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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 14)
The Lunar woman it seemed, was non other than the ancient concubine to Kelsang. She seemed intent on taking him from the palace, but the rest of the team was ill at ease on letting him leave on his own. After some discussion, they decided that all would travel with her, away from the place. The woman turned into a massive bird and all of them climbed upon her back as she took off.

Much to their surprise, the woman flew them into Malfeas itself. Here within the desert, they tried to determine what the woman wanted and if this were the best course of action. Acting upon a desire to make life easier for her, they settled down the ground (more violently for some than others) and instead rode across the sky Merida's golden chariot. Their presence certainly stirred up interest from the denizens of the place as the very desert and wind tried to stop their travels. They were even viewed from a distance from the Ebon Dragon himself, along with a woman who looked strikingly like the Scarlet Empress.

After passing out of Malfeas, they landed at the home of the lunar, where she laid out very plainly, the state of the world.

- The Deathlords were wreaking havok in their coming and would continue to do so if they were not stopped
- The Fae are gathering at the edges of creating, waiting for their moment to strike again
- An army of metal soldiers has appeared in the south and is quickly moving across the land, capturing everything in their wake
- They are the only Solar exalted that still exist in creation or otherwise

With an almost insurmountable weight upon them, the team was taken to the edge of the forest to find their own path either back to their home or to one of these scourges. No sooner had they set about their path however, when Ruby, the god of their manse, appeared before them. She told them that the island had moved to a new location about 350 miles south of where they were currently at. She also advised them that the island had begun Omega Protocol.

With the odds continuing to build against them, with more questions and no answers, and with nary a friend in sight to help them, the team wondered what they should do next.
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 13)
Descending from the sky in a font of water, a fae born of the same substance took shape before the gathered heroes. He spoke in whimsy and delight, even as he faced the aggressors and requested that they accompany him to his home where they could partake in all manner of activities and also perhaps get answers. Eager for the opportunity, the group, guarded though they were, rode the same font of water back up into the sky.

The world turned on them and they found themselves descending towards a palace of ice. Once inside, they were offered up adornments to rest their weary bones, but even here they were cautious. Inside this palace of pleasure, they attended a great feast hall where they met many fellows, mortal and exalt alike. They partook of the food and drink and when they had done so to their content, the headed to meet in private and discuss their course of action. It took them only moments before they decided that the course at hand would be to seek out the master of the manor and understand why they had been brought here and what he could offer.

They found the fae in his study and he espoused to them how he had an arrangement with the prior owner of the island to keep it safe. He would need similar payment if the party would wish his continued protection. They were not keen on the idea of offering up the lives of humans, however a few exalted seemed more up their alley. Departing his sanctum, they decided to take in the final site of the dancer before they left. She was a wonder to behold and they were spellbound by her beauty and by the worlds that she conjured up around her. Only the strongest of them were able to shake the effect. In doing so, they saw that among the patrons, a spider like lunar had taken a liking to Kelsang. What she wanted with him however, was still to be seen...
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 12)
Using the power of Merida's sorcery, the group raced across the sky in a magical golden chariot. Their destination was the dock, where they hoped to secure the ship and the followers. Upon arriving however, they realized that a mutiny had broken out on the ship and though the act had been squelched, several of Kelsang's followers had been killed in the skirmish. Realizing that time was of the essence, the team quickly worked together to pull the ship up onto the shore. The monumental task was completed just in time as the island began to be swallowed by a vortex.

Getting everyone to safety, the group watched as the island submerged deep into the ocean, sinking far from the light and all that they knew. It was only through the power of the manse that they were spared from the crushing depths. However, even as they observed from safety, they realized that parts of the protection were failing all over the island. Though it might hold for now, it would only be a matter of time before this too failed.

When the island emerged from the depths, it did so in a new part of creation, or rather the wyld. For they had not traveled to some part of the world but rather to the churning chaos. Deciding to get some answers, the team sought out the dragon kings. They were not in the village where they had seen them before, however a brave young boy named Mogli offered to take them to the leaders.

