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40th Session Summary
25th of Alturiak

After a late night of enjoying the victory celebration the group chooses their rooms in the lodge. Wyatt is the first to bed and secures the Eagle room just as Church walks towards it. Nix takes the Pine room. Roslyn takes the Ash room.

The group awakens the next morning to the smells and sounds of breakfast being served, omelets with spicy sausage and heavily smoky sjorl cheese. While eating breakfast the group discusses their next course of action. Weather they should go and search for Sevrin or continue on towards the Endless Wastes. It is decided to continue on based upon Mellomir's vision that Sevrin will be rejoining the group soon. Several announcements are made in Rashemi which Jarna translates.

One of the announcements is in regards to some mischievous fey and the group is cautioned to stay indoors until a suitable offering can be made. The other announcement directs the reward recipients towards the rooms where they are to meet with the officiants in charge.

Jarna is directed towards a room with Fyldrin before her reward ceremony can commence.

Roslyn is approached by an elderly wychlaran, Othlor Zafia, who tells Roslyn to accompany her to the Ashenwood.

Xzar and Church both decide to accept the reward from the Vremyonni which results in a test of sorcery. Both prove to be equally matched so it is up to the Vreymonni, master Keffrass, who choses Xzar. Church requests a reward and master Keffrass responds by telling Chruch he will look at what is available.

Wyatt decides to go back to his room but is interrupted by an elderly woman who asks for his help with some goats in the barn.

Xaehyd, Nix, and Church relax in the great hall. Another announcement is made (regarding the arrival of berserker children to their first day of lodge camp) but without Jarna to translate none of them understand what is being announced.

Roslyn leaves with the witches on their way to the Ashenwood in order to make an offering to the fay.

Xzar speaks with master Keffrass for a while about current arcane events and when Keffrass learns that the group is searching for ancient elven menhir circles he considers the ancient Ilythiiri arch in the ruins of Shandaluar that is his area of expertise. He casts a teleportation spell and both of them are instantly transported on the outskirts of the ruins.

Jarna speaks with Fyldrin who tells her that he is going on a Dajemma to find the true hero of the battle, Sevrin. He asks her to join him but Jarna refuses. He then asks for the helmet which he promises to return after his Dajemma is complete. Jarna refuses this as well but when Fyldrin argues that she will not be granted the sword of Rashemen, she reluctantly agrees.

Xaehyd, Nix, and Church hear a commotion outside of the lodge and Xaehyd looks out one of the windows to see several long sleds filled with children arriving. The children are eventually contained and begin making their way in to the hall. Nix wisely moves towards his room but just as he reaches the door, a blur of movement rushes in to the great hall. It pushes against both Nix and Xaehyd before vanishing. As soon as that happens Xaehyd checks his coin purse and realizes that all of his money has been stolen. He tells Nix who also finds his money stolen. Initially suspecting the children they talk with the councilors until it is determined that several of the children also have missing items.

Jarna, scowling, comes out of the room with Fyldrin and she is told about the recent thefts but isn't in any mood to converse as she retrieves the horned helmet from her room and drags it across the floor to Fyldrin.

Roslyn and the wychlaran arrive at the entrance to the Ashenwood. Roslyn watches as an offering is made but fails to notice the quicklings returning back to the woods. She is told to mark the location of the offering which she takes literally and casts hunter's mark upon the spot. She is then lead deeper in to the woods. Othlor Zafia tells her that she must learn to follow her own path now. The wychlaran turn around and disappear in a cloud of snow.

Session: Chapter 6: Farewell to Rashemen - Sunday, Oct 14 2018 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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39th Session Summary
19th of Alturiak

The beleaguered fellowship fights desperately against the enemy onslaught as they begin to become surrounded by hordes of goblins, black unicorns, and human warriors.

"Retreat!" Nythra yells grabbing Jarna and attempting to pull her from the battlefield. "We've been uncovered. There are too many."
Jarna and Nythra pull back joining Nix, Roslyn, and Church as they are charged by a unit of goblins. Nythra unleashes her nature magic around the unicorns causing a mass of spikes to sprout out from the ground and surrounding them in a trap of spikes, greatly reducing their movement.

