A group of intrepid adventurers and colonists embarks on a trip to a new and uncharted land. Exploration, hardship, and treasure await all who enter the Untamed Wilds.

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Little bit Closer
Trying to figure out how to reverse this lycanthropy has been troublesome. We have run several tests and still seem to be inching our way closer to removing it from subjects....and now its closer to home than ever. That madman Cuatro got himself afflicted as well and he started to bare his fangs one night when we were about to settle in. My eye is ever so honed onto him now. He did crazy things before... but now once a month he embodies it.

We ran into those feuding farmers and decided to end things between them in rather a bloody way, but better safe than sorry. I don't know if we will ever figure out how to cure them...maybe the only way is to really kill them. 10 full blooded ones.. maybe they are the only blood thirsty ones and we can get rid of them.. or we just leave and pray they never make it to our side of the forest.
Session: Session 11 - Hunt on the Hill - Sunday, Oct 29 2017 from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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Woo WOoo!
Woo WOoo! Tipu so awesome, Tipu so great! Quarth so proud of Tipu, Tipu see this to be true! Thanks to Tipu, the Chosen of Quarth have been saved! Tipu's rescue mission to save the powerful turtle man, the large hairy man and the small hairy man was a wonderful success! All thanks to Tipu! Tipu knows rescue mission would not have worked without Tipu's powerful magics. Tipu slung hot hot fireballs, Tipu spun terribly sticky webs, Tipu even poofed!

Rescue mission not without hiccups--as human man say--but fortunately Tipu was there to quench said hiccups with his powerful magics! Tipu proud to say no one died on Tipu's rescue mission, but boss man with the cool hat did nearly die! It was sOoo close! Tipu said run, but prideful human man refused to back down, so big man with green hammer smashed pirate man. For one quick moment, Tipu thought maybe hat man with smokey lantern might deserve being smashed, for hat man said something mean to Tipu earlier... but then Tipu couldn't quite remember what he said (not a very kobold moment for Tipu), and Tipu knew other kobolds would be next, and Tipu knew also that one Tipu would not be enough against an army of human man, despite Tipu being one powerful Tipu, and also Tipu liked his hat, so Tipu decided he would save hat man, and save hat man Tipu did do!

Sadly, despite Tipu's awesome rescue mission, it was still a sad day for Tipu and kobolds. Poor Master of Gnolls perished within the cursed mines. Human mans (and Tipu) gave Gnoll Master a beautiful farewell, a farewell befitting Gnoll Master's awesomeness. Tipu knows Gnoll Master would have liked it, Tipu see this to be true.

But it's okay! For Tipu is now First Student of Gnoll Master's school! Tipu is a apprentice of magics! Tipu will learn even more powerful magics! Turtle man will teach Tipu to be the best Tipu that Tipu can be! Tipu will be great. Tipu will be powerful. Tipu will protect his friends, vanquish his foes and rule all! ahem. Tipu means to say Tipu is excited!
Session: Session 10.5 - Rescue Mission - Tuesday, Oct 24 2017 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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What a month it's been. I thought everythin was smoothed out here in good ol Schitton. Our new town officials seem to be settled in to their positions, our numbers are growing, and wealth abounds. Although the looming task of gathering enough silver to melt down and forge into weapons has proved far more difficult than I ever would've imagined, I was beginning to be at peace with our destiny after communing with the Lord for weeks. My mind was at ease until I received terrible news in the middle of the night.

As I went down to the tavern after a long day in the office to speak with Brett about the town's food supply, a ruckus in the street caught my attention. A small little kobold man came running and panting into the town square hemming and hawing about the cursed mine. At first I couldn't understan a word he was saying, talking about turtles and beards, but finally I got it out of him that my friends were in danger. His name is Tofu and though I am not generally trusting of scaled folk, his eyes and soul told the truth. He had followed Gene, Rock Doc, Remington, and Noland to the mine and they never came out. He begged me to follow him imediatly. I glanced over at Thain hunched over piss drunk and decided it best I go alone.

At Camp Krex I pleaded with Jub-Jub to lend me warriors and he granted me two. I was not overjoyed to be walking into a mine with three little lizards to face God knows what at the time, but my mind would later be changed. We traveled to the mine and watched as a man mounted a horse and galloped down the road, passing our hiding place in the trees. I had to think quickly and made the decision to try and subdue him and use him as a barganning chip for the return of my captured companions. Something in my heart told me they were still alive, though my soul was flooded with dread. The little dragonkin pulled a rope across the road at my signal and I atempted to paralize the brute and tie him up. After sucsessfuly binding him, his mighty frame broke free and I knew I was no longer a savior, but a victim.