There, deep in the jungle, they found the kings and also the sacrifice of villagers that were being offered up to the creatures of chaos. Unwilling to sit by and be a part of this, the group debated a course of action, yet it was Rhogar who broke circle first. Full of fury, he charged the dragon kings and the others had little choice but to follow suit. Though mighty in their own right, the Dragons were no match for the combined power of the Solars and they quickly fell. Even as the team debated on what to do next, they were greeted by the approach of one of the shaped faye. His intentions were yet to be known...
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 11)
Arising from the smoldering wreckage of the machine beast, the heroes continued their trek forward, finally coming within sight of the mountain that dominated the middle of the island. Here, great metal plates had been laid across the ground so that no vegetation could grow near the mountain, acting like a giant metal skirt. The mountain itself was strange in that the bottom seemed to have been cut away, except for a core. Massive metal struts, connecting from the sides of the volcano to the metal plates, had been crafted to hold the the mountain aloft. For a few moments, the heroes merely stared at the strange sight before them, trying to understand what they were witnessing.

No sooner had they taken a dozen steps forward, when suddenly red ribbons of fire erupted from the ground, shooting towards them. As panic hit the group, they scattered. Some of them fleeing across the metal surface, even as they were assaulted by the lasers. Others, took a more cautious approach, looking for where the attacks would come from and using this to their advantage. Eventually, all made it across the surface, but some were worse for the wear.

On the far side, they new had a new conundrum of how to get to the core itself. What they thought would be stone was instead a towering fortress of steel and glass, the likes of which hadn't been seen in creation for over a thousand years. Using the transport tubes that ran from the plates to the structure, the team eventually made it across, but they were separated in the process. For Kelsang, Aja, and Rhogar, they discovered the guts of palace, twisting tunnels of tubes and wires. When they finally emerged from these service tunnels, they discovered many secrets and wonders to behold. Among these, they located an crafting room, a massive barrack, and many other rooms and antechambers. Most notable among all of these however, was a massive drydock were an ancient 1st Age Ship was still moored. For Merida and Frost, they made their way to the core of the fortress and to the goddess of the manse herself. A mechanical creature who called herself Ruby greeted the fellows and seemed to recognize a connection in Frost. She advised the group that many functions of the island were malfunctioning and in need of repair.

Finally gathered back together once more, the friends discussed what they had found and what their plans were for the future. Chief among these was finding a way to power the flying craft, yet that would be an endeavor that require much effort and perhaps even some sacrifice.
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 10)
With a final puff of smoke, the visage of the Silver Prince disappeared and the festivities of the tribal group began once more. From the shadows, the group of heroes watched, debating their course of action. Deciding that their might was greater than any threat they would face here, the group pressed forward into the gathering.

Though there was initial confusion due to the language barrier and more than a little hesitation, the team managed to show their impressive skills. Soon, they were conversing and joining in the ritual festivities. As the celebration drew to a close, the leader of the Dragon Kings invited the group to follow him into the woods. There, far from whence they had started, he inquired as to their intentions.

The team laid out their plans, shrouded as they were, but it was enough to sate the inquiries of the creature and he pointed them towards their destination. Before leaving, he warned that they would be tested, but none of them expected the events that were to unfold.

The first of the trials was upon the group before they even realized it had happened. It seemed that the jungle itself was set upon them, casting a spell that slipped all of them into a slumber so deep that they didn't realize they were within it. Here, they dreamt of endless travel, of a jungle that stretched on forever, to a mountain that never seemed to get closer. Only through force of will, did the team managed to break the spell that had been set upon them and return to reality. Awake once more, though night had set upon them, the heroes continued their journey forward.

It was not long until the second of they met with their second of their trials. This one had less subtlety than the first, coming in the form of a massive spider like robot. An opening salvo was laid by the Solars in the most grand of ways. Merida brought down the forces of creation itself upon the beast and the surrounding forest, letting loose a torrent of magic. There was followed up by the Rhogar smashing into the creature with devastating force. The battle was fierce but short and ultimately, the heroes claimed victory.

The path ahead is clear, but the remaining trials are uncertain. For each individual, they can only hope that their skills, and their luck hold for what they still have left to face.
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 9)
As the ship that followed drew steadily closer, the team frantically conversed on how best to deal with these interlopers. The discussion ran the gamut of outright attacking to seeing what they wanted. In the end, it was settled that the group would send a missive via Croak, while also dumping their goods overboard in case that was all the other ship wanted.