With the warriors threating Fyldrin and Xaehyd scattered they too begin to pull back as Xzar notices a small steam of smoke emanating from the prismatic sphere of the wizards. The golems on the battlefield begin to stagger in wild circles striking out at anything in their reach.

Xaehyd moves towards the human commander of the warrior unit and directs Fyldrin to attack, as he strikes with his quarterstaff. Fyldrin's frenzied attack with his battleaxe cleaves through the commander's armor as he falls to the ground. a diamond golem moves upon Xaehyd, Fyldrin and the warriors threating to destroy all of them. Nythra climbs up the hill and throws a chromatic orb at the golem which causing it to deactivate and the lighting storm cloud surrounding it dissipates just as bolts of lightning strike down around them. Xaehyd yells out towards the remaining warriors causing them to flee in fear.

Xaehyd and Fyldrin pull back, joining the others in the fight against the goblin unit. The Thayan army begins to retreat as their once invincible golems descend in to chaos. Further down the gorge several of the emerald golems open up teleportation portals and disappear. Nythra attempts to throw another ball of energy at the golems but she is unable to overcome the instability of the weave and the magical energy of the spell is lost.

Continuing the fight against the goblins, Nythra once again urges retreat as the golems and black unicorns advance upon the party's position. At that time the smoke from the sphere clears as control of the golems returns to the wizards. The golems and black unicorns charge at the group as they dash recklessly up the hill. Fyldrin is the last to make it on the hilltop just as the black unicorns charge and he is gored by several unicorn horns.

The group looks out across the jumbled mass of Rashmen fighters charging down the gorge towards the retreating army. They scan the horizon but see no sign of Sevrin. Nythra turns to the group,"It is done. We must leave now before we are swept up in this wave of war."

Jarna drops a stinking cloud potion down upon the black unicorns and their riders causing the unicorns to gallop away and throwing off six of the seven riders. The group focuses all of their attacks upon the seventh rider, and his body is riddled with arrows as he drops to the ground, dead.

Nythra and her scouts escort you off of the hilltop and towards an approaching witchboat. Back at Lord Thydrim's camp he approaches your group, "From this day forward," says Thydrim, "you are as citizens of Rashemen. You may travel anywhere in this land and never want for food, shelter, or comfort. Your assistance has helped to save our land, and we will never forget that."

The group decides to remain at the Rashemen campsite to search for any clues of their missing party member and collect any spoils of war. They walk past the dead and morally wounded warriors both Thayan and Rashemi towards the center of the gorge. A large collection of rough cut diamonds is collected from the one gemstone golem that Nythra was able to deactivate but there is no sign of Sevrin or the wizards on the now cleared battlefield. Thydrim invites them all back to his hunting lodge of Tharfenhal where they may join in the victory celebration and receive special gifts for their victory in the gorge. Still concerned about Sevrin, the group sleeps at the army's campsite so that Church may pray for a spell of sending to communicate with Sevrin.

20th Alturiak

The group gathers upon awakening as they attempt to send Sevrin a message. In his head Sevrin hears a voice that he is able to determine is the voice of Jarna filtered through Church Bell, "Give him this message. Sevrin where are you? Are you ok? Tell him that he can respond to this message. How many words is" the voice stops suddenly. Sevrin's voice, barely a whisper is received by Church Bell, "Alive." A second message is attempted but the spell fails.

Over the course of the next 5 days the fellowship, sans Sevrin, travels north towards Tharfenhal to celebrate the victory with the Iron Lord and the Rashemi. Every day Church attempts to send messages to Sevrin but due to the instability of magic, not all attempts are successful. On the 21st of Alturiak three messages are send and received. On the 22nd of Alturiak none of the messages are successful. On the 23rd of Alturiak 1 message is successfully sent. On the 24th of Alturiak 2 messages are successfully sent.

24th of Alturiak

The group arrives and joins in the victory celebration. Church and Roslyn join in - vigorously imbibing the potent Jhuild and find themselves wrestling with other berserkers in a wrestling pit. Roslyn pins Church down just as the smell of spiced sausages from a nearly table drifts down to his nose. He strains reaching out for one but is unable to extricate himself. Meanwhile Pickle greedily scarfs down a sausage and Jarna grabs one, throwing it at Church.

