Exploring Chult to look for the cause of the dreaded Death Curse afflicting all of Faerun. End the Death Curse, save souls!

Tomb of Annihilation Adventurer's League Campaign in LB
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, character levels 1-10
Written by Christopher Perkins, Will Doyle, and Steve Winter
The talk of the streets and taverns has all been about the so-called death curse: a wasting disease afflicting everyone who’s ever been raised from the dead. Victims grow thinner and weaker each day, slowly but steadily sliding toward the death they once denied.
When they finally succumb, they can’t be raised—and neither can anyone else, regardless of whether they’ve ever received that miracle in the past. Temples and scholars of divine magic are at a loss to explain a curse that has affected the entire region, and possibly the entire world.
The cause is a necromantic artifact called the Soulmonger, which is located somewhere in Chult, a mysterious peninsula far to the south, ringed with mountains and choked with rainforests.

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How I Killed Ras Nsi
Aerial wide shot of the Lost City of Omu. Goblins can be seen accidentally setting off traps as the camera pans closer. A feathered dinosaur corpse lies in a grotto.

Pogwe (narrating)
Kids, did I ever tell you about the time I killed Ras Nsi?

Cut to: Interior tent day.

Pogwe, Ishketh, Delphinius, and Revekeus are standing opposite a band of Red Wizards of Thay.

Pogwe (narrating)
It all started when your uncle Delphineus attempted to charm some Thayan Wizards…

And for those reasons and more, I think I’ve sufficiently convinced you to hand over the remaining puzzle cubes.

I have a counter proposal, we’re going to torture your bard a little until you bring us back the last puzzle cube.

Zagmira’s guards punch Delphinius in the stomach and he collapses to his knees.

I’m going to kick your ass. In song form. Once I’m safely back in the city. You’ll rue the day…

The guard punches Delphinius again.

On further introspection, I have decided to sit here quietly while you go get the puzzle cube.

Interior Fane of the Night Serpent
The dark cave is illuminated by torchlight.

Pogwe (narrating)
We couldn’t decide which approach to take. Things started to get a little heated.

I’m telling you, the back door is a bad idea. My wizard sense is tingling like crazy! I’m going to scout the front entrance.

No, no, no. We always go the back way.

No we don’t, we always go the front way! Wait, who are you again?

It’s me Steve. The lovable Grave Cleric?

Pogwe (narrating)
Kids, you remember Steve, the lovable Grave Cleric?

Well, I’m still taking the front path. Peace out snitches!

Interior Fane of the Night Serpent
Pogwe, Ishketh, and Steve wait patiently for Issar the snake man to notice them.

Slave boy
The attractive Issar demands to know why he is being disturbed.

We are but humble servants of the night god. We mean no disrespect.

Slave boy
The sexy Issar has no time for plebeians. Be gone!

Ishketh (whispering to Pogwe)
I have never wanted to hit a child more.

New plan.

Pogwe (narrating)
That’s the moment when things got a little, let’s say, out of hand. But, now that I think of it this part might be a little R rated for you so let’s just fast forward a bit.

The scene plays in fast motion. There is a blur of motion and blood begins to fly as the party destroys Issar, dispatches the giant snake Azi Mas, enters a harem chamber, and kills more snake people.

Interior. Ras Nsi’s chamber.
Ras Nsi looms menacingly over the party.

Pogwe (narrating)
That’s Ras Nsi, kids. He’s one bad-A dude. Oh quick background. We met the Red Wizrd’s man on the inside, he told us when old Ras would be vulnerable. Then we struck a deal with Fenthaza. Blah blah blah. Anyway, there we were, about to fight Razzy when Revekeus finally shows up.

Revekeus (panting)
I told you…front entrance…

You look a little worse for wear, Rev.

Not one word, Steve…not one word.

Pogwe’s kids (narration)
Wait, I thought you said Revekeus wasn’t there.

Pogwe (narration)
Kids, never mention this to your uncle but…

Exterior front of the Fane.
Revekeus is caught in a snare hanging from a tree while excited goblins poke him with sticks.

I am going to kill those guys.

Interior Ras Nsi’s chambers.

Ras Nsi clears his throat.

Ras Nsi
If this little love fest is over, it's time for you to die.

Ras Nsi steps onto a portal and his guards turn on the party. A battle ensues until the party finally fights their way to him.

Alright Ras Nsi. Prepare to meet your doom. We have traveled long and far to finally meet you face to face. No more will you be a blight upon--

Steve stabs Ras Nsi killing him easily.