To their delight, the following ship obliged to their orders, but the ordeal was far from over. From the port side of the ship, a strange and magical mist had appeared, rolling over sea toward them. Between the bird and the magical sight of Merida, the group discovered that three ships, pulled by massive serpentine beasts were behind this strange phenomenon. These ships were owned by the Lintha pirates, the most feared of all pirates in the Western Ocean and supposed yozi cultist.

Adding to the strangeness of the situation, beneath the waters, a massive creature, almost 500 feet tall, the might Oliphem walked the waters.

Realizing that they were out-manned and outmaneuvered, the team quickly decided the best course of action was a ruse. Using trickery and wit, they cast their boat in fake fire, hoping that their self destruction would deter the pirates from attacking. There were a few tense moments, but finally the fleet did turn away and the group was free to sail onward once more.

Fate however, was not done with them yet as a great storm set down upon the boat, raging against the deck and rigging, threatening to tear the boat to splinters. As with all things, the maelstrom passed however and the boat maintained only minor damage. The group set sail once more, their destination forward.

On arriving at the designated spot, they were surprised to find nothing of the fabled island. Undeterred, they waited for a day. At the middle of the second day, the island finally appeared, rising up out of the waters and into creation once more. Hastily, the heroes steered the ship into the port, realizing that people had lived here once. The moored their ship and upon further investigation, found that people live here still.

As the day grew long, they settled in for the night, but were awoken by the sounds of drums in the dark. Fearful of previous encounters with nighttime rituals and drums, the group went to find the source. Upon doing so, they came upon a break in the floor covering where they saw three dozen tribal people carrying out ceremony. At their center, sat 3 dragonkings, a race though long since driven to extinction. Just as they were about to turn away, the people cast an effigy into their fire and a man clad all in silver armor, the Silver Prince, appeared in the smoke. He spoke to the people there, saying that he had been searching for them and would find them soon.

What this new revelation meant to the heroes, was yet to be seen.
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 8)
Just like the passing of the seasons, the five friends scattered to the four corners of creation, seeking fame, fortune, or just to understand what their new place was in the scheme of things. For five years, they rediscovered themselves and saw the land and its people in a whole new light. However, like the flowing of rivers, eventually, all things run back together and so it was for the fate of these five.

Gathered together once again, in a small costal town, the group shared stories of their travels and bonds were formed easily once more. As the night grew late and the drinks empty, the discussion turned not to the past, but to the future. Several of the members had heard stories of a fabled island lost in time.

The story were as many as the details were sparse, but what they did know was that the island housed a very powerful manse, once owned by a first age solar. It was said to never stay in the same place for more than a day. It had been lost to creation and time itself, but if anyone could find it, surely it was this group.

With this goal in mind, they stole a ship out from under the realm in the middle of the night and made off for the island with haste. It would take them a month to reach and they had only that amount of time until calibration.

The first two weeks of the trip went without event, aside from the occasion of one of Kalsang's followers who were without sealegs, losing their lunch or the occasional storm. These calmer days were not to last however because just after two weeks had passed, a ship appeared in the distance behind them. It moved quickly and was gaining ground on them. The purpose behind this other vessel was still to be found, but the group prepped for the worst...
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Prologue - Game Session Seven
With enemies streaming out of the very walls, the team broke into one group who were trying to solve the puzzle, while the other held off the waves of enemies that were coming at them. The battle was violent and the heroes sure, but the numbers seemed without end. When the first puzzle was solved, a wave of energy passed over all of the adventurers, filling them with power and purpose. The battle wore on and the heroes began to tire, but then a second puzzle was put into place. Once more energy course over the group and they were invigorated. In a final, desperate attempt, slammed his hammer into the ground with an earth shattering force. The blow broke the steal head into hundreds of shards, but also cracked the floor, breaking the sigils that bound Findly. Findly offered them up a crystal before disappearing. In taking the crystal, the group was thrown into a collective vision of their past.

In the first vision, they saw themselves as great heroes, doing battle against hordes of demons, laying them to waste before a massive black dragon rose out of the distance. In the following visions, they saw each of themselves, in former lives, meeting their end through treachery and deceit.

As the vision faded, the team realized that the whole of the island that they were on, no longer suspended by the magic that had held it for so long, was falling into the caldera. In a mad dash, the group broke to the surface and raced for the exit of the ruins. They were halfway across the massive chain bridge when the whole of it snapped. Mere mortals no longer, each hero gripped onto the chain and avoided falling to their deaths.

