The last age of creation is fading into the shadow and taking all of the land with it. Will the strength of a few last heroes be enough?

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Aja's Journal: Past lives
This morning I woke up after only a few hours of sleep. I am grateful to have the constitution of a Solar, because after that night of partying I definitely needed it. I am glad to have had everyone around me, but even late into the night I felt tense and alone. I had been trying to forget what I was about to do, or at least have one last good night just in case something goes wrong.

Luckily I don't think anyone noticed how nervous I've been since I decided to do this. I know it will be worth it. We have to get something out of this.

Anyways, I have to keep it short. They're expecting me down in the training room. I hope this isn't my last entry.
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Down time
It's been a while since I've written, but now that I have some free time back on our island I have taken some time away from tailing Admore to sit in my room and record some thoughts.

I am very excited to have some down time after our last mission. Since Kelsang's followers had some time to clean and take care of our base of operations, it is starting to feel like home. I have even started to take a liking to Admore. I try to keep my guard up, but after following him about and having tea together a handful of times, he almost feels like a friend. It would be a plus if he had some clue about the dragon that is nesting in the base of the island, but even if he doesn't it's nice to have someone around to talk to.

I am even looking forward to diving into my past lives. Of course I'm scared, too--watching Rhogar get knocked out in one touch is less than fun, and I'm not nearly as strong as he is, but if doing this can illuminate some of the mysteries we've yet to solve, be it the mysteries in our island or what really happened with the Empress or why every bad thing that could be happening is right now... well it would be worth it, regardless of what happens to me.
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Are we the bad guys (gals)?
Dear diary: I know it's been a while. I've been very busy with things and unable to write. I've also been struggling with things and felt the need to process them before I could write to (in?) you.

We've seen and heard about our previous incarnations doing some very dastardly deeds. I don't think I want to see what I have done in my past life/lives. My original thinking was that it would enrage me and give me a sense of shame and possibly hopelessness. But lately I've wondered if glimpses of my past lives could somehow show me where I went wrong and keep from making those same mistakes this time around.

If I've learned anything from the Dreamseers of The League, it's that dreams and visions of fate are not easily or lightly interpreted. So I hesitate to do so with my own fate. I have had many dreamless nights lately, so I don't even have my own dreams to help guide me.

I'm still no closer to an answer but I must keep searching. I do know that we must keep the good of Creation in our hearts and act on its behalf. That's the one thing that *should* keep/put us on the right track.
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 14)
The Lunar woman it seemed, was non other than the ancient concubine to Kelsang. She seemed intent on taking him from the palace, but the rest of the team was ill at ease on letting him leave on his own. After some discussion, they decided that all would travel with her, away from the place. The woman turned into a massive bird and all of them climbed upon her back as she took off.

Much to their surprise, the woman flew them into Malfeas itself. Here within the desert, they tried to determine what the woman wanted and if this were the best course of action. Acting upon a desire to make life easier for her, they settled down the ground (more violently for some than others) and instead rode across the sky Merida's golden chariot. Their presence certainly stirred up interest from the denizens of the place as the very desert and wind tried to stop their travels. They were even viewed from a distance from the Ebon Dragon himself, along with a woman who looked strikingly like the Scarlet Empress.

After passing out of Malfeas, they landed at the home of the lunar, where she laid out very plainly, the state of the world.

- The Deathlords were wreaking havok in their coming and would continue to do so if they were not stopped
- The Fae are gathering at the edges of creating, waiting for their moment to strike again
- An army of metal soldiers has appeared in the south and is quickly moving across the land, capturing everything in their wake
- They are the only Solar exalted that still exist in creation or otherwise

With an almost insurmountable weight upon them, the team was taken to the edge of the forest to find their own path either back to their home or to one of these scourges. No sooner had they set about their path however, when Ruby, the god of their manse, appeared before them. She told them that the island had moved to a new location about 350 miles south of where they were currently at. She also advised them that the island had begun Omega Protocol.

With the odds continuing to build against them, with more questions and no answers, and with nary a friend in sight to help them, the team wondered what they should do next.
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 13)
Descending from the sky in a font of water, a fae born of the same substance took shape before the gathered heroes. He spoke in whimsy and delight, even as he faced the aggressors and requested that they accompany him to his home where they could partake in all manner of activities and also perhaps get answers. Eager for the opportunity, the group, guarded though they were, rode the same font of water back up into the sky.

The world turned on them and they found themselves descending towards a palace of ice. Once inside, they were offered up adornments to rest their weary bones, but even here they were cautious. Inside this palace of pleasure, they attended a great feast hall where they met many fellows, mortal and exalt alike. They partook of the food and drink and when they had done so to their content, the headed to meet in private and discuss their course of action. It took them only moments before they decided that the course at hand would be to seek out the master of the manor and understand why they had been brought here and what he could offer.

They found the fae in his study and he espoused to them how he had an arrangement with the prior owner of the island to keep it safe. He would need similar payment if the party would wish his continued protection. They were not keen on the idea of offering up the lives of humans, however a few exalted seemed more up their alley. Departing his sanctum, they decided to take in the final site of the dancer before they left. She was a wonder to behold and they were spellbound by her beauty and by the worlds that she conjured up around her. Only the strongest of them were able to shake the effect. In doing so, they saw that among the patrons, a spider like lunar had taken a liking to Kelsang. What she wanted with him however, was still to be seen...
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