Something about this man struck fear deep into me as he quickly struck me down with three mighty swings of his glowing hammer. As my vision faded to black, I knew these men were more evil than any monstrosity we had yet faced. I awoke in what seemed like an instant overjoyed to see three of my companions, but alas when I inquired where Highthorn was, they hung their heads in sorrow. His death was the dread I sensed from that mine and Remington retrieved his desecrated body, the likes of which was like no horror I've ever seen. I was almost in poor Gene's situation were it not for Tifu and his friends. I will never treat the reptilian little men with anything but they highest respect going forward. They are our allies, strange allies, but friends nonetheless.

We held a ceremony for Gene at the springs near Krex and set his body alight to burn into the next realm. I pray that his soul will be at rest for all of the good he did and not be remembered the questionable things he did. Mark my words, the Titan's Regiment will pay for the atrocities they have undertaken. It is time we band together with poor Rock Doc and avenge his family for good. The next time I meet Titus Black, it is he that will fall into darkness.

Dr. Archibald Thornton, M.D., D.D.
Session: Session 10.5 - Rescue Mission - Tuesday, Oct 24 2017 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Failure... Despair...
At first, our expedition went swimmingly. We discovered the mine where the Regiment was holed up in and went to investigate. We made quick work of the goblins mining there, but discovered a terrible secret. The Regiment necromancers were viciously dissecting goblins and putting foul metal pieces in to their bodies in order to control them. These goblins could be made to attack us with bites, kicks or axe slashes; but also through regurgitation of acidic bile and explosions of their own bodies to cover us in damaging acid.

We tried to do our best to stop these disgusting experiments. We picked off Regiment men two at a time to dwindle their numbers and even freed a helpless goblin prisoner within. Then, it was time to face the evil bastard Black.

And that is when I saw a ghost brought back to life.

Lord Calvert, the man who ordered the Regiment attack on my guild hall, the man whom I personally decapitated gave a bone-chilling laugh and revealed his resurrected form. The necromancers had managed to sew his head back on and use the same metal found in the goblins to breathe new life into him. He was a walking abomination. Titus Black was also present, his hulking seven foot frame impossible to miss.

We fought hard against Black, Calvert and their necromancer freaks. However, the necromancers used powerful spells to summon goblin after goblin to spit acid on us; attacks impossible to miss and mitigate. We soon started to fall one by one; first brave Eugene (permanently), then the old wizard. The brave druid in his direwolf form slew both necromancers and the bastard Calvert, too. I myself did battle with Titus Black. The wizard cast a powerful laughing fit spell on him, which I used to my advantage to savage him with attack after attack. But, he soon sprang back to life and sent brutal attacks through my body. I lost consciousness; my wife being my last waking memory.

I then awoke in a cage, separated from my companions. We were like this for about two weeks before the necromancer tried to fetch us for dissection. The druid and wizard used this chance to attack the men guarding us. All the while, I was stuck in the cage. I was eventually freed, but not before I choked a necromancer near to death through the bars!

As we exited the mine, I saw a man on fire atop a horse. Titus Black. He has escaped. We traveled to the temple atop the Spine and cremated Eugene, then traveled back home. While I still feel the fires of vengeance burning within me, the rest of my companions, and even the kobolds who came to our rescue, feel it too. We will see the Regiment again; and when we do, we will be ready.
Session: Session 10 - Destroying the Titans Regiment - Sunday, Oct 22 2017 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Oh no oh no oh no OH NO! Tipu don’t know what to do! Tipu woke from dream of turtle with old human man beard. Bearded turtle was being cooked for dinner, roasting over fire. Shadow figures poke at turtle. Turtle scream! Tipu thinks this sign from Quarth. Tipu follow human mans and hairy mans and dwarf mans to cursed cave. Tipu thinks turtle is slow bearded old human man. Chosen of Quarth the clouds say. Clouds say Quarth is pleased. So smart Tipu follows. Quarth warns Tipu old bearded human mans is in trouble! Powerful wizard, hairy man, hairy dwarf and gnoll master with slave egg still stuck in cursed cave! Tipu watch all night, but old mans never come back!

Tipu must do something. But what does Tipu do? Quarth will not be pleased if turtle mans dies. Quarth will not be pleased if powerful Tipu dies! OH OH OH. Tipu must find turtle friends! Tipu go home. Tipu follow well crafted road--possible only because powerful gnoll master brings JubJub gnoll slaves--to turtle mans friends! Turtle friends help Tipu save turtle before turtle is eaten! Tipu must stop writing. Tipu practice his vocabulary and impec..impeccable grammar later! Tipu must run fast!
Session: Session 10.5 - Rescue Mission - Tuesday, Oct 24 2017 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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