You are the survivors of perhaps the greatest, world spanning calamity that has ever or will ever occur. The realm of the dwarfs, an empire that stretched across every mountain in the entire northern hemisphere, a domain composed of millions of souls and many different cultures have met its end with a scream of terror.

Nameless thing, beings that defy sanity and strikes from behind reality. Creatures that not even nightmares would dare spawn has broth this mighty kingdom low.

These things, these Outsiders are also known as demons, devils, fiends, monster, things from beyond and horrors beyond reality are only some of the thousand brands they now carry.

But as the realm of stone that the industrious dwarfs built crumbles around you, safety has been found in the bright lands above. Standing now in a untamed and unexplored wilderness, you must choose your path of survival and hope that perhaps, eventually, you will once more thrive.

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