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Awake in the Underdark
Day 4

“Four days. Four days since I woke up in this prison cell, a slave of the Drow. I won’t bother you with a long tale about my life before this – that’s a story for another day. All that matters is that I had been travelling west from my home in the Taan for several seasons. And then, I awoke here. Somewhere in the waking nightmare known as the Underdark.

I must have been taken while I slept.

I’m not alone. I share my prison with over a dozen others. Most seem to be inhabitants of this place; I couldn’t tell you their peoples’ names, but I recognize a few from half remembered tales from my youth: stories of sadistic slavers from below who snatch wayward children in the night; of twisted, dwarf-like, creatures whose madness spreads to those around them; of dark, deep places where the everlasting sky is never seen.

There are a handful of surface folk here too. I recognize a mighty Dragonborn, an Orc, a Dwarf, a human, a Half-elf, and one who the others call a Gnome. When I first arrived I hoped that some might be powerful warriors or cunning sorcerers, but I’ve since realized that they are all as lost and helpless as I am.

There is no sky here. No stars to guide me.

There’s a good chance I may die deep in the dark.“


Day 5

Ish notices a commotion across from him in the cell. The Human and half-elf speak to each other in hushed, but animated tones. The thing standing behind them, the “walking mushroom” he heard another prisoner refer to as a Myconid, seems… excited? At first Ish tries to ignore the trio, but then notices the big Orc moving toward the Myconid. The Orc is powerfully built, but he’s not terribly good at hiding his intentions. The Myconid must have something the Orc has decided should be his.

Trusting his instincts, Ish springs across the cell knocking the Half-elf and Human aside as he moves past them. Ish reaches the strange mushroom like Myconid, and not sure what kind of danger it might pose, simply lifts it up and places it to one side. The soil where it stood is disturbed. Ish quickly clears away the dirt and uncovers something of true value: a metal bar.

Ish picks up the bar and turns to face the approaching Orc. Ish reads his aggressive intent and without hesitation strikes him across the face with the metal bar. The Orc falls backward, bleeding from the nose, and in a daze. Ish stands at the ready in case the Orc needs further clarification regarding the local Orchish hierarchy. The Orc, still dazed, signals his understanding by not counter-attacking.
Nearby, the Half-elf says something to his Dragonborn companion, but neither move aggressively.

Ish begins to relax.

After days of not speaking, Ish turns to his cell mates while holding the metal bar before him and says, “We can escape using this. Do any of you have other hidden weapons or tools?”

For a moment, everyone is silent. Then the Dragonborn replies, “I have a silk rope”.

For the first time in days Ish feels an intoxicating rush of hope. They have tools, perhaps weapons… and most importantly, his cell mates have not been broken. Several have been secretly plotting against their captors!

Ish is overwhelmed by his emotions and barks at the Dragonborn, “Give me the rope”.

The Dragonborn looks at him and calmly asks, “What will you use it for”?

Ish impatiently replies, “We don’t have time to talk Dragonborn, we must act now! Give me the rope.”

At that moment Ish hears two Drow slavers approaching from the guard house. Ish quickly returns to his spot by the cell door and hides the metal bar behind him. He hopes no one is foolish enough to give away their secret in an attempt at securing favors from the slavers. Ish would rather not kill any of his cell mates if he can help it. Their skills and strength might be useful later.

Everyone remains silent as two Drow guards move to within a few paces of the cell bars. They appear annoyed. The smaller of the two looks at Ish and in heavily accented Common yells,

“You there, what’s going here!?”

Ish stares ahead, expressionless. The Drow guards becomes visibly annoyed. The taller one smirks. He raises his hand crossbow and fires a dart at Ish. Unable to dodge the projectile at such close range, Ish feels a renewed sense of despair come over him when the dart strikes his flesh.

As the world fades, he hears faint whispers in the dark.


Day 6

… kill them all.

Ish wakes with a start. At first he is disoriented and struggles to understand where he is and how long he has been asleep.

Maybe it’s all been a nightmare?

Reality reaffirms itself. He is in a prison cell. In the Underdark.

The metal bar!

It’s still there. His cell mates did not take it while he was unconscious. For a moment Ish struggles to contain his surprise at the significance of their restraint.

Perhaps I’ve misjudged them.

Barbarian raiders are not known for trusting strangers. However, they are eminently practical and know that no warrior survives long without comrades-in-arms at their side.

Ish looks to the Gnome, and for the first time address her by name,
"Szai, why did you not attempt to escape while I slept?”…
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