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Intro to the Necromancer's Lair Delve, Part 2
When you reach the House of the Bloodwood Brotherhood, Wyshapura speaks up immediately, “That was a lot worse than I expected, folks. I’m off to the next thing but I’ll see you all later.” He makes to leave quickly, irking his friend Lorisyn, the Gorin who let you into this place at first. Fortunately, Tiklun is in good standing so Lorisyn has no issue with your lot staying in the fourth floor common room.

After you all trudge upstairs, exhausted and not just a bit concerned about your proximity to the dungeon you exited so recently, you can see there are about four other people who have flopped into this space with room for twenty or so on bunk beds and thin individual beds. The windows are covered with shady sheets to block out the light but you suspect the morning sun won’t be defeated by these sheer, makeshift curtains. You stake your team a space on the North End and manage to peek out into the streets. No activity is visible on the streets save for two figures who seem to be making a beeline for the House of the Bloodwood Brotherhood. The one leading the way looks directly up at one point and you pull back from the curtain to avoid its gaze, then thinking yourself silly for assuming anyone could see up through the hazy night and dark. Yet, it *felt* like the figure somehow spotted you up there, peeking out to the street. Was it possessed of some second sight?

As you all settle down, you hear feet coming up the stairs and soon, the door opens widely. The figures from the street is now here, in the room. You are already abed, blanket in place and ready to close your eyes. Might the newcomer just go to bed and not disturb everyone? Will they come and call you out for your quick look at their progress toward the house?

Soon, the figures pull off their voluminous cloak and you realize that one figure is shorter of stature than it appeared just moments ago, while the other is roughly Lodran, maybe Khindran in height. Both wordlessly prep themselves for bed and are soon asleep, with the smaller figure adding to the chorus of snorers in the room.

In the morning, you are awoken by a Phellin servant bringing bread and ale around to everyone in the common room. The gold-skinned fellow is named Ilo and takes coins courteously from those who he serves. Ilo pauses and provides ale and what seems like rather a lot of bread to the individuals who came in last night. You now can see one’s a Tellon with a red beard and that part of what looked so large in the dark was his warhammer slung over his back. He has bright blue eyes, spectacles and an expressive face that he turns your way as he begins to consume his breakfast.

“Ho, adventurers and friends of Wyshapura.” His companion looks over, but his face is obscured by a mask covering all but his eyes.

When you acknowledge their presence, they come over, fully-armed and ready for the day. “I am Laufran, a friend and sometime traveling companion of Wyshapura. He came to see me last night and said you could probably use my help. I have also brought an important friend.”

Your reluctance is his cue to keep talking. “I’m a war-priest of Castellon and an able fighter that can help heal your men and women when they are injured in combat. Wyshapura said your need for a guide was passed but you could use a healer. I was dressed and ready to head out so I just headed here to pass the night here so we could chat quickly in the morn.

More importantly, sir Paladin, I think you know this man. While he’s changed a bit, you know him as Thelander.”
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