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Episode 3.3

The Circle departed from Ipithymia, indulging in intoxicating beverages in accordance with her laws. Upon leaving, Syn directed them a weather-sensing tower. As most weather phenomenons in Malfeas were sentient, they practiced scrying more than prophecy. After intimidating a scorpion guardian and a naneke, the Circle received the report that Hegra stormed two layers above. They rewarded the naneke with a document bearing a sky-blue seal. The naneke was beyond excitement to meet its grandfather, but Miru banished it to her anima before it had the chance.

Rather than paying demons capable of flight to ferry them to the other layers, or take repulsive ways, [CHECK] suggested they take a shortcut through Kagami, the City of Mirrors. Syndoriel summoned an ivory orchid pavilion, and Taiphen shrouded the area in total darkness. Stepping through, they entered the City and found little changed, save that everything appeared to be more reflective, and everyone a little more friendly.

They spent two days searching for the proper mirror to exit in order to enter the same layer as Hegra, which happened to be the backside of the mirror they had entered from. As they made preparations to leave, Miru fired her bow at the green sun, which turned silver upon being struck. Space folded in and out of itself, warping and duplicating. The silver mirror split into copies and spun about the chamber. Northern Light, Mereda, and Syn leaped through as soon as they could. Taiphen stayed behind to guard Miru and keep an eye on the correct mirror.

Miru continued to fire until the silver sun turned red, and great cracks snaked through the sky. Great shards of reality-glass fell, and the silver mirrors in the chambers popped, spraying silver slivers at Taiphen. Miru was overwhelmed by the sight, but an inverse of her guardian talked sense into her. She rejoined Taiphen, who picked her up, and the two of them were hurled at the remaining mirror by the guardian.

* * *

Storm. As far as the eye could see...
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Episode 3.2
The Circle set out for Ipithymia, the Street of Gold Lanterns. Their travel took a full day, twice-marked by the tumescu's screams of agony, but they traveled without complication.

Once at Ipithymia, they made immediately for Cherzia's estate, ignoring the pleasures of the Street of Gold Lanterns, both tranquil and perverse. Once there, they found the front door guarded by two Blood Apes. Taiphen, unseen, climbed to the top of the estate to let himself in via a trapdoor. Meanwhile, Syndoriel used his own authority and that of Dakkon to pass untroubled. They entered the estate to find a large, four-armed, woman with skin as red as flame beating the life out of a mortal. Finished, she rose and greeted her guests, "Oh good, you're back, bitch." she said, then flung the corpse at Syn's feet, "Make yourself useful and take out the trash."

Taiphen rifled through Cherzia's records, finding documentation of Kagi's stay here, as Cherzia's property, before being sold off. Syn stated that he had grown up from the submissive dancing boy Cherzia had known, and they had business to discuss. Cherzia was unimpressed, asserting her opinion of Syn had not changed. Standing in her presence with memories flooding back caused Syn to falter for a moment. He reasserted himself, to Cherzia's grim delight. She took her place on her throne and entertained Syn's request.

At that moment, an unseen force stabbed at the side of Cherzia's head. Taiphen formed from nowhere, having lashed out at Cherzia for insulting his friend. Blood poured from Cherzia's wound and her eyes were unfocused for several moment, but she pulled herself back together and talked around Taiphen. "Syn, if this one is yours, kindly tell him to stand the fuck down." And so Syn did, and so Taiphen did.

Through questioning, the Circle learned that Cherzia had claimed ownership of Kagi through the right of dominance. She then sold him to an entity called the Lantern Girl. Cherzia knew little of her, but knew that she liked to play in Hegra's rains. In exchange for this information, she demanded the Circle bring a pious decanthrope to her. With that agreement arranged, the Circle left her estate.
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Episode 3.1
Northern Light learns of Kagirinai's disappearance from a Realm informant. That night, she has sees a vision of him trapped, reaching out for her, learning that he is in Malfeas. She gathers the Circle to share this information and ask for their help. Syndoriel suggests taking a shortcut to the Demon City through Beztup's tavern, the Brass Sun. They enter the tavern, immediately immersed in the alien denizens of Malfeas.

They gather little information about Kagirinai's whereabouts. However, Taiphen attempts to deliver a message to him via an infallible messenger, planning to also project his senses through it. However, the messenger is blocked by a magical wall. Taiphen is only able to see Kagi bound and a symbol on the wall behind him before the messenger is destroyed by a bestial claw.

He recounts the experience. Syn winces at the mention of the symbol, as it belongs to his former owner: Cherzia, Warden Soul of the Street of Gold Lanterns.
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Episodes 2.29 & 30
The Circle faced the Bull and his companions: Grandmother Crone, Nalla, and Raneth. The battle is largely even, with the Circle pressing their advantage round by round. Once Northern Light established her dominance over the battlefield, she sang the song of the Bull’s destruction. With a soft word, she dissolved the Bull’s essence into music, which she then broadcasted over the North. Immediately after, Bright Shadow put an arrow through the Crone’s heart. Nalla and Raneth then fled.

In the aftermath, the Realm forces arrived on the opposite of Maidenstar from the fight. However, Grandmaster Luen Tso met with the Circle. Through cryptic utterances, he revealed himself to be the Jade Flower Prince in disguise. He also explained that he had said just what the Circle needed to hear to meet with violence those who would have otherwise been their allies. By doing so, the Threshold had been weakened. Syndoriel denounced his puppetry as the waste of innocent blood, but he addressed only empty air.
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Episode 2.28
The sound of mighty wings compelled Syn to return to Maidenstar. Once there, he, Northern Light, and Bright Shadow moved out onto the river to the west and battled Vedizthur, the Black Winter. The mighty dragon, large as a city, put up a good fight against them, but did little damage to the group—save for Syndoriel. However, it became uncoordinated in its flight and crashed into the river, where it drowned and bled to death.

Before the Immaculate monks could do anything with Taiphen, Mnemon Tsung Mae, Kagi’s mother, arrived. She made a show over Kagi’s lateness to lunch with Tepet Zaoti. Taiphen took advantage of the distraction and fled, closely pursued by the Immaculates, but he escaped in the end. Kagi, however, was taken away to discuss matters with Kalin and Xua Huo. Taiphen returned later that night, breaking into the vault of the palace by plunging the city into sorcerous darkness. He retrieved his gear and returned to Maidenstar.
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