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    Xaehyd Drius human/M/Monk/1
    Background:Xaehyd’s parents, two young wanderers in love and veritable prisoners of Ra-Khati, wanted more than anything to explore the world. They had heard of a nation where other Kara-Tur immigrants had been welcomed. They fled from their “forbidden county” and took with them a fair amount of fine gems ...
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    Xzar M/Necromancer(wizard; necromancy)
    Background:Xzar's parentage is a complete mystery. He was abandoned as a child in the city of Eltabbar and being both of Mulan descent and found possessing a natural inclination towards arcane manifestations, Xzar was quickly provided for by the Red Wizards of Thay whom attempted and failed several times t...
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    Elara Dwin'eplith Moon Elf/F/Druid
    "Come forth into the light of things; let nature be your teacher."
    Description:Long red hair; grey eyes. Dresses practically (no lavish materials or fancy adornments are on her clothing).
    Background:"I always felt an affinity for the natural world. I was raised tending to the woodlands surrounding my home, becoming intimately aware of the flora and fauns that dwelled therein. I was taught about the delicate balance of life and death, and the importance of the intertwining of all life, even t...
    Details:Can be aloof (Elvish trait). Overly confident in abilities. Inexperienced about life outside her home territory, but curious about the others that don't live in harmony with the land as her settlement/clan/family always has.
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    Sevrin Tumblebelly Lightfoot Halfling/M/Rogue/1
    "I prefer to be underestimated."
    Description:He is completely self sufficient. If he needs something then he will take it unless the consequences are too great.
    Background:Grew up in the tiny community of Hilltop. His mother Cora and father Merric were both abducted in the middle of the night when Sevrin was a young child. He believes they were taken because of debts owed but has no proof of it. His father was very secretive and rarely spoke of anything other than ...
    Details:Takes a long time to trust others. Never over confident but often hesitant. Enjoys stealing from the wealthy. Hates nobles. Default Mini: War Drums #18
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    Description:Taegan Xilokerym
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    Roslyn Xiloscient Wood Elf/F/Ranger/4
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    Neela Faena High Elf/F/Stkr/Fighter/3
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    Jarna Human/F/Def/Barbarian/3

Retired Characters

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    Haakon Jarrick (Retired) Verbeeg/M/Fighter
  • Shanari_thumb
    Shanari Galeen (Retired) Half-Elf/F/Ranger/1
    Description:29 yrs old, 5'7", 160 lbs, Hazel eyes, Tan skin, Brown hair Shanari has grown up in the secluded town of Relkath's Foot where her large family has lived for generations. Shanari is a descendant of the original green elves that lived in the Yuirwood and worshiped the ancient deities of the Seld...
    Background:Origin- Relkath's Foot In training to be a master of the Yuirwood Enjoys being alone in nature. Very observant as though she is always on the lookout for invaders and strangers.
    Details:Parents: Leokas (father) Elhana (mother) Siblings: Brenmae (sister) Kevros (brother) Family Home: A modest, single floor home set high in the trees. Through the center of the home is the massive trunk of the tree and the rooms spiral off from the trunk so that all rooms have a portion of the ...
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    Brenmae (Retired) M

Game Masters