Steve! I was doing a thing.

I know, I know. I was just bored, man. You were going on and on and on.

He was monolgueing, Steve! Do you know how much we’ve built up to this moment??

Oh my gaaahd, what’s the big deal? Let grab his stuff and goooo.

Ishketh facepalms.

Interior. Antechamber before Ras Nsi’s hideout.
The party leaves Ras Nsi to rot only to find Fenthaza ready to betray them

You were fools to trust me! Now you will perish!

Suddenly, Sekelok busts through the wall and starts destroying Fenthaza’s guards

The party (in unison)

Pogwe (narration)
This part has a lot more payoff if we hadn’t skipped that middle part. You can ask your mother about harems.

The party watches as Sekelok easily dispatches Fenthaza and her guards.

Ishketh (to Sekelok)
Way to go, buddy. It looks like you’re in charge now.

Sekelok nods and pulls out the missing puzzle cube.

You sly devil, you had it the whole time!

Sekelok smiles sheepishly.

The party waves goodbye to Sekelok and heads for the exit.

Nice work, guys. Now, we’ve got a bard to save. You know Steve, I had my doubts about you but you really pulled it togeth…

Steve looks up suddenly and trips, dropping the puzzle cube onto the ground shattering it.


Freeze frame ending.

Pogwe (narration)
And that kids, is how we killed Ras Nsi.

Session: Fane of the Night Serpent - Saturday, Jun 09 2018 from 1:30 AM to 5:30 AM
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Welcome to the Lost City of Omu!
Greetings adventurer! Can’t decide where to spend your next family adventure? Consider the wondrous Lost City of Omu. There are many secrets for you to uncover. You’ll meet a wide range of interesting people such as Artus Cimber, the homeless man with an ice vulture; his otherworldly buddy Dragonbait who communicates with smells (do you smell cinnamon?); Imbok the former sacrificial Grung and son of a Chieftan; and don’t forget Bag of Nails, the snarky Tabaxi with a chip on his shoulder and very good aim.

See the sights! Omu has ancient mysterious shrines for you to uncover. Can you collect the puzzle cubes from them all? Stop by the lava rift shrine and pay homage to Shagambi the kamadan but make sure to get there quick – the Red Wizards of Thay are dying to check it out first. Cross our delightful log bridges but watch out! – you may find a certain Tabaxi with a penchant for murder. Stop in to his hovel and enjoy a warm meal that’s almost certainly not poisoned.

The key to enjoying your stay is stopping by the shrine to Unkh the trickster god. Put your thinking caps on – this one’s a doozy!

Continue East and you’ll find the shrine of Oba’laka. We hope you brought plenty of torches! Enjoy a dip in our luxurious portal pools, just don’t swim too deep or you may find yourself disoriented. Enjoy our free gift to you, a puzzle cube! That wizard statue has always been there – he definitely wasn’t a man turned to stone. Please no touching the statues. No flash photography.

Visit the illustrious Chief Yorb and enjoy the treasures of the Grung. The shrine of Nangnang is overflowing with riches ripe for the taking. Feel free to stuff your pockets! Nangnang won’t mind – he’s dead!

Papzotl is mostly forgettable. Don’t bother going there.

There is so much to experience in the Lost City of Omu! There are many more shrines to visit and Wizard to slay. Don’t forget about lava island! And when you’ve thoroughly exhausted yourselves, our gracious host, Ras Nsi, will be there to show you to your (final) resting place. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Paid for by the Chult Realty Group.
Session: The Shrines of Omu - Saturday, May 05 2018 from 1:30 AM to 5:30 AM
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Memoirs of a Teifling: The Life and Times of Delphinius Neptunio (Excerpt 3.8)
Part III

My Life as an adventurer

Chapter 8 - Snakes. Why Did it Have to be Snakes.

The final leg of our journey was at hand. We said our farewells to Hew Hackingstone at the mine. His new home, he eventually got that mine up and running and once again prosperous. Before setting out, Rev raised a few dwarven skeletons and equipped them with wares from the forge.

A long days travel, then one last sleep. The next day we would arrive at certain doom, though a good night sleep was not had by all. A sharp pain in my skull woke me. In a daze, I felt for the source of the pain. An open sore told of a missing lock of hair ripped from my scalp. A single found boot print indicated a thief in the camp. None of my allies were affected. I feared my dealings with that cursed mob might soon come to a head.