25th of Alturiak

In a show of gratitude, Iron Lord Thydrim invites the fellowship to his audience chamber so that they may be honored for their part in the victory of the battle. Upon arriving however, the group learns that the ceremony has been delayed. The wychlaran explain that while everyone was away fighting the Thayans, the Caliph of Semphar, Abu Bakr, is convening a council of nations to discuss the increased frequency of caravan attacks along the two trade routes which connect Faerun to Kara-Tur, The Golden Way and The Silk Road. Before the victory ceremony can be initiated, the fellowship is asked to accompany Hathran Fonjara to Semphar as part of the Rashemen delegation.

Hathran Fonjara is dressed in the traditional wychlaran style: her face covered by a painted ceramic mask. Strapped across her back is a long, hollow, wooden tube. She leads the fellowship towards a snow covered pine tree that appears as if it was comprised of two trees fused together at the trunk. Sunlight from the morning sun steaks down covering the wintry landscape in rays of light and shadow and infusing the crisp, cool air with a mystical presence. The ground here takes on a slight inclination leading up to the base of a tree where a small skirt of snow has formed around it. Fonjara carefully makes her way through the terrain and upon reaching the majestic timber she places her hand upon its bark and whispers in Rashemi . "Gentle Khelliara, maiden of forest, will you allow us passage through your child to Cypress of Balqash in royal gardens of Dar al-Kalif in city of Dhaztanar in county of Semphar?" She holds up her hand to you, signaling for silence, as Fonjara tilts her head slightly and closes her eyes. She gives a slight nod and then you begin to hear her melodic voice spoken in the common tongue, "Pleaz, lean up in front of zis tree. Ven portil opens move zrou queekly. It vill not stay open long."

She places her hand upon the bark of the tree, "Dereva idti Balqash"

The rough bark of the pine tree compresses away from the center, revealing an opening from which light streams outward.

After walking through the portal the fellowship found themselves in an immense, opulent garden filled with perfectly symmetrical rows of 8 foot tall plants spaced at 5 foot intervals which form loose corridors through this green courtyard. Small manufactured canals of water which cross through the garden at right angles. Ahead loomed the overwhelming palace of Dar-al-Kalif. Similar in appearance to an ancient mosque, this round domed building with a giant 50 foot tall rounded opening dominates the horizon. It is surrounded on all sides by tall minarets topped with glistening clear crystals. Fonjara is approached by two ruddy-skinned men donning indigo turbans and long sleeveless orange robes which partially cover suits of chainmail. Each man walks with a long 10 foot wooden pole. Their weathered faces contain thick black mustaches and shoulder length black beards that narrow down to a singular point. Fonjara opens the tube which she has been carrying and pulls from it a flag that has emblazoned upon it, the symbol of Rashemen: a snowflake flanked by two stag antlers on a field of lime green. One of the men, takes the flag of Rashemen, attaches it to the pole and hands it back towards Fonjara.

The group is eventually lead through front of the palace, past a gilded, arched entryway through a chamber containing a forest of tall pillars, and in to a open air rotunda where it is announced upon entering, "Representing the nation of Rashemen, Hathran Fonjara, and the fellowship of the semicircle." The group is then escorted to an empty table reserved for Rashemen dignitaries.

Church looks around and recognizes one of the flags as that belonging to the nation of Shou Lung.

As other representatives enter the following nations are announced:

"Representing the nation of Sembia, Overmaster Elduth Yarmmaster"

"Representing the nation of Mulhorand, Vizier Rezim delegate for Pharaoh Horus-tep III"

"Representing the cities of the Dalelands, Lord Mourngrym Amcathra of Shadowdale"

"Representing the nation of Impiltur, Queen Sambryl window of King Impras IV and the twelve lords of Imphras II"

"Representing the nation of Cormyr, King Azoun Obarskyr IV and Royal Wizard Vangerdahast"

"Representing the nation of Khazari, Lama Koja of the Red Mountain"

"Esteemed emissaries, let it be known that on this day the 20th of Alturiak in the 3,494th year of the founding of Mulhorand, the council of Semphar has been convened by Abu Bakr as-siddiq Abdallah bin Abi Ken Hafi, Caliph of Semphar."

A man with a white bejeweled turban and small golden earrings stands from the front table to address the council, "We are here to discuss the increased wanton destruction of trade caravans between our nations along the Silk Road and the Golden Way."

