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A Day in the Sun
“Wait for me guys!” Tully screamed, as he chased his friends

Tully and his friends, The River Raiders they liked to call themselves, were racing towards the river where their village gleans its daily water from. The adults said they could play in the river, but only if they went down stream. So off the children raced.

Finally caught up, Tully counted who was left to see if he was last... again. After muttering to himself and numbering off his fingers, a huge grin crossed his face.

“YES! I wasn’t last this time!” Tully nearly shouted as he jumped for joy.

However, Tully became even more excited when he realized he had beaten a boy named Pete–with which he would never admit his true respect for. As Pete puffed, attempting to bring air back into his aching lungs, Tully stuck his tongue out and shot a cheap remark,

“Hey Pete, you didn’t actually do too bad, for last place!”

The other boys, and even a few girls, began to snicker and sneer.

“Well at least I made it, unlike you last time!” Pete shot back

Tully, quite phased since technically Pete wasn’t wrong, decided to quickly change subjects and jump in the river while screaming,

“Last one in’s a pansy!”

This caused everyone to suddenly scramble in as one blob of giggling, clambering limbs. The children swam for what seemed like hours. Jumping off the bank to perform their best aerial maneuvers, having splash wars, and even seeing who could hold their breath the longest underwater. Soon the children got board and decided to go on an underwater treasure hunt. The one to come back in an hour with the best treasure wins. As they counted down from three in unison, Pete snuck his leg behind Tully’s ankle, and as soon as they all broke and ran their opposite directions, Tully tripped over Pete’s foot. Pete then took off, yelling behind him,

“I bet you won’t even find a broken bottle!”

Determined now, Tully knew he had to find something–if anything, an intact bottle. After searching for a while, Tully felt as though he was starting to get close to their hour time limit; and if he didn’t find something quick, he’ll be made fun of for days. Tully began diving down under the banks of the river attempting to see if anything got pushed under by the current. Behold, his hand knocked something hard. And Tully knew with all his experience, this would be the find of his life. It would be this one item that would insure his total rule of treasure hunt king. He propped up his feet and heaved with all his strength until the mud started to bubble and pop as the item lifted off the river bed. Tully could feel it was really hard and sort of heavy, and shaped like a pole. After wiping off all the mud, he could see that there was a leather belt loop on the side and a thin slit on the top. Tully’s eyes widen as he realized it looked exactly like a scabbard for a sword. He ran up to the bank and marveled at his find, imagining it being holstered to his side with a belt.

It was then that a glint something shiny caught his eye from across the river on one of the higher up banks. Tully squinted and saw four boys.

“This is the perfect time to show off my find, maybe I’ll even convince them I’ve already won.” Tully pondered, as he made his way to the other side

Upon reaching the bottom of the bank, Tully looked up once more, and to his shock, it was actually a sword that had caught his eyes. One of the boys actually found a sword and Tully couldn’t believe it. He raced up the hill and reached to the top where they were. Tully hadn’t realized however, who was up here, but now he saw it was Al and his goons picking on Pete. Al was always mean, but he seemed even more mean to Pete, and Pete never fought back. Mostly that was because everyone knew Al always got back at you, and he always tried to do worse to you then you did too him. Tullian slowly approached the scene, as he saw Al was trying his best to hold the sword up towards Pete’s face.

“Now I can really be in charge.” Al said boisterously as he strained to hold the sword “With this, no everyone will know who’s boss, right guys?” Al said as he looked back at his two companions, which began to quickly nod and encourage him. “But first, we need to make sure everyone knows their place, just like poor ol’ Pete.”

He looked over towards Pete who was on the ground against a tree, terrified for his life. Al hefted the sword over onto his shoulder, grasping it by two hands.

“Wait Al, what are you doing!?” Tully screamed from beside the tree.

“Oh, hey Tully!” Al respond, “I’m giving it good to Pete, so he knows who’s the real boss!” He said, even more excited about the idea than before

Al then hoisted the sword above his head and began to drop it towards Pete’s skull. With everything set in motion, Tullian knew there was no way Al could stop the blow, not even Al was strong enough for that.

“Maybe if I yank Pete out of the way?” He thought, but Tully knew he couldn’t muster that strength. “What’s even gotten into his mind!?” Tullian began to scream in his head. He was beginning to run out of options. The sword was hurtling towards Pete’s head. Tully didn’t want to lose Pete, he liked Pete–even if they made fun of each other. Tullian began to act solely out of instinct. He wasn’t thinking anymore, there wasn’t time to think. Tully slid on his knees past Pete and threw up his forearms above his head, and everyone’s eyes began to go wide. Al tried his best to pull the sword upward, but he couldn’t muster the strength. The sword made contact and everyone’s eyes were closed shut in fear of what might happen. Tully felt something hot drip over his forehead. He opened his eyes and realized it was his it was his own blood. The sword had dug itself off to the side in the dirt, glancing off the scabbard which Tully had forgotten he was holding; however, not without first breaking it into and slicing into a small portion of Tully’s arm. Tully looked at his arm, slowly going through a process of realization. First, that his plan had worked. Second, that he was alive. Third, he was bleeding. Tully let out a high-pitched scream and fainted on the ground.

“What the heck was that Al!?” Pete screamed, as he went to hold Tully’s arm.

“I swear, I wasn’t actually gonna do anything! It was a joke I swear!” Al frantically responded.

“Well hurry up and help me, we need to get him back home to our parents, his arm doesn’t look good.”

The boys hoisted Tully above their head and ran as fast as possible for home. Upon reaching Pete’s house, his mom called the village doctor, who easily fixed the cut on Tully’s arm. However, the parents didn’t let the boys off with any slack, even Tully, after he felt better, got a good lecture about playing with sharp knives. After handing in the sword to the head guard, Al apologized to everyone about being mean. He eventually befriended Tully and Pete, and the posse eventually became even more tight nit.

After one grueling day of adventuring, the boys went their way home and bid each other goodnight,

“Night Pete, night Tully!” Al yelled as his mother ushered him in their front door.

“Night Al!” The other two yelled back in unison

“I’ll see ya tomorrow Tully.” Pete said, as he turned his back to walk home.

“Not if I see you first!” Tully jeered as he ran home. After eating dinner and finally getting settled in, Tully’s mother tucked him after he said goodnight to his father. Tully looked at his mom as she walked towards the door, “Mom, I don’t ever wanna leave this place.”

“Don’t worry hun,” She replied in a soft voice, “We are going to stay here as one happy family.”

Tully turned over towards the candle that lay on his bedside table. Leaning forward, he gave it a quick puff, and the room began to grow dark. Tullian lay there and let forth a small smile as he fell into a deep slumber.
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