The travel back to town was uneventful in comparison to what had transpired and there was much discussion about what had occurred and what their next steps should be. Arriving back in town, they ensured that Findly was back in place as expected and that the town was heading back from the brink of extinction. Before heading back to the camp, they had one final discussion with Kovalyov and learned that he had many secrets still to tell. Chief among these perhaps, was that he was no mere mortal, but rather a demon. He warned the group that the idea of good and evil was not so simple a concept as it had been made to be.

Troubled by the path that they had been made to walk, the things they had seen, and the choices they had made, the group wondered if perhaps their path lay not in returning to camp, but rather in finding a new way in life. Despite these doubts however, the group did indeed return to camp, wary of their former mentors and demanding answers to questions.

The resolution to these inquiries was not what not as informative as they would have hoped, but in the end, they were all the answers they were getting. Each member returned the ring they had been given, along with the crystal they had found, and then with one last parting look, they left the camp forever.
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Prologue - Game Session Six
Having successfully saved the miners, the group set their eyes upon the next destination, the ruins. Before embarking on this journey however, they had to make sure they had proper supplies and also some answers from the ever elusive Kovalyov. In speaking with the man, little new was gained, expect that they were not the first to head off on this particular task. Shaken by this, but determined still to see it to its end, the group set off.

After a day and a half of travel, they arrived at the foot of the mountain in which the ruins lay. A singular peak, rising out of the frozen wasteland, the path before them spoke of ill omens. This mountain was not natural, as they soon discovered, ascending its height along a path that had been clearly cut by the hands of mortals. Ruins of some long forgotten settlement lay along their path, but they pressed on towards their final destination. Visions of ancient times crossed their vision as they travel and something stirred within them.

By nightfall, they had reached the apex of the mountain and were shocked to see a massive caldera; in the center of which floated a city sized island, held in place by chains 10 feet across. A supernatural wind blew up from the caldera, making any course beyond crossing the chain to be a treacherous one. Even this however, was not as safe as it seemed.

Upon reaching the island, a guardian rose up to stop the passage of the adventurous. A thing of stone and magic, it had been wounded in some past battle, but proved to be a powerful opponent just the same. When head to head tactics proved fruitless, the team turned instead to cunning and managed to distract the creature, long enough to get past. Once inside the ruins, the sentinel left them alone, but surely they would have to pass by it once more on their way out.

Making their way through the ruins, searching for the missing god, the group found the remains of students, such as themselves, who had come to their final rest in this place. Among the bodies, they found the remains of rings very similar to the ones they wore and a doubt about their course and their purpose began to sink into their thoughts. None the less, they pushed forward, deeper into the ruins.

After an hour of traveling, they came to a stairwell that lead into the ground and it was from here that the many colored lights they had been seeing were escaping. Descending the stairs, they found their quarry, the god . However, he was bound by sigils and ancient artifacts and their initial attempts to free him by force were for naught. Undeterred, they turned their attention to a device nearby that sprung to life as they touched it. Clearly, this was the key to freeing the god. Before they had much opportunity to investigate it however, other guardians of the room, stone spiders, began to attack….
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Prologue - Game Session Five
As the winds and the snow pulled back, they revealed a woman draped in ice with eyes that shone with arrogance. She whipped her words around the heroes, demanding they pay honor to her in the form of a week long festival. In return for this worship, she promised to reveal what she knew about the missing god of the mine.

Armed with this knowledge, the group quickly set to two tasks; convincing and prepping the town for the festival and gathering supplies to rescue the trapped miners. Meanwhile, Merida turned her attention to discovering more about the blacksmith who clearly was more than he was letting on. At his forge, she discovered that a fire elemental had been bound inside. This is a feat that requires someone with a knowledge of sorcery. She tried to ferret out further info from the man, but he quickly turned her away as her questions got too personal.

Meanwhile, the town had been kicked into a proper frenzy of activity and as the festivities began, the team sought an audience once more with the Snow Witch. When she arrived, they used their whiles and more than one clever tongue to find out from Tempestraii where Findly could be found. Unfortunately, this was a trip that was at least two days out of town; which would surely spell death for the miners still trapped.

Armed with this knowledge and some tools the town had gathered, the team set out into the dark of the mines. Within, they ran across many branching paths and a large section of area where deadly gas had leaked. As they walked, they were greeted only by the sounds of not only their feet upon the stone, but water that dripping from parts unknown.