A Shou female with a pale white face and emerald gown speaks, "We have'a recheved shaveral report from shurvivor dat our merchant are being attacked by de barbarian tribes of de Taan."

Vizier Rezim stands and replies, "This is true anz what are we going to zo about it? We must defenz our traze routes."

Overmaster Elduth joins in the conversation "Our'a nation will stand and de-vend free trade for all. It is only just, don't you think?"

As the members of the council speak, a commotion suddenly breaks out in the background. A man with a Fu Machu mustache, rounded forehead, and large black eyes burst in to the rotunda, an official from Semphar stands and says "Announcing General Chanar Ogh Kno of the Tuigan nation."

"My Khahan does not recognize your sovereignty over his lands. Your continued incursion across the Taan will no longer be accepted. These are the terms of Yamun Khahan. A tribute of one gold bar from each caravan passing through the Taan will be collected." The other nations representatives have looks of shock upon their faces,"I am not done. You will also recognize Yamun Khahan as emperor of all people and pay tribute to him or you shall all die."

Chaos nearly breaks out as some of the other representatives are restrained from physical violence. King Azoun's voice rings out across the rotunda as he stands and replies, "Ze nation of Cormyr rejects your offer. You can expect no gold from Cormyr. Ze lands of Faerun and Kara-Tur are not under ze rule of your Kan and please inform him that Yamun Khahan iz not emperor of ze world nor will he ever be!"

General Kno responds, "I have come here to receive your surrender with my honor guard." He points across the rotunda down to the surrounding metropolis. In the distance, you can see what looks like small ants are actually thousands of warriors standing in formation at the gates of the palace. "The next time I come, it will not be as your guest but as your commander." General Kno turns and leaves the palace.

Several other nations lend their voices to King Azoun's statements. After the Council of Semphar concludes, the group has a few minutes to speak to one of the delegations and decides upon talking to the Cormyean delegation, specifically to Mellomir. He tells them that the next menhir only those of the blood can enter. When they inquire about Sevrin Mellomir reveals that he does see Sevrin with the rest of the group.

Hathran Fonjara leads them back through to the tree in the garden and they soon find themselves in the familiar cold of Rashemen. They now await their rewards at Tharfenhal.

Session: Chapter 6: Battle of the Gorge - Sunday, Sep 30 2018 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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38th Session Summary
11th of Alturiak

The group listens to the speech of Lord Thydrim and all agree to join the people of Rashemen in their war against the Red Wizards. Xzar shares the information that he learned from his friend in Thay, Yaphyll. The Red Wizards are known to build in failsafe spells in to their constructs and this time is no exception. Known to most wizards of Thay is an arcane incantation which causes an orb of color to appear in the wizard's hand. When thrown at a target, the orb bursts and releases a pulse of energy related to the color of the orb. If an orb of lightning is thrown and hits a diamond golem when the golem is not active controlled it causes the creation to deactivate, an orb of acid which hits an emerald golem causes it to deactivate, and an orb of thunder which hits a ruby golem causes it to deactivate.

After the conclave concludes, Fyldrin informs the group that he will be accompanying them to the gorge. It is also at this time that the other members of the group realize that Nix is missing. Xzar sends Montaron up in the skies to search for Nix but he is unable to be located. Sevrin notices a set of halfling sized tracks leading away from the hunting lodge and the group heads West to search for Nix. Reaching a crossroads where several small halfling sized tracks lead in different directions Church takes the lead and the group begins to follow the wrong set of tracks. Eventually they are lead to a small stand of trees occupied by frost sprites. The mischievous spirits of the forest are both amused and angered by the trespassing of the group upon their lands. They cast a spell upon Jarna causing her to briefly break out in to a dance before she shakes off the effects.

One of the sprites moves towards Church and becomes enamored with the kenku and decides that Church must stay with them. He casts a charm spell while the others negotiate unsuccessfully to let Church leave. Fyldrin, using his knowledge of the land and the spirits which reside upon it, suggests that a gift might appeaze them but before they can act, the sprites decide to freeze Church and keep him as a statue.

Combat ensues, Xzar asks Xaehyd to punch him triggering his Hellish Rebuke which he uses upon himself and as flames burst around him, he moves towards the frozen Church Bell. Meanwhile, Jarna picks up the frozen Church statue and begins to run away. Xaehyd knocks out of the sprites with a kick to the head. The group begins to retreat and Pickle throws behind a feldspar gemstone as an offering to the sprites.

