The last age of creation is fading into the shadow and taking all of the land with it. Will the strength of a few last heroes be enough?

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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 14)
The Lunar woman it seemed, was non other than the ancient concubine to Kelsang. She seemed intent on taking him from the palace, but the rest of the team was ill at ease on letting him leave on his own. After some discussion, they decided that all would travel with her, away from the place. The woman turned into a massive bird and all of them climbed upon her back as she took off.

Much to their surprise, the woman flew them into Malfeas itself. Here within the desert, they tried to determine what the woman wanted and if this were the best course of action. Acting upon a desire to make life easier for her, they settled down the ground (more violently for some than others) and instead rode across the sky Merida's golden chariot. Their presence certainly stirred up interest from the denizens of the place as the very desert and wind tried to stop their travels. They were even viewed from a distance from the Ebon Dragon himself, along with a woman who looked strikingly like the Scarlet Empress.

After passing out of Malfeas, they landed at the home of the lunar, where she laid out very plainly, the state of the world.

- The Deathlords were wreaking havok in their coming and would continue to do so if they were not stopped
- The Fae are gathering at the edges of creating, waiting for their moment to strike again
- An army of metal soldiers has appeared in the south and is quickly moving across the land, capturing everything in their wake
- They are the only Solar exalted that still exist in creation or otherwise

With an almost insurmountable weight upon them, the team was taken to the edge of the forest to find their own path either back to their home or to one of these scourges. No sooner had they set about their path however, when Ruby, the god of their manse, appeared before them. She told them that the island had moved to a new location about 350 miles south of where they were currently at. She also advised them that the island had begun Omega Protocol.

With the odds continuing to build against them, with more questions and no answers, and with nary a friend in sight to help them, the team wondered what they should do next.
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 13)
Descending from the sky in a font of water, a fae born of the same substance took shape before the gathered heroes. He spoke in whimsy and delight, even as he faced the aggressors and requested that they accompany him to his home where they could partake in all manner of activities and also perhaps get answers. Eager for the opportunity, the group, guarded though they were, rode the same font of water back up into the sky.

The world turned on them and they found themselves descending towards a palace of ice. Once inside, they were offered up adornments to rest their weary bones, but even here they were cautious. Inside this palace of pleasure, they attended a great feast hall where they met many fellows, mortal and exalt alike. They partook of the food and drink and when they had done so to their content, the headed to meet in private and discuss their course of action. It took them only moments before they decided that the course at hand would be to seek out the master of the manor and understand why they had been brought here and what he could offer.

They found the fae in his study and he espoused to them how he had an arrangement with the prior owner of the island to keep it safe. He would need similar payment if the party would wish his continued protection. They were not keen on the idea of offering up the lives of humans, however a few exalted seemed more up their alley. Departing his sanctum, they decided to take in the final site of the dancer before they left. She was a wonder to behold and they were spellbound by her beauty and by the worlds that she conjured up around her. Only the strongest of them were able to shake the effect. In doing so, they saw that among the patrons, a spider like lunar had taken a liking to Kelsang. What she wanted with him however, was still to be seen...
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Aja's Journal, second day of fuck it, when are we again??
In the second of quiet that follows a battle in which you come out the winner, I gazed around the thickly forested area in bemusement. I feel like the emotional roller coaster that is today has been one of the longest of my life. Trying to look at anyone or anything but Kelsang, who I was in love with until the feeling left me as abruptly as Merida’s chariot hurdles across and island, I took in the blood smears that was the remnants of the Dragon Kings…

I hardly had a moment to process the tickling feeling in the back of my mind that might… just have been remorse when the slow clapping of a tall, watery nincompoop interrupted my thoughts. I am eternally grateful for Frost and Kelsang, who are always up to putting on a show, even when the rest of us are covered in gore and pining for a nap. I could hardly even mutter my own name as we introduced ourselves to the faye. I wracked my brain for any information about them, but all I could think about was my bones aching, my growing headache, and the deep and biting embarrassment over being the only one to have been taken by Kelsang’s charm.

I did, however, perk up at the suggestion that we join Silken Glass Lord in his castle of pleasure. So he’s kind of a ponce, and he’s definitely going to try to kill us eventually, but what’s the worst that could happen? It would be nice to put my feet up for a while. His castle was even fancier than our Citadel. Even though I could tell that Merida and Frost wanted to get to business, all my aches and bruises made me beeline for the feast hall. I’m not usually one for that sort of thing, but I was hoping that a little indulgence might alleviate some of the pain.

After some feasting and relaxing among the creepy zombie slaves (which broke my heart, but you’ve got to pick your battles and when its a million to five those are some pretty bad odds), we joined Silken Glass Lord. He was demanding and unhelpful, like most of the creatures we meet, and I didn’t feel we came to any kind of agreement, but hopefully we can solve that problem with a year in our time.
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Merida's Journal: Lost in time
We took a more diplomatic approach to the water faeries. Their leader Silken Glass Lord invited us to their island. Once there we were required to give up our weapons and were asked to change into some sort of magical gossamer. With my knowledge of the Wyld I was reluctant to do this and remained in my regular clothing. I attempted to cover in the gossamer to not be disrespectful. However, it reacted to the MagiTek tattoo from our hearthstone. This was just another reassurance to me that we shouldn’t be here.

Once inside their pleasure dome, Silken Glass Lord informed us that our island travels here once per day. However, I know from the Dragon Kings that its once per year in our time. I know that the deeper in the Wyld you travel you start to lose concept of time. I can tell from the other patrons that this has already happened to them. I fear that the same is happening to my friends. I tried to explain to them that 1 hour here is the equivalent to 2 weeks back home. They didn’t seem to want to hear that and insisted on viewing Jubliant First Daughter perform. Personally, I don’t see what the big deal was about her, but Rhogar, Aja, and Kelsang were entranced by her. Frost and I were able to pull them away, but I don’t think the others realize the true price was this performance cost us. We have been here a couple of hours (a month back home). I wonder what has happened to the Dragon Kings that we tied up? Perhaps the villagers untied them. Otherwise they would have surely died by now. Our island has definitely moved by now and we will to need to spend extra time tracking it down…
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99 Problems
The dragonlords are defeated and we arrive in an impressive and overwhelming palace of tricks and temptations. We try to fit in by dressing in their magical robes that shape to whatever desire we wish. It's hard to not feel paranoid about our host, Silken Glass Lord. Aja is not doing so well and so we take a breather in a private room and discuss what our next plan is. Without a doubt, Rogar is a liability. We tell everyone to not be aggressive and to try to avoid temptations. This would later be an ironic worry of mine for I would be the one to flounder.

We find out some trades that Silken Glass Lord would be able to make for information about places of power but the price is very high. We'd have to condemn people to live among Silken Glass Lord and his entourage at the price of their souls. It seems he feeds on emotions and experiences, mostly avoiding negative experiences and pain. A pleasure dealer that gets a kick-back.

There's a headline performance starting and we want to fit in. So we go to a stage and there I am completely moved and bewitched by a magical dancer. Later, Frost talks to a Spider Lunar and I again become enthralled by a womanly gaze. Am I so weak? Was I not trying from the beginning to faciliate and influence on behalf of justice and see an end to innocent people losing their very self in this place? And there I was, twice overcome with passion at a stranger. No intellectual connection. Just raw carnal lust. I might take some time to reflect on myself and find a stronger philosophy to help me in the next situation.
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