeat the Iron Lord and his armies." The Simbul hands over a letter that was found in Zair's home which reads

"My Dear Lauzoril:
It is with great pleasure that I report the success of our mutual endeavor. Using the antiquated documents which you sent me last fall, I have finally duplicated the formulae by which the so-called “god-kings” of Mulhorand created their invincible gemstone golems.

These creatures, crafted of solid gemstone material, are as mindlessly loyal and efficient as our more familiar golems but appear highly resistant to magic, particularly that used by the hateful Rashemaar witches, and to the strong place-magic of Rashemen itself. It is my opinion that these two forces are most to blame for our lack of success during past invasions of Rashemen, and if they are even partially neutralized our warriors can easily crush the ill-disciplined berserkers and their savage chieftains.

To this end, I am sending you 100 gemstone golems now, and more
over the coming weeks. By the 15th of Alturiak, all should be in readiness for our invasion. As this is the middle of winter, our attack will have the added advantage of taking the enemy entirely by surprise, for our attacks have rarely come in these months.

With a quick victory over the Rashemaar in the Gorge of Gauros,
the entire land should be under our control in a matter of weeks. With this overwhelming victory to our credit, Szass Tam will suffer a major setback in his shameless attempts to seize absolute power in Thay. Hopefully, several major tharchs and at least one zulkir will be won over to our cause, enough to tip the balance in our favor, and against Tam.

I warn you, however, that a few minor problems still exist with the
gemstone golems. The most pressing is the fact that they require a circle of wizards to maintain control and direction. Without such a circle, led by a wizard of the greatest skill and magical might, they will wander aimlessly about and be unable to press the attack. Please keep this in mind during your invasion.

In closing, I salute you and your efforts to stop the mad schemes of
Szass Tam. If there is any further assistance I can offer you, please do not hesitate to tell me.

Sincerely, Zulkir of Invocation/Evocation and Tharchion of the
Aznar Thrul"

Session: Chapter 5: The Road to Rashemen - Sunday, Jun 24 2018 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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