Backtracking, the group eventually finds the correct tracks and continues onward. Jarna rushes ahead of everyone eager to rejoin the war campaign and fails to notice a deep crevasse until it is too late. She attempts to jump away from it but manages only to fall in. She falls 30 feet and lodges her axe in to the slick, wet walls.

Several hours prior, Nix had fallen in to the crevasse while exploring the wilderness. Attempting to climb up, he succeeded in making it half way before falling back down the slippery ice wall. Now waiting for rescue, Nix looked up to see Jarna dangling above him.

Xaehyd ties his rope together with Wyatt's to form 100 feet of rope. Fyldrin secures the rope around his waist as Jarna and Nix eventually emerge from the crevasse. The group then begins their long march, back towards Mulsantir and then to the Gorge of Gauros.

14th of Alturiak

Settling in the for the night at a large camp on the banks of the river Tir, a dark figure approaches the group in their circle of firelight. She is robed and deeply hooded, her features concealed by a dark red mask. It is obvious by her dress that she is a member of the Wychlarin.

"Greetings," she says without formality. "I am Nythra of Seven Rivers, a witch of Rashemen. I spoke with the great Othlor, Lady Yhelbruna, and we agreed that you are the ones to help us in the coming battle." Without asking, Nythra crouches by your fire and continues. "We have discovered that Zulkir Thrul's gemstone golems do indeed exist, and they are completely resistant to the magic of Rashemen. Even if we manage to defeat the Thayans, it may be at such a terrible cost that we will be helpless against their next attack. The sad fact of life is that there seems to be an endless supply of Thayans and a limited number of Rashemaar. Even now they seek to delay and frustrate us. Thayan agents were caught trying to destroy the Tir bridge just last night."

"The gem golems do have vulnerabilities, however. As the letter you intercepted implies, the Red Wizards still have trouble controlling the golems, and an entire circle is required to keep them moving forward and fighting. My sisters and I can identify which circle is controlling the golems, then you must fight your way to the circle, disrupt it, and destroy the Thayans' control of their creations. The circle is likely to be led by a very powerful Red Wizard, possibly a zulkir. The rewards, in both glory and will be considerable. Will you help us?"

The group agrees without hesitation and they are joined by Nythra.

17th of Alturiak

Near the southern border of Rashemen, the army has gathered, numbering over 20,000 individuals and joined by 10,000 others from Thesk and Aglarond. The army moves south, along the shores of Lake Mulsantir and finally in to the Gorge of Gauros. Here, near the warmer southern climates, the snow is less oppressive but still covers everything in a deceptively peaceful, white blanket. Lord Thydrim, Nythra, and Fyldrin meet the group on their journey southwards.

"Your warning came not a moment too soon," Thydrim says. "We have word that the Thayans are on the march with rank after rank of strange, gleaming giants in the vanguard. These will be the gem golems. Nythra of Seven Rivers has told me of your mission. I wish you luck and pray that you die well."

Fyldrin of the Eleven (or rather Twelve) Chairs grabs his father's arm. "Let me go with them, father!" he demands. "The land is in danger and the people need help!"

Thydrim initially refuses his son's request and asks the group if Fyldrin would be indispensable to their mission. The group convinces Thydrim that Fyldrin should come with them and so he is permitted to join in the mission.

"Nythra will accompany you as you go up the gorge by witchboat. There is a place not far from here where you may hide as the Thayans pass by. You will wait until the golems have passed your position and engaged my warriors, then you will make your way down into the midst of the Thayan army. Nythra will show you the wizard's circle that controls the golems - that is the one you must attack. Our archers will cover your advance and Nythra and the other witches will cast spells as needed to support you, but the brunt of the fighting will fall upon you. If you succeed in disrupting the circle, the Thayans will lose control of their golems and we can destroy them here and now."

Thydrim salutes the group in the Rashemaar style, his arms crossed across his chest.

19th of Alturiak

Thydrim returns to the group as they approach the front lines of the battlefield. "My sentries report that the Thayans are less than an hour away," he says, "so you must go now. Good luck, and may the spirits fight with you." Then Thydrim, Iron Lord of the Rashemaar, is gone, leaving the group with the witch Nythra and two Rashemaar scouts. "Come quickly," Nythra urges. "The enemy approaches."