Our camp was but a mile from Omu. A brisk walk through the mist and it appeared, like a shadow out of the fog. The city was built in a giant crater, surrounded by cliffs on all sides. Stone gargoyles along the ridge kept watch over the silent city. A river flowed through the center cutting it in two and emptying into a pit of molten rock. A sight to behold for sure.

Before entering the city, we lit the signal fire to summon Artus Cimber as he had requested. We descended the stairs into the ruins, warnings were hastily scrawled on the surrounding walls. Messages left by adventurers too foolish to stay away. One mentioned a set of mysterious puzzle cubes being the key to solving the mystery of Omu.

Our first stop was a cliff overlooking the magma pool. The raised platform gave us a decent look at the surrounding city. I didn’t dare get too close to the edge. If the fall didn’t kill me, the magma surely would, regardless of my infernal heritage.

Ish and Rev surveyed the landscape while Pog discovered some wild berries he knew from his childhood. He instructed us to eat them. The bitter taste was apparently indicative of their natural poison resistant properties. I choked mine down, even a bit of magic couldn’t help the flavor.

A cry for help in an unknown language. Along the magma cliff, a group of veggiepigmies held a captive grung and were about to throw him (I think it was a him) into the molten rock below. Pog and I moved to intervene. The pigmies didn’t care to parlay, even if they could understand us. We made quick work of them, the chieftain throwing himself into the fire before we could interrogate him.

Rev used his magic to speak with the grung. The veggiepigmies required a sacrifice to the lava god. That explained the suicide. Our new pet, the grung, offered to ‘bury us in gold’ as a reward for freeing him if we took him back to the shrine of Nang Nang and the rest of his tribe. I had 3 issues with his request: 1. I didn’t care for his choice of words. 2. We had no use for gold in Omu. 3. Why did we always seem to attract such annoying little critters everywhere we went?

Our search continued. Pog noticed a wisp of smoke rising from a fairly intact compound. Investigation turned up burnt corpses: red wizards and snake men. Ish’s kin, though he insisted he no longer had dealings with them. A cry for help was heard inside some rubble along the wall. Pog freed an old man by the name of Orvex, a translator and servant of the red wizards. I regaled him of our adventures, naturally he was impressed and took to me instantly. He returned the favor by telling us the history of the gods and the destruction of Omu (see Appendix C: Collected Histories and Lore). Orvex agreed to join us in our search for the cubes.

Orvex lead us to a shrine the red wizards had been searching for: The Shrine of Kubazan the froghemoth. Pog dove into the murky water of the shrine to investigate. Quite the mistake, as it turns out disturbing the water summoned Kubazan the froghemoth to attack! Without hesitation, Rev summons a smoldering sphere of fire and set his undead archers to attack. Pog was swallowed but continued to attack from inside the monster’s belly. I took cover giving aid where I could. My charms were no match for such a monstrosity. We quickly felled the beast and were rewarded with a black stone glass key for our troubles.

The building behind the shrine had a conveniently matching key hole. A bit too convenient. I used my new wand to detect a magical trap that was easily dispelled. Inside the shrine, a puzzle cube sat opposite the door to a square room with no floor and a pit of spikes with short beams protruding from the walls around the edges. Rev’s magical attempt to retrieve the cube released a cloud of poison gas trapping Ish inside. Lucky for him he was immune to such poisons.

An inscription above the door read “leave as much as you take”. I took it upon myself to hop along the beams to retrieve the cube. One by one, they slid into the wall as I leapt from beam to beam. When I arrived at my destination, Pog had found a stone about the same size and weight of the cube. Rev sent the stone using his magic.

The moment of truth. I studied the cube for what seemed like an eternity. Finally I chipped away at the stone to better match the density of the cube. A bead of sweat formed on my brow, I inhaled deeply and held it. In one swift motion, I swapped the stone for the cube, exhaling a sigh of relief when nothing happened. I turned and continued around the room hopping along the remaining beams. About halfway back, one of the beams suddenly snapped and i plunged towards the pit of spikes below. Luck was on my side that day as my tail reflexively snagged the broken beam, giving me the momentum I needed to swing up to the next one. With the grace of a swan, I flipped my way back across the remaining few beams to the door of the shrine. I couldn’t resist a slight bow as I exited the shrine to the cheers of Orvex and our new grung friend. The Cube of Kubazan was ours.

The sun was getting low. We back-tracked to an alcove with only a single entrance, Rev summoned a protective shield to keep any undead or venomous snake men away while we slept. Unfortunately the barrier was not invisible and vicious group of Yuan-Ti were waiting for us as we emerged. Arrows peppered the camp, all drawn to Ish’s magical (cursed?) shield. I put the fear of their slithering god into a few reducing their numbers and took cover. A hidden snake man crept up behind and shot me with his vile poison.