Soon enough, they reached the area where the miner were trapped and through use of tools (and brute strength), they managed to open up a passage in the wall. Unfortunately, three of the trapped men had already passed from exposure to more of the poison gas and lack of sustenance. No sooner had the 3 remaining miners been rescued however, when major tremors shook all of the mine, threatening the bury them all. In haste, they ran for the entrance as quickly as their legs would carry them. Sadly, one of the miners that had come with them was caught by the falling rocks and buried under thousands of pounds debris.

As they broke out of the caves however, the suns rays touched their faces and for the first time, something felt different. They had lived the life of heroes and a spark of greatness had begun to grow inside them.
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Prologue - Game Session Four
Despite previous inclination to do so, the group decided not to leave the Guild members to the fate of the wild without talking to them first. They awoke the two surviving people and began to question them about their nature, their motives, and what the others could do for them.

In doing so, they discovered that the leader of the group, a man by the name of Farid El Sayed, was a high ranking member of the guild in charge of finding new assets in the NE corner of creation. He was in the area on a personal quest, which involved locating a man who could apparently 'wear another person's fate' and thus look different than how he actually did. Farid did not discuss in detail what his interest in the man was, only that he was searching for him.

After some discussion, the group decided to let the man be free, but only after an agreement was struck that the two rings he wore be returned to him. In exchange for this, Farid also agreed to have a boat provided for the group so they could make their trip to the north more easily. With this new transport, and a barrel of mead, the group set off on their journey once more.

Despite an ever increasing weather front, the group reached the town of Sumpter safely. They were shocked to find that it was a ghost of a town with barely anyone still living in it. After anchoring, they immediately set off to find the blacksmith Kovalyov and get some answers as to what was going on with the town.

Soon, they found the man in his forge and though his demeanor was a bit gruff, they were able to surmise the current state of the town. This involved a cave in at the mine, dead miners, and possibly a missing god. Armed with this knowledge, they headed down into the mine itself to speak to the foreman, Gus Stankanov. They discovered this man easily enough and were able to confirm what they already had been told. Based on this, they decided the best course of action was to get all of the townspeople together to try and summon the god who was supposed to watch over the mine.

After a series of knocking on doors and a rousing speech delivered to the townsfolk in the bar, almost all of the town had gathered near the mine to offer prayer. Lead by Kelsang, in an epic prayer that moved all of the people of the town and was sure to stir the gods themselves, their prayer was indeed answered. However, it was answered not by the god of the mine, but some other, fouler god indeed. A storm witch with a wicked tongue and even sharper nails. Somewhere in her mad cackling, the truth of what happened to Findly, the god of the mine was held. Now, it was up to the heroes to get that truth out of her. One way or another...
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Prologue - Game Session Three
Beset upon in the middle of the night, it was only through the light sleeping of both Aja and Merida that the assailants were not successful in their attempt. What was to be a quiet kidnapping quickly turned to violence as the party fought off their would be captors. Merida in particular showed no remorse as she impaled one of the men to the floorboards with narry a thought. In the other room, the scene was quite different as the men fought off their attackers through a variety of inventive means; including, clever use of tripping and startling use of a bedpan. The fight lasted only a few moments before the attackers were all dead or subdued.

From this point, it took only the removal of one of the men's ears to divine the truth behind the attacking as coming from an outside party that promised riches to these simple men if they cooperated. Impoverished fishermen, barely making ends meet, the lure of an easier life for themselves and their family was simply too great to pass up. Like many such opportunities however, this one turned out quite sour for all involved and now their children will live with the tales of their fathers' fate.

Mixed into all of this was Councilman Brack who had been told by his Guild handlers to ensure that his door was kept unlocked, but nothing more. He was quick to offer the adventurers options to get them out of the town, and his life, but they were loathe to take such options. Instead, they decided to hunt down the mystery benefactor for the simple men and take justice of their own.

Dressed in the robes and masks of the men, dragging a cart with two of their dead bodies, the 'heroes' arrived at the appointed meeting spot, intent on springing their ambush. With little thought given to diplomacy, the group sprang into action but found their quarry a bit more difficult to deal with than the other challenges they had faced to this point. With weapons and bodies flung around the battlefield, the skirmish was another of action and violence. When the dust settled, their foes had been defeated once more, but not without losses to the party. In the conflict, Vegard had taken a sword slash to the chest and while not deep, the wound from the dirty weapon was certainly one that would need further attention lest it grow even more infected.