She leads everyone to the nearby river Mulsantir, where a small boat waits. Upon getting into the boat, it begins to move downstream of its own accord. "Our witchboats," says Nythra, "are one of our
best resources against the Thayans."

The boat carries the party a mile or so down the gorge. Once there, Nythra sends the witchboat back upstream and leads the party up a narrow, winding trail, slippery and treacherous in the snow, to a rocky saddle hidden from the gorge below.

Below lies the wide Gorge of Gauros, with the Mulsantir winding like a green ribbon in the south. Along its bank marches a seemingly inexorable tide of warriors. First come dozens of gleaming figures twice the height of a tall man, apparently crafted of ruby, emerald, and diamond in the shape of armored warriors. Behind them is an enormous rabble of Thayan soldiery; gnolls armed with long bows and flails, humans in a variety of armor, wild-eyed orcs, chittering goblins and cavalry mounted upon horses, black unicorns, leucrotta, centaurs - even wilder, unidentifiable creatures. Overhead, a flight of red robed wizards, mounted on griffons, swoops and wheels.

"This is what we of Rashemen must face constantly," says Nythra, softly. "No matter how many times we defeat them, they always return."

In the distance you see that the Rashemaar are deployed in a wide section of the gorge, their flanks secure against the River Mulsantir and the sheer gorge walls. As you watch, the gem golems lumber toward the Rashemaar. Arrows fill the air, but glance off or break against the glittering gem-hard skin of the monsters. In a few moments, the golems have reached the first Rashemaar battle line, and wade in, swinging their great arms, throwing Rashemaar warriors aside like toys; behind come the gnolls, orcs, goblins, and humans.

"Look!" urges Nythra. "The wizards!"

Almost directly below you, guarded by units of gnolls and other creatures, Red Wizards, resplendent in red satin robes, form circles and chant ominously, obviously summoning powerful magic.

"They use the circles to enhance their power," Nythra hisses. "Wait!" Nythra closes her eyes in concentration, as further down the gorge, the golems send the first Rashemaar line fleeing. Beyond the main bulk of the Rashemaar army, the witches are busy too, dancing and capering about small fires, sending lightning bolts, fireballs, and other castings at the golems. A few stumble and hesitate, but most advance, slowly but steadily, apparently unstoppable.

"There!" declares Nythra, pointing to a wizard's circle a hundred yards or so distant. "That one! He's controlling the golems! Go now! Before it's too late!"

The Rashemaar line wavers, stumbling back in the face of the golems' onslaught. Then with a great groaning, a dread wood man appears, grabbing at golems and smashing them into glittering shards, or flinging them to shatter on distant rocks. It is an awesome sight, but it may not be enough, for the golems concentrate on the wood man, ripping at his tough, bark-like flesh and tearing huge
chunks in it.

After several minutes of strategical discussions it is decided that Roslyn, Sevrin, Nix, and Nythra will sneak around, through the hills towards the circle where they plan to unleash one of the elven artifacts in the temporal stasis paradox box, the nesting dolls. Sneaking down the first steep hillside they make their way over to the first embankment when Nythra, in wolf form, is spotted by the nearby goblin platoon. Nythra distracts the goblins as they give chase and the others carefully make their way up the hill.

The trio need only make it past a single griffon mounted wizard when Roslyn stumbles over a rock buried in the snow covered terrain. The sharp eyed griffon immediately sees Roslyn and dives down to attack, while the wizard sends a message to the other griffon riders. Rosyln and Nix make a run for it distracting the griffon and giving Sevrin a chance to hide.

The griffon swoops down and attacks while the wizard summons a swarm of bats targeting Roslyn. In a daring move, Nix jumps on to the back of the griffon as it attacks Roslyn and he slashes at the wizard from behind with his dagger. Scoring a critical hit, not only does Nix slash through the wizard's leg but he also severs the saddle upon which the wizard is riding, causing the wizard to plummet to the ground. Nix makes a decision weather to stay on the griffon or attempt to jump to safety just as the griffon flies along the edge of the hill's steep cliff. The griffon implements a corkscrew maneuver and Nix falls, hitting the edge of the cliff and falling down to the ground below, his impact upon the cliff edge compounding with his impact at the bottom instantly severs his spine and he lies lifeless on the ground.

