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Day 35 Year 2
Many things happened in the past few days. I've found out that I'm an elf who was born unto Lucinda, a psychopathic elven pirate witch who attained god-like status through infusing her soul in a beautiful grimoire. I am Lucinda's direct descendant, but through a shared father, I have a half-sister in Alice, Dave's apprentice. Lucinda was trying to purge the lands of all humanoid creatures who committed atrocities to elven kind, but my sister and I destroyed Lucinda's spirit when she tried to possess either of us to continue her vile plot. The grimoire still held Lucinda's power which I willingly chose to carry to close one of the rifts Lucinda opened. However, I couldn't hold the power forever and had to choose between releasing the magic to run wild in the world, leaving my mortal body to ascend into godhood, or spreading the magic between the people I've only just met.

I decided to live on since what's the point in being a god since all you do as a god is give mortals vague answers and prophecies. After all having some magic on my side could be incredibly useful for the Guild.
Because of my choice to share the power of a god, each of my new acquaintances, including me, became Demigods. It will be interesting to explore what we're now capable of, since Nikolai, Alice, Tobias, the Viscount of Avenmoor Doryan Grey, and I each have powers unique to ourselves. I've kept the grimoire as it is now void of any spirit or magic; who knows, it might come to be useful.

Dave somehow disappeared during the commotion, even while at sea. Oh well. All that matters now is that I have two ships at my disposal, the Wake Breaker (needs repaired), and the newly renamed Heaven's Mercy (previously Lucinda's ship).

Now to find a crew...

- Ophelia Athia Hithers
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Day 32 Year 2
Unfortunately, Garbo wasn't in Thrain, but I've come across Dave, a man who readily lent me enough gold to buy a ship. For whatever reason he wants me to give him and his apprentice passage to their home city.
When I'm in Dave's vicinity I get a slight shiver down my spine... Maybe it's nothing, but it's damn creepy.

Dave asked me to wait two weeks while he fetched his apprentice, and since my new ship is useless without a crew, I searched for a few days without any success. I found one man named Nikolai, who found it of interest, but he was trying to start a distillery. Since I had some coin left over from buying my ship, I decided to invest. What a terrible mistake that was.

Within a week, he came back wondering if he could join my crew. When I asked why he said that he gambled away all of the money I gave him while he was extremely drunk. Not knowing what else to do in that situation, I allowed him to join my nonexistent crew with permanent cleanup duty, and without pay for two years. Nikolai agreed to the terms, and the day after, Dave came back with his apprentice, an elf who goes by Alice. After they were rested, I told Dave that I can't be expected to man a ship without a crew, but he completely ignored me saying that 'we'll set sail tomorrow.'

I'm currently on the WakeBreaker, with a skeleton crew attending to the ship while we sleep. Turns out that Dave is a Demi-Lich...
I think I'm gonna die on this ship.

- O
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Journal entry V.3 #5 DG
A lot has happened as of my previous entry and it has hardly been a day. Well it seems that necromantic spell casters are at it again, they managed to beget a giant undead dragon, father will not be happy with this. Seems that my supposed foul play was correct, but it seems they are worse at foul play with political discourse than I thought. Whoever did this seems to have forgotten you need a to be subtle and leave a town to lead. Either they are terrible at what they are doing, or I am wrong and it wasn't politically motivated and they desired to destroy the island. But I am seldom wrong, well people won't know I was wrong so I can say I expected it at this point. So all is well. Anyway back to the island destruction part, I came out unscathed but I lost most of my prized possessions not to hand, oh well. So I guess its time to recount what happened.

I'll skip all the boring parts, so essentially after my prior entry Nikolai and I headed for the council to disclose the information I found of Dave, and I so I went, but shortly after I started walking a giant skeletal dragon emerged and started taking out the town. As that was a problem and continued enroute to my destination of the council to report this, but on my way there was constant interference of the civilian variety. Anyhow, I continued forward thinking of the peril of the citizens, unlike me they may live happy lives and be just innocent bystanders and as the dark blade of justice I pledged myself to help these hapless individuals no matter the cost on me. So I helped escort my innocent... party? crew? I don't know no matter, the people I am traveling with. So I lead them to the docks with the help of Dave (unfortunately) and my companion Nikolai. He daringly helped escort his love of his life (as he likes to remind me.) But then in a twist of fate as I charged into battle, Nikolai's love (she introduced herself but I don't remember her name... I am normally so good at names I hope she reintroduces herself... I take it she will dislike me calling her Nikolai's love). Anyhow Nikolai's love... The elf girl, started doing all this incomprehensible magic stuff, I believe it was elven because I only vaguely recognized it from my studies. Regardless this was shocking for me to see, anyway I watched this unfold and fended off the would be attackers to the elf, and helped escort civilians onto the ship during the chaos. After this I helped secure the ship then came down to write this I think though I may have to go up soon, apparently there are monsters abouts in the Sea. If more of note happens I will cover in my next (erased faintly see diary) journal log/entry.
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Journal entry V.3 #4 DG
I have spent now a few days in this city. I have met my message acquaintance Nikolai in person, that was interesting. He pledged his loyalty as my retainer in this land which should be both beneficial to his social standing and beneficial as my connection to this land, also having someone loyal could be nice just as a perk of its own.

I may not have seen the end of this yet though there is something obviously related with the rift and these necromancers of this city, furthermore I believe it may be somehow rooted in the council itself. As I noble I am not quite as aware of these political maneuvers used in this pseudo-meritocracy, but something going on her is obviously not right and I have an inkling of some of the major figures at play just barely. For one thing, it's obvious the players want a degree of separation, by the fact alone that they send an outsider like me to shadow this Dave fellow rather than one of their own. Oh well all I know is that the only darkness allowed to befall the city is my great presence and its mysterious background, not some political discourse and treachery. What an utter laugh like thats more compelling than my dark past.

I swear if the history spoken of this period does not at least dabble into the utter incomprehensible mystery of my past, and neglects it for the laughable mess of a hardly functioning political system I will rain fury on the fraudulent historians who write such vehement lies.

But I digress. I truly believe after some time spent here that this is where I should be as of present. I think that if anyone were to correct the mishaps of these ill informed casters that would be me, by somehow plugging that godforsaken hole in the sea that is stopping the money stream home which is in-turn stopping my opportunities to bring justice to this otherwise chaotic world.


If you find this and are reading this, past my unfortunate demise, please refrain from releasing this widely. I am currently looking into having this contain a map to somewhere as incentive to stop individuals from releasing this publicly. All the best D.G
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Day 8 Year 2
I've arrived in Thrain, and so far I haven't found Garbo.
I would pray to the gods that I would find him soon, that is if I believed in the gods. I'll ask the locals if they've seen him, but only as a last resort, I don't want anybody possibly telling Garbo that I'm looking for him. If I can't find him, I'll need passage on a ship...

Maybe I'll just buy my own. HA!

- O
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