Instinctually, I surrounded Eku and myself in magical darkness. The snake men, not swayed by the inky black, continued their assault poisoning and nearly killing me. The sound of slashing in the darkness, then came the all clear. When the cloud lifted, Pogwe was standing over the snake man’s corpse. Ish and Rev had cleaned up the rest. From then on, I stood strong with my allies for protection rather than hiding.

A horn sang out on the cliff above. Artus Cimber and his companion Dragonbait had arrived. A pit formed in the depths of my stomach. I prayed my actions had not compromised our mission, or his…
Session: Omu, at Last! - Saturday, Apr 21 2018 from 1:30 AM to 5:30 AM
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Memoirs of a Teifling: The Life and Times of Delphinius Neptunio (Excerpt 3.7)
Part III

My Life as an Adventurer

Chapter 7 - Thar Be Dragons in Them Mines!!!

Before setting off for Wyrmheart mine, we scuttled the pirate’s remaining ship trapping them in their hideout to await capture by the Port Nyanzaru authorities. The pirates were cowards and wouldn’t dare brave the dangers of the Chultan jungle, not with all the undead roaming around. Just as we were heading back out, Rev showed us a creepy new trick. He raised a few pirate corpses who followed us through the jungle. Now we were controlling the undead. Revekeus was starting to scare me.

On our way to the mine, we broke through the jungle into a clearing. A rather large trail had been cut through by a group of humanoids. We feared more undead. During the investigation, 2 humans appeared with 4 skeleton guards and beckoned us to follow them to their master, the Red Wizard Brin Shan. We obliged begrudgingly as they were most insistent.

The tent they led us to was a bit of a wreck. He sat in the center surrounded by skeleton servants. A table full of rancid food filled the structure with a pungent smell. Ish tried his luck as his strong constitution at least made the food safe to eat.

Brin Shan himself was rather rude. He only acknowledged Rev, a fellow wizard, and treated the rest of us as servants. He was shockingly immune to my charms. I continued to play my music, but some of the notes were purposefully off key.

The wizard worked for Valindra Shadowmantle, the lich we encountered on the floating rock. Valindra and the Red Wizards were after the Soul Monger, not to destroy it, but to control it. This was something we could not allow, but Brin Shan was too powerful for us to defeat. For now. He offered the help of the Red Wizards to help us find the Soul Monger if we turned it over to them once we had found it. If we refused, we’d be free to go, but he warned of the Red Wizards already in Omu that we’d have to deal with. Rev politely declined and we were on our way.

Once we reached the mine, we set up camp a couple miles away. Hew told us the tale of his encounter with the dragon. He had led a group into the mine with a mine cart, crashing at the bottom of the track. Before they could gather themselves, Hew’s allies were burned alive and his arm bitten off. I’m not even sure how he made it out alive himself.

In the morning, we approached. A massive hole in the ground with a large center column and two buildings along the edge. A quick investigation of the buildings revealed storage of mine cart equipment and accounting offices. Nothing of real value. My allies drank elixirs to protect them from the dragon fire, while Rev gave Ish a rapier enchanted with the power to slay a dragon. In one swift motion, we leapt from the edge of the cliff in unison, diving into the mine. A wave of the hand from myself and Rev slowed our fall, landing silently on the floor of the mine, save for the one zombie who tripped on the way down and crashed with a thud on the mine track. A couple kobolds popped out to investigate the noise and sounded the alarm. We were incapable of taking anything by surprise.

Hew ran down one of the passages after the dragon to avenge his brothers while we dealt with kobolds pelting us with rocks and slings. Pog summoned yet another parliament of owls to keep them busy while we prepared for the dragon. The kobolds rolled a boulder down the track, easily avoidable, but forced us to reposition and adjust. This went on for several minutes. Where was this dragon? I was starting to doubt Hew’s story.

The story proved true soon enough. From behind another passage that we had not noticed, Tzindelor the dragon breathed a massive plume of flame engulfing Ish, Rev and Pog in fire. Pog responded with his greatsword, only to be denied by magical protection on the dragon’s hide. My limited knowledge of the arcane helped me discern the enchantment and I was able to dispel the magical armor. I rallied my allies to my side and they charged at the dragon. Ish found a weak spot in the dragon scales and skewered the beast dealing massive damage with the enchanted rapier and a holy smite from what I assumed was his slithery snake god.