Sevrin seeing his companions in mortal danger rushes ahead to Roslyn and they scamper down the hillside. Roslyn succumbs to the swarm and falls as four additional griffons in the distance quickly swoop down to attack. Sevrin vanishes behind a hilltop as the griffons descend down upon his position.

As the group begins to fail, one after another, the other members watching from a distance decide it is time to take action. Church says a prayer to Quorlinn before charing towards Nix. Nythra attacks with magical bolts of force while Jarna, donning her helmet, begins to charm several commanding officers causing their squads to advance to the front of the lines and away from the group.

The griffons after making quick work of Sevrin are seen flying up above the hillside. Xzar casts a spell and the earth itself reaches up with stone fingers, pulling one of the griffons back down and restraining it to the ground.

Desperation sets in. The healers rush across the battlefield to help their fallen comrades. Jarna, Xaehyd, and Fyldrin rush in to they fray. Sevrin however, was not killed and after awaking from being knocked unconscious, has just enough strength to activate the nesting dolls. An army of 10 kara-tur warriors, 10 wyverns, 10 fire elementals, 10 hill giants, and 10 imps emerge. Sevrin commands them all to attack the wizards but a diamond golem stands in their way.

The newly created army charges causing the Zulkir himself to react. Beads of sweat pour down his face as the pain of casting a powerful spell nearly knocks him unconscious. Somehow, through his years of training, the spell is released. A blazing sphere of pure white light flashes across the landscape and the wizards are encased in a prismatic sphere.

The army engages the diamond golem as they swarm past, breaking off diamond crystals in the process. Sevrin rushes over and scoops up a few crystals before climbing up the nearby hill. While unable to look directly at the blinding dome, he covers his eyes and watches as most of his army is obliterated as they charge the protective barrier. The wyverns fly at the sphere and their flesh is rendered from their bones, leaving only their skeletal corpses. The hill giants push in to the dome but their bodies are likewise engulfed in a combination of flame, acid, and lightning as each one falls, reduced only to ash. The elementals with their immunity to both fire and acid push past the first layer and their forms disappear in to the blinding light, Sevrin is unable to see if any actually make it through and he is forced to look away as his eyesight is burned by the blazing light of the dome.

Church reaches Nix at the one minute mark and begins casting revivify but he has forgotten the diamond component of the spell. A burst of wild magic emanates from Church's feathers lifting his feet an inch off the ground and empowering his spell to bring Nix back from dead, without the diamond.

The healers rush to Nix and leave Jarna in a vulnerable position as she defends herself against a deadly cluster of black unicorns with priests. Xzar attmpts to aid Jarna with spells from the hilltop. Xaehyd and Fyldrin engage a group of Thayan warriors, and the others rush back to rejoin the combat leaving Sevrin alone on the hill with his quickly dying army in front of him.
Session: Chapter 6: The Gorge of Gauros - Sunday, Sep 16 2018 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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Conclave of Rashemen
11th of Alturiak

Lord Thydrim presides over a conclave and strategy session with all of the fyrra and wychlaran that have answered his call. "Yet another crisis faces our nation!" he declares. "These foreign adventurers were sent here by the Simbul with an important message for us!"

At Thydrim's urging both the Simbul's letter and the intercepted Thayan communication are read aloud, drawing grim stares and black mutterings from the gathered Rashemaar.

"It seems that the Thayans have created a new kind of monster to threaten us, in an attempt to overcome the magic of our witches and of the spirits of Rashemen!" Thydrim continues, "The invasion is imminent - possibly only days away. First, I summon the Fangs of Rashement as well as the warriors of the berserker lodges and all youths currently on dajemma who can be summoned, to muster and gather at the Gorge of Gauros, where the Thayan attack will come from. Further, I ask our respected witches, the wychlaran - sacred Othlor, and respected Ethran, Blethran, and Hathran, to turn their magic and learned wisdom to the defense of our realm, and to gain aid from the ancient spirits of forest, stone, hill and tree. The Thayans claim that their new creatures are immune to the magic of Rashemaar spirits, so they may present an even greater challenge than ever before."

