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Everything's... dark
Tully thought to himself as the world began to become smaller and smaller, the edges of his eyesight closing in, reaching totality. He suddenly felt something very dark, not like the darkness you can’t see through, but an actual darkness. Tully felt a slithering over his foot leaving a viscous slime. He jumped up in shock, but realized that now he kept flying up; as if he suddenly were no longer tied to the ground. He began to tumble, it was then Tully realized that he wasn’t flying up, but falling down at an exceptional rate. His head began spinning and he could no longer concentrate, as he now felt like an axe were splitting through his skull. Tully doubled over and began coughing terribly, it felt as if knifes were sliding out the inside of his throat. He cupped his palms in front of his face and found grasp to what he had been coughing up. To his terror it was large, the size of his own arm to be exact. He felt the stomach pains again and spewed once more, only this time, Tully knew something wasn’t right. His mouth began splitting open at the side of his lips as a terrible substance too big to fit were forced up from his gut. Limp now, Tully surveyed the surroundings with his eyes, and what he saw brought him sheer freight–it was his own intestines. He groped at his body and felt a huge cavity, his skin so loose he could stretch it like a blanket. Tully suddenly splashed onto a small pound creating a resounding smack as his skin flattened to the surface, then slowly sank. He grasped for the surface attempting to swim but found to no avail. Tully sank to the bottom of the pond, his mouth gaping wide, torn from the splitting. Now being filled with the water; inflating him. It was then that Tully realized to his horror, that it was the taste of iron, of blood. His body was now inflated like a balloon full of blood. When suddenly He felt a sense of familiarity, like he’d seen this once before. But then Tully touched the bottom of the pond and found himself no longer drowning, but sitting–looking up towards a moonlit window.
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