The dragon roared with rage and flew off to a perch high in the mine, trying to muster the energy for another wave from his fire breath. A couple kobold priests emerged to keep us busy, but they were easily distracted by Rev’s zombies.

I had had enough. An otherworldly beauty enveloped my persona, making me irresistible. With all the majesty of even the most graceful of monarchs, I commanded the dragon to approach me. In that moment, the battle froze, silence fell, everyone watched in awe as the dragon flew swiftly to the ground and landed in front of me.

“Here I am. Are you prepared for what comes next?” Tzindelor snarked with a grin and inhaled deeply preparing his fire breath.

I stared down the dragon, it’s eye unblinking, a glint of excited hunger flashed in it’s gaze. I pointed to the ground in front of me. “GROVEL!” The dragon obeyed, bowing her head in obedience. Hew, Ish and Pog charged and the dragon’s head was swiftly removed. Tzindelor, Tinder the Terror, was no more. The kobolds shrieked in fear and fled.

A quick search of the mine revealed the dragon’s horde. Gold, jewels and a magic axe was all we earned for our troubles. Money had little use for us where we were headed. Continuing our search, we stumbled across a forge, the bodies of fallen dwarves littered the floor. Upon approach, specters rose from the corpses and attacked. They proved not much more than an errand, but Hew was having trouble moving on. A drunken, tearful song echoed through the halls of the mine. We left him to his sorrows.

One last tunnel to explore before we left. A long stretch of underground darkness, we were about to give up and turn back, when we heard whispers of honoring the dragon with an offering. We couldn’t resist. Rounding the corner, we came upon a group of fire newts dragging coffers of iron and adamantine ingots to present to the now headless dragon. A sticky web, a Fae spotlight, a rally and my allies made quick work of them.

As long as I’ve known him, I never have grown accustomed to Rev’s dark magic. A chill ran down my spine whenever he sucked the soul from his foes.

The leader of the fire newts, a spellcaster, had a magic wand of secrets on his person. A useful tool in the unknown hell of Omu that was to come.
Session: Dragon for Dinner - Saturday, Apr 14 2018 from 1:15 AM to 5:15 AM
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Memoirs of a Teifling: The Life and Times of Delphinius Neptunio (Excerpt 3.6)
Part III

My Life as an Adventurer

Chapter 6 - Yellyark: The Majestic Flying Jewel of Chult

Eku’s ominous warning. “It is time. Omu is waiting”. What might possibly have been our last night in Port Nyanzaru was not an easy one. Until then, we’d always had the port to come home to. But time was running thin and we were not ready.

I rose at dawn, appearing my normal self. Nye but the most discerning eye would see through the facade. My nerves barely beneath the surface. The somber mood appeared to spread among my companions. This could be the end. The trek to the final battle. I took it upon myself to lighten their spirits. They were strong. I am but a humble (maybe not so humble) entertainer… somehow my tricks managed to contribute on this insane quest. They had all grown on me. I couldn’t fail them.

A few hundred gold and a couple dinosaurs later, we headed out into the jungle stomping through plants and clearing quite the trail. Eku and Hew Hackingstone came along for the ride. Our first stop: Yellyark, the mysterious flying goblin city. We camped near where Pog had estimated the city to be, though there was no sign of it anywhere. In the early morning, we awoke to rustling in the bushes. We prepared for an ambush.

“My friends! I hate you!” It was the goblin Yakka. He was very happy to see us. Goblin language is weird. I don’t think they have words for love or affection. Truth be told, we were all glad to see the little monster. The goblins gathered around us excitedly, not unlike the children of Balder’s Gate after an afternoon performance. They lead us to the goblin city, not far from our camp. Ish was sorely disappointed as the city was clearly not flying, but just a collection of tiny huts on grass mats. The most interesting sight was the large mound of guardian ants that served as protectors of the goblin city.

Eku and Hew were not happy to be in the presence of such filthy creatures. In such dark times, allies were needed wherever they could be found. They held their tongues and quietly kept to themselves. The goblins were not hostile as the stories say. Warm, friendly, and happy to host outsiders. Chult was certainly an isle out of time and never failed to surprise me.

The goblin children took to Pogwe, the gentle giant turtle. Playing hide and seek, they would shriek with joyful terror as he chased them around. Rev fascinated the tribe’s shaman with his magic, though her primitive mind couldn’t quite grasp the required methods to conjure even simple lights. Yakka was proud to show his ‘friend’ Ishketh to the tribe’s warriors. As regal as ever, Ish held back his amusement as the goblins showed their attack formation standing on top of each other 3 high.