After some discussion, the team decided that the "humane" thing to do would be to string their foes up in the trees of the forest nearby, assuming that they would surely be able to get out of this bondage and back to safety before some wildlife or the elements themselves set in. Before leaving however, the group was quick to rid their opponents of their belongings. Among these, there was a finely crafted breastplate, a signet ring, and a strange letter written in a language none of the heroes could understand...
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Prologue - Game Session Two
The second day out of town started on a rather sour note as the team of adventurers woke to find that at some point in the night, their captor had been slain. More troubling than the presence of the dead man was the fact despite a watch being kept, the man had been killed without anyone noticing this. Disturbed by these events, but unwilling to pursue the assailant, the team moved on their resting grounds, staying only long enough to be perform rites for the dead before they went.

Later that morning, they arrived in the small river town of Whispborough, intent on finding a boat to carry them up river. To their discontentment however, it appeared that the Guild had a very strong presence in the town and that it was only through them that they would be able to find the passage that they sought.

Determined not to have dealings with the guild unless they had no other options, the team first set upon the small tavern in the town and its owner. Though Mabel was slow to warm to the group, their gregarious nature as well as the efforts of two in the group served to endear them. Most of the rest of the morning was spent in discussion about a plan, meeting with the local, and trying the town specialty of meat buns. With other options running dry, the group decided to finally go and have a chat with the guild.

Once at the guild office, they quickly talked their was into seeing the head of local chapter, a gruff woman known as Journeyman Phoebe. With little money to their names, the group quickly fast talked their way into not only securing passage on a boat, but also the availability to travel up river sooner than planned. This plan relied on a contingency of having supporting documents to prove this falsehood they had concocted. This meant a multi-tier effort that include breaking and entering, theft, cooking of books, and a distraction to end all distractions.

Events seemed to be going good until Aja, who was breaking into the guild office, encountered a strange feeling that caused her to quickly recoil. With this opportunity shot, they team decided to move forward with their plan just the same, making alterations as needed based on the luck they had been dealt. With these preparations in place, they settled into their beds for the evening.

A restful night was not in the plans for them unfortunately as sometime in the middle of the eve a group of assailants stole into their chambers, intentions unknown...
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Prologue - Game Session One
Despite coming from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world, five people were gathered together at Camp Spero for reasons that are vague at best and hidden in intrigue and conspiracy at worst. Some of them have been there for years, while others have only recently arrived, but all of them have been trained from the first day they arrived and every day thereafter.

All of that changed recently when these people were brought before the generals of the camp on a special assignment that would take them far beyond the borders of the camp. Though known for being cryptic, the generals gave only a hint of a reason for this exodus and only the barest of a path on which to follow to the end.

Gathering together the supplies they needed, the group set out from the camp that very same day. Some of them moved with an air of excitement for the task ahead, others with guarded apprehension about motives and intents, and at least one was just glad to be free of the confines of the walls. Before they left, each of these heroes was given a special ring that was magical secured to their bodies. This rings, these minor artifacts, would allow the passage of the heroes back into the camp once their journey was completed.

They did not have to travel far from the camp before the harsh environment set upon them, strong winds and ice from the north. They traveled through the day none the less, intent upon reaching Wispborough and hopefully finding easier and quicker passage north to their destination. Fate however, had other things in store for them.

That very night, a haunting sound reached their ears as they slumbered. After some discussion, they decided to follow the sound to its source, believing that whatever the reason, it was certainly for no good. After traveling through the forests, they came upon a clearing where a cult was in the process of a complex ritual to summon a powerful demon. Unable to turn away and let this activity continue, the heroes beset upon the cultists and their skeleton drummers.

The fighting was intense and violent, but was over almost as quickly as it has begun. The heroes felt a surge of victory despite the fact that leader of the cult had managed to escape. Taking a single prisoner and the dying man whom was the ritual sacrifice, they made their way back to the night, hopeful that on the morrow they might find both help and answers.

Out of the realm of creation, in the sands of the endless desert, the cult leader cursed the heroes who had thwarted his attempt, swearing revenge on them. At the same time, at the site of the battle, the souls of the fallen rose up as hungry ghosts, ever thirsty for revenge of their own.
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