Long ago, a great Dragon came to the Yokkyu Realm...

It was here that the great Dragon decided to have her Brood; 6 Dragonic offspring hatched with the essence of Yokkyu in their blood, creating 6 unique races and bloodlines.

An immense peace befell the great Dragon and she fell into a slumber, leaving her children to fend for themselves in Yokkyu, alone.

At first the New-Blood sought peace with the Yokkyu inhabitants, but this did not go well.

Next the inhabitants sought to destroy the New-Blood out of fear, but this also did not go well.

It was then that the New-Blood carved for themselves a place in Yokkyu of their own, and exiled the inhabitants from a continent in their own land.

After a time, the New-Blood grew restless, and began fighting with one another over dominance of the land.
- Some of the New-Blood left their home in order to make alliances with the original Yokkyu inhabitants to fight against their kindred. This did not go well.
- Some of the New-Blood created life as their mother did and created the Kyne, a completely subservient race to the New-Blood that created them. But in time they inter-bred and created hybrid offspring. This also did not go well.
- One chose to acquiesce to the other New-Blood and lived a hermit-like existence, wandering Yokkyu and choosing to survive simply. This went reasonably well.
- One New-Blood chose to find their sleeping mother and take her power for its own. This is still on-going.

Yokkyu has become Iibtal, a new Realm mixed of the old and new, with races


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