Finally the queen, Grabstab, emerged from her tent. I sprung into action, bowing as low as my back would allow, still not quite lower than the queen’s height. She welcomed us to their goblin city and a feast began in our honor. Pog’s magical jar of infinite mayo was quite the hit. The goblins slathered the creamy substance all over everything. I regaled the tribe with stories of our adventures, my usual theatrics didn’t quite hold their attention. Condensing each of our adventures into a short limerick with a shower of sparks and a bit of acrobatics did the trick. They were enthralled for hours.

As the night grew long and the entertainment came to a close, alarm bells rang out through the small city, goblins scattered and disappeared into the brush. I barely had time to rally my companions before an undead dinosaur monstrosity burst into the camp. Taking cover behind some nearby rocks, I unfortunately had time to notice the foul beast belch up a slimy, rotting undead corpse.

The warriors sprung into action, but not before the dino could snatch up Ish in its disgusting jaws. Rev breathed a wave of flame catching both the walking corpse and the beast, while Pog unleashed fury with his greatsword. I attempted to call the rotting dino’s attention, but failed to see a corpse creep up on Rev, who was grabbed and slowly pulled to the dino master’s gaping maw. Luckily, Ish smote the beast from within and Pog cut off it’s head to finish the job. The zombies were quick to clean up with the beast slain.

The sound of a horn, the snap of a branch, the twang of a rope, and the goblin city of Yellyark was snatched up in a giant sack like contraption and flung deeper into the jungle. Finally, the mystery of the great flying city of Yellyark was solved. There it is, dear reader, a first-hand account of goblin technology. Ish was pale, not from the bite of the undead, but from disbelief, as if he’d just discovered his entire life was a lie. In one swift catapult of a city, Ish questioned everything he thought he knew.

The goblins re-emerged, completely in awe. They’d never seen such masterful dispatching of the undead. Queen Grabstab bestowed on us honorary titles in the Order of the Biting Ants. Hooray. I returned the favor by making Yakka an honorary member of the Neptunio Players. As much as he hated us, the little guy sure was thrilled. I swore I saw him stifle a tear or two.

Along with the new title, the Queen presented us with an artifact from the tribe: the tool to activate the spirit guardian. Yakka informed us the time had come to pay respects to their god. We followed the little guy through the jungle until we came to a clearing. At the center was the missing spirit guardian. Bones, rotting food and primitive trinkets surrounded the statue. Offerings from the goblins and apparently feuding tribes.

Showtime! I used the artifact to awaken the guardian. The goblins watched in terror as it approached them, they quickly fell to their stubby little knees bowing and averting their eyes. My theatrics were convincing. The guardian praised Yakka for his devotion and commanded that he succeed Grabstab as king. He deserved it. As goblins go, he wasn’t so bad.

We parted ways and the guardian followed. Our next stop was the pirate hideout. Perhaps some of their booty could aid us in our ultimate mission in Omu. As we approached the pirates cove, the land gave way to a sheer cliff with a thin path winding its way down into the mouth of the cave. Upon entering, we were met with a large gate blocking our path, and our view. Pog volunteered to swim below the gate and scout the area. While we waited, Captain Neptunio made his triumphant return.

I approached the gate and called for it to be opened. My story about the captured pirates giving up the hideout to save their skins was so convincing, but they refused to open the gate. A rope was lowered for me to climb and I bravely left the rest of the party behind to face the pirates alone. The ruse was good, they suspected nothing. Until Ishketh decided to climb the rope after me.

The loud crash or his armor as he fell off the top of the gate almost gave me away, but as usual, I was able to talk my way out of it. Unfortunately the lookouts in the tower didn’t care and began peppering Ish with crossbow bolts. Pog lept out of the water to assist, while Rev teleported up to the tower to silence the lookouts. Pirates truly are a cowardly lot. It didn’t take much for them to surrender. I held them captive while Ish and Rev searched for anything useful.

They returned a bit worse for wear. Something about animated swords attacking them. I could only imagine, silently chuckling to myself.

Two down, one to go. We camped in the cave before taking out the third ship docked outside in the cove. When we awoke in the morning, it was gone.

Sadly, we didn’t have the time to search for it. We had one final stop to make before heading to Omu. If legends held true, there would be quite the horde of treasure awaiting us. If we could defeat the Red Dragon guarding it…
Session: Goblins and more Pirates! - Saturday, Mar 17 2018 from 1:30 AM to 5:30 AM
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