Lord Thydrim scans the room, meeting the gaze of every individual there - now you see why he is called huhrong, or Iron Lord. "Twenty times and more have the Thayans tried to conquer our land. Twenty times and more have they failed, sent shrieking back across their borders, their wives widowed, their children orphaned."

"Now our ancient enemies threaten us again and perhaps now they are stronger than ever, and the danger is greater. All Rashemaar will do their duty. Our land will remain free, with each breath that is taken, with each sword that is drawn, let them die in a sea of Thayan blood! If it is war the Red Wizards want, than it is war we will give them! Long live Rashemen!"

The crowd bellows "Long live Rashemen!" Their response echoes from the high, dark-beamed ceiling.

"Go now." Thydrim shrouts, "Prepare for battle!"

Lord Thydrim looks towards the fellowship, "Fight with us. For Rashemen. For Thesk. For Aglarond. For freedom!"
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37th Session Summary
Midwinter - the Year of the Serpent 1359 DR

The next morning Jarna wonders around the city of Mulsantir and learns that the local fyrra's steading is a mile or so north of town, on Green Hag Hill. Upon their arrival at the estate, the group is requested to leave their cart and weapons at the gate. Jarna, Sevrin, and Church decide to enter the estate and ask for an audience with Lord Thorbinn the Black.

Church is the first to gain admittance to the lord's haul where he is challenged to feats of drinking, eating, and dancing. Lord Thorbinn is impressed by Church's performances and speaks with him in private where he agrees to meet with the group and schedules an audience after the Midwinter festivities.

Quarters, baths, and clothing are provided prior to being summoned to Lord Thorbinn's audience chamber. He is seated there along with a masked figure who introduces herself as Hathran Shialis and a young man named Fyldrin who is the son of the Iron Lord. He agrees to lead the group to his father's winter hunting lodge. Jarna inquires with Shialis about the possibility of resurrecting their friends and is told that diamonds are needed for the ceremony.

Nix, Sevrin, and Church decide to sneak back in to town under the cover of night and break in to a jewelry store while everyone is celebrating for Midwinter. They succeed in breaking in to a shop but end up setting off a poison trap and absconding away with a small lockbox. After opening the box they reveal the contents which consist of a variety of uncut stones, none of which are diamonds. Jarna speaks to Fyldrin who is willing to trade her the diamonds she needs in exchange for her helmet. Seeing no other alternative she completes the trade.

Shialis performs the resurrection ceremony in the middle of the night, asking the spirits to return to the mortal realm. Both Wyatt and Roslyn are able to withstand the shock of returning to their bodies and are resurrected.

1st of Alturiak - the Year of the Serpent 1359 DR

The group is provided with Rashemaar ponies and sleighs as they set off towards the iron lord's hunting camp. Joining them are Fyldrin and his two bodyguards.

3rd of Alturiak
They travel for two days over the snow-covered landscape and come upon a sleigh race on the frozen Lake Yval. Fyldrin notices that his good friend, Varri, is racing and immediately detours to watch the race. Annoyed by his sudden deviation, Jarna and the others follow, attempting to get Fyldrin back on course. Fyldrin ignores the rest of the group at first, rushing over the ice to congratulate Varri. Eventually they manage to convince him to continue onward.

5th of Altruiak
The group encounters a small entourage of berserkers from the White Dragon lodge. The fellowship is taunted by the beserkers with light-hearted insults and challenges Jarna to an axe throwing competition. Jarna throws a hand axe that is given to her and spurs her sled in to action, not waiting to see the results.

7th of Altruiak
From out of the Ashenwood arises a giant crafted from knotty wood, twisted branches, clods of dirt, rocks, and boughs. This is the legendary wood man, which is said to awaken when the land is under great danger. It walks past the group and continues in the direction towards Mulsantir.

9th of Alturiak
The group arrives at Tharfenhal, the Iron's Lord hunting hall but Lord Thydrim isn't here. He's left one day prior on an ice troll hunting expedition. After several hours of searching the group finds Lord Thydrim with his guards, beset by ice trolls. After a harrowing combat, they manage to defeat the ice trolls and relay the news to Lord Thydrim. They return to Tharfenhal where Lord Thydrim summons the fyrras and wychlarin to strategize for the upcoming battle.

Session: Chapter 6: Thorbinn the Black - Sunday, Sep